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The Falmer Queen

Album created by Black Orchid, Feb 13, 2015.

For Sah
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  1. Sah
    ohhh deary me....she is beautiful......mine? love the armor?......what race?......CBBE?.... she is fantastic.....her name?.......wedding bell.....giggles
  2. Mithro'I
    and more importantly, that sword looks awesome! :P
  3. Sah
    Sir Mithro'l will you help this one pick a wedding dress?
  4. Sah
    ahhhh we will elope......shhhhhhh.....don't tell Black Orchid
  5. Janus3003
    I shouldn't be ogling Falmer!!
  6. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Sah: The race is Nord; she is CBBE, just like all my characters (with exception to Arawyn, who uses the UNP body mod), I don't have a name for her yet, and the armor...ugh, what a pain in the ass, and honestly, unless you're super-determined to get the same look, it's a tremendous amount of work (we're talking 3 different armor mods from Nexus, a texture mod from Nexus, and some separate files I downloaded from Lover's Lab. Still interested? Let me know...(I'm glad you like her, although I think Arawyn's getting just a tad bit jealous). Mithro'l: The sword can be found under this mod: Frostmourne and Lich Kings Armor by jojjo (it's the smaller version; I added a separate mod for the frost effect emanating from the sword). Janus: No worries, she's still technically a Snow Elf, so ogling is allowed and encouraged. ;-)
  7. Mithro'I
    Ha I knew that sword looked familiar. Oh well, nice picture as always :)
  8. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Thanks, Mith! :-)
  9. ElenorDrake
    Probably late but I must say I definitely love your work. If you don't mind would you share the armor file or how you made it pls?
  10. Doomxshadow
    Love the work, i second elenorDrake, could you share this at all? Would love adl link...

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