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Past Schoolwork Spring 2012

Album created by Rayven, Mar 31, 2012.

Background elements.
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  1. Rayven
    Ended up with an A on this project. The only thing he mentioned was the branch getting a little lost in the shuffle.
  2. dunklunk
    Other than the crow, I especially like the sky and its obvious turbulence. Not a good day to be outside for sure. Also like the Kjells border.
  3. Rayven
    I did like the sky as well. I'm still not in love with the border. I like the -idea- behind the border. I think if I had more time to work on it, I'd put my attention on the border specifically. It's ok. Looks better in the printed poster of this. But I think I would have liked a more embossed or dimensional look to it.

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