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Kresh the Cat

Album created by Mithro'I, Jul 3, 2015.

A prayer answered.
Black Orchid and Nurozoxi like this.


  1. Nurozoxi
    This... is so cool.
  2. Mithro'I
    cheers :)
  3. Nurozoxi
    Definitely a powerful image, Mith. I've never even thought of something like this! Mind if I save it?
  4. Mithro'I
    Oh wow thx. No go ahead if you like!
  5. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Amazing capture, Mithro'l !! Damn this would look good as a siggie. :D
  6. Mithro'I
    Cheers mate :) sadly, I have no idea how to make good sigs. Also, the lighting wasnt as i wanted it. the room should be much less pink and more orange. But when I moved the camera back there behind the candles there was this pink ish mist all around from my lighting mod. I think it would be much greater with more traditional colours.

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