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Past Schoolwork Spring 2012

Album created by Rayven, Mar 31, 2012.

Just the menu portion of the school project I'm doing. I have to redesign the 'menu' screen for a DVD movie.
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  1. Rayven
    I need to come up with some way to differentiate the "Play" text from the rest as well to show that it is "selected". This is also going to be scaled down in the final product. Once I do that, I'm adding a quill image on the right next to the selected menu option. I also want to make the text look a bit more "inked".
  2. Lemnisc8
    I like this, and the font fits REALLY well. I agree a texture over the text could help give it a more 'inked' feel, as at the moment it's quite sharp and precise. Loving the scroll as a background. Also for selected text, a slight colour change might be in order as well as the icon you have letting the person know what is selected?
  3. Rayven
    Yes, I was going to go with a slight color change. I picked a midtone of the ink common in the color graphical representations of the various books in the movie for the base, so I figure maybe 10-20% lighter or darker for the "selected". I may also do a FAINT outer glow just to make sure it's evident enough.
  4. Lemnisc8
    Well i just looked through a bunch of dvd's and i think you have all the bases covered with those ideas, namely a side marker and a glow or thin outline and slight colour change to the selected menu option. Did you design the scroll?
  5. Rayven
    I didn't design the scroll. I got it from here: [url="http://www.matsuk12.us/matsu/lib/matsu/_shared/images/scroll-stock2.jpg"]http://www.matsuk12.us/matsu/lib/matsu/_shared/images/scroll-stock2.jpg[/url] I originally intended to design one but after being unable to find decent tutorials on the rolling at the top and bottom (there was a lot on page curling, but it was all corners), I figured I'd grab some stock and move on. Unfortunately with the deadlines imposed, I can't always do everything precisely how I want so I have to make some concessions :P
  6. Lemnisc8
    Heh, I totally understand that :-)

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