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Test Album

Album created by Rayven, Jul 6, 2012.

dunklunk likes this.


  1. dunklunk
    I see six panels, Rayven, but they're kinda too small to read the speech bubbles.
  2. Rayven
    You should be able to click the arrow up top to put it in its own window, then the magnifier will appear.
  3. Rayven
    Make sure you go to Janus3003's actual album and like it there too :) I only deserve credit for getting it to upload.
  4. dunklunk
    Damn, that's frickin' awesome! Lydia, shopping for dresses? Dresses, right? Ha! Like that's gonna happen. Now, a dress with steel armor accents, on the other hand. . . .And btw, Julius looks like a freaked-out John Travolta. Good thing or bad thing? You decide. :)
  5. dunklunk
    on my way. . . .

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