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Past Schoolwork Spring 2012

Album created by Rayven, Mar 31, 2012.

Bell Composite3.png
Mark III
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  1. MushroomGenius
    Interesting, though I wouldn't use a drop-shadow on objects, it looks unnatural, too two-dimensional. You're probably going to have to use the paintbrush and draw your own shadow based on the lighting angle. Using the drop-shadow in the blending options just makes everything look like paper on paper, like a diorama or paper dolls.
  2. Rayven
    I know. Unfortunately, that's what we were told to use for this project so I'm stuck with it. I'm guessing the next assignment we'll be able to freehand some more stuff.
  3. Templar of Talos
    Templar of Talos
    This is good so far, it's a pity you can only use dropshadows in this project, you've got two very visible sources of light in the background, using perspective shadowing and some bluring (very light blurring) would blend in the objects a lot more. it all fits well just needs some finishing touches... All in all though, very beautiful peice :)
  4. Start Dale
    Start Dale
    I do like the adaption of photo and digital sources.

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