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PC Vortex not working since anniversary update

Discussion in 'Skyrim Mods' started by Angalayond, Nov 22, 2021.

  1. Angalayond

    Angalayond New Member

    Nov 21, 2021
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    Hi, not sure if this should go in here or in the help forum.

    I've used Vortex for over a year now and it's always worked great. Really easy to download mods, no issues (well, except that time I disabled and re-enabled Verdant and all the grass turned into blue squares, but that was 100% my fault and was resolved with a re-download.) However, since the anniversary update it simply doesn't work. My existing mods are all fine, I just can't get new ones. I've been having some crashes since the update but none of my mods are visibly malfunctioning.
    When I attempt to download a new mod from the Nexus everything seems fine at first. The installation appears successful, I deploy and enable it (in both "mods" and "plugins"), but it just doesn't show up in my load order in-game. In the Vortex "plugins" section there is a thing on the new mods that says "mod was made for a different game." A couple of my existing ones have that two, though, and they seem to still be working.

    I was wondering if this might have to do with SKSE. I'm not really sure how to update that, though. Do I just download the new version or do I have to replace the old one? Or are the mods just considered outdated now and won't work until they're updated? If that's the case, why are my old ones still functioning normally?

    NOTE: I don't have anniversary edition, this is referring to SSE

    Thank you.

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