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thinking of funny things in a few seconds.

Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by jonathan90, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. jonathan90

    jonathan90 well known member

    Jan 10, 2013
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    Yes, this helps increase your joking comedy standards and abilities.
    did you know thinking of funny things and even funnier things can still be funny depends on the way you think about it.

    Here are my funny things to talk about...funny concepts.

    santa couldn't fit down the chimney so he got stuck and farted down the chimney and blew a ghast of fire and set the christmas tree on fire.

    rabbits do give a crap when they poop on your vegetables .

    a monkey in the jungle always smiles and grins when he has a pee on you from above the tree.

    what if captain jack sparrow suddenly drank a entire meg full of rum and lit it on fire and his hair caught fire.

    goofy the clown started a goofy laugh, they told him be funny or else they would leave the theatre so he got a match and lifted his legs up and farted and blew his undies apart.

    now These are my funny things...
    what funny things can you come up with?

    please tell .

    oh wait , yes...
    batman and robin spied on the neighbours so batman decided with robin to climb in the roof and spy from above suddenly a peice of wood gave way in the roof why the neighbours were having a tea party and batman decided to jump in from the ceiling above so he did with robin one, two, three robin jump and batman and robin broke the entire roof apart with robin and batman hanging from there under pants from the ceiling wood frame.
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