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Sorcerer Builds

Discussion in 'TESO Discussion' started by Ru;indil, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Ru;indil

    Ru;indil Mage Lord of Skywatch

    Jan 25, 2013
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    Post and discuss all the Sorcerer builds here.
    My build would be more of a Support/DPS build. I would use a Destruction Staff as primary weapon set and Sword and Board as secondary weapon set. In long ranged combats, I would mainly concentrate on Dark Magic and Storm Calling skill lines. I would probably debuff, trap etc the enemies while dealing heavy damage to them through the Destruction staff and Storm Calling (If enough Ultimate is there, then I will probably use it immediately to power up my spells). In close ranged combats or when I run out of magicka, I’ll switch to S&B and quickly finish off the enemy. I would also use a little bit of Daedric Summoning, mainly the summons to distract the enemy.
    The PVP build will be similar, but instead of Destruction staff, I’ll be using the Restoration staff to heal myself and nearby allies. And Daedric Summoning will be in Dark Magic’s place. I would mainly be battling from a long range to avoid myself getting killed. I will be using Daedric Summoning to distract the enemies and grant me buffs and Storm Calling for the offensive, ofc. When my magicka is depleted, I’d wait for it to regenerate and since I will be an Altmer, use Highborn to regenerate Magicka faster, if I have enough Ultimate. When forced into closed-ranged, I will switch to S&B and when injured , I’d again go to a safe place and heal myself with the Restoration Staff then go back to battle. Also, while in long range, if I am hurt by an Archer (Or just any long ranged user) then again comes in the Restoration Staff. Btw, should I be wearing all light armour for this build or few medium pieces for the agility?

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