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Some lyric stuffs

Discussion in 'Musicians Nook' started by DJ Luigi, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. DJ Luigi

    DJ Luigi Mama-mia play that song again!

    Apr 22, 2013
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    sneaky and I were sharing some lyrics and he thought it'd be easier if I just made a thread lol


    I thought this was ending, I already told you we were pretending
    And now I'm the culprit from the sand, broken glass within my hand
    One minute I'm drowning in the tears I just can't seem to shed
    The next I'm stuck in an inferno, hot enough to melt lead

    I'll lay with you on any beach forever, and cherish it all the time
    Take all that I am, and all I ever will be, and bury me inside
    Every time you look within yourself just dream about the sea
    And how you will always forever be that bleeding part of me

    I thought this was finished, I didn't want all this
    Now I tremble in hopes to feel your phantom kiss
    The one that never left my lips, the one that bleeds me dry
    Whenever I think about you, it makes me want to die
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