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( solved)Lakeview manor crash xbox

Discussion in 'Skyrim Mods' started by James Valzania, Dec 12, 2021.

  1. James Valzania

    James Valzania DCeptivus

    Dec 12, 2021
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    As the title says whenever I try to enter Lakeview manor by any means including cheat teleport the game crashes. I can't get in. I have 2 kids and Serena as my wife. I'm using mods. I'll post my load order. I'm hoping someone can't spot a conflict before I have to start disabling and checking. This only started happening very late in the game. I have a lot stored inside. Had no issues most of the game. I haven't changed any mods or load order mid game. Everything is as it was when I started . Is it just too much stuff in there. Plus a large inventory ? I'm on Xbox series x and it's the anniversary edition. Thanks in advance.

    Load order:

    1. Ussep
    2. Falskaar
    3. Wyrmstooth
    4. Cheat room
    5. Paarthurnax dilemma
    6. Immersive civil war cleanup
    7. Less tedious thieves guild
    8. Black mage armor se
    9. Cloaks and capes
    10. Sithis armor xb1
    11. Violens killmove mod
    12. Hearthfire multiple adoptions
    13. Rich merchants
    14. Hearthfire display case fix
    15. Mannequins stay put
    16. 50, pct more perk points
    17. 20 pct more perk points
    18. Ordinator perks of Skyrim
    18. Imperious races of Skyrim
    19. Enhanced night Skyrim
    20. Moonlight tales SE
    21. Xp32 maximum skeleton
    22. Enhanced blood text LITE
    23. skyland AIO
    24. Old kingdom armor overhaul
    25. Old kingdom weapon overhaul
    26. No screen blood
    27. Color patches remover
    28. Immersive citizens
    29. Lakeview manor - Real armory
    30. Hearthfire trophy entryways
    31. Lamposts of Skyrim
    32. Magical college of WH
    33. dovahkiins vault
    34. Better combat AI
    35. The forgotten city
    36. Moonpath to elsweyr
    37. The brotherhood of old
    38. Undeath remastered
    39. Realistic water two
    40. A quality world map
    41. Alternate start LAL
    42. Relationship dialogue OH
    43. Realistic conversations
    44. Marry me Serena
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  2. James Valzania

    James Valzania DCeptivus

    Dec 12, 2021
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    Ok so I figured it out. At least I think I did. I removed all the items from my inventory before trying to enter and it let me in. So Im guessing with all the stuff I have stored in the home plus having a lot in your inventory causes load in issues. It could be something specific in my inventory but I don't have anything unusual so I'm thinking it's just the quantity. Feel free to add any thoughts but I think I'm good. Shortest post in history I think. Lol
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