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Settlement building

Discussion in 'Fallout 4 Discussion' started by The Phoenician, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. The Phoenician

    The Phoenician Shiney, let's be bad guys.

    Mar 18, 2012
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    I'm look for settlement build ideas. Especially using the Vaut-tec set on the outdoor settlements,
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    lizardisok: 20 Points Jun 13, 2017
  2. DarkBeckyhood

    DarkBeckyhood Member

    Jul 10, 2017
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    Are you just after spit-balling ideas? I'm not much of a builder really, but you're welcome to the ideas I had:
    • Shack City! I took Starlight Drive In, cleared it completely, and built a city of densely-populated, high-rise shacks there. There were two blocks of flats, several stores, a fully-featured bar, and a maintenance area for power armour. It was quite a challenge, and as I was playing on the Xbox One I had to use that 'drop and store weapons' glitch to get extra space, as the block of flats filled the metre completely.
    • Sanctuary, obviously, was the first place I took at crack at building. Rather than build too much, I tried to restore it. I built a wall around the whole place to keep the nasties out, then set about making it liveable again. I built a bar (there's a theme developing here) on one of the empty house pads, a hospital on another, left the one nearest the bridge as a basketball court, and used the most remote one to build a power station (indoor power generators, basically). Then made the remaining homes pretty, fully-lit, and comfortable. There were even street lights - you could see the place from quite a distance!
    • My private river house. I took over Taffington boat house, and decided it would be lovely to have my own, river-bourne place to live. It was magnificent! I used raised wooden flooring to create a foundation in the middle of the river, with a bridge linking it back to land. It was four storeys of living space, plus a tower a couple of storeys higher on top, and it was plush to say the least. Carpeted, windows, a lounge, a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, the works. There was a balcony from which you could snipe supermutants on the other bank, and on land there was a power armour maintenance shed, and another one of those indoor power stations. The tricky part was getting power cables to link up the higher storeys, and I nearly died a couple of times leaping from the top with a cable in hand, trying to plug it in as I zoomed past...
    • I tried to make a Brotherhood of Steel outpost in the alleyway near Diamond City (I forget the name). I cleared out as much of the raider rubbish as I could, and fully enclosed the area in metal. It became an impenetrable fortress, complete with power armour maintenance, an armoury, a barracks, a planning room, and of course banners everywhere. This was the trickiest one to do effectively.
    • Sky city! On Spectacle Island, I tried to make a floating city. The only part touching the ground was the staircase used to enter the place. There were shops, high streets (kinda), houses, a couple of (stumpy, owing to the height limit) towers... it was a city. In the sky! I had no in-universe justification for this, it was just fun. It was inspired by a hovering spaceship I made once in Minecraft, which was a lot more impressive to be honest.
    The next one I want to try, when my Skyrim addiction wears off, is in a similar vein to the river house I made previously. I want to see if I can build something that looks like a ship floating in the water. That'll be a bit more challenging, I think. Amusingly, things are a lot more blocky in Fallout 4 than they are in Minecraft.

    These are just the things I've tried. If there's anything inspiring in my list feel free to steal it, but if not then good luck. I'm afraid I don't have the Vault-tec expansion though.
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