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PC Serana Dialogue

Discussion in 'Dawnguard' started by Unicrash, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Unicrash

    Unicrash New Member

    Mar 30, 2018
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    After killing Harkon, Serana approaches me and says “well, now that’s done.” But instead of actually initiating as a conversation, it comes out as just a comment, so I can’t set her back to being a follower (or take my things back from her) however the game still seems to think she’s a follower. (Even though I used the console command to get rid of all followers as a test to see if that might fix it).

    I’ve also tried disabling/enabling her, resetting AI, resetting her back to her coffin in dim crypt, placing her at me in a different area entirely away from the cathedral (player home) adding her to different relationship ranks and factions.
    There’s no way to actually force talk to her, so the people in the castle interact with me, however Serana herself will not.. I was hoping there’s a simple solution somewhere that I’m just overlooking..? :sadface:

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