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Discussion in 'Skyrim Fan Fiction' started by ultimatedovahkiin, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. ultimatedovahkiin

    ultimatedovahkiin Now's not the time for fear. That comes later.

    Dec 7, 2012
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    Revenge 2.png

    It's time someone acted. He's already here. The prophecy told of his return, his defeat was merely a delay. To the time after Oblivion opened, after the sons of Skyrim would spill their own blood. No one wants to believe, believe he still exists, and when the truth finally dawns it dawns in vengeance. But, there is one he fears, in dragon tongue he is Dovahkiin Dragonborn!

    Thousands of years after his murder the vengeful god Lorkhan has returned to Tamriel with only one thing on his mind, revenge for what was done to him. Revenge on those who hurt him and all who stand in his way. As Lorkhan plans to destroy the Divines and the Daedra he begins to form an army to take Tamriel by storm so he can end this failed world and begin a new "perfect" paradise. Our heroes step in to try and stop Lorkhan against all odds and despite all warnings, but are they enough to put this vengeful being to rest? Argon's back is shoved up against a wall when Lorkhan fights back and things are not looking good for Tamriel. Finally, a battle will take place that will decide the future of the world. Will Argon be able to stop Lorkhan and save the world, or has the Apocalypse truly come? Find out in the epic series finale of The Heroes of Tamriel and the final chapter of The Fallen God story arc!

    Argon (revenge) cropped.jpg Argon
    katja.jpg Katja
    kara (revenge) cropped.jpg Kara
    Nerevar (Revenge cropped).jpg Nerevar
    Sheogorath (revenge cropped).jpg Sheogorath
    Fayen (Revenge cropped).jpg Fayen
    Garnin Revenge (cropped).jpg Garnin
    Lorkhan (cropped).jpg Lorkhan

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Chapter 8
    Chapter 9
    Chapter 10
    Chapter 11
    Chapter 12
    Chapter 13
    Chapter 14
    Chapter 15
    Chapter 16
    Chapter 17
    Chapter 18
    Chapter 19
    Chapter 20
    Chapter 21
    Chapter 22
    Chapter 23
    Chapter 24
    Chapter 25 (series finale)

    Chapter release speed:
    I will try to release a chapter every weekend, sometimes there will be two and on rare occasions three released each weekend. I might also upload a chapter sometimes during the week so keep checking back a few times a week just in case. I have the story all mapped out so there isn't a big risk of a writer's block preventing me from writing and even if that does happen I will still be able to release chapters because I stay a few chapters ahead of what is being released. The only big reason that I might not release chapters for a while is I just get lazy or busy and stop writing so that the reader's have caught up to me in which case there might be a short delay in chapters while I write more. I also haven't decided yet but I may do a week break in between either chapters 13 & 14 or 14 & 15. The reason for this is because that's around the halfway mark and there are big chapters there, and another reason is because that is about when I plan to release another story in a different series called The Marksman. That's about it for my release speed.

    Rating: I don't have the 18+ thing anymore just because I'm kinda tired of using it, but there will be intense scenes of battle. Like major major slaughters that may prove too violent for some readers, so just be wary of that.

    Notes: For Lorkhan I am using the Avatar of Balthazar armor mod, yes I realize that the armor is based off of a character in a different game. The reason I am using it is because I looked up pictures of him and read descriptions of what he would look like and he is really more depicted as a beast type thing than a man and of the three armors I liked for him I liked this one the best. The armor brings out a distinct evil that I think matches my Lorkhan so I am using it. Disclaimer: I do not own the Balthazar character (or mod) or game he came from (I think it's Gears of War, I might be mistaken though. Doesn't change the fact that I don't own any of those.) and I do not own the Elder Scrolls, I am making no money off of this story whatsoever so please do not sue me. Next thing of importance, reviews. Please please please leave me some way of knowing you are reading this, why is because if I am just releasing chapters with no reaction to them whatsoever I begin to feel like I am just talking to myself and wasting my time. I am excited about this story and I have poured so much planning into it over the past year and I don't want that to all be wasted by a lack of reviews (any other writer should agree with me). I also do add "easter eggs" on occasion in the story, if you don't know what those are they're just references to other things, if I reference any games, movies, people, or mostly anything I DO NOT own those (let's hope I don't own people o_O. References to my other stories however I do own). Throughout the story there will be mention of Lorkhan wanting to kill the Divines and Daedra so he can be the sole ruler of his new world, I realize that there are other gods than just the Divines in other religions in Tamriel but I don't know much about them and they're not in it because the Divines seems to be the more prominent religion in the Elder Scrolls and they're major characters in all my stories so that's why they're the only ones used, pretty much in my stories in this series the other gods don't exist. Lastly, please enjoy this story it is released not for me but for you. This notes section can be subject to change by addition.

    Lore: DING DING DING, MOST IMPORTANT SECTION COMING UP PLEASE READ. Okay, so for my last story The Wrath of Talos there was major lore breaking with an evil Talos and a god being possessed (Talos by Lorkhan for those of you who might not have read it). For this story I am trying to keep it as Lore-friendly as possible. That being said it is very difficult to make a story 100% lore-friendly, which this story is not. Over the past year I poured over lore mainly surrounding Lorkhan to design the best possible character which I think in my opinion turned out very well. I shaped Lorkhan the character I pictured for this story while preserving as much as possible of his backstory and how he could go from what he was to the monster he is now. Again, Lorkhan is not perfect but I think he turned out to be a truly amazing villain/character and I do sincerely hope you enjoy him. Lorkhan plans to go and kill the Divines and Daedra, now while some of you may think that is not lore-friendly since they are gods let me counter with this. Remember, they killed Lorkhan in Elder Scrolls lore and Lorkhan is a god. So from that I have concluded that yes that is right they are gods so they shouldn't be killed, unless they are killed by a god and not a mortal. Mortals are not powerful enough to kill gods so they can't but gods are powerful enough to kill them. Other than that, I have done the best to preserve lore as best as I can. I do truly apologize for anyone that is annoyed or angered by any breaking of lore that I do. However, you have been warned about any lore-breaking and you are not required to read this so it is not my fault if my lore-breaking does anger you (the lore-breaking is but not the anger or annoyance caused). I also know that not everyone gets angered by lore-breaking and I completely understand if you do I am not trying to bash you for that. I just want to cover all of my bases.

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  2. ultimatedovahkiin

    ultimatedovahkiin Now's not the time for fear. That comes later.

    Dec 7, 2012
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    Chapter 1: A Hero's Wedding

    War. War never changes. Their settings change, the teams change, their purpose changes, their outcome changes, but war itself never changes. Whether it be man versues man or man versues elf, war is the same. Back in the beginning there was the Chimer vs Dwemer war, then there was the war that set up the Empire, when Dagoth Ur returned was another war. Then there was the Oblivion Crisis, the Dagon's attempt to take over Tamriel caused the greatest Daedric war ever. Then there was the Dragon Crisis, war of men against the dragons. There was the Second Great War, the Soul Wars, Shadow War, the fight against Apocapher was a war. Then the New Dwemer War, and now there is the greatest war ever to hit Tamriel, the Lorkhan's War. Otherwise known as War of The Fallen God.

    Like all other wars, there were two opposing sides, in this case heroes versues Lorkhan. Both sides fought for one outcome, for one thing, Nirn.

    Argon was on the frontline, leading is army in the ultimate battle. This battle decided the final fate of the world and everyone in it, losing was not an option. The night sky was lit up by all the spells being thrown through it. A great strom was in progress bringing with it rain and lightning. The lightning struck all over the battlefield starting fires and frying people in their armor. For some reason, probably the influence of Lorkhan, the rain wouldn't quench any of the fires that were started. Off in the distance the storm clouds funneled down, over there lights were flashing as Lorkhan carried out his plan.

    Argon fought through the battlefield trying to reach the funnel clouds, as he went he cut down anyone that got in his way. He'd become a ruthless killer, whatever happened he had to stop Lorkhan, everything was permitted.

    How had it come to this? A few months ago everything was fine. After the defeat of Apocapher and before the Dwemer returned, Argon was living his normal life at Lakeview Manor, not a worry in the world. Even after the Battle in Sovngarde when Argon defeated "Talos" he still wasn't a ruthless killer. No, he'd been molded into one. Shaped by Lorkhan's onslaught. Maybe after if Argon won and Lorkhan was stopped, maybe then he could go back to his normal self. If that was even possible. Perhaps he was too far gone, there was a line and Argon was way past it. Could he be pulled back? Or was the line tethering him to the other side severed?

    To answer my question and learn how it had come to this, we have to go back. Back to the beginning when all of this had started. Back to the happitest day of Argon's life.

    The Temple of Mara was decorated with wreaths, roses, and petals. Crossing the center of the room was long rectangular white sheet. It stretched from the bottom of the steps outside all the way to the altar inside and was covered in rose petals. At the altar was another rectangular white sheet also covered in rose petals. Standing on top of the sheet was Argon on the left side and Kara on the right, it had been three weeks since Argon proposed and even though people usually waited a while longer before their wedding, the situation called for it to happen almost immediately. Argon's blonde hair stretched down to his shoulders and his face was clean shaven. He wore a pair of green fine clothes, minus the necklace. He still had the brown fur around his shoulders and the pattern of the clothes was mostly the same. The difference in the pattern was that along the coat instead of gold and orange triangles were the dragon symbol of the empire. Other than that, everything was the same.

    Kara wore her custom made wedding dress. It had a long red skirt on the bottom half, and the top half was mostly white but with gold linging the mouth of the sleeves and the neck. There was a white flower texture sewn into the top half of the dress also. It started with one flower in the middle and vines coming from the flower, and random points in the vines were other flowers which had their own vines and flowers. The vines and flowers flowed all the way along the dress, from the back to the front and from the sleeves to the shoulders. Eventually all the vines connected to other flowers. Kara wore diamond earrings that glistened in the light. Her brown hair was tied together and hung over the front of her right shoulder. She wore a crown of flowers and jewels on the top of her head.

    At the altar stood Mara, just like she promised, she was the one to wed the couple. In the pews, on Argon's side sat the four other heroes from the team. Sheogorath, Nerevar, Garnin, and Fayen. Behind them sat Argon's adopted daughters Sissel and Dorthe, and their husbands Lars and Frodnar. On Kara's side sat Akatosh, Kynareth, Zenithar, and Julianos in the front row and in the back row sat Talos, Stendarr, and Dibella. Filling the back of the temple and the outside were the citizens of Riften and any others from not only around the province.

    Argon glanced at Kara who caught him looking and she smiled, Argon smiled back.

    Mara began the ceremony, "Friends, family, children of the nine, we gather today to join these two souls in eternal matrimony. These two heroes who so selflessly fight to keep our world afloat. Through thick and thin, good and bad, calm and chaos, their love for each other has persevered. On this most special of days we gather to celebrate that love and join them together. To live a life of peace and prosperity together until the end of time. On this day these two shall become one." the goddess turned to Kara, "Do you take Argon to be your husband? Do you promise to love him and cherish him now and forever?"

    Kara answered in her sweet voice, "I do. Now and forever."

    Mara turned to Argon, "Do you accept Kara as your wife? Do you swear to protect her, love her, cherish her, and honor her now and forever?"

    Without hesitation Argon replied, "I do. Now and forever."

    Mara concluded the ceremony with, "Well then, I hereby declare you husband and wife. You may seal your eternal bond with a kiss."

    Argon grabbed his new wife, pulled her towards him, and kissed her on the lips.

    The temple was ablaze with happy cheering as the newly weds walked together down the aisle hand-in-hand. The sea of people parted off of the white sheet as Argon and Kara walked by. The two were followed by the other four heroes, the Divines, and then the citizens. Everyone went to the Bee and Barb to celebrate. At the party Argon caught Talos' eye a couple of times, but Talos wouldn't come talk to him. At one point Argon went to go over to him, but when he got there Talos was gone and wasn't seen for the rest of the party.

    After hours of drinking and celebrating Argon and Kara retired to Honeyside, Argon's house in the city, while the heroes went to their rooms at the tavern and the Divines returned to Sovngarde.

    Argon and Kara went downstairs to undress and get ready to go to sleep. Argon had his back to Kara as he removed his fine clothes, when he turned around to get into bed Kara was staring at him with her hand on one of the strings to her dress. She continued to seductively stare at her husband as she pulled on the string and her dress fell to the ground revealing her naked body. Argon knew what she wanted and he wanted it too. He walked over to her and began kissing her. Argon lifted Kara up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, Argon carried her upstairs towards the bed as they contiued to kiss and then they both fell on the bed together.

    The next morning Argon awoke with his right arm over Kara's smooth warm body, the sleeping woman held Argon's hand and kissing her head Argon gently pulled his hand away. The man pulled on some undergarments, a tunic, and some pants and he walked out the back door to gaze out across the balcony. Already out there leaning on the wooden railing there was a man gazing out into the fog with a tankard of mead in his hand. Argon walked right up and leaned on the railing next to him.

    "Nice morning, I guess." the man said starting a conversation.

    "It's very foggy." Argon replied.

    "I think it looks nice. That was quite the wedding yesterday."

    "Yeah, they really went all out." Argon agreed.

    "Yeah well you deserved it after all you've done."

    "Thank you, I appreciate that." Argon uncorked a bottle of mead that was sitting out on the railing and he sipped from it.

    "Listen, Argon, I just I really cannot say enough times ho--"

    Argon cut him off, "No. Stop. Just stop. You did nothing wrong Talos. Lorkhan was possessing you, you couldn't help do or say those things. You didn't do or say any of that, Lorkhan did. Talos, you were not conscious for any bit of that possession, do not ever EVER apologize because you did nothing wrong."

    "But I read the things Lorkhan did under my name, by the gods they were horrible! Beheading the Emperor, murdering the High King, slaughtering the Greybeards! Not to mention the riots that were caused! Plus, my name still isn't cleared! Nothing has changed, the riots are still happening! No one knows about Lorkhan and therefore everyone still thinks I am the bad guy."

    "We are trying to convince everyone that Lorkhan possessed you but no one wants to believe because they are scared. No one wants to believe that the one being who was the most wronged ever has returned from the dead. But you're not the badguy Talos, you are a hero and a victim. Lorkhan did all of that, he caused the riots, and who cares if everyone thinks you are a badguy? I know you're not, the heores know you're not, the Divines AND Daedra know you're not. And when this is all over, all of Tamriel will know you are not a badguy."

    "Thank you Argon. You are a good freind, and out of friendship I regretablly tell you that you can't beat him."

    "What?" Argon asked, almost dropping his mead over the balcony.

    "I may have been unconscious but my body has a memory of Lorkhan's power, and it is strong. It was almost too much for my body, that's how you defeated him so easily. My body wasn't big enough to contain all of that power and that's saying something. The best thing you can do for yourself and for your family, including your new wife, is to run. Run away and don't look back. At least that way you will survive a little while longer. Akatosh was right, you cannot win this fight. Not against Lorkhan. He's too strong."

    "That may be the best thing I can do for myself and my family, but it is the worst thing I can do for Tamriel. I am the Dragonborn, I was given these powers to protect the people of Tamriel and stomp out evil wherever it is. The nine of you blessed me with the dragon's blood for a reason, to save the world and that is exactly what I will do." Argon argued.

    "No, you were given the dragon's blood to kill Alduin. You've done that. Twice now. You don't need to be Dragonborn anymore. You can keep the power but you don't need to be a hero, you're job is done. Alduin is dead, Tamriel does not need the Dragonborn anymore." Talos was trying to protect Argon, he owed the man his life, it was the least he could do.

    "You're wrong Tiber. I appreciate you trying to protect me, but you're wrong. Tamriel will always need the Dragonborn. It will always need a hero, and that is what the Dragonborn is. The Dragonborn is a hero, the savior of men, you may not use your powers to protect this world anymore, but I will until the death. Tamriel needs heroes, especially now. In times of crisis Tamriel needs its heroes, and for every crisis there has always been a hero. Now, in the ultimate crisis the ultimate heroes are needed to stop it. What better heroes to save Tamriel, than its five greatest? It is time for a new destiny, a new hope, and THAT is what The Heroes of Tamriel are. A combination of the greatest heroes throughout history come together to form one team, one savior, one hope. And it is time for us to rise."
  3. ultimatedovahkiin

    ultimatedovahkiin Now's not the time for fear. That comes later.

    Dec 7, 2012
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    To celebrate the wedding of Argon and Kara, please enjoy this funny Skyrim video.

  4. ultimatedovahkiin

    ultimatedovahkiin Now's not the time for fear. That comes later.

    Dec 7, 2012
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    Chapter 2: Return of The Fallen God
    "So, how's married life?" Nerevar asked the newlyweds.
    The six heroes were gathered in the Bee and Barb eating and drinking, not a bad way to start off the morning.

    "Well, I'm married to a beautiful woman, I have my five best friens with me, and we had an amazing wedding. So far it's not bad." Argon said.

    "Only downside is that there is a vengeful madman or madgod, no offense Sheo, running around trying to kill the Divines and bring about some sort of Apocalypse." Fayen said.

    "There hasn't been any sign of Lorkhan for the past three weeks. He hasn't been spotted anywhere since the battle of Sovngarde. Maybe he gave up, realized he couldn't beat us and he left. Or maybe he was defeated maybe Argon already saved the world and we have nothing to worry about." Garnin said in his thick nord accent.

    "No, it's not that simple. I might not have personally known Lorkhan but from my experience as a Daedric Prince, I can guarantee gods don't go down that easily. Lorkhan is out there, I just don't know where." Sheogorath said.

    "You know what? We don't need this kind of talk, it's the day after my wedding, let's celebrate. Another round!" Argon called to the bartender.

    The bartender handed a young woman with long red hair adorned with purple flowers six Black-Briar meads and sent her over to Argon's table. The girl expertly picked up the bottles, three in each hand, and carried them over to the table without a single sign of difficulty she'd probably been doing this a while.

    "Enjoy your drinks." the girl said and she walked off.

    The heroes sat and drank their meads in silence for the next few minutes, each one of them had one thought on their mind. Lorkhan. Argon, sensing the tension between them needed to get a breath of fresh air so he stood up looked at Kara and said, "You know what? I'm gonna go buy you something nice. A wedding present from me."

    "Argon please, you don't neeed to..." Kara said but despite her protests Argon continued to the door.

    On the way out Argon bumped into the red haired girl again, "Oh I'm sorry m'lady." Argon said.

    "No no, I wasn't watching where I was going. I apologize." the girl said and she hurried off to go talk to some friends sitting at a different table.*

    Argon stood out in the marketplace of Riften examining the jewelry stand.

    "See, that's a nice amulet but is it too much for her?" Argon asked himself.

    "Buying something for Kara, eh? That is your lady's name correct?" the khajiit shop owner asked.
    "Yes, it is. Were you at the wedding?"

    "The whole city was, well everyone except one man. Don't worry about him though, just some mysterious person been seen around the city recently. No one is sure of his intentions yet but he doesn't seem that bad.**" the khajiit said.

    Argon went back to looking at jewelry but he couldn't decide on something he liked. The whole city suddenly became active, people were moving by quickly, a few of them tripping and falling, and one guy even bumping into Argon. Argn didn't pay much attention to it until the shopkeeper suddenly turned and ran off towards the palace.

    "What the?" Argon said looking up.

    There were lights coming from around the Bee and Barb, he could hear the sounds of clanking metal from armor and swords. Argon watched as a guard weilding a bow and arrow set and arrow on the string, pulled back, and walked forwards out of sight. He faintly heard the snap of the bow as the arrow took off but not a second later there was a blast of light and the guard flew back into Argon's view smoking and with his bow on fire.

    "plops." Argon said and putting his hand on his sword he crouched and snuck to the corner of the tavern, from there he looked around and saw a ghostly beast. It had glowing yellow eyes, five tentacles that seemed to serve as hair coming from around his head and forming and unholy halo, five more tentacles coming from the back of his head and hanging straight down to the back, there were undetailed faces carved into his armor that also had glowing yellow eyes, and right in the left part of his chest where his heart should be was a large hole that displayed a broken rib cage with no heart in the center. His sword was a long two handed blade with a gem at the bottom of the hilt and on the center of the hand guard, the blade itself was long and black as night, and covering the dark weapon were glowing purple daedric symbols that emitted a purple mist-like aura that followed the blade as it moved.

    "Lorkhan. Oh gods he's here." Argon said and silently as to not attract the Fallen God's attention he stood up and crept back to the tavern doors.

    Flinging the doors open Argon stared directly at Argon shocked by his aggressiveness. "He's here." Argon said. That was all he needed to say for the five people at the table instantly stood up from their seats and grabbed their weapons, Sheogorath flung a sack of cheese on the table turned to the bartender and said, "It's better than gold."

    The five heroes followed Argon out of the tavern and to where the battle was going on. Blasts of fire from Lorkhan and arrows from the guards flew through the air, surrounding Lorkhan were dying or already dead guards and only ten living.

    Argon walked up to a guard, put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Go, we'll take this from here."

    "Goodluck Dragonborn." the guard said and she sheathed her sword and ran towards the palace.

    "Well now, it is very impolite to slaughter people the day after a major wedding. You should know that Mr. Lorkhan." Argon taunted.

    "So you did get married? Sorry I missed it. Was it as good as I thought it would be?" Lorkhan asked, not caring.

    "It was wonderful but you wouldn't know. You were too busy killing people to attend."

    "Well, killing people does take some time." Lorkhan said, "Now, all I want to know and I can leave you and this city in peace, is where in this land have you hidden my heart?"

    "Your heart? I'm sorry, never heard of it." Argon said.

    "Are you sure? It's about as big as my fist, it's red, has a tendency to beat a lot, and apparently is powerful enough to power not one but three giant golems." Lorkhan said.

    "Well actually one time it wasn't used to power the golem, something else was." Garnin said.

    "Oh so you have seen it then?"

    "No dumbass I just said it wasn't used."

    "Listen, stop bullplopsting me. I know my heart was used to power a numidium, I know that that happened very recently, I know you six were there when it was used, and I also know that your good friend Nerevar was the one who dealth with it." Lorkhan said, "Now, you are going to tell me where I can find it or I will slaughter each and every one of you and then still go find it."

    "Well... Someone is a little bit cranky...." Sheogorath heckled.

    "Look, we're not telling you where your heart is. Why? Because we're not freaking idiots. Yes let's tell the bad guy where to find his source of power so that he can use it to go and destroy the whole world." Argon pointed out.

    "Then I'm gonna have to force it out of you." Lorkhan said and he swung his sword and knocked the heroes backwards and to the floor.

    "Now, you have a choice. Tell me where to find my heart, or I'll kill you." Lorkhan said.

    "I'm not afriad to die." Argon said back.

    "I know. But you are afraid to let others die, especially those you care about the most..."

    Lorkhan pulled out a dagger and walked over to Kara, he placed the dagger to her face and turned to Argon. The Dragonborn tried to run at him but Lorkhan raised his other hand and held him and the other four in place. "Your wife is mighty pretty, it would be a shame to take that away from her. You know what they say, scars can take away a person's beauty."

    Lorkhan began to slide the dagger down Kara's face, not making any scars yet but he was giving her little cuts. Despite the size and depth of the cuts Argon couldn't bear the sight of Kara's blood. He'd seen blood, too many times perhaps, but to see Kara's? The love of his life, laying on the cold hard ground with a crazy person cutting her open, just the thought would be enough to bring him to tears.

    "STOP IT! GET OFF OF HER! I'LL KILL YOU!!!" Argon yelled but Lorkhan didn't stop, he smilled and added more, each one getting longer and deeper than the last.

    "THE DWEMER FORGE!!" Argon shouted.

    Lorkhan stopped, he turned towards Argon and ran over to him. He put his hand on Argon's throat. "What was that?" Lorkhan snarled.

    "The Aetherium Forge. It's not too far from here. In the same hold. That's where your heart is, in the bottom of the wreckage and lava."

    "I know where it is." Lorkhan said.

    The god released the heroes and he teleported himself to the forge. Argon rushed to Kara's side.

    "Are you okay?"

    "I'm fine. Nothing a healing potion can't fix. But we have to go to the forge."

    "I know, we have to go now. Stop Lorkhan. If he gets his heart he'll be fully immortal, his powers will be ten times what they are now." Argon said.

    "I can't let you guys go." said a man from the shadows, he stepped forward to reveal himself to be Akatosh.

    "Stop trying to prevent us. We are going to stop Lorkhan. You gave us these powers, these destinies, to be heroes. What did you think we would do with them? Just lay down and cry, wait for death when the ultimate enemy arises? No. That's not how this will work." Argon told him.

    "I know. I just wish you would all listen and understand, Lorkhan cannot be stopped. It is written like this. The nine have tried to foresee what will happen, but we can't. We can't tell anything about this battle, it's all blury and fuzzy, but most of all when we try to see past this whole crisis, we can't there is nothing there. This is it. This is the end. Accept the fate."

    "That won't happen." Nerevar said.

    "I understand. I'm not gonna force you to stop. I'm not gonna like it, but if you want to try and fight Lorkhan, who am I to stand in your way. The world is ending anyways, so what's there to lose?"

    "Thank you for stepping down but what there is to lose is a possibility for a future. A chance at saving the world. If we give up, there will be no chance of that." Fayen said.

    "Then go, try to save the world though I wouldn't recommend it."

    "C'mon lads, we have work to do." Garnin said and he led the heroes out of the city.

    Akatosh watched as they passed him by but when Kara walked by him he reached out and grabbed her by the elbow. Pulling her close to him he said, "You out of all of them should stay behind. You are in no condition to fight. You're putting yourself at a major risk, and not just yourself."

    "I'll be fine. I promise." Kara said and she broke free from Akatosh's grip.

    *This girl has no significance to this story whatsoever, she is just a reference to Scarlet a character in The Marksman

    **The person the khajiit is talking about is The Marksman
  5. ultimatedovahkiin

    ultimatedovahkiin Now's not the time for fear. That comes later.

    Dec 7, 2012
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    Chapter 3: The Heart of the Universe
    "The Aeterium Forge. I'm sure it was very nice before a giant robot golem was driven into it. Now, where in the this mess is my heart?" Lorkhan dropepd down into the hole in the ground.

    Years ago the forge had been an amazing work of technology. A machine that could forge weapons out of the material of the gods, quite the technological achievement and it was. Up until Nerevar drove a golem into it. The Dwemer had tried to repair it but the whole place was too ruined and working conditions were too dangerous. The place that had once safely housed a pool of lava was now sunk into the lava. There were stones and pieces of metal that someone could probably walk across if they were careful.

    Bubbles rose up from the lava and popped a few inches above. Dropplets from the lava flew at Lorkhan and hit him. Rather than scorch him it just ran off him as though it were water.

    In the middle of the lava was the Kalumidium. As the third numidium this one had been the most dangerous. It was armed with all of the new Dwemer weapons that could wipe out Skyrim, probably even Tamriel if they fell into the wrong hands. Lorkhan swam across the lava and climbed on the Kalumidium. He took a moment to observe the remaining parts of it and admire the weapons. He knew full well what they were capable of, he just didn't care though. Lorkhan didn't need them the potential destruction that they held, he held but multiplied by a lot. All he needed to access those powers was his heart.

    He dug around the wreckage looking for his heart, as he did so he found a somewhat burned arm. The skin and everything on it had been melted off but the bones remained. Lorkhan looked at the bones, declared them to belong to a Dwemer, and threw it behind him into the lava. Lorkhan moved aside a sheet of metal and sitting there, attached to tubes and other mechanisms, was his heart. He took the metal tubes and the dials off and held the beating organ in his hand. He turned it over and examined the side, in the backside of it was a scar. A scar the right size for an arrow to fit into if it was still open. Or more specifically, one of Akatosh's arrows. Even more specific, the arrow Akatosh used to cast the heart into the sea after Trinimac tore it for Lorkhan's body. As he gazed at the scar an anger grew inside of his, well, his heart.

    Betrayal. That's what had happened. His friends, his best friends, betrayed him. Just because of a trick. He didn't do it to harm anybody, tricks were his thing. He'd done it many times before. He tricked the Altmer who were supposed to be gods. That's probably why the Thalmor are so buthurt over Talos. The Divines knew tricks were Lorkhan's specialty and no matter how hard he tried, that daedra Sanguine could never live up to Lorkhan's tricks.

    One little trick though, and the Divines murdered Lorkhan for it. Tore out his heart and cast it into the ocean. All because he had tricked them into creating the world. The world, they now loved and cared for. The world they now sent heroes and people to save! They protected this world! The world that they had murdered their own friend over! Revenge was coming. Everyone will suffer. Everyone. At the hands of Lorkhan. All he had to do was put the heart back in his chest and he would be reunited with his divine center and regain his physical form.

    "Put down the heart Lorkhan!" Argon called from atop the hole.

    Lorkhan looked up at the heroes and yelled, "Fools! You still think you have a chance at defeating me? You have failed, each and every one of you! I have my heart, I have my power, I will kill you all. Revenge has come, the Divines shall fall, and after that you all shall fall! This world has failed, a botched creation! Corrupted by the Divines who rule over it! Well no longer, the creator has returned, I shall take my rightful place as ruler of this world! I shall recreate it in MY image! I shall perfect this failed project!"

    "Put down the heart!" said Fayen putting an arrow on the string and preparing to fire.

    "I wouldn't recommend that. It might make me angry." Lorkhan snarled, he raised his heart high into the air above his head.

    "NO!" Argon yelled, "Fayen fire!"

    Lorkhan thrust the heart into his spectral chest, the arrow whizzed by his hand. Fayen for once in his life, had missed.

    A light glowed aroung Lorkhan that lit up the night sky. Suddenly, his body started hardening and materializing, starting with the area around his heart. The heart pretty much snapped into place with all of the veins almost instinctively connecting and healing. Power from the heart rushed through Lorkhan and restored his divinity. The hole in his chest closed up around the heart and even the armor healed. The rib cage fixed itself and protected the heart. As Lorkhan's body kept materializing a smile crept across his face. When his body had finished and the spirit was reunited with the corpse, a blue fire came over Lorkhan and he shot off into the night sky. As he went through the air the sky became briefly bright until he was completely out of sight.

    "We have a major problem...." Nerevar said.

    "Yes we do, but as heroes we fix problems. It's our job, and we're good at it." Argon said.

    Argon looked up into the dark night sky. There were only stars out now. Lorkhan had been reunited with his corpse. The moons were gone, once again they walked the earth.
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    Chapter 4: Lorkhan wants YOU to join his army
    It was a clod snowy night as always in Windhelm, the stars shone brighter that night for some strange reason.

    Inside Candlehearth Hall on the first floor sat a patron at the bar and behind the counter working was the bartender, a woman named Tera.

    "Tera, have you noticed how the moons are gone? Something weird is going on I tell yah." the patron said to the bartender.

    "Best not to worry about it. Tamriel is already having enough problems what with Talos turning on us." Tera answered as she cleaned out a tankard with a dry rag.

    "Too true, only something feels off to me about that. I can't place my finger on it, but the thought of Talos turning evil. There is just something about it that doesn't add up."

    "Aye. I think you've had one too many ales. Talos has turned on us, that's all there is to it. Remeber, he mad a public display of executing to Emperor." Tera said.

    "You're probably right. Maybe I am just a little bit drunk. On to a different subject though, have you heard anything of the riots?" the patron asked.

    "It seems they're the worst in each province's capital. Riften has taken a break from their riots for the marriage of the Dragonborn. I wish the Imperial City would take a break from the riots. The riots there just keep getting worse and worse. The High Council is trying to calm people but it's not working. I've even heard rumors from other patrons that in attempts to calm people down, the High Council has gone so far as to make plans with the Dominion to assemble the Thalmor." Tera informed the patron.

    "Gods help us..." the patron said and he attempted to drown his worries in mead.

    The large metal doors blew open letting in the darkness and cold air from outside. Snow flew in through the doors, it had a loop and then going diagonally it crashed to the floor and melted. A dark figure of a man walked in, his head was wrapped in a cloth and he had large fur gloves on and a thick winter coat.

    "Welcome to the Candlehearth Hall, come sit I'll get you a drink." Tera said to the man.

    A voice came out from the cloth, "Thank you."

    The man sat down at the bar stool next to the patron. "Have you heard the rumors?" the patron asked the man, "The Empire plans to bring back the Thalmor. Let them, run rampant through the provinces and oppress people. Not that they would have any job anyways. I doubt no one worships Talos anymore."

    Tera set a drink down in front of the man, "Well, drink up." she said.

    The man grabbed the cold bottle and held it in his gloved hands but he didn't drink.

    "So how about this night?" the patron asked, again trying to make conversation, "It seems we've lost our moons."

    The man responded, "We havem't lost them."

    "Well what do you mean?"

    "I know where they are."

    "Shor's balls man, you're talking crazy. Tell us then, where are they?"

    "I've been keeping them safe." Lorkhan looked up at the man, his yellow eyes glowing from inside the cloth covering his head.

    "By the eight, your eyes. They're, they're yellow! Vampire!" the patron jumped out of his seat.

    "I'm no vampire, I am so much more. I am the beginning and I shall be the end. The creator and the destroyer. I am the one who chases people in their nightmares. I am the light at the end of the cave. The good and the bad. The hero, yet the villain." Lorkhan removed the cloth from his head. He took off his gloves and dropped his coat to the floor. Standing before Tera and the patron wearing his armor and in his full power stood Lorkhan in all his evil excellence.

    "By Shor, you're Shor!" the patron cried out.

    "So, you foolish nords do recognize me. Well prepare yourselves. The time has come. I've returned to this failed world. My world is coming, and all who oppose me shall perish in this world's end. All who follow me, they shall be gods among men in my new world." Lorkhan made his deadly promise.

    "You're speaking mad!" Tera said to him.

    Lorkhan cast out a hand and threw her back into the wall behind her. Tera's head hit it rather hard and she started bleeding. Tera was slipping in and out of conciousness as Lorkhan approached her. The Fallen God got down on his left knee, put his right arm on his right knee which was still up, and leaned forward.

    The woman turned her head to stare into the face of evil. "Please, don't kill me..." she said.

    "Save yourself from a horrible and painful death. Tell me, why is this place called, Candlehearth Hall?"

    A confused look came over Tera's face but she explained to Lorkhan about the son lighting a candle for his father on the hearth upstairs and how it had never gone out since then and despite any attempts it was impossible to extinguish.

    "Thank you my dear. You'll be remembered in the new world to come." Lorkhan stood up and walked out from the bar.

    Daggers appeared and floated in fron of Tera. As he walked away Lorkhan raised the lower half of his left arm up to meet his shoulder, and without moving his arm he flicked his left hand forward with his middle and pointer fingers extended. The daggers flew forward and each one pierced Tera and killed her.

    The patron had been watching all of this petrified by his own fear but after watching Tera be murdered, an anger welled up inside of him. He broke free of his own paralyisis and ran at Lorkhan. He jumped up and attempted to grab him shouting, "YOU KILLED HER!". Lorkhan ducked under him and turned to the direction he was flying at. Lorkhan stood up, held out his arm, and caught him with his telekinesis.

    "You have fight in you, I like that. You'll do." Lorkhan said.

    "I'll do for what? You gonna kill me like you killed Tera! You promised you wouldn't kill her if she told you what you wanted!"

    "No, I promised not to kill her in a horrible and painful way. I was true to my word. Tera died quickly and painlessly as possible." Lorkhan said.

    "You sick bastard! I don't know what you want me for, but I won't do it! I refuse!" the patron shouted.

    The people upstairs by now had heard the commotion and were curious as to what was going on, but they were too scared to go check it out.

    "If you don't, then you shall die along with everyone else in this wretched world. I offer you salvation, leadership, power, wealth, whatever your heart desires! Except Tera of course, she's dead. You are strong, physically and mentally. I want you to join my army, come with me to the new world. Forget this place. It has failed, ruined by the nine who swore to protect you. There is no hope left, you 'heroes' have failed. They tried to stop me, they set their goals too high. Join me, come to paradise and you can be a hero. You can have all the honor and glory that those other six do. You will have all the power, wealth, and women you want. If you should refuse, you will die along with the rest of your people who do not follow me."

    The patron bowed his head in shame. He wasn't shamed that he was accepting the offer, he was shamed by how much he wanted all of those things Lorkhan was promising him. He wasn't ashamed of leaving his fellow men to die, he was ashamed of his greed. From a young age he had been taught not to be greedy and help others out, but he felt that he had helped people enough, given up enough of his life for others. It was time for him to get what he wanted, everyone else be dammed. He wanted to be a hero, to have all the power, to have a beautiful woman by his side to go with him through it all, and if not one beautiful woman to be his companion why not have the ability to take any woman he wanted? "Okay m'lord. I accept your offer. Where do we begin?"

    "Wait down here. I'm not finished with this place yet."

    "Yes m'lord."

    Lorkhan walked up the stairs to the top room. The bard had stopped playing, the people were no longer drinking, everyone stared as Lorkhan walked up the stairs.

    "What, is that...?" one of the people asked.

    "It's one of them flithy grey skins." said some man. "Those beats are evolving, revealing their true and terrible forms."

    "I'm no grey skin. Just as you are not a true man." Lorkhan snarled.

    "I was a man last time I checked. But you, you're something else. I don't know what you are, but this is a nord only city. Get outta here or I'll be forced to throw you out."

    "Don't threaten me." Lorkhan said.

    "I'm a true nord like my father Rolff before me. I carry on his tradition of wandering the Grey Quarter and telling them elves what I think of them." said Garl Stone-fist.

    "You are no man. You are a fraud. A weak mistake of nature." Lorkhan insulted.

    "Look at you though, you are an ugly glowing eyed tentacle haird freak. You look like an Argonian on steroids."

    "INSOLENT FOOL! You dare talk to Lorkhan like that?"

    "Bah you blasphemer! I know you are not the honored Shor, he would agree with me about my beliefs, he'd support me in driving out all non-nords!"

    "I don't." Lorkhan raised up his hand and lifted the man into the air. Fear struck the man's face and he knew he was wrong. His head began shaking violently, then it started expanding, and growing until it finally burst and Lorkhan dropped Garl's mutilated corpse to the floor.

    "Anyone else?" Lorkhan intimidated.

    "N-no m'lord. You are truly Shor. You are a nord hero, you are always welcome in Windhelm." said and old man and he dropped to his knees.

    "Don't kneel before me for you all are of my honored selected. I have chosen you to join my army and assist me in ending this world so that we may begin a new one. I offer each and everyone of you salvation from this failed land. Join me and be gods among men, both in this life and the next." Lorkhan offered, "All of you who reject my offer, I shall not kill you on this day, know though that when the time comes and the world ends you shall die with it. There will be no second life for you in my new world. Now, all who reject me leave go now."

    One man got up and walked over towards the stairs to leave. Lorkhan watched as he nervously hurried to the steps, and when he reached the top of the stairs Lorkhan pulled a dagger from his belt and threw it into the man's back.

    "You said you wouldn't kill us if we rejected." one support said in confusion.

    "I have been known for my trickery." Lorkhan replied and the whole room grew silent, "Someone clean up that mess."

    Four men got up, two ran to Garl's corpse and cleaned his mess up while the other two carried out the body of the one who rejected Lorkhan. The patron from downstairs came up to Lorkhan. "What now m'lord?" he asked.

    "I deem up my second in charge. Of all men in my army I give you the most power, not just over the army, but I give you powers almost equivalent to that of a god. Now, take all the men in this room and raid the city. Bring all able bodied men and women to me, kill all who would oppose me and then torch the city." Lorkhan commanded.

    "With all due respect, the city is made of stone we can't just burn it to the ground."

    "You have the powers of a god now, find a way to destroy it. There are more ways than one to destroy a city. Bring me the head of the Jarl. I want it on a silver platter."

    "Yes m'lord. Come on men! You heard him!"

    The new army left the inn, Lorkhan remained behind and he strolled around the top room. He walked over to the hearth where the candle still burned. He looked at the candle and ran his left hand through the fire. "Impossible to extinguish? I think not." Lorkhan pinched the wick and the fire went out, all that remained was a small trail of smoke.
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    Chapter 5: Fire in the streets

    "Are y'all sure about going to the Imperial City?" the carriage driver asked, "The riots there are worse than anywhere else. I hear that there was an explosion at the Temple of the One the other day, the whole dragon statue was blown to smitherines!"

    "Yeah, we're sure. We have to deliever a message to the High Chancellor." Argon said.

    "Well, good luck with that. I'll drive you to the bridge, but I'm not taking you inside the city."

    "That's fine, be safe. " Argon said.

    "How much longer until we get there?" Nerevar asked.

    "Oh I dunno, a couple hours at least. Get some rest, you six look like you could use it." The carriage driver suggested.

    "Do you think we'll see that girl Lori there?" Garnin asked

    "That girl we saved? The one who's own brother was going to kill her? My gods, Garnin do you have a crush?" Kara teased.

    "Well she was rather pretty." Garnin said.

    "It is a possibility. Although I'm not sure. I just hope we don't have to see her brother Selnay." Argon said.

    "He's in the Imperial City prison." Nerevar said, "Is it even possible to break out of there?"

    "Yes." Sheogorath and Fayen said at the same time.

    A few hours later.

    "Alrigth then, here we are. Good luck to y'all." the carriage driver said.

    The heroes climbed off of the carriage and waved bye to the driver as he drove off back to Skyrim.

    "That sure was nice of him to drive us from Skyrim to here." Kara said.

    "I think he was just happy I gave him ten thousand septims to." Argon said.

    "Ah gold, it can make anyone do anything." Sheogorath said, "Except me. Septims can't make me do anything. Cheese can. Not septims."

    "That's nice." Fayen said.

    The heroes went inside the city and it was worse than last time. Whole buildings were demolished, bodies were scattered about, the streets had been painted red by blood. There were piles of junk that were lit on fire and just left there to burn, the smoke of the fires turned the whole sky gray.

    "You have a lot of nerve coming back here after what you did to Selnay." said a vocie from the shadows.

    "Reveal yourself!" Garnin shotued and he puleld out his battleaxe.

    An old man stepped out of the shadows, he was missing an arm and he had a long scar stretching from the top of his right eye all the way down to the left side of his face.

    "Who are you?" Nerevar asked.

    "Name's Ollie, and thanks to you six the city is burning."

    "What do you mean, thanks to us?" Argon interrogated.

    "Selnay was the only thing keeping these riots at bay." Ollie said.

    "At bay?! Innocent people were being taken and MURDERED inside the arena, while other people just watched and cheered!" Argon shotued.

    "But were things as bad as this? No. Selnay gave the people what they wanted, but now he's in prison because of you six. The High Council won't appease us. Instead, they keep trying to put us down. We don't like that. Not one bit. So now, the people take blood where they can get it. Each other. It started with the weak ones first, then the women, even a few children. I lost two of my sons. They were great strong men, and they said to me 'Don't worry Dad, we'll be back.' they never came back. The next day I read in the Black Horse Courier that two men had been killed as they tried to save a child. The child got away, but not my boys. They were torn apart by people just wanting blood. Lost an arm and my eye to these riots. I went out to go scavenge for some food, 'cause that's what we've been brought to. Either the shopkeepers have been killed, robbed, or they're just holding everything they've got to themselves. The Council doesn't care though. No, they think that it'll work out for them. Eventually we'll grow weak from the lack of food and then we'll submit and be put down. They're wrong. Before we break we WILL take the White-Gold Tower. Then the High Council will fall along with us and so will the Empire. It's all thanks to you six. Although, maybe you six aren't such a curse to have returned here. I haven't eaten in three days, but I see six fat cows in front of me. Revenge and food. I'll eat for days."

    Ollie pulled out a dagger and dove at Kara, Argon pulled her out of the way and Ollie hit the stone ground. Fayen set an arrow and before Ollie could get up he fired it into his back.

    "Poor man, what have these people been brought to? Just because of Lorkhan. Now more than ever, we need to stop the villain." Nerevar said.

    "And we will. I promise you that." Argon said, "But first, we have to try to clear Talos' name."

    "Get back! Get back!" A guard yelled to the rioters who were trying to get into the palace.

    "There's nothing here for you!" another guard yelled.

    Six rioters were trying to get into the palace, they had no armor and they're clothes were all tattered. Weapons were hard to come by right now so they were using odd items for weapons. One of them had a normalish weapon and was armed with a kitchen knife. The rest of the weapons were a candlestick, a fork, a broom, a potato, and a chair. One of them at least made an attempt at armor, so he put a bucket on his head.

    "Stay back!" the first guard yelled again.

    "We just want food!" buckethead yelled back.

    "I got this." Sheogorath said and he stepped forward from the heroes, cracked his knuckles, and walked ten feet behind the rioters.

    "FREE CHEESE!!!!" he yelled and instead of just summoning cheese wheels by his side, he summoned a cloud above the whole city and made it rain. Sheogorath made it rain cheese.

    All rioters from all over the city stopped what they were doing, which mainly consisted of killing each other, and started collecting as many cheese wheels as they could. The guards protecting the door stopped and just stared at the strange man in confusion. After a moment they realized that it wasn't just a man standing there and was indeed Sheogorath. The guards motioned for Sheogorath and the rest of the heroes to come inside the palace.

    The six heroes stood in the council room waiting for the High Chancellor.

    "Cheese rain?" he said when he walked in, "I thought I'd seen it all, but then it started raining cheese."

    "Free cheese." Sheogorath corrected.

    "Right, free cheese." the High Chancellor said, "So, they tell me you have another message for me. Please, update me with the latest chapter in your adventures."

    "We have reason to believe that the previous message we delievered to you, the one about Talos being the Fallen God from the prophecy was incorrect." Argon said.

    "And what would lead you to believe that?" the High Chancellor asked.

    "The fact that it's Lorkhan."

    "I'm sorry, what? You come to me saying, 'Oh it's Talos he's the bad guy, we should kill him.' but now you come to me saying, 'Oh yeah, it's Lorkhan.'. I don't even know what to believe anymore! Lorkhan, is dead. I know that for a fact. His heart was ripped out thousands of years ago."

    "And now he has returned and plans to kill everyone of us." Argon says.

    "Okay, say I believe you. Talos still went on a rampage and tried to take over the world. He still killed the High King of Skyrim and the Emperor of Tamriel." the High Chancellor said.

    "No, that was Lorkhan." Argon informed him.

    "I have pretty good eyesight and I saw Talos do it, I watched as he beheaded the Emperor. I couldn't stop him because he had magical barriers up, but I watched him do it." the High Chancellor said.

    "No it was Lorkhan, he was possessing Talos." Argon said.

    The High Chancellor sighed, "Argon can I speak to you?"

    "You are." Argon said.

    "I mean alone."

    "Sure, can you guys just go wait outside?" Argon asked his team.

    "Here, Lori will take you upstairs and get you situated. Stay here for the night."

    Lori walked in the room and took the five heroes outside.

    "There she is, go talk to her." Kara encouraged Garnin.

    "What if I say something weird?" Garnin asked, "I don't want her thinking I'm insane or something."

    "You'll be fine." Kara urged.

    Garnin walked up to Lori to talk to her.

    "How've you been?" he asked her.

    "Hey Garnin, it's been a while." Lori answered.

    'Yeah it has, a few weeks at least. How've things been here?"

    "Well of course you already know about the riots. Not like I have to explain the toll those have been taking, but um the High Chancellor is letting me live here. He says it is too dangerous for me to be out there. It's true, this is the only safe place in the city, however much longer that lasts. A few days ago someone managed to get inside the palace and kill a guard. He was put down, but regardless he managed to breach the tower. What Sheogorath is doing with the raining cheese, that will only keep them calm for a while but the moment it stops they're gonna be right back at the doors." Lori sighed.

    "Don't worry, we're working on it." Garnin assured her.

    "I know." she said and she smiled at him.

    Garnin blushed and then tried to hide it, Lori giggled.

    "Can you believe this?" Nerevar whispered to Fayen, "Big brute Garnin has gone soft."

    "Women." Fayen said, "They do things to yah. Speaking of, have you gotten Carla safe yet?"

    "Yeah, right after the battle in Sovngarde I had her sent to Argon's house on Solestheim, he said he would let her stay there. I hired a couple of mercenaries to keep her safe, it shouldn't be hard to defend from any actual mortals, but Lorkhan would be able to instantlly kill her if he wanted to. That's what worries me. It doesn't matter how I feel though, as long as she feels safe and calm that's all that matters."

    "I guess that's true." Fayen said, "Hey Kara, how's it feel to be a mother?"

    A shocked look came over her face. "What?" she said.

    "Well Argon has two adopted daughters, now that the two of you are married doesn't that make them your daughters?" Fayen asked.

    "Oh, that's what you meant. They're really sweet. After Sovngarde I spent time getting to know them." Kara said.

    "Oh that's nice. Wait, what else would I have meant?" Fayen asked.

    "Nothing." Kara said, "I just thought that maybe you meant Argon had kids with someone else or something like that."

    "Okay." Fayen said and turned back to Nerevar.

    "So what did you want to talk to me about?" Argon asked after the heroes had left the room.

    "Argon, listen, you come to me telling me Talos is the Fallen God. I believe it, it makes sense, and there was proof of it. Now, you come to me telling me that it is Lorkhan. A god who has been dead for thousands of years, this time though, you have no proof of it. No one has seen or heard from Lorkhan but apparently you. You seem to have your whole team convinced about it."

    "They've seen him to! The Divines have even told us it is Lorkhan! Akatosh himself said that it was!" Argon argued.

    "I'm sorry Argon, you know I appreciate everything you've ever done for me but I just don't believe you. I'm having you arrested, you'll spend the rest of your days in the Imperial City Prison."

    "What? Why?"

    "I believe you are corrupt."


    "Talos is Dragonborn, so are you. It seems liek a natural thing for all the most powerful Dragonborns to go crazy, especially these days. In the last few decades we have had four Dragonborns three of them turned evil. The first was Miraak, then Xan, Talos, and now it's your turn. I can't let that happen, if there is any hope of saving this world from Talos you turning on us will ruin it."

    "Xan wasn't even Dragonborn though! He just merged his soul with Alduin's and became Dragonborn!" Argon argued.

    "That made him Dragonborn and he tried to destroy the world." the High Chancellor combated.

    "I took each one of those down though! I stopped them! Even Talos! He isn't a threat, he never was it was Lorkhan possessing him!" Argon countered.

    "I don't believe you about Talos. He is still out there and you're working with him and the moment you are more powerful than him, you will kill him and steal his power like you have the other Dragonborns. All you were doing is eliminating the threats. Guards, come arrest this man!"

    Four guards entered the room, two grabbed Argon and the other two covered his bakc and front sides and they led him out of the room. Argon resisted the urge to fight back, if there was any chance of the High Chancellor changing his mind, Argon fighting back would prevent it.

    Garnin sat in his room with Lori and the two of them continued talking, they were really hitting it off. Nerevar lay on his bed thinking about the current situation and worrying about Carla. Fayen was practing with his bow and arrows, and Sheogorath was in his room thinking about cheese.

    Kara was laying on her bed wondering where Argon was, it had been hours since they had last seen him. She wondered what he and the High Chancellor were talking about that could last this long. Finally, Kara got up and went to ask the guard posted outside her door if he'd heard anything about Argon.

    "Excuse me." she said opening the door to her room.

    "Yes ma'am?" he answered.

    "Have you heard anything from my husband, Argon? He's been talking to the Chancellor for quiet a while, I just want to know if he's okay."

    The guard answered, "I'm sorry m'lady, the High Chancellor has had Argon arrested."
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    Chapter 6: Is it even possible to escape the Imperial City Prison?

    "What do you mean Argon has been arrested?!" Lori said out loud.

    Kara had gathered everyone into her room to tell them what the guard had told her.

    "For what? What did he do?" Fayen said.

    "Apparently just because he's Dragonborn. That doesn't even make any sense!" Kara exclaimed, "Why would they do this to him?? All he's ever done is save people'e lives!"

    "Kara, calm down freaking out isn't gonna help anything." Sheogorath said.

    "CALM DOWN?! They arrested my husband for nothing!! Locked him away in prison for no reason!! DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!" Kara picked up a vase and threw it at the wall.

    "Kara," Nerevar said, "I'm mad too but smashing things won't help anything."

    "It's a start!" she retorted.

    "You know he's fine Kara, he's Argon. The Dragonborn. Everything is gonna be fine, is there some other reason you're so mad about this?" Garnin asked.

    "Um, no. No reason." Kara said and she sat down.

    "Not very convincing." Sheogorath said.

    "What's wrong? You've been acting weird for a few days." Nerevar pointed out.

    "Look, I'm fine. Can we get back to the situation? Garnin, you said everything's gonna be fine. Does that mean you have some sort of plan?"

    "Ay lass, I do." Garnin said.

    "And what would that be?" Nerevar asked.

    "I say we break him out." Garnin suggested.

    "That's not much of a plan, how are we going to do that? No doubt due to the riots that place is even more heavily guarded than before." Kara said.

    "True, but we have two people who have been thrown in there and escaped. At least we have an idea of what it is like on the inside." Garnin said.

    "Look getting out of there was no picnic. The guards really won't like it if you try to break free, I once attempted to take the key off of a passing guard and he caught me. Well, he was pretty anger so he unlocked my cell and tried to kill me!" Sheogorath said, "Needless to say I lived."

    "I say we do it." Nerevar said, "How else are we going to get him out?"

    "I guess I'll second that. Argon is our friend and the only one who can stop Lorkhan. We have to at least try. Lori, you've been working with the High Chancellor how guarded is it?" Fayen asked.

    Lori thought for a moment and then spoke, "It's pretty bad. If Argon is downstairs then we're lucky, but they've started using cells on the top floor since because of the riots the prison is getting so full. Last I heard downstairs was full so Argon is probably closer to the top so we should check there. It won't be easy of course, it's prison, there are at least eleven guards between the courtyard and the roof of the prison. Each guard has the same armor, heavy steel. They all have different weapons, each one enchanted. Then we have to get Argon's armor, I suggest we do that last or else we will have to be carrying it with us as we try to get Argon out. It'll be stored in the armory, and that's guarded by three more guards. Like I said, it'll be very difficult but we can pull it off."

    "Wow." Fayen said.

    Nerevar whispered to Garnin, "I get what you see in her."

    Garnin whispered back, "I know right?"

    "So we're really gonan do this?" Kara said.

    "It's the only way." Sheogorath answered.

    One of the guards from outside the door walked into the room with two other guards, "I can't let you do that." he said.

    One of the guards unlocked the the bar door and pulled it open, as it was opened it made a loud screeching soud that felt like it would burst Argon's ears. The cuffs were removed from his wrists and a strong hand shoved him inside, behind him the door slammed shut with a loud jolt and Argon was locked in the cold wet cell.

    Argon felt the floor and it was freezing, in the back corner there was a drip coming from a hole in the wall and on the floor next to each side wall was a small bedroll with thin sheets that probably wouldn't protect him was harsh winter nights. The prison garments were itchy and scratched Argon's skin and he concluded they were probably made from potato sacks. Argon turned around and looked at the cell door, next to in the the corner was a pot to be used for bathroom purposes.

    "They clean it once a week." said a voice from behind him.

    Argon spun around, pulled an imaginary dagger from his rope belt, and pointed it in the direction of the voice.

    "Oh put it down Argon, we both know that there is nothing there." said the voice.

    Argon looked at his fist in confusion and realized there really was nothing there.

    "My gods, I'm going mad." Argon said and he slumped down against the wall and rested his elbows on his knees and his palms on his head.

    "Prison will do that to you. I should know. It's ironic isn't it? You put me in here, and now you're here too and we're cell mates." the voice chuckled.

    "I'm sorry," Argon said, "but I don't even know you."

    The man came out of the shadows of the corner next to the drip. The dim light from the window caught the man's face and revealed his long bleach blonde hair, his skin which had been reduced to a pale white because of the dark cell, and his thin body.

    "Selnay." Argon said.

    "That is correct! You should get a prize but I don't have one to give, BECUASE I'M IN PRISON!!" Selnay yelled at him.

    "I don't have time for your anger Selnay." Argon said.

    "You don't have time for my anger? Of course you have time for my anger! We're in prison! Where are you gonna go, huh?!"

    "I'm not going to defend my choices. Not to the likes of you. I'm sorry you don't like prison, I'm sorry it sucks, but you deserve to be here. Murdering innocent people like that." Argon defended himself.

    "If you won't defend your choices to me then I won't defend mine to you." Selnay retorted.

    "Fine by me." Argon said.

    Selnay sighed and said, "Anyways, we're probably going to be in here for a while so I guess we should get used to each other. Let me give you the grand tour. The pot over there, that's the pisser, like I said it gets cleaned once a week. They give us two meals a day, if you can even call them that. All they give us is a loaf of bread. No drinks. They say, 'You have that drip over there, drink that we don't need to be wasting anything on you.'. There's the drip, it can get annoying at times but I guess we should consider ourselves lucky to have it, at least that way we have water whenever we get thirtsy. It's not much but it gets the job done. If you really want to you can try to showever in it but I wouldn't recommend it, I'm still not sure where it comes from. The bedroll on the left side of the room if you're facing the door, that one is mine. So there you go, welcome to your new home. Enjoy." Selnay went over to his bedroll and lay on it.

    "Home sweet home." Argon muttered and he copied Selnay.

    Six heroes, three unconious guards hidden under the bed and in the wardrobe.

    "Well that was fun." said Garnin placing the chair back under the table, "Guess it wasn't so crazy after all."

    "What?" Lori asked.

    "Nothing. Let's get going." Garnin said.

    "Should we take their amror? Maybe we could use it to sneak in and out of the prison" Kara suggested.

    "I just beat them with a chair, let's let them keep some dignity and not render them naked. Besides it probably wouldn't fit us anyways." Garnin said.

    The snuck past the guards on the first floor of the tower and went out into the Imperial City.

    "Geez, it's horrible out here. I haven't actually left the palace for a couple of weeks." Lori said.

    They all headed to the market district where rioters were attempting to break into shops and scavenge them for food and supplies. Two strong men came out of nowhere and blocked the heroes' path.

    "Give us the women and we'll spare the men." one of them said.

    "Don't try to be a hero, just hand them over." said the other holding out his hand.

    "See, here's your problem" Nerevar said, "we are heroes."

    They pulled out their weapons and gave the men a beating they wouldn't soon forget. The men ran off, or rather limped off, back to their homes. They kept looking over their shoulders to make sure the six weren't following them.

    "This way." said Lori and she down the street to two large doors, "Just through here is the prison. Let's go."

    They went through the doors and saw the bridge, it was clear except for two guards who stood at the entrance to the prison. "I got this." Lori said and she walked up to the guards.

    "Hi, I'm here to visit my brother Selnay." she told the guards.

    "Lady Lori, you know that is not allowed. We told you this the other day." one of the guards said.

    "Oh please, just this one time?" she begged and she struck a cute pose and batted her eyelashes.

    "No, I'm sorry but no prisoners are to have any visitors right now. You'll just have to come back later." the guard said again.

    "I was really hoping you wouldn't say that." Lori said and grabbing the guard's arm she flipped him over the bridge and knocked him out. Lori ducked under the axe of the next guard then got up and kicked him back over the bridge knocking him out also. She looked at the heroes and waved her arm towards the door and called out to them, "Let's go!"

    "Where'd you learn to do that?" Garnin asked astonished.

    "Selnay may have tried to kill me, but he's not the worst brother ever. He may have taught me a few things."

    They went inside the walls of the prison and wandering the grounds were many more guards than anywhere else in the city.

    "Okay," Lori said, "that building in the middle is the prison we just have to get in there and we can get to Argon. When we do, the warden should be at his desk. We are going to have to knock him out and search his desk for a map of the prison, it should say who is in which cell. We just have to get past these guards."

    "Done." Sheogorath said and at his side appeared a Dark Seducer, "Now my dear, you know what to do right?"

    "Yes Lord Sheogorath." The Dark Seducer said.

    Everyone watched as the Dark Seducer walked out from the bushes thery were hiding in and began to distract the guards by seducing them.

    "That works." Nerevar said and he began eyeing the Dark Seducer himself. Kara smacked him on the back of the head.

    They ran out of the bush and over to the center building. "It's so adorable, it looks like a mini White-Gold Tower." Sheogorath said. Fayen rolled his eyes, "Another quote from the mind of a madman."

    They silently opened and snuck inside the building without alerting the distracted guards. The warden was indeed sitting at his desk and he was not happy to see them. "How did y'all get in here? Someone out there is going to have to answer for this. For tresspassing I am hereby placing the six of you under arrest." the warden told them as he got up from his desk. Fayen fired two arrows at the warden but the warden's armor stopped them. That only made him more mad, he started walking in the direction of the five until he fell over face first. Behind them stood Garnin holding his battleaxe in the air and a dent the size the bottom end of the battleaxe was in the warden's helmet.

    "He's not dead is he?" Lori asked.

    "No, just knocked out. For now, let's get him tied up." Garnin ordered.

    Fayen pulled out rope from the little pouch by his side and used it to bind the warden's hands and feet. Nerevar and Kara dug through the warden's desk trying to find the map of the prison. They threw papers and quills all over the floor looking for the map. "Found it!" Fayen called out and he held up the map that had been hidden in the warden's pocket.

    "Perfect. Bring it here." Lori said.

    They knocked everything off of the warden's desk and sprawled out the map. "There top floor fourth cell." Kara said pointing out a spot on the map. "Good, Fayen grab the key." Nerevar ordered.

    Fayen ripped the key off of the warden's neck and showed it to the other five. They ran over to the door to the top floor and tried using the key but it didn't unlock it. "Damn! This must be the cell key, where is the key to this door? Did anyone else see another one?" Fayen asked.

    "There were none others in his desk. Were there any else on him?" Lori asked.

    "No, just the one." Fayen answered.

    "Stand back." Garnin said, he stepped forward and kicked the door right in!

    "Subtle." Lori joked.

    "Good enough." Nerevar said and they sneakily ran up the stairs.

    "So that's two guards at the door to the courtyard, five in the courtyard, and the warden, that's what eight guards so far? That leaves us with three guards left, assuming they have one guard per floor and since we're going up not down that means only two guards are standing in the way of us and Argon." Fayen concluded.

    "Sounds about right." Kara agreed.

    They encountered their first guard not long after that. Fayen got up behind him then took of the guard's helmet and then whacked the guard really hard with it. The blow rendered the guard unconcious and he fell over. The snuck through the floor and the prisoners curious as to what was going on began watching them. On the next floor the guard again had his to the doorway and was watching the prisoners. Kara whispered to Nerevar to take the guard's helmet off and then Kara got into position. Nerevar took the helmet off and in the split second before the guard realized it was gone Kara grabebd him and held her hand over his nose and mouth with her other arm around his throat and held him until he passed out. That was all of the guards, the six got up and ran over to the fourth cell where Argon was. The Dragonborn was asleep on his bedroll.

    "Argon!" Kara called out in a whisper, "Argon!"

    Argon sat up on the bedroll. "Huh? What? Kara? I must be hearing things." he murmured.

    "Over here!" she called out again.

    Argon looked over the door and saw the six people crouched in front of it. "What are you doing?!" he said.

    "We're here to break you out!" Nerevar answered.

    'How'd you get in here?"

    "We don't have time for this, we can explain later!" Nerevar said.

    Selnay woke up. "What's going o- Lori? What are you doing here?"

    "You're sharing a cell with him?" Lori said, "We're not here for you Selnay."

    Fayen unlocked the door and let Argon out. Argon hurried out of the cell but before they closed the door Selnay was at it begging them to let him out.

    "Please take me with you! I can't take it in here anymore! Just let me out, please!" Selnay begged.

    "No." Lori answered.

    "You would condemn your own sibling?!" Selnay said shocked.

    "Hurts doesn't it?" Lori answered and she slammed the door shut.

    The seven snuck out of the prison and past the guards who were still distracted by the Dark Seducer. They opened the doors to the armory and surprisingly found it empty of any guards. In the back there was a chest, Argon ran over to it and flung the lid open. Inside it was his armor and sword, he took a minute put on the armor and sheathed the sword to his back.

    After Argon was all dressed and ready to go, they left the armory to find that the High Chancellor and all the guards from the prison, except the ones who were unconcious, were standing in front of the doors. Two of the guards were holding the Dark Seducer who had an angry look covering her face. The seven stopped in their tracks.

    "So you thought you could escape prison?" The High Chancellor said, "Next time someone overhears your plans were a jailbreak, you should really kill them instead of just leave them unconcious. You see, unconcious people have an annoying habit of regaining conciousness."

    "I was arrested for no one reason!" Argon yelled.

    "You were arrested to ensure you wouldn't turn on us!" The High Chancellor argued back.

    "Yes because if you really don't want someone to turn evil you should definitely arrest them for no reason." Argon said sarcatically.

    "It doesn't matter, you seven are all wanted now. Even you my dear Lori. All of you are too dangerous to be left alive for even a moment longer. Kill them men." The High Chancellor ordered.

    "Sheo get us out of here!" Argon said to him.

    Sheo snapper his fingers and the seven heroes were teleported to High Hrothgar in Skyrim and the Dark Seducer was returned to the Shivering Isles.

    "That was close." Fayen sighed.

    "Almsot too close. I'm sorry they caught us, I really thought I could help free Argon with no flaws. I'm sorry you guys." Lori apologized.

    "Hey, I'm out aren't I?" Argon asked.

    "I guess so." Lori said.

    "Listen, we're going to have to go and get back to work saving the world. It is too dangerous for you out there. I apologize but we are going to have to leave you here, it's the safest place for you." Argon told Lori.

    Lori nodded her head.

    As the heroes were walking towards the door to leave Lori called out to them. "Wait!" she said and she grabbed Garnin and kissed him on the lips. The heroes then left to save the world.

    Oblivion. Realm of the daedra. Land of darkness and destruction. Fifteen of the sixteen daedric princes were holding a meeting in the Deadlands, otherwise known as the realm of Mehrunes Dagon. The fifteen were all gathered in their thrones which formed a circle inside of one of Dagon's towers. In the middle of all of them was a red beam which was depicting the destruction of Nirn caused by Lorkhan. It showed parts of the battle against Lorkhan and the six heroes who were standing up to him. All the daedra could watch of the war was everything that had already happened, the beam was unable to show any future events in the war, everytime they tried it was all blurry and fuzzy and no one could make out exactly what was being shown.

    "This must stop! Lorkhan must not be allowed to destroy the mortals!" Peryite cried out.

    "Why should we care what happens to the mortals? We are not the Divines." Boethia said.

    "Because the mortals die we lose our little play things." Clavicus Vile said.

    "So what if we lose our little play things? We make more, we may not be the Divines but we are still gods." Mephala pointed out.

    "Well how about this then, Lorkhan must be stopped because he will be coming for us." Namira said.

    "Why would he come for us? We've done nothing to him." Hircine questioned.

    "Because he wants to be the sole ruler of his new world. He wants to be the only one with power and might while all of the other mortals perish at his wrath." Azura said.

    "But isn't he going around and promising, to make people gods among men in his new world?" Mehrunes asked.

    "A mere trick Dagon. A rather good one at that, playing on people's greed and other desires. Promising someone something they have always wanted and assuring them he can because he is a god, only to rip in all away. Then he'll kill those who supported them at the dawn of his new world." Sanguine said, "A trick I never would have thought of."

    "Is someone jealous because Lorkhan is a better trickster than them?" Nocturnal teased.

    "Shut up! At least my powers aren't so easily defeated O Glorious Queen of the Shadows. I can light a candle and you'd die." Sanguine shot back.

    "That's enough of that!" Mehrunes stopped his foot on the floor, "I want to know exactly why it is Lorkhan is targeting us. He's made it no secret of his intentions to kill us."

    "It's because of me." Malacath spoke up, "As you all know, I was once known as Trinimac before Boethiah decided to eat me. Thank you very much for that..." Malacath muttered the last part in a sarcastic tongue.

    "It was no picnic for me either." Boethiah replied, "Actually, it was."

    Malacath shot her a look. "As I was saying, as Trinimac I played a major role in the Sundering, or the murder of Lorkhan. In fact I was the one to rip out his heart. That is why he is going to come for me, and since you all have been associated with me he will come for you too. Revenge is not spread thin, it is a thorough piece of work."

    "So what I'm hearing is that because of you, we are all going to die." Hermaeus Mora said.

    "There is still hope, what if we plan an attack on him? Maybe together we can beat him back." Molag Bal suggested.

    "We would have to take him by surprise but with our combined powers, that just might work." Namira added.

    "We will have to get Jyggalag in on it also. I know he hasn't spoken to us since he was purged from Sheogorath at the beginning of the era, but we will need him." Vaermina said.

    "Speaking of him, what of Sheogorath? He is still one of us. Should we bring him in on the attack?" Sanguine asked.

    "No, leave the Madgod be. He is working with those mortal heroes to destroy Lorkhan also, we should leave him undisturbed, we would not want to mess up any attempt to get rid of Lorkhan." Mehrunes declared.

    Boethiah spoke, "So, we are actually going to do this. I'll have one of my subjects send word to Jyggalag. Tomorrow we strike the Fallen God."
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    Chapter 7: The Prince of Battles

    Lorkhan wandered around the camp where his army was staying for the night, off in the distance some ways away was a pillar of smoke coming from Windhelm. It was a few nights ago that his army had sacked the city and killed the Jarl, they had recruited a lot of fighters that night and the army had enough that Lorkhan could send out scouts to "recruit" more, or in other words trick them into joining with false promises of riches beyond belief. Lorkhan's army believed all of his promises and failed to consider his identity as a trickster. That's why Lorkhan had chosen the nords for his army, to those insolent fools Lorkhan was known as Shor a hero to the nordic peoples. It was true Shor had been a hero a long time ago, up until the day his friends betrayed him and Trinimac tore out his heart. On that day Lorkhan snapped and he became the very beast he is today.

    "Ah m'lord, there you are." said the patron from the inn and Lorkhan's second-in-charge, Artis, "Some scouts have returned with more men for the army."

    "They better have brought more men. If not I'll gut each scout who came back empty handed." Lorkhan said.

    "As I said, I assure you they have brought us new recruits." Artis said again.

    "I shall go see them, go to sleep Artis tomorrow we move camp again. We must stay ahead of those heroes we cannot afford to stay in one spot for too long."

    "With all due respect sire, why don't you just go kill them if they are such a nuisance?" Artis questioned.

    Lorkhan looked Artis straight in the eyes with a burning anger, "You would do well to not question me Artis." Lorkhan looked up more calmed down now, "However, since you asked so polietly, I plan to eventually. All in due time Artis. All in due-" Lorkhan vanished before he managed to finish his sentence.

    "M'lord?" Artis called out.

    Artis was left all alone in the feezing cold with snow falling on his head and the sounds of the army at the camp around him. All that was left of Lorkhan were the prints he left in the snow.

    "--time." Lorkhan finished. Lorkhan looked around and saw he was no longer in the snowy tundra, confusion covered his face but the confusion melted to anger and he yelled out at the dark room he was trapped in, "What is the meaning of this? I demmand you speak to me!"

    The dark room lit up and Lorkhan found that he was on a stone island, all around the island was a never-ending sea of red lava. Lorkhan looked up and saw floating above him, sixteen figures who dropped to the ground in front of him.

    "Lorkhan, you would seek to destroy the world and begin your own. You would seek to murder us and the Divines, for this we sentence you to death." Boethiah said pointing her dark ebony sword at Lorkhan.

    "Hahahahaha oh boy this is great. This is amazing, so wonderful. You all think you can kill me! HAH! You plan to stop me, and you think that just because you took me by surprise that I will be an easy fight!" Lorkhan laughed, "Oh you have no idea what you have done by bringing me here, not only that but you faced me all at once! This truly is a spectacle to behold! I planned to let you all live a while longer, to put of destroying you, I really did. However, you have forced my hand and now you will face the full wrath of Lorkhan!!"

    "And you shall face the full wrath of the Daedra." Molag Bal, "We stand united, together we fight, together we fall."

    "United? Are you so sure of that? I'm counting sixteen of you, welcome back Jyggalag, but there should be seventeen. Where's the seventeenth? Oh that's right, he's busy running around with five mortals down on Tamriel. Have you ever considered that he likes them more than you?" Lorkhan taunted.

    "Who Sheogorath spends his time with is none of our concern. It is better not to tell that one what to do and try not to make him angry, or else he could turn us into a rabbit." Nocturncal said.

    "Really? The great Daedric Princes are scared of one of their own? How cute. Didn't you create him though? I distinctly remember hearing somehting about how you turned Jyggalag into him because you were afraid of him. For united beings you certainly have some trust issues. I know about those. One of your own went so far as to betray me also, he stabbed me in the back. Rather, he ripped my heart out but those are just details."

    "We did not bring you here to be taunted, we brought you here to put an end to this madness!" Malacath yelled, "Now silence yourself and prepare to die once again!"

    "Tsk tsk, and to think I was going to let you live a moment longer. We all make mistakes I suppose. Bring it all, I'll take you down!" Lorkhan yelled.

    The battle had begun.

    Sixteen Daedra Princes, one vengeful god. The battle waged on, Boethiah swung her blade at Lorkhan's head and he ducked under it and using his blade he swiped at her legs and knocked her down. He held his sword above her body to kill her but was scooped into the air by Peryite before he could stab Boethiah.

    Peryite's claws began to infect Lorkhan with a dealy disease that would cut off control of his limbs and kill him instantly. Lorkhan struggled to resist the disease and regain control of his arms, after much struggling the Fallen God managed to fight back the disease and he could control his limbs again.

    "Let me go you dammed dragon!" Lorkhan cried out and he stabbed his blade above his head and hit Peryite in the wing.

    The dragon dropped Lorkhan and began his descent to the ground. Lorkhan smashed into the rocky island and got up then dusted himself off. Above the battle Peryite struggled to stay in the air with a large hole in his left wing. Eventually the dragon lost the struggle and crashed into the lava causing a large splash. Hircine summoned two werewolves from his hunting grounds and commanded them to attack Lorkhan. At the same tim as the wolves struck at him Clavicus Vile summoned his dog Barbas to attack. With a sideways slash Lorkhan destroyed the wolves and then he spun around and drove his sword into the dog's head.

    "BARBAS!" Vile yelled.

    The angered daedra ran at Lorkhan attempted to stab him in the head with a dagger.

    "Never attack a superior being with a dagger." Lorkhan said and he grabbed Vile's hand and forced him to drop the weapon. Clavicus struggled to break free of his grasp but Lorkhan held on with all his might and drained the power and life from Clavicus Vile. He released his hand and dropped his corpse to the ground.

    Meridia came at Lorkhan with a powerful spell charged and cried out, "The dead should stay that way!". Meridia fired the spell at Lorkhan put he caught it and fired it back at her yelling, "Then don't come back!". The spell hit Meridia and it consumed her body in an unquenchable flame that reduced her to ash. Hermaeus Mora grasped Lorkhan with his tentacles and Vaermina cast a spell on Lorkhan that threw him into a nightmare.

    The dream threw Lorkhan back in time where he relived The Sundering. He watched as he was overwhelmed by Trinimac and Auriel, he felt the pain of Trinimac's hand in his chest and watched as his heart was torn out once again. It didn't stop there though, he was then his heart and he felt as Auriel stuck the beating organ on an arrow and shot it into the sea. He felt the wind blowing against the heart and the arrow and felt the cold wet sea consume him. He once again switched and he was back in his body. Except now he was floating in the air, thousands of miles above Tamriel, as he looked around he saw he was the moons in the sky. The real Lorkhan began to scream and struggle to break free of the nightmare. Outside of the dream he felt himself being pierced by blades as the daedra attempted to kill him. Lorkhan locked onto these true feelings and used them as an anchor to bring himself back to the real world. He struggled and struggled to get back but eventually he did.

    Lorkhan broke free of the nightmare and caused a large electric shock then blew back the daedra that were harming him. The shock traveled up Herma Mora's tentacles and shocked him to death. Vaermina suffered a massive headache from Lorkhan breaking free and she struggled to regain control of herself. While the daedra were still downed Lorkhan ran over to her and stabbed her through the chest with his sword and killed her.

    Azura managed to get up and she ran to Lorkhan to try and stop him but she was too late, she grabbed him and spun him around towards her. She punched him right in the face and pulled out her own sword, Dawnbreaker and swung it at Lorkhan. Lorkhan blocked it with his arm and grabbed her by the wrist. With his other hand he stole her sword and taunted her by saying, "By Azura, by Azura, by Azura! Where's your hero Indoril Nerevar now?". He then stabbed her in the stomach with Dawnbreaker and dropped her to the ground.

    "Darkness shroud you." Nocturnal said and she shrouded him in a dark fog, "Darkness bind you."

    The fog began to tighten around Lorkhan and squeeze at him and his body. Lorkhan smirked and allowed her to squeeze him for a second before summoning a bright light that destroyed the darkness around him. The bright light weakened Nocturnal and brought her to her knees. Lorkhan strolled up to her, placed his hand of her forehead and drained her life.

    Sanguine ran to her rescue but was blown backwards by a blast from Lorkhan's palm. Sanguine wasn't killed but was knocked out again. By now the rest of the daedra were up. Hircine had changed forms into a giant werewolf and both he and Dagon came at Lorkhan. Dagon stomped and knocked Lorkhan to the ground, Hircine pounced on Lorkhanand began to claw and him and bite his face. Lorkhan screamed in pain as he was being torn apart. Instinct kicked in and Lorkhan pulled a dagger from his belt and thrust it into Hircine's gut. The wolf stopped hurting him and his expression changed, his eyes were filled with fear and regret. Lorkhan twisted the dagger and Hircine died. The god rolled the corpse off of him but before he could get to his feet, Dagon in his 50-foot form lifted him up with one of his four arms.

    "Pathetic four-armed beast. You should not have brought me here. I have slain most of your friends and I will now slay you. I'll make you one final deal, release me and send me back to Tamriel and I'll let you live a while longer. We can act like none of this ever happened." Lorkhan tempted.

    "Do you take me for a fool? I work alongside Sanguine, I do not fall for tricks very easily." Dagon spat in Lorkhan's face.

    "Should have accepted." Lorkhan said. Lorkhan stabbed the arm that was holding him and Dagon dropped him to the ground. Dagon swiped an arm at him which Lorkhan ducked underneath, another came at him and he jumped over it a slashed at the arm. Dagon picked Lorkhan up with an arm and tossed him attempted to toss him into the air. The god held on tight and swung underneath one of the fingers and hopped onto Dagon's head. Before he could hurt him Mehrunes swatter Lorkhan off of him. Lorkhan caught onto Dagon's shoulder and dangled, his sword fell after him and Lorkhan reached out to catch it. He climbed back onto Dagon's shoulder and ran at his head dodging arms as they came flying at him. Namira was on the ground firing arrows at Lorkhan and one managed to get him in the shoudler, Lorkhan grunted and pulled the arrow out of his arm. He reached Dagon's head and stabbed his weapon into the space between his shoulder and neck and pushed it in. Dagon's vision went black and he fell to the ground dead.

    Lorkhan stood on top of the corpse feeling victorious, and he charged a spell to fire at Namira but never got a chance to because Molag Bal whacked him on the head with his mace. Lorkhan stumbled forward and released the spell on the floor which had no effect on it. Molag continued to swing at him and Namira continued to fire arrows, Lorkhan turned and ran in the direction of Namira dodging her arrows and out running Molag Bal. Lorkhan stood in front of Namira and she set an arrow, Molag came up behind him and began to swing, Lorkhan jumped out of the way and Namira fired. The arrow missed Lorkhan and kept going, right into Molag's head. Before Molag had been hit by the arrow he had swung, and when he fell over dead his arm kept going and he bashed Namira's head in. Lorkhan admired his handywork, but his admiration was short lived when Mephala and Jyggalag decided to strike. Crystal pillars rose up around Lorkhan and trapped him in a cage, Mephala summoned giant spiders to crawl into the pillars and tie up Lorkhan. The spiders began to crawl in but Lorkhan tricked their minds into thinking Jyggalag was Lorkhan and they webbed him up instead. Their job being done, the spiders dissapeared and Lorkhan smashed the pillars.

    Lorkhan picked up the sharpest shard from the broken pillars and threw it at Mephala who tried to dodge it. The shard followed Mephala and stuck into the back of her head. Lorkhan walked up the Jyggalag and jabbed his sword into the cocoon and the Daedra.

    Boethiah returned for round two. With a loud yell she wound up her sword and ran at Lorkhan. He sidestepped out of the way and she went right by him. Using his telekinesis he pulled her in his direction and right onto his sword. Malacath finally decided to join the battle after Boethiah's death and he picked his Orcish Battleaxe and came at Lorkhan with everything he had. "I'll kill you!" he yelled and he chopped at Lorkhan. The god blocked the attack with his sword and they locked weapons.

    "You already have! You've ended my life, now maybe it's my turn to end yours." Lorkhan said.

    "After seeing everything you've done both here and on Tamriel, I'm starting to think it had been a pretty good idea." Malacath snarled.

    "You're a traitor Trinimac. We were friends!" Lorkhan yelled and he pushed his sword towards Malacath.

    "You were sent by Sithis to destroy us anyways!" Malacath said back.

    "And now I am fulfilling my mission! The time for revenge has come, and all will suffer!" Lorkhan shouted and he pulled back his sword.

    Malacath's axe came crashing down towards Lorkhan but he dove out of the way. Lorkhan stood there with his sword hanging by his side. "You could have prevented all of this! None of this would be happening but you just HAD to go an kill me!" Lorkhan said.

    "For years I wished I could take that back. Me and Akatosh both! Now though, now, I am about to kill you again. No regrets this time. You've killed enough people, you've slain my friends and for that I will end you." Malacath said.

    "Good. Revenge, give into it Trinimac. Feel the rage burning inside you and know exactly how I feel. At least you'll know how it feels to desire revenge before you die." Lorkhan said.

    "I am not Trinimac anymore. He is gone. He's been gone. Now, I am Malacath. Daedric Prince, ruling diety of the orcs. An honorable race of fighters and warriors. I'll never back down from a fight, no matter how badly I'm losing." Malacath said.

    "Good, because I wasn't giving you the option." Lorkhan raised his sword once more and charge at Malacath.

    The orc swung his axe at Lorkhan and Lorkhan ran out of the way but behind Malacath, as he ran behind him he held out his sword and tripped him. The orc fell to the ground, he had been defeated. Lorkhan stood above him and putting using all of his power he severed the orc's head from his body.

    Lorkhan scoffed, "Trinimac was stronger. And Daedric Prince? Bah, if only your peers even considered you one."

    Lorkhan put his sword away and prepared to teleport back to Skyrim. He was stopped by a voice from the end of the island.

    "Wait." it said.

    Lorkhan turned around and saw Sanguine standing there bloodied and beaten but not dead.

    "You're still alive? Should've kept quiet." Lorkhan mocked.

    "From one trickster to another, you will not survive the coming battle." Sanguine said.

    "You talk as if we were on the same level." Lorkhan said, "We are not. I am far more superior than you. You are nothing compared to me."

    Lorkhan controlled the lava behind Sanguine and lifted him into the air with it, for once the lava actually burned the Daedra and despite how much it hurt Sanguine didn't scream out he managed to keep his cool long enough to get his last words in.

    "You will fall." he told Lorkhan, "Argon will defeat you, you cannot win. It's in your nature."

    "My nature?" Lorkhan asked.

    "Villains always fall to the heroes." Sanguine said.

    "Not this time." Lorkhan said and he willed the lava to surround Sanguine and then he dropped the lava and all that remained of Sanguine was a pile of bones.

    Artis was looking for his master who had disappeared into thin air. He went inside Lorkhan's tent and began to look around in there, he pulled stuff out of the chest, he looked inside a basket, and when he didn't find Lorkhan in any of those places he got on the ground and looked under the bed.

    A voice beside him said, "I would never hide under there. Too obvious."

    Artis hopped to his feet. "Master! There you are! Where were you?" he asked.

    Lorkhan answered him, "Taking care of business. Come, walk with me. Let's go see what the scouts dragged in."
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    Chapter 8: Good Lorkhan Hunting

    The six heroes having escaped the Imeprial City and returned from High Hrothgar were all gathered around the big table in the Main Hall of Lakeview Manor. Dorthe, Sissle, Frodnar, and Lars were at the top of the house's Alchemy tower at the back of the house. In the Main Hall the six heroes had pushed all of the silverware to one side of the table and had a large map of Skyrim sprawled out across the other side.

    "Okay, so what we know is that Lorkhan is building an army and a large one at that. He and his army have been recruiting people from cities and villages and slaughtering everyone who either refused to join him or wasn't fit enough to. After that he destroys the settement and moves on." Argon said, "We may be able to use this to our advantage to help us track him."

    "So far we know he has been to Windhelm and Kynesgrove. When some of Lorkhan's men tried to take Winterhold the college mages managed to keep the army out of the college and secure it. For now, that's a safe zone. If it comes down to it we may need to look there for some good fighters." Nerevar said, "After Lorkhan's army destroyed Kynesgrove and Windhelm they moved on to Dawnstar."

    Frodnar was coming downstairs from the tower to grab something for Dorthe when he saw the heroes gathered around the map. "So what exactly are you guys doing?" he asked.

    Argon answered without looking up, "We are trying to track Lorkhan, map out any places where he has been to and try to figure out where he will go next."

    "Well, I was at the tavern the other day and I overheard some talk about the fall of Riften. Some men showed up and recruited any fit people for some sort of group or something with promises of riches and power beyond belief. The majority of the men joined them, some women came too, along with every member of the Theive's Guild. After they left a large dragon swooped down and destroyed the city, no one is sure if there is a connection between the men and the dragon or not. My theory, those men were from Lorkhan's army." Frodnar told them.

    "That does sound like him. The promises of power and riches and destruction of the city. Great. One more city down." Fayen said, the last part he said sarcastically while drawing a big X over Riften.

    "They left Ivarstead alone for some reason." Frodnar pointed out.

    "I guess Lorkhan already feels some sort of victory over that place after he killed the Greybeards. Mark an X Fayen." Argon commanded.

    Fayen drew an X over the entire hold.

    Lorkhan stood in his tent sharpening his sword and putting extra daggers on his belt. The flaps of the tent opened and Artis stepped in.

    "M'lord, the men are getting restless they want to know when we will strike. They are tired of sleeping in these tents and on the uncomfortable cots." Artis told him.

    "We shall strike when I say it is time to strike." Lorkhan said.

    "I told them that but they spat in my face. Said that they want to strike now. They're nords m'lord the race may be big strong fighters but they tend to grow restless." Artis told him.

    "I know. Nords are an arrogant bunch. That's what I love about them, makes them good warriors. They are going to have to deal with their restlessness for I have other business to attend to." Lorkhan said putting his sword in its sheath.

    With worry in his voice Artis said, "Sir, there is talk of a revolt."

    Lorkhan glared at Artis for a moment as he tried to show him how stupid what he just said was but also he was trying to determine if he was serious or not. The face of Artis spelled out serious in big letters and Lorkhan finally spoke, "Do you really think I fear a revolt? You saw what I did to those people in the Candlehearth Hall. That's not the extent of my powers Artis, I possess a power greater than what has ever been seen before. Let them continue their talk of an uprising, if they actually try anything, I'll squash them like a bug and throw their corpses into the sky."

    "Yes m'lord." Artis said.

    "Besides, I have greater problems. Those pesky little heroes are trying to locate me. I had a vision of them gathered around a map marking every city we've been to. I sent them a false location to go to in hopes of stalling them but I'm not sure how long it will hold them for. Hopefully just enough time to finish my other business and move our camp somewhere else." Lorkhan said.

    "May I ask, what exactly is this 'business' you keep speaking of?" Artis asked.

    A devious smile crawled up Lorkhan's face and he looked at Artis. Lorkhan shoved a large glowing Ebony Dagger into his belt and said to Artis, "Why, it's time for Revenge of course." Then Lorkhan disappeared leaving Artis all alone again.

    The heroes were still gathered around the map trying to determine where exactly Lorkhan could be by now. A large red circle appeared along the coast to the west of Dawnstar. The heroes looked at it in confusion.

    "It's probably from Lorkhan. I suggest we check it out." Argon said.

    "It could be a trap though." Sheogorath said.

    "It definitely is, but it's the best we've got and it's around a possible area of where he could be. If he just told us where is camp is we need to go there, even if they are going to attack us we'll at least have a figthting chance." Nerevar said.

    "Okay, let's go." Kara said.

    A few hours later the heroes were dismounting their horses at the beach of the Sea of Ghosts. There was nothing there but coldness. There was no camp anywhere in sight, in fact there was no indication that a camp had ever been there.

    Fayen pulled out the map and examined it. "This is the place." he said.

    "So this was all just a distraction to throw us off. And we fell for it. Great. Let's go." Nerevar said.

    The heroes were walking to their horses when suddenly the ground started shaking and they were blasted with a burst of icy water. They turned to the ocean to sea a large beast coming out of it and heading in their direction.

    "Oh gods..." Argon said.

    "That--" Fayen began.

    "Is one big ass mudcrab." Garnin finished.
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    Chapter 9: The Two Daggers

    Sitting in the Heavens of Sovngarde, the Nine Divines all sat in their thrones awaiting their certain deaths. Too many times someone had come after them, but this time the heroes couldn't save them. This time they would surely perish.

    "He's coming." Kynareth said.

    "I know." Akatosh said, "Be ready. Lorkhan already single-handedly slaughtered the Daedra, we are not going to survive this battle. Let me be the first to say, it has been a true pleasure to work with the eight of you all these years. One little mistake though and that time of working together is up. Talos, I apologize that you have to be put through this you weren't even alive when we killed Lorkhan."

    "When I accepted the offer to become a Divine, I accepted not only the perks it would bring but also the downsides. If this is where I am to fall at least I'll be able to say I fell a Divine." Talos answered.

    "Noble words Talos. Truly." Zenithar said, "It may be my day to die, but I'd rather fall alongside all of you than to fall by myself."

    "I'll second that." Julianos said.

    "When evil threatens, the most noble thing to do is go out fighting." Stendarr said.

    "We've fought so many battles together, there's no better way to end our time together than fighting one more." Mara said.

    "My husband will have his revenge." Kynareth sighed.

    "It's all up to Argon now. The fate of everything lays in the hands of one man." Dibella said.

    "May death be good to us all." Arkay finished.

    "Aww, that was cute." Lorkhan said from the back of the room, "Almost makes me not want to kill you. Almost."

    Akatosh called out to him, "We are not afraid to face you Lorkhan."

    "Oh I know. I was feeling rather guilty about coming to kill you, but then I remembered that you would do the same to me. Oh yeah that's right, as a matter of fact you did. Let me assure though, history will not repeat itself. This battle will not end the same way as our last battle." Lorkhan assured them.

    "I do not fear death." Arkay said.

    "Believe me I know. You are the god of death, it would just be wrong if you feared it. It's ironic isn't it, you are the god of death yet you yourself are about to die. Will that cancel out death or something? Let's hope not, I still have a lot of people to kill." Lorkhan laughed.

    The Divines rose from their seats and pulled out their weapons.

    "This is going to be fun. Revenge is here my friends, don't worry about opening the door I'll just barge in." Lorkhan said as he pulled out his own sword.

    The Divines came at Lorkhan with their weapons raised high, they all at once slashed at Lorkhan but he teleported behind them. Lorkhan tapped Mara on the shoulder and she turned around. "Peekaboo!" he shouted before lifting her up by the throat. Julianos attempted to save her by shooting at arrow at Lorkhan. Lorkhan held up his hand and an invisible shield stopped the arrow in mid air, Lorkhan then flicked his wrist and threw Julianos against the wall. He turned to him and said, "Will you wait your turn?"

    Lorkhan then turned to Mara looked her in the eyes and said, "Where's the love?". Then he crushed her throat and killed her. "I was right, this is fun!" Lorkhan exclaimed.

    "NO! You'll not get away with this!" Julianos shouted and he threw a dagger at Lorkhan.

    Lorkhan looked at Julianos after catching the dagger with telekinesis and said to him, "That wasn't very wise, now was it?". Flicking his wrist again he threw the dagger into the head of Julianos and killed him. "Who's next?"

    "I am." Zenithar said. Zenithar came up behind Lorkhan and tried to behead him. Lorkhan caught his blade and punched him right in the gut. Zenithar bent over and clutched his stomach. Lorkhan punched him again and then kicked him over. Zenithar looked up and saw Lorkhan's blade coming at him. Right before he sliced Zenithar in half Lorkhan said to him, "If you want to kill me, you're going to have to work harder than thar."

    "Lorkhan, you don't need to do this!" Akatosh yelled out.

    "Oh but I do. I want you to feel how I felt. I want you to feel afraid. I want you to know the fear I knew, feel the pain I felt. I want you to pay for what you did to me, and even those who didn't kill me or weren't present are still guilty by association." Lorkhan said and he threw Akatosh into his throne and summoned strong strips of leather to bind him to the chair, "I'll deal with you last."

    Dibella was standing over Julianos trying to see if there was anything she could do to revive him. Lorkhan approached her slowly and said to her, "It's not worth it. He's dead just as you will be."

    Dibella stood up and slashed Lorkhan's face with a dagger, her brown hair flew back behind her shoulders as she stood and swung. "You son of a bitch! This isn't revenge, this is slaughter!" Dibella shouted at him as she repeatedly swung.

    Lorkhan kept stepping backwards and dodging her advances to him and slashes with her dagger. "You come at me with a dagger? I am Lorkhan, what were you thinking? I suppose beauty comes with the price of brains. And you are really beautiful. Obviously that's what Fayen sees in you, there's nothing else for him to fall for."

    "You leave him out of this! The heroes and he will destroy you! You shall not prevail!" Dibella said slashing again but this time with tears coming out of here eyes. Lorkhan lifted her up and thought of a good way to kill her when it clicked in his head. Dibella began to age like a human, her skin grew older and more wrinkly, her cheeks were deeper and she had bags under her eyes. Her brown hair turned gray and began to fall out, she got shorter and fatter, all of her beauty was gone. Finally, her body began to fail and she died of old age.

    Stendarr grabbed Lorkhan by the neck and held a dagger up to his throat. "Make one move and I'll kill you." Stendarr hissed in his ear. Lorkhan flipped Stendarr over his shoulders and pinned him to the ground. "No justice for you." Lorkhan said before he stabbed him in the chest.

    Arkay put a hand on Lorkhan's back and began using his powers to force death upon him. Lorkhan screamed out in pain as his body began to smoke. He managed to turn around and grab Arkay by the hand. He looked Arkay in the face and said to him, "Your life has ended, death is here." Lorkhan shoved Arkay's hand on to his Arkay's face and forced him to continue to use his powers. Smoke arose from Arkay's face as the god of life and death yelled out from under his hand. A moment later Arkay's whole body was engulfed in smoke and his screaming stopped. Lorkhan released his wrsit and dropped the burnt corpse to the ground.

    Lorkhan turned around to see Talos stading there staring at him when his sword his sword drawn. "Do you really think you can deafeat me? Honestly Talos, of all of them you should know my power best of all. Remember, I possessed you for a couple of months." Lorkhan tried to intimidate him.

    "I remember, now it is time for my revenge. You've come here for revenge, but was it for yours or was it for mine?" Talos said to him.

    "Mine of course. These beings, the ones you call friends, I once called them friends. That is up until they killed me and ripped out my heart. We are all entitled to revenge Talos, but I am most entitled. Have you ever been betrayed? It isn't fun. That's why I possessed you and no one else, so they can know how it feels to be betrayed by one they trusted so much. Clearly they trusted you a lot if they let you join them. Now they know what betrayal felt like. Now they deal with revenge." Lorkhan explained.

    "You shall face revenge too. If not from me then from someone else. You have ruined many lives, deceived even more, do you really think not a single one of them will seek to get their revenge?" Talos questioned.

    "I think none of them are that stupid. I am Lorkhan, to go up against me is to cut your life shorter than it needs to be. Which reminds me, you were going to fight me?"

    "I was indeed."

    Talos and Lorkhan went at each other. They bashed swords and retracted. Bashed again and retracted. Talos ducked under a slash from Lorkhan and kicked him in the back of the knee. Lorkhan fell onto that leg. When Talos attempted to slit Lorkhan's throat Lorkhan grabbed the dagger from his hand and threw it across the room. Talos put his arms around Lorkhan's throat but before he could snap his neck Lorkhan tossed him over his shoulder and stood up. His leg had never really been hurt. "The war is over. You've lost." Lorkhan said an he bashed in Talos's skull.

    The whole room which had been drenched in red was all quiet. There was no sound except for the struggling of Akatosh and a crying in the corner of the room. Lorkhan followed the sound of the crying all the way over to Kyne huddled in a corner and hugging a dagger, her white dress was drenched red. "My dear, why do you cry?" Lorkhan asked kneeling down next to her.

    "You're a monster. I loved you once, and now you're a monster." she said to him.

    "I loved you too. Up until the moment you betrayed me!" Lorkhan shouted in her face, "Maybe I still do."

    Lorkhan forced her to her feet and shoved her back against the wall. "Stop it!" she protested but Lorkhan forced his lips onto hers. Kyne shoved Lorkhan off of her. "Please stop." she begged, "Stop all of this. Do no kill me. I never betrayed you, I gave you the land to make your world. After you were killed I wept for you and my tears became the rain. Spare me."

    "I know, I'm sorry for accusing you. I know you would never betray me. Come with me, be my queen again and together we will rule over my new world. Just you and I. Help lead my army to victory and you shall once again be known in my new world as the mother of men. I promise, there are no tricks." Lorkhan asked of her and he was being honest when said there were no tricks.

    "I believe you would not deceive me, but I can't. I'm sorry Shor, but you aren't the same man I loved. You're changed, your anger has turned you into a monster! Take back all you have done, resurrect all you have killed and rule once with the nine of us. But I will not come with you to the new world, I cannot. I will not rule with you, unless you rule with me. We can fix this world, repair it! Make it fit your perfect vision for it along with the vision of the nine." Kynareth countered.

    "Wrong answer, Kyne. I was really hoping to bring you with me. Of all of them you were the one I did not want to kill, but you leave me no choice. This world is beyond repair! I am beyond repair! You killed me for no reason!" Lorkhan shouted.

    "THEY killed you because they were scared!" Kynareth shouted more tears pouring from her eyes.

    "Scared of what?!"

    "You, and what you can do. They were afraid of your full potential! When you created the world so many good spirits died or lost their powers. All because of what you could do, they didn't kill over some prank! They killed you because they were scared!"

    "You had nothing to be afraid of, you were all my friends. I would never have dreamed of hurting any one of you. I didn't care why Sithis had created me, I didn't want to harm anybody!" Lorkhan said.

    "I know and I believe you! I also know somewhere deep down you still don't want to hurt anyone, you may be beyond repair but you are not beyond salvation. You can still be saved Shor!" Kynareth persuaded.

    "I AM NOT SHOR! Shor is a hero, I am the villain. My name is Lorkhan. None of those other foolish names. Years ago no one had to fear my powers, but now things have changed. I am sorry my love, but it is time for you to die. Feel the wrath of nature." Lorkhan said.

    Long vines stretched up from Sovngarde below and entangled Kynareth and began to suffocate her but she wasn't even beginning to die. "What? Suffocation isn't enough? Very well, I didn't want to have to do this either." The vines stretched into Kynareth's head through here eyes, her ears, her mouth, even her nostrils. The vines traveled throughout her whole body bursting organs and filling her insides. They popped out from her arms and stomach and killed her. Once she was dead they are retracted and went back down to Sovngarde. Before the vines had killed her however, she spoke three final words, "I love you." Lorkhan dropped the mutilated corpse to the ground and didn't even take a second look as he turned to walk away towards Akatosh.

    The dragon god was binded to the chair. His mouth was covered, his wrists were tied, his legs were trapped, and he had been forced to watch. Lorkhan snapped and removed the binds but he paralyzed Akatosh except for his head. "Time's up." Lorkhan said.

    "You've heard this a lot but you won't get away with this. Even if you do manage to defeat Argon, which I highly doubt, there will always be someone trying to stop you. Always." Akatosh said to him.

    "I admire your trust in the mortals." Lorkhan said, "I had trust once too. I had it in you. You were one of my greatest friends Auriel, but you went ahead and decided murder was better than friends."

    "I assure you, I highly regret that decision. I was scared, and angry, and I acted upon reaction. It was not my greatest moment and if there was any part of my life I could take back it would be killing you. I know it won't change anything, you are entitled to your revenge, but I am truly sorry." Akatosh confessed.

    "Of course you are. A person from your past returns with intent to kill you and everyone you know and you instantlly become sorry. Were you sorry after you killed me? No, but the moment I return you cry out 'Forgive me for I have sinned!'."

    "That's not true!" Akatosh defended.

    "I'm having a hard time believing that. I'm having a hard time believing most things these days. That's what happens when the ones you trust the most murder you and cast your heart into the ocean!" Lorkhan shouted.

    Lorkhan calmed himself down enough to talk calmly. He brought Akatosh right up to his face and looked him in the eyes and said his final words to him, "You see." Lorkhan began, "It's the Dagger of Betrayal that hurts the most, but it is the Dagger of Revenge that is the coldest." Lorkhan pulled out the glowing ebony dagger he put in his belt earlier and stabbed Lorkhan straight through the heart with it. Lorkhan watched as the light fled from the eyes of Akatosh and he felt his warm blood flow from the dagger down his wrist, then he let go of the dagger and dropped Akatosh to the floor. Lorkhan teleported himself back to his camp and found Artis still standing there waiting.

    "Is your business taken care of?" Artis asked.

    "It is now." Lorkhan said and he grabbed a rag and wiped the blood off of his hand.

    "Good. Is it time?" Artis asked.

    "Yes it is Artis. Yes it is." Lorkhan said and after dropping the bloodied rag on the floor he led Artis out of the tent.

    Lorkhan stood there with his arm placed on Artis's shoulder and he said to him, "It is time we get out of these tents and give the army real homes with real beds. It is time we take down our great beast to be slain." Lorkhan lifted his left hand and made a motion like he was unveiling a master piece, the master piece he was motioning to was Skyrim's capital city, Solitude.
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    Chapter 10: A Great Beast

    Of all the creatures in all the land, of all the beasts to fight, of all the things he could enlarge, and Lorkhan had to pick a mudcrab. After arriving on the beaches north of Dawnstar the heroes found no camp and no signs of Lorkhan ever being there. Instead, they found that they had walked right into his trap.

    A large mudcrab easily thirty feet high with pinchers ten feet long had been hidden underneath the waters awaiting the heroes arrival. The large beast climbed out of the ocean with water and chunks of ice sliding off its back and splashing in the puddles below.

    "Well, we're dead." Fayen said.

    "Maybe not lad, perhaps it doesn't want to kill us." Sheogorath tried to reason.

    "Sheo, Lorkhan sent us here so we can encounter this thing and I have the highest of doubts that it was so we could go on magical adventures and discover the healing powers of friendship." Argon said sarcastically.

    "Your reasoning is valid I suppose. How about we make it not want to kill us? We could teach it to do the fishstick! It's a delicate and relaxing state of mind!" Sheogorath suggested.

    "As GREAT and WISE as that sounds Sheo, I think our best bet is to RUN!" Nerevar yelled out and the six heroes turned and attempted to run make the way they came.

    A large pincher shot down from above and landed in front of the heroes. The shockwave it caused knocked all six of them off their feet.

    "What now?!" Kara cried out.

    "We have two options, fight and possibly die. OR we can just submit and still die." Nerevar told them.

    "I don't know about you guys but I got a craving for some crab dinner!" Garnin raised his axe and ran towards the face of the beast.

    "How does he do that? How does he just raise his weapon and run right into the face of the thing with the capacity to kill us in one hit?" Fayen asked his friends.

    "The same way we do it all the time." Argon replied and he too raised his sword and ran at the monster.

    "He sure brings a new meaning to 'fearless leader' huh?" Nerevar said to Kara.

    "And like good soldiers we follow out leader." Sheogorath said then he and the remaining four ran after Garnin and Argon.

    "The armies are getting restless m'lord." Artis said.

    "Just give it a minute." Lorkhan said, "I want to strike at the right time."

    "If we don't strike now there may be no right time. With all due respect Lorkhan, do you really think a giant mudcrab could kill the six fierecest fighters in the whole world? I mean, they defeated some rather high profile villains including the apocalypse incarnate, Apocapher." Artis tried to reason with his master.

    "Apocapher wasn't the apocalypse Artis, I am. I'll let you in on a little known secret, the whole entrie time he flew around on his dragon causing beasts to rise up and plants to die he wasn't ending the world. He was preparing it for my coming. My return has been destined for ages and Apocapher was to be my harbinger. Rather that be apocalypse incarnate, Apocapher was The Harbinger of the Apocalypse. I AM Apocalyspe Incarnate. Even though he failed in properly preparing the land and wiping it clean of all who'd oppose me he still had to set me free, and so he did. The Dwemer were not his 'last gift' I am his last gift. I am the world's last gift. Understand?" Lorkhan explained.

    "Yes m'lord." Artis replied.

    "As for the mudcrab killing the heroes, I don't plan for it to kill them. Merely distract them, killing them is for me."

    The battle was underway and the irony was strong. Argon had spent years killing these small little creatures, they were easy one hit with the sword and they were gone. Now it seemed the tables had turned, this time it was the crab who was easily crushing Argon and Argon who was losing.

    "Damn this beast to Oblivion!" Argon heard Garnin yell as he attempted to break the crabs armor with his axe.

    "Once this thing is dead I'm gonna make some nice armor out of it." Fayen said.

    "Easier said that done. Crafting armor from Chitin takes years to master." Nerevar informed Fayen.

    "Doesn't really matter right now does it?" Kara said rhetorically.

    The crab was batting its claw left and right knocking the heroes down but for some reason not killing them. One of the claws grabbbed Kara by the waist and lifted her into the air. With one powerful shout Argon burned the claw and in pain the mudcrab relased Kara and Argon caught her before she could hit the ground.

    "Thanks." Kara said and she kissed her husband.

    "Argon! I found something!" Fayen yelled.

    "What is it?" Argon yelled back.

    "There is a spot underneath it where it seems to be weak! I'll distract it if you go stab it!"

    "Gotta run." Argon said to Kara and he ran in Fayen's direction.

    "Okay, you see it right under there?" Fayen pointed to a round fleshy area on the crab's understomach.

    "Yeah I see it." Argon said.

    "Good, I'm going to get its attention you go kill it."

    Fayen ran into the crab's sight and began shooting arrows at its face. The arrows bounced off and had no effect but they did make the crab mad. It reached out and sweeped Fayen into the air and held him up to his face. Fayen stuck with the plan and began yelling at the crab.

    "Wow! You are an ugly ugly thing! I thought crabs were supposed to taste good but you just look unappetizing!" Fayen yelled out.

    The crab didn't understand what Fayen was saying but it was curious and began to listen to the nord.

    "Honestly, if you look this horrible I don't even want to know what your mother looked like! And you smell too! How much time do you spend in the ocean?! You smell like a bunch of fish!" Fayen was dangling upside down and the blood was rushing to his head making him dizzy, "Hey Argon, any time now would be wonderful especially if that time is now!"

    Argon positioned himself underneath the crab and shoved his sword upwards and cut a large gash open. The crab recoiled and dropped Fayen to the ground. Nerevar and Garnin helped him to his feet and got him away from the crab.

    Argon continued to cut the crab until there was a gash large enough for him to fit into.

    "I can't believe I am doing this." Argon said as he climbed inside the crab, "It's so disgusting in here."

    Argon looked around but he couldn't see anything so he just guessed where the crab's heart might be. "Fus Ro Dah!" Argon shouted and the blast of the thu'um was so powerful it tore up the inside of the crab and bursted its heart. Argon dropped back through the gap and rolled out of the way of the crab as its legs gave out from underneath the dead body.

    Argon got up but was covered in goo from the crab. He looked at his friends, held up one finger, and then submerged himself into the ocean and washed the goo off of him.

    "Damn that's cold!" said Argon shaking himself off.

    "I got you." Sheogorath reached out a hand and used a light fire touch spell to warm Argon's body.

    A deep voice emitted from the crab's dead corpse.

    "If you're hearing this heroes, CONGRATULATIONS! You broke my toy!" the voice said.

    Argon recognized the voice. "Lorkhan!"

    "I'm sure you're all wondering why I sent you here and it's not because I'm some crazy bat. Also, it wasnt a trap! No no no no no, it was a distraction!" Lorkhan's message said.

    "A distraction? From what?" Fayen muttered.

    "What an excellent question! Assuming you just asked what I was distracting you from. Well, let me tell you! You see, unlike previous badguys you may have fought I do not partake in the whole 'Let's send an evil creature to kill those heroes.' idea. I am much more professional and would rather kill them myself. However, I cannot do that while I am busy. With knowledge of what you might ask I'll tell you. I was busy conquering Skyrim! Your little homeland is mine now, I already killed the High King now I just had to kill his replacement jarl. I wouldn't reccommend going to Solitude, my army is there. It's a better home for them than living in tents and moving around every so often." the voice went silent.

    "I guess I know where we are headed next." Kara shrugged.

    "No. Not we. You are going home. Now. This is too dangerous, I should have kept you out of this from the start. Things are too dangerous for you now that Lorkhan has gone public with his return, there is nothing hold him back from using his full power. I refuse to allow you to be his victim so leave now." Argon demmanded of Kara.

    "Argon, you can't do this to me! I have to fight! It's my battle too!" Kara protested.

    "Not anymore." Argon said.

    "But--" Kara began but Sheogorath cut her off.

    "Kara, listen to him. You know why you cannot die. You need to think." Sheogorath said calmly.

    Kara thought for a moment and then sighed, "Fine. Sheo's right. I guess I'm going home. Goodluck you guys."

    "Be careful." Argon said.

    Kara kissed him and promised, "I will."

    Sheogorath walked up to the woman and with a flick of his wrist he fired at spell at her that teleported her back to Lakeview Manor.

    "So what now?" Nerever asked. Fayen, Garnin, Nerevar, and Sheogorath gathered in a line awaiting orders from their leader.

    Argon turned to face his team members and said to them, "Now, now we go to Solitude. Now, we stop Lorkhan from taking the city and obtaining rulership of Skyrim. Now, we go save the world again."
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    I'm going to be completely honest here and say, chapter 10 was a horrible chapter. It was boring and just dumb. I really am not happy with the way it turned out, but I couldn't pull it because it was necessary. Especially since a previous chapter left the heroes about to fight a giant mudcrab, I couldn't just make them suddenly be at home because that would make zero sense. So I apologize for this really bad chapter and I hope this weekend's chapter makes up for it, because in my opinion chapter 11 is amazing.
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    Chapter 11: And When The Truth Dawns

    A large army had gathered at the bottom of the hill upon which the capital city of Solitude sits, the green grass and brick road were invisibile underneath the massive army sprawled on top of it. The clouds in the sky darkened and began to swirl around the city on the hill and the sun turned a dark red. The smell of fear was in the air encompanied by an ominous wind from the north. Lorkhan stood before his army staring his soldiers in the face.

    Lorkhan gave his prebattle speech, "Today is the day we make a name for ourselves, today we get out of those horrid tents and enjoy warm beds, free mead, and all the women you can imagine! Today you shall receive a taste of what our new world will be like and your appetites will be renewed! That city is no longer theirs it is ours! Skyrim does not belong to the nords, it belongs to me and I plan on taking it back by capturing its capital city! There will be a battle, and the city guards will not go down without a fight but I have full confidence in you all that we will conqure Solitude! And in the end, after the battle is over and the smoke rises we shall be the only ones standing! Now let us go and take the city that is rightfully ours!" Lorkhan drew his sword and held it high above his head.

    The rest of Lorkhan's army drew their sword and giving a large battle cry they turned and ran towards the city. As the army ran by the stables a small group of five men detatched from the army and attacked the farmhands.

    Two guards were sitting in the watchtower near the gates throwing dice and drinking mead.

    "So how's the family Reggie?" one of the guards asked his friend.

    Reggie answered, "When the riots began here I sent them out of the city and to stay with relatives living in High Rock. Almost sent them to Cyrodiil, but that place is a no man's land. Last I heard a few rioters managed to actually get into the palace. The guard shut them down of course, but now that the rioters know it's possible... Anyways how is your father Leon?"

    "I don't know. I sent him aways also. He's in Morrowind. He's so sickly, I should've gone with him he's my father. However, Solitude is in worse and worse shape. We have to prevent this place from ending up like the Imperial City." Leon sighed.

    "Hold on, do you hear that?" Reggie held out a hand to keep Leon quiet.

    The two guards listened for a minute as the clinking of armor grew louder and louder. "Holy plops, what is that?" Leon said.

    "Let me check." Reggie peered out the top of the watchtower, "HOLY plops WHAT IS THAT?!"

    "What is it?" Leon said.

    Reggie turned back and looked his friend in the eyes. "No time to explain," he said grimly, "sound the alarm!"

    Leon ran over to the bell and viciously began pulling on the rope, the sound of the bell emanating from the wooden cover. The loud bell was heard all across the city silencing the riots and casting a dark feeling over the city. The guards along the walls suddenly perked up and grabbed their bows and quivers. Reggie began to speak to Leon, "It's an army. A large one. I can barely see who they're being lead by, it's not Talos. By the gods, who is that?"

    Still pulling on the rope Leon called out to Reggie, "What does he look like?"

    "He looks like, like darkness. He has long horns and what appears to be faces with glowing eyes on his armor. As for his eyes well they're--"

    When Reggie suddenly went quiet Leon got nervous and turned to see his friend falling out of the tower, Leon only got a quick climpse of the arrow in Reggie's forehead. "REGGIE!!!" he cried out.

    Lorkhan heard the sound of Leon's yells and he grinned an evil grin. Lorkhan snapped his fingers and the watchtower exploded and erupted in flames killing Leon and causing the bell to stop.

    The guards on the open arch before the gate to the city jumped back when they saw the watchtower blow up. The guards began firing arrows and the oncoming army but there were too many men and not enough arrows.

    "Keep shooting! You, you, and you aim for their leader!" The highest ranking guard commanded.

    Arrows flew straight at Lorkhan but he held out his hand and stopped them before the struck him. With a flick of his wrist he sent the arrows flying back at the commanding guard causing him to die and fall backwards off the tower. The last three lines of Lorkhan's army stopped marching and they drew their bows and fired a wave of arrows into the sky.

    The eyes of the guards atop the arch widdened as they watched the arrows fly at them and impact their bodies. Lorkhan's army continued to march.

    As Lorkhan passed under the arch two men one from each side came out of the staircases that led to the arch. The men raised their swords and slashed at Lorkhan. The god stepped back and dodge the swords, then with a flick of his hand he tightened the grip on his sword of the man to his right and threw him at the man to his left. The sword killed the left guy but the right one was alive unable to let go of his weapon. With another flick of his hand Lorkhan cast them both far across the mountains behind him, the living man still holding onto his weapon and the dead man with the sword still in his chest.

    Lorkhan's army stopped before the gates to the city, the archers atop the gate aimed their arrows at the army.

    "Stop right there!" a guard called out.

    "Here? Right here? What about, say... over there?? No? Right here? All right then, you're the guard! Whatever you say!" Lorkhan mocked.

    "Enough with the funny business. Who are you?" The guard demmanded.

    "You don't wanna know." Lorkhan said with a smug smile.

    "I demmand you identify yourself and then submit to arrest for murder and destruction of public property!" the guard yelled back.

    "You can't arrest me... Even if you did, I wouldn't be a very good cellmate." Lorkhan told the guard.

    "I've about had enough with you. Tell me who you are or I will kill you!"

    "Try to kill me. The results with be less than satisfactory." Lorkhan smiled again.

    The guard took Lorkhan's dare and fired an arrow. Lorkhan reached out and plucked the arrow from midair and held it up in his hand. Then, with all his might Lorkhan threw the arrow at the guard's feet causing the stone to spilt and drop him to the ground killing him on impact.

    A different guard shook and said in fear, "Who--who are you?!"

    "I'm Lorkhan."

    Lorkhan's archer once again drew their bows and killed the guards atop the gates. With a punch from his fists Lorkhan broke down the gates and caused them to fly backwards into the city. His army poured in, the battle had begun.

    Citizens ran and screamed as the dark army marched upon the city. Arrows soared through the skies killing innocent people and slaughtering guards. The sounds of sword clashing was heard throughout the city accompanied by the sounds of clinking armor. Some noble citizens drew their own weapons and joined the fight against Lorkhan and his army.

    Lorkhan wandered thorugh the city dodging arrows and slicing down anyone who got in his way, his grim smile had grown across his face and his heart filled with evil. "This," he said, "is a good day." Lorkhan wandered up the ramp to the Blacksmith's forge where he saw a member of his army about to be killed.

    Two guards had disarmed the soldier and threw his sword to the marketplace below where it was trampled and kicked around by metal boots. One guards held the soldier by the arms while the other prepared to stab the soldier in the chest. Suddenly out of nowhere Lorkhan grabbed the armed guard, snapped his neck, and tossed his body over the wall. Lorkhan swiftly grabbed the other guard and forced him to release the soldier, then he dragged him to the forge where he removed the guard's helmet and buried his face in the hot embers.

    "Thank you m'lord." the soldier said.

    "Now go. Join the battle." Lorkhan commanded.

    "I am unarmed. My sword was taken from me and lost in the battlefield." the soldier told Lorkhan.

    Lorkhan thought for a second then he turned around and pulled out one of the heated metal rods from the forge. The rod glowed with a white tip that as it went further down the rod reduced to a less hot orange glow. Lorkhan held the rod by the hot end and handed the cold end to the soldier. "Use this. I can assure you the heat won't go out." Lorkhan winked at the soldier. The soldier took the weapon, bowed before Lorkhan and joined the fight at the marketplace.

    Lorkhan took a different path and continued into the castle dour courtyard. A large bonfire burned in the middle of the courtyard and with a snap of his fingers Lorkhan caused the fire to flare up for a moment and reduced anyone unlucky enough to be near it to turn to ash.

    There were soldiers and guard fighting all over the castle. Skirmishes were being fought atop the walls and inside the building. One guard had fallen off the balcony above the wedding thrones and was being held up by another guard who was attempting to pull him up. Three of Lorkhan's soldiers atop the castle walls saw this and they shoved the gargoyle above the guardss off of its pedastool. The impact of the gargoyle caused the balcony to break free of the wall and shatter to the ground killing both guards. The soldiers laughed maniacally and ran back to find more fights. As he looked around Lorkhan spotted two of his soldiers in a position equal to the two guards with one hanging from the wall and another desperatley trying to save him. Lorkhan smiled at this but rather than save them he caused a section of the wall to give out from under the soldier trying to save his friend and they both fell to the ground below.

    A guard attempted to stab Lorkhan with a dagger and Lorkhan jumped back, then pulling out his sword he decapitated the man. The Captain of the guards spotted Lorkhan and concluded based upon his confidence that he must be the leader of the army. The Captain drew his sword and raised his shield and ran at Lorkhan.

    The Captain swung his shield and smashed Lorkhan in the face. Lorkhan's head jolted to the side and he slowly turned it back to The Captain.

    "That, was a horrible idea." Lorkhan said.

    "The horrible idea was you leading your army here and trying to take this city! Did you really think that we wouldn't fight back?!" The Captain yelled at Lorkhan.

    "No," Lorkhan said, "I just didn't think it would be a very difficult fight."

    "How's that working out for you?"

    Lorkhan once again smiled his evil smile and said to The Captain, "I was pretty accurate."

    "Allow me to prove you wrong." The Captain swung his sword at Lorkhan's head. Lorkhan moved his head to the side and caught the sword with the armor covering his shoulder. The god then punched the guard thrice in the nose which caused a small trickle of blood to pour out. The Captain used the top side of his gauntlet to wipe the blood away but he only ended up smearing the blood. The Captain swung at Lorkhan but his sword was blocked by Lorkhan's.

    "Why do you resist me? You cannot win." Lorkhan questioned The Captain.

    "There's never been an obstacle that can't be overcome." The Captain answered.

    "Well there is now." Lorkhan stabbed The Captain in the stomach with his sword, "Remember this next time you decide to go up against Lorkhan."

    Lorkhan ripped his sword out and the Captain fell to the ground, dead. Around him the castle batte still went on. People's screams were still heard all throughout the city. Lorkhan left the castle and walked down the brick road towards the Blue Palace.

    The brick road was littered with corpses and arrows. Battles were being fought all across the city with a large one happening at the Bard's College. As he walked by Lorkhan saw Artis single-handedly taking down four armed guards. Artis saluted Lorkhan as Lorkhan walked by and Lorkhan nodded back at him.

    A citizen brandishing a bow jumped out at Lorkhan and aimed it at his head.

    "Be gone." Lorkhan demmanded.

    "You first." the citizen replied.

    "I have no time for this." Lorkhan said with a sigh.

    "I know you're going to try to take the palace and I am going to stop you." the citizen said and he tugged tighter on the bow string.

    "Your passion is admirable but you fight for the wrong side. You fight for the greater good correct?" Lorkhan switched his trickery on.

    "Well, yeah." The citizen said.

    "Then join me. This world is failed beyond belief. You mortals do not see it since it is your home, you see what you want not what is true. I however know what this world could have been. It could have been a paradise, but it is weighted down by a force that can never be overcome. Evil. In order to create a perfect paradise I must first make room for it. So if that mean destroying this world then I must. It is for the greater good, join my fight to bring that paradise and you will be a part of the greater good and you shall live as a god in the land of paradise." Lorkhan pretended to promise.

    The citizen thought for a minute but didn't buy it. "Why should I believe you?"

    "That is a good question. I have given you no reason to, I've marched on your city, killed some who may be your friends, and now I ask you to turn on them. I can assure you however, that I am one-hundred precent trustworthy for my name is Shor."

    Being a man of faith the citizen's face lit up. "Truly?" he asked.

    Lorkhan put his hand on the man's shoulder, looked him in the eye, and said, "Truly."

    The man lowered his bow. "But your army doesn't know I am one of them now. If they see me, they might kill me."

    The trickery gears turned in Lorkhan's head and he pointed to a barrel. "There. Hide in this barrel and no one will find you. After the battle has ended I will come and retrieve you, welcome to paradise."

    The man removed the lid of the barrel, emptied its contents, climbed inside, and shut himself it. Lorkhan drew his sword and stabbed straight through the barrel. "Someone must not have remembered that Shor is Lorkhan and Lorkhan, is a trickster." Lorkhan sheathed his sword and tipped over the barrel. The god finished his trek to the palace undisturbed.

    "Well someone has to do something of the riots!" Jarl Arthur the current jarl of Solitude said.

    "My jarl, you know we can't do that. These were caused by Talos not by the government." a much older version of Than Erikur said.

    "Yes, indeed. Speaking of Talos, how goes the new arrangements for Falk Firebeard's burial?" the jarl asked the steward.

    "That fool at the Hall of The Dead says he's out of materials to create such a coffin." the steward a redguard named, Sari said.

    "Then we must get him them! For gods' sakes, he was the High King of Skyrim! He deserves a proper coffin and placement!" Arthur exclaimed.

    "I know. Damn Talos to Oblivion for what he's done." Erikur said in shame.

    "Actually, wasn't Talos." Lorkhan said shaking his head, "No, uh, that was me. You see, I was rather pissed off by the fact that his name was 'Firebeard' but he didn't actually have a flaming beard. Sounds like false advertisement if you ask me."

    The Jarl stood up from his chair. "I am holding court. Now, unless you have a good reason for interrupting you'd better get out!"

    "Actually I do. Gods, do you not hear that out there?" Lorkhan genuinely asked.

    "Hear what? The riots? That's all we hear." Jarl Arthur said.

    "No, your city is on fire. Quiet literally as it's under attack and there are fires..." Lorkhan corrected.

    "Solitude is under attack!? Then we must do something! Thank you for making us aware of this traveler, quickly we must get out there!" Erikur exclaimed.

    Lorkhan held up a hand, "No no, don't get up. I did you a favor and brought the boss to you."

    "Where is he then?" Sari asked.

    Lorkhan brushed at his tentacle hair acting like he was trying to make it look good, "You're looking at him!"

    "You?! Guards grab him!" Arthur commanded.

    Two big buff men in heavy Imperial armor grabbed Lorkhan's shoulders.

    "Honestly, I expected you to tell them to grab me after I told you I killed Falk Extinguished-beard. You might want to tell them to let go." Lorkhan suggested.

    "You are under arrest." The Jarl said.

    Lorkhan frowned and sighed, "Fine. You wanted to do things the hard way." Lorkhan waved the first two fingeres on his left hand right and the right guard flew off his arm, then he waved them left and the left guard flew off of him.

    "Who are you?!" Eriukur exclaimed

    "What are you?!" Sari exclaimed.

    "Actually the old guy was right, I'm a who." Lorkhan said pointing to Erikur.

    "Fine, who are you?" Arthur asked.

    Lorkhan strolled away from his spot and walked toward a cupboard, the two people standing in his way stood back in fear. Lorkhan picked flower out of the vase ontop of the cupboard. Lorkhan began his answered, "There are multiple names people call me here in Tamriel. There's Lorkhaj, Sep, Shezzar, Sheor, you nords like to call me Shor." Lorkhan sniffed the flower and finished his answer, "Personally I prefer to go by my true name, or, Lorkhan."

    "Impossible. He's dead." The Jarl said.

    "You see, death isn't always permanent like people think. There are ways around it, I for one invested in a herald of my return. They're wonderful, I highly recommend it. As you can tell they get the job done, with some side effects like the Dwemer returning but whatever. My herald was named Apocapher. Seriously, when you die you should get one. They're like insurance for your life." Lorkhan said.

    "What do you want?" Arthur said in fear.

    Lorkhan got in his face and said, "I want this world to burn." He then grabbed a dagger from his back and plunged it into the Jarl's chest.

    "NO!" Sari yelled out.

    Lorkhan threw her across the room and knocked her unconcious. Erikur attempted to stab the god but Lorkhan threw him from the window. After the brief skirmish Lorkhan strolled outside and stood before the burning city. By now the guards and anyone opposing Lorkhan had been defeated and the army gathered at the doors to the palce.

    Lorkhan addressed his army, "My friends, this city is ours! Take all men who will join us and inducted into our ranks! Round up all women and children and lock them in the prison! Once you are done with that you may choose your new homes and rest! There will be no fighting or arguing over who lives where, if that happens I shall kill whoever is involved. This city is our home for now, enjoy it."

    "Long live The High King!" the army yelled.

    Lorkhan muttered to himself, "It's good to be king."
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    Chapter 12: It Dawns in Fire

    If it hadn't been for Konarhiik Argon's face would be covered in cuts and scrapes from all the branches whacking him as he and the rest of the heroes charged through the swamp. The deeper the heroes got into the swamp, the softer the ground was and the harder it was to pull their boots back out of the mud with each step. "Damn swamp, can't Sheo just teleport us to Solitude?!" Garnin called out from behind Argon.

    "I tried but it seems Lorkhan has casted a spell on the city. Any usage of magic in the area that isn't his own is blocked out, that means I can't teleport us there. We have to run to get to the city in time." Sheogorath explained to the brute.

    "Well run faster, we haven't much time!" Nerevar called out.

    "It's a little hard to run when the ground is so mushy!" Fayen replied.

    "You're going to have to deal with it Fayen," Argon said, "we HAVE to get to Solitude!"

    Suddenly there was a voice behind the heroes that stopped them all dead in their tracks. "Don't bother. I've already captured the city." The team turned around and saw Lorkhan emerge from the trees with two bodyguards at his sides.

    "You son of a bitch." Sheogorath said to the god.

    "Watch your language. You are speaking to a god." Lorkhan held out his arms to present himself.

    "So are you." Sheogorath countered.

    "Ah, yes, I've heard. Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of magic. I liked your predecessor more. How are the rest of the Princes by the way? Have you heard from them recently?"

    "They're fine." Sheogorath answered, but the truth is he had no idea how they were. He had tried to contact them for a few days but they were unusually silent.

    "Are they now? That's funny because last time I checked, they were all dead. Murdered by my blade." Lorkhan laughed.

    "Impossible." Sheogorath said, a sudden fear filled his heart.

    "Quiet the contrary, Tamiir. Can I call you Tamiir?" Lorkhan began pacing, "I was planning on sparing them. Truly, I was. I had no disdain for them, the only one of them to have wronged me was Malacath. He is the only one I was going to kill. But, they just had to attack me. Feeling themselves to be stronger than they really are, they decided it best to try and take me down themselves. It didn't work out very well for them."

    "You sick bastard!" Sheogorath yelled at him.

    Lorkhan smirked, "Yes, I suppose I am. You know the best part of the whole battle?" Lorkhan look Sheogorath dead in the eyes, "When I got to listen to their screams as I slowly and painfully took their lives away. As they bled out onto the ground, as death came for them and took them away, as the light went from their eyes; they knew, they knew what I was. They knew I am Nirn's reckoning. They knew that there is no escape from me, that everyone everywhere, would eventually fall under the boot of Lorkhan. As your friends, your colleagues, your mentors in the Daedric ways, were tortured as I brutally and ruthelessly murdered each and every one of them THEY KNEW THAT I AM THE FINAL DAYS OF NIRN, THAT I AM THE AYEM AND THE ZYR. ALL WILL FALL AT THE FEET OF THE FALLEN GOD!"

    Sheogorath drew his sword and ran at Lorkhan, with a flick of his wrist Sheogorath went flying to a nearby tree. "Not so fast Tamiir, I told you all will fall at my feet." and turning to the heroes, who now had their weapons in their hands, he said, "And I wouldn't waste your time trying to get in touch with the Divines either. They're a little... unresponsive, right now."

    "Damn you!" Argon yelled out, "Heores, attack!"

    All at once the heroes charged at Lorkhan with their weapons ready. Lorkhan's body guards stepped forward to defend their master and they too drew their sword from the sheaths at their sides. Sheogorath was laying knocked out against the tree with his sword in his lap. Garnin and Fayen both took on one of the body guards and Argon and Nerevar worked together to try and take down Lorkhan.

    "You fools, even together you cannot take me down. Did you not see what I did to your Daedric friend? Imagine the things I can do to two mere mortals!" Lorkhan yelled at Argon and Nerevar

    Argon swung his sword at Lorkhan's head but the god ducked under it and swung his sword at Argon's legs. Nerevar caught Lorkhan's sword with his own before Lorkhan could hit Argon. Argon hopped backwards and Nerevar removed his sword from Lorkhan's and swung it at his chest. Lorkhan blocked the blade and grabbed the blade in Nerevar's right hand and twisted so he was forced to let go and the blade dropped into the mud below. Nerevar brought up his left hand which held his other sword and he attempted to cut off Lorkhan's arm. Lorkhan moved his arm out of the way and in one motion he positioned himself behind Nerevar. Before Nerevar could react, Lorkhan had his sword raised and prepared to shove it through Nerevar's back. Argon ran forward and grabbed Lorkhan's sword before Lorkhan could kill Nerevar. Argon turned Lorkhan around and punched him right in the face. The god barely reacted to the punch and he shoved Argon off of him. Lorkhan turned back around but Nerevar was no longer there. Instead, Nerevar had picked up his sword and he ducked behind a tree.

    Fayen ducked underneath the incoming sword of his opponent, this body guard matched the other one in apparel and weapon choice. Both wore full daedric armor except for the helmet which caused the armor to cast a red glow upon both of their faces. Their weapon was not Daedric, rather they were both Dwemer swords. Fayen hoped that the swords came from the Solitude armory and that Lorkhan had NOT gone and massacred the Dwemer like he had wanted the heroes to do a few months ago. "Why fight us when you know our master will eventually take over the world? You have to realize that there is no defeating him, Lorkhan is the Apocalypse Incarnate. Only those who join him will be spared when he ushers in his new world." the body guard said to Fayen.

    "I prefer to fight for good rather than for a madman!" Fayen replied.

    "Yet that hasn't stopped you from fighting alongside one!" the body guard hissed.

    "Sheo is a friend, he might be insane and he might be a Daedra but he is just as much of a hero as the rest of us!" Fayen defended his friend.

    "And what about when you are laying dead alongside your friends and the world falls? How much of a hero will you be then, Fayen?" the body guard was trying to get into his head.

    Fayen wouldn't let him in though. "I will die trying to save my world. I'll be a bigger hero than Shor USED to be, and so will my friends."

    "Blashphemer! No one is better than my Lord!" the body guard brought his blade from his waist and tried to stab Fayen in the heart, but he stopped and dropped the sword when three arrows from Fayen's bow were fired rapidly and directly into the body guard's heart. Fayen looked over and saw Garnin finish off his opponent with an axe swing to the neck. "Garnin!" Fayen yelled out, "get Sheo!"

    Both of the heroes rushed to Sheogorath's side to try and wake him up. "What happened?" Sheogorath said when he finally came to.

    "Lorkhan pissed you off and then threw you into a tree. Now get up, Argon needs us!" Fayen said as he helped the madgod to his feet. Sheogorath raised his sword and alongside the archer and the brute he rushed to help Argon and Nerevar.

    Argon was locked in a sword fight with Lorkhan who refused to back down. Their blades clashed and smacked creating loud clinking sounds that echoed through the swamp. Argon was growing tired and with each swing he lost more and more power while Lorkhan didn't even break a sweat. Finally Lorkhan had worn Argon out so much that the Dragonborn could barely keep up a fight, with a great force he shoved Argon and the Dragonborn fell backwards into the mud five feet away. Nerevar popped out from behind the tree and shot a powerful fire spell at the god but Lorkhan managed to catch it in his hand. "How-?" Nerevar began but Lorkhan threw the spell right back. Nerevar watched in fear as the spell rapidly approached him. Suddenly, everything went black but Nerevar was not knocked out. No longer paralyzed by the fear Nerevar blinked a few times and noticed that the darkness was caussed by a man standing in front of him. Sheogorath had got in front of Nerevar just in time to cast a ward and block the spell from hitting either one of them.

    "Thank you Sheo." Nerevar placed his hand on his friend's shoulder then moved out from behind him and stood next to him. The duo were joined by the other three heroes including Argon whose team had inspired a new strength in him. With adrenaline coursing through the blood of the five heroes, they stood shoulder to should with their weapons in hand ready to take down The Fallen God. "Well, well, looks like the madgod finally woke up. You all wish to do battle with me? Very well, I will not hold back." Lorkhan challenged the heroes.

    "Neither will we." Nerevar said strongly.

    Lorkhan and the heroes charged at each other in full force. Lorkhan expertly blocked the incoming weapons and threw the heroes off of of him but they kept going back and not giving up. Not a single weapon hit Lorkhan. No matter how hard the heroes tried he either blocked or steped out of the way. They tried to use this to their advantage by forcing him to step in the way of an incoming weapon but even then he managed to block the sword and push the hero who swung it backwards. When he had had his fun, Lorkhan used a sudden blast of air the shove all five of the heroes backwards. With their feet planted firmly of the ground, the heroes slid backwards in the mud. The five heroes stood in a semi circle around Lorkhan, each hero about an arm's length apart with their weapon raised and ready to charge again.

    "I warned you, I told you, I am unstoppable. You cannot defeat me. I tried to explain to you that fighting back against me would ultimately end up in the five of you dying. However, despite my warnings you all continued to push and push and not believe me as I told you that you will die. Now, I will make good on those promises. Those warnings will come true. IT IS TIME ALL OF YOU HEROES DIED!" With not even a moment's notice Lorkhan spun his arms around the front of his body, then pulled them back and leaned the top part of his body slightly backwards, then he swiftly thrust his arms at the ground and a large burst of flame erupted from around him and traveled at the team of heroes.

    Argon's survival instincts kicked in and without thinking he used a Dragon Shout, "FEIM ZII GRON!" the power of the shout consumed Argon and turned him ethereal, or in other words he was unable to be hurt but he was also unable to hurt. The firey blast flew right at him and he unnecessarily ducked and covered his head with his arms.

    After the fire had passed by, Argon looked straight in front of him and saw Lorkhan standing there staring at him. The trees around them were all charred and there was a cloud of smoke in the air floating around Lorkhan. The smoke was high up at some parts, but close to the ground others, it wrapped around Lorkhan like a ribbon. Lorkhan paced back and forth never taking his eyes off of the spectral looking Dragonborn. "So you survived. Pity, the same cannot be said for your friends." Lorkhan said in an angry voice, "You might have survived me this time but know this, as he was killing me I promised Trinimac I would return and murder him and the Divines and so I have. I keep my promises and I promise you Argon Stormblade, I will kill you." Without another word Lorkhan vanished.

    The smoke cleared away and looking around him Argon saw the burned corpses of his friends scattered around his feet. Argon's hands went up to his head and he placed the palms on his forehead and squeezed the top of his head with his finger. "No... No.... No.. No, no, no, no, no. NO!!!!" Argon shouted into the sky, tears filled his eyes and he fell to the ground and began to weep. Twenty minutes later, Argon rose from the small patch of wet ground he had fallen onto leaving the imprint of a man behind that quickly filled with water when he stood. Argon used the thu'um to create four deep holes in the ground and he buried his dead friends, weeping the entire time.
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    Chapter 13: A New Vengeance
    The front doors to Lakeview Manor flew open and smacked into the walls, in walked Frodnar with panic overcoming his body. "By the gods, this can't be happening!" Frodnar yelled out.

    "Frodnar? What's wrong?" Dorthe asked as she descended the stairs into the main hall of the house. Frodnar walked into the main hall and threw the latest issue of The Black Horse Courier onto the table in the middle of the room. "Take a look." he said grimly.

    Dorthe picked up the paper and read the frontpage headline. "I picked that up when I was in town. Gods we're all going to die." Frodnar said.

    "Sissel! Lars! Come down here!" Dorthe called out and then went to hug her husband, "Everything is going to be okay. We're going to be fine." she told him.

    Frodnar held her close to him and stroked her long brown hair. Sissel and Lars heard Dorthe call them and they came down from the top of the alchemy tower where they had been standing and admiring the lake. "Is everything okay?" Sissel asked. "No. Nothing is okay." Frodnar told her. Dorthe pointed to the paper on the table.

    Sissel picked up the paper and read the headline as Lars read over her shoulder. "By the gods..." Sissel said. "'Lorkhan takes Solitude. The Fallen God Returns'?" Lars read the headline aloud.

    "I... I knew he was back... Argon told us, I just didn't know that things were this bad... I mean he took an entire city! The capital of Skyrim no less!" Frodnar exclaimed.

    "No, don't worry. It's going to be alright, Argon is going to handle this. The heroes are going to save us, they always do." Sissel tried to reason, "Come on Dorthe you know they'll save us right? You and I should know, we were raised by Argon. We know how strong he is, if anyone can save us it's Argon and his team."

    "We're going to be fine." Dorthe assured the men.

    "I don't know..." Lars said, "They've never taken down a god before. At least not one who helped created the world and is now bent on revenge."

    "I know you two have confidence in Argon, and I want to have confidence in him too, but you have to keep in mind that Sithis created Lorkhan to destroy the universe. Lorkhan is the unholy offspring of The Void, he was designed only to destroy and now not only is his purpose to destroy the universe, but he has a passion to destroy it. I don't know if anything can stop him now." Frodnar said solemnly.

    "And YOU have to keep in mind that Argon defeated Sithis before! He tossed him into the lowest layer of The Void and trapped him there! Sithis had been carrying out a decades long plan to take over the world and Argon managed to stop it! Argon defeated The Void himself, I highly doubt that a battle with The Void's creation would end any differently. We are going to be fine and you need to stop worrying." Dorthe said as she was talking she was walking to shut the doors Frodnar had left open, as she began to close them a metal boot was wedged in between the doors and prevented them from closing all the way. "What the--" Dorthe began to say but before she could finish speaking, the doors were blown open by a powerful force and Dorthe flew backwards into the wall and smacked her head.

    "Dorthe!!!" Frodnar yelled out.

    "Oh... Sorry... The door was open..." Lorkhan said as he entered the house.

    "Are you...?" Lars couldn't even bring himself to say his name.

    "Lorkhan? Yes. Yes I am. Although I have other names. Unholy offspring of The Void? I like that. I'll have to remember that."

    "Why are you here?" Lars questioned as he began reaching for the sword at his belt.

    "Isn't it obvious? I'm going to kill you." Lorkhan said casually.

    "Why? We've done nothing to you!" Sissel cried out.

    "No, but Argon has. He has insisted on trying to stop me, and now that the rest of the heroes are dead I can have some fun with Argon. I am going to destroy him from the inside out. I am going to ruin everything he loves, I am going to break him. I will make him a shell of the man he claims to be and when the rest of the world sees their greatest hero broken, hopeless, and beaten, they will lose hope. Many will turn to me, many will run, others might rebel, and this world will tear itself apart. Then, when hope is gone and the world is shattered I will raze it and rebuild it as a new paradise! A perfect world ruled only by me." Lorkhan proclaimed his plan.

    "Why destroy this world? Why not rule this one? You don't have to kill us all!" Sissel pleaded.

    "Because, this world is flawed. In the beginning it was perfect, but then The Divines took over and the fledgling world was raised by evil corrupted beings and they took my perfect creation and ruined it, they mangled it to be their perfect vision. In this world you require heroes because of the amount of evil in it, in my world there will be no evil because I will rule it with an iron fist! No one would dare step out of line for fear of my wrath!" Lorkhan yelled into the night.

    During Lorkhan's rant Frodnar had slipped into the house's armory and grabbed an Akaviri sword off of the weapon rack. It was a special Akaviri sword known as Dragonbane, Argon had found it when he helped rediscover Sky Haven Temple. The sword was a powerful weapon with a special enchantment that made it especially effective against dragons, along with that there was also an enchantment that caused it to do shock damage against whomever it hit. Frodnar slipped the sword into his belt and grabbed two more weapons a glass sword known as Chillrend for Sissel, and an Elven Greatsword for Lars. Frodnar slipped Chillrend into the other side of his belt and holding the Elven Greatsword in his hands he walked back into the main room where he stood before Lorkhan.

    "You call the Divines evil and corrupted, but the only evil and corrupted being here is you." Frodnar said. Frodnar put the Elven Sword in his left hand, unsheathed Chillrend and handed it to Sissel. Sissel took the sword and got into a battle stance. Frodnar then held the Elven Greatsword out to Lars. Lars dropped his iron sword to the ground and in awe he accepted the sword from Frodnar. Lars looked at the sword with disbelief, he felt unworthy to even look at this sword for it was the sword that Argon had used to kill Alduin the first time. This sword had saved the world, and when the world was threatened again, the sword had returned to battle, with Lars as its weilder.

    "I see you've prepared yourself for battle. I admire your fortitude. It's a shame you couldn't make this easier on yourselves. However, I never back down from a good fight." Lorkhan smirked and unsheathed his sword. "Let this be your final battle."

    Lorkhan swung his sword at Frodnar but with swiftness the Nord pulled Dragonbane from its sheathe and blocked Lorkhan's swing only inches from his neck. Lorkhan pushed on his sword and despite putting all of his strength into pushing back, Frodnar was unable to overcome Lorkhan's strength. At the last second Frodnar dropped to the ground and Lorkhan's sword passed by his head severing a lock of his golden hair.

    Lars and Sissel both pounced at Lorkhan, their blades flying at him from different directions. Lorkhan waved his arm across his body and a pulse flew from it hitting Lars and Sissel and knocking them both to the ground. Lars, Sissel, and Frodnar all pushed themselves to their feet and raised their swords once more. "We don't go down so easily." Lars said.

    "No, I suppose you don't." Lorkhan said. With a flick of his wrist Lorkhan broke the bannister above Lars and the wooden pieces fell down on top of his head knocking him out.

    "Lars!" Sissel shouted out.

    "Or maybe you do." Lorkhan grinned.

    "Come on Sissel, we gotta keep fighting!" Frodnar yelled to her.

    Sissel turned her attention and anger to Lorkhan and ran at him with her sword high in the air. Lorkhan snapped his fingers and the big table in the center of the room suddenly flipped onto its side and threw itself at the woman. The table swatted her out of the air and it flew back into the stone fireplace where and a loud snap rang out then both the table and Sissel's lifeless body fell to the ground. Frodnar had dove out of the way as the table flew towards him as well, and he stared in disbelief at the corpse of Sissel on the ground. "Gods, no..." Frodnar whispered. Lorkhan approached Frodnar, his sword dragging on the ground, Frodnar scrambled to get to his feet but he'd injured his ankle as he dodged the table. Lorkhan grew nearer and nearer his cackling laugh getting louder and louder. Frodnar looked into Lorkhan's eyes and saw a fire raging behind them, an evil and angry grin crept across the god's face as he raised his sword high above his head. All Frodnar could do was watch as Lorkhan's blade came closer towards him, time seemed to slow down as his end neared. Suddenly, as if sent from the Divines themselves, Frodnar saw a figure in the corner of his eye. The figure launched herself at Lorkhan and tackled him to the ground. Lorkhan's sword clattered to the ground and the woman pinned Lorkhan down, her knees on his shoulders and her legs wrapped around his arms. The woman began punching Lorkhan in the face and quickly she reached down and grabbed the sword fastened to her hips. As she brought the sword closer to Lorkhan's face he gripped her ankles and flung her off of him. The woman's feet touched the ground and she slid backwards, her sword still in her hand.

    Frodnar looked at his savior and recognized her instantly, "Kara!" he called out.

    Argon's wife pushed her pony tail back over her shoulders and glanced at Frodnar. Seeing he was alright she charged Lorkhan again. This time, Lorkhan was ready and he raised his sword and caught her sword on his. "This ends here, Lorkhan!" Kara yelled at the god.

    "It does for you." Lorkhan snarled.

    Kara pulled her sword back from Lorkhan's and ducked underneath his sword as it flew towards her. She spun around and landed her sword right in Lorkhan's side where the was a small gap in his armor. Lorkhan yelled out in pain as the sword connected with his skin. Kara drew the blade back and swung it at Lorkhan's head. Lorkhan regained his senses in time to catch her blade in his hand. "This is a lovely sword, truly, you can see the power coursing through it." Lorkhan said.

    "How about I give you a closer look?!" Kara said trying to yank the sword from Lorkhan's hand.

    Lorkhan gripped the blade tighter and used it to lift Kara up and throw her back against the wall. Kara hit the wall with a thud and fell down onto a pile of baskets and other junk. Kara tried to stand up but the items beneath kept shifting and preventing her from stablizing herself. Lorkhan approached her when suddenly someone jumped on him from behind.

    Lars gripped Lorkhan around the neck with one arm and with the other he struggled to bring the Elven Greatsword closer to Lorkhan's head. Lorkhan threw the man off of him but he was caught by Frodnar who had managed to grab a Potion of Minor Healing and ingest it, now only a small pain was left in his ankle. "Thanks." Lars said as Frodnar set him down.

    Lorkhan turned to face the men, the fires in his eyes growing and heating up turning his pupils into small furnaces. The god readied his sword and glared at the two men.

    "We fight together..." Frodnar began.

    "...we die together." Lars finished.

    Frodnar raised Dragonbane and Lars gripped the Elven Greatsword with both hands and raised it as well. At once they charged Lorkhan and managed to clash their swords into his armor. They withdrew their weapons and swung a second time, but Lorkhan's large blade blocked them both. He shoved back on his sword and staggered the men. Lorkhan raised his hand and lifted them both into the air. He threw them up into the ceiling and then caught them with his telekinesis and slammed them into the floor. The impact with the ground was the final blow they could take and upon impact they both died.

    Lorkhan turned to Kara and fear was in her eyes. The woman tried to scramble to her feet and run but the junk beneath her kept on shifting. Lorkhan smiled at her as he watched her frantically try to escape. Accepting that she would not be able to get up in time Kara turned to Lorkhan and began to beg. "Please, please, please, please, don't kill me. Please I am begging you leave me be!" Kara began to cry.

    Lorkhan laughed. "I'm sorry, please let me go. I'll... I'll leave, I will go somewhere else you don't have to hear from me again. I will flee to a whole different province. I will worship you! I will do anything, just please don't kill me!!" Kara begged.

    A puzzled look came across Lorkhan's face and then he realized. "I've seen someone beg like this before.... You're not begging for yourself, are you?" Lorkhan asked.

    Kara shook her head.

    "Does Argon know?" Lorkhan asked.

    Kara shook her head again.

    "Well, you'll have plenty of time to tell him in Sovngarde, after I have had my fun with him." Lorkhan stabbed Kara in the lung and left her to die.

    As Lorkhan left the house he heard a small gasping noise come from the still unconscious Dorthe. He knelt down in front of her, held out his hand, slowly pulled his arm back, and closed his fingers as though he was pulling her spirit from her body and as he did it, she died.

    Argon solemnly approached his home, dismounting from Shadowmere's back. As he approached the doors he saw them flung open, he stepped through the entry way and found his home in ruins. Against the wall he saw Dorthe's lifeless body, in the back of the main room he saw Sissel's corpse sprawled across the table, on the floor he saw Frodnar and Lars lying dead next to each other. Argon felt tears sprout from her eyes as he looked at the scene around him, that was when he turned his head and saw Kara gasping for air. Argon instantly rushed to her side and grabbed her hand. Kara looked at her husband and saw that he was alone, the look on his face told her the other heroes had not made it back alive.

    "Kara... What- What happened here?!" Argon said blinking back tears.

    Kara gasped and said to him, "Lorkhan.... He, he came... I tried..."

    "It's going to be okay, it's going to be alright, you are going to be fine." Argon told her.

    Kara shook her head and said to him, "I'm so sorry..."

    Argon held her close to him and said, "No, don't be sorry. You did good. I should have never sent you back here. I'm so sorry."

    Kara summoned enough strength to try and speak a few sentences. "It's all up to you now. You have to stop him. Only you can save the world. But you're not on your own, I will always be with you. Forever. You can do this Argon, I believe in you. We all do. I love you." Kara spoke between breaths.

    Argon held his wife tighter and said to her, "I love you too. I always will."

    Before she could say anymore, Kara died in Argon's arms. Argon felt as her heart stopped beating and her body shut down. Argon held her even tighter and for the second time that week Argon sobbed.
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    Chapter 14: Stormy Days

    2 Weeks Later

    A meeting was going on in Sky Haven Temple. In the middle of the main room in front of Alduin's Wall, was a stone table. Gathered around the stone table were members of The Blades, an ancient faction of dragonslayers that had been destroyed by the Thalmor at the First Great War and had been rebuilt with the help of Argon Stormblade. At the end of the table that touched the stairs leading up to Alduin's Wall was a second level of the table that was at the top of the stairs, this is where the Grandmaster of The Blades sat presiding over the meeting.

    The Grandmaster addressed The Blades, "As all of you know, our world is once again in peril. The Fallen God, Lorkhan, has returned and is threatening our world. As we speak Lorkhan is building an army and planning something, something catastrophic. Reports say that as he takes down cities he proclaims his plans for a new world and the end of ours. How he plans to do this, nobody knows but with each passing day the end draws nearer. Lorkhan's army is now in the hundreds, and it just keeps growing. In the last two days Rorikstead, Dragonbridge, and Riverwood have fallen to his army. Most hold capitals have fallen as well, with Markarth, Morthal, and Falkreath being the only ones remaining."

    "We need to launch an attack on Lorkhan. Strike his army at Solitude and take down as many of those bastards as possible." one of the Blades members suggested.

    Another Blades member said to the first, "Lorkhan's army is in the hundreds! There are thirty of us! If we attack him we will surely die! Even if we do somehow manage to destroy his army, how will we defeat Lorkhan? We're mere mortals and he is a god!"

    "We need someone strong, someone who possesses the power of a god and knows how to use it, we need The Dragonborn." a third member said.

    "Bah! Goodluck getting him to fight! Rumors say Argon Stormblade has been practically living at the Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath! All he does is sit there at the bar, drinking, and waiting for the end! He is in no position to take on Lorkhan!" the first Blades member said.

    "I agree. We do need Argon." the Grandmaster cut in, "However, it is true that Argon is but a shell of his true self. After the rest of his team died and his family was slaughtered, Argon slipped into a state of depression and remorse. He doesn't see himself as a hero anymore, he seems himself as a failure."

    "So what do we do?" the second member asked.

    "We have to fix him. We have to remind Argon that there is hope and that he can save us all." The Grandmaster said.

    "And just how exactly do we do that?! Trying to repair a man as broken as Argon will be like trying to join the College of Winterhold with no magical abilities! It just can't be done!" a fourth member said.

    "Actually, there is one thing we can do." The Grandmaster said.

    "What would that be?" the fourth member said, intrigued.

    "We send 'her' in." The Grandmaster said.

    A gasp came from the voices of every Blades member in the room.

    "Grandmaster, are sure?" said the second memeber.

    "It's the only choice we have. What say you, Creel? Will it be possible to pull her out of the paralysis?" The Grandmaster asked the head mage of the Blades.

    "Well, yes, it will be but I'll need a few days to do it." Creel replied.

    "We don't have a few days, Creel. Each day another city falls and Lorkhan's army grows. We need her pulled out today." The Grandmaster declared.

    "I'm sorry Grandmaster, but she's been under the effects of the spell for so long that if she isn't eased out of it she might die." Creel told her.

    "That is a risk you have to take. We don't have any other choice, the world could end at any minute."

    "Yes Grandmaster, I and the rest of the mages will prepare to break the spell." Creel relucantly agreed.

    "Good. As for the rest of you, get back to your training there's a battle coming and we must be ready for it. Dismissed." The Grandmaster concluded the meeting.

    The rest of the Blades stood up and said, "Yes, Grandmaster Lydia."
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    Chapter 15: Dead Man's Drink

    Argon was sitting at the bar of the Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath. He wasn't wearing his armor like he usually did, instead he was wearing all black. Black boots, black gloves, and a black shirt with a belt around the waist. In front of Argon on the bar rested his hand which was clasped around an empty bottle. "Bring me another drink!" the drunken man yelled out. The bar tender walked over to Argon and said to him, "I think you've had enough Argon. You've been coming here every day for the past two weeks. It's time for you to get back out there and stop Lorkhan. More and more cities fall to him each day."

    Argon looked up at the bartender and whispered, "Come here." The bartender looked puzzled. "Come on. Come here." Argon whispered again.

    The bartender put his ear up to Argon's mouth and Argon yelled into it, "I DON'T PAY YOU TO LECTURE ME, DAVIONE. I PAY YOU TO GET ME DRINKS. NOW GET ME ANOTHER MEAD."

    Davione bent down and grabbed another bottle from under the bar and placed it in front of Argon. "You don't pay at all." Davione muttered as he walked off.

    The tavern was empty as it had been for a few days, people were too scared of Lorkhan to leave their homes. Most people stayed at home, their doors barricaded, and with a sword at their waist, a bow in their hand, and a filled quiver on their back.

    Argon stared at the bottle of Black-Briar mead. During his first years in Skyrim he had hated the Black-Briars. They were all a bunch of liars and cheaters making their money off of the misfortune of others, but they did make great mead. Argon uncorked the bottle and held it up to his lips. The warm liquid glided down his throat and into his stomach. Argon placed the bottle back down on the counter with a thud.

    "I really think it's time for you to go home." Davione tried again, his fear of the Dragonborn's wrath was so great that he refused to have the guards forcefully remove him from the tavern.

    "I really think it's time for you to shut up." Argon said with a belch.

    The door to the tavern opened and in poured the rain and wind from outside. Along with the rain and wind a woman entered the tavern. Argon listened to her footsteps as they approached the bar. When she reached the bar the woman pulled back the barstool next to Argon and sat upon it.

    "So," the woman said, "the world is ending and our only hope to save it is spending his time sitting at a bar, drinking, and feeling sorry for himself. That doesn't sound much like you, Argon."

    Argon without looking at her shook his head and said, "I'd offer to buy you a drink, but I'm afraid I'm a married man. At least I was..." Argon's voice faltered as he said the last sentence.

    "Good." the woman answered, "Of all the people in the world, I can assure you I would never want you to buy me a drink."

    "Psh. Your loss." Argon said still not looking at the woman. "What do you care if I'm just sitting at a bar anyways?"

    "Well for one thing I, along with everyone else, would prefer the world not end. Plus, I really hate seeing my little brother in such a terrible state." the woman told Argon.

    "Ha! Nice try, but I don't have any siblings." Argon said.

    "How about you look at me, Argon?" the woman said as she removed her fingerless glove and placed her hand on Argon's wrist.

    The woman's skin was so soft and warm, Argon had only known two women with skin as soft as her's. The feeling of this woman's hand on his wrist triggered a memory in Argon's mind, one from a long time ago when they were both a lot younger and lived in Bruma.

    "Come on, show me where that bully is!" the young girl said dragging Argon by his wrist.

    "No! He's so scary, he's just going to hurt me more!" a younger Argon pleaded.

    "Then we're just gonna have to make him scared of me!" the girl said tugging on Argon's wrist. "Now show me where he is!"

    "He's over by the Temple of Talos..." Argon said weakly.

    The girl, with an iron grasp, pulled Argon by his wrist to the Temple not letting go until they got there.

    "HEY!" the girl yelled when she spotted the boy who had hit Argon and broke his wooden dagger.

    "What do you want?!" the bully said standing up and approaching the girl.

    "So you're the one who hurt my little brother and broke his dagger?" the girl asked.

    The bully chuckled. "Hah. Yeah. I am, what are you going to do about it? I'm a whole lot tougher than you." the bully pulled a real metal dagger from his belt and walked up to the girl. "How about you just go home?" he said as he held the dagger up to her face.

    In an instant the girl ripped the dagger from his hand, grabbed his waist, spun him so his back was to her, held the dagger up to his throat, and whispered into his ear. "Now you listen to me, and listen good, if you ever EVER bully anyone, ESPECIALLY my little brother, ever again I promise you I will sneak into your house and break your legs while you sleep. Do you understand?"

    The bully's face flushed and he nodded head while repeatedly and frantically saying, "Yes, I understand."

    "Good." the girl said and she threw him face first into the snow.

    The bully rolled over and stared at her, snow caked on his eyebrows, the girl threw his dagger right next to his head.

    Again the girl grabbed Argon's wrist, softly this time, and pulled him back home. Once at home Argon looked at her and thanked her for what she had just done. "You're welcome." she said, "Now, don't tell Dad or Grandma."

    "I won't." Argon said and he wrapped his twin sister in a hug.

    Argon turned and looked at the woman sitting next to him. Disbelief came over his face as he stared at the woman. Argon was unable to speak any words. He couldn't take his eyes off of the woman. Her long golden hair that was tied back in a pony tail with a few locks hanging in front of her face, her pale skin and red lips, the icy blue eyes, the flower she had painted next to her left eye, and the scar she had stretching from below her bottom left eyelid that cut through the top of the flower, it was all too familiar. Argon knew this woman, there was only one problem...

    Argon managed to get a few words out, "Katja?! I thought you were dead..."
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    Chapter 16: Katja

    Katja Stormblade set a large coin purse down on the bar, smiled at the barkeep and said to him with a smile, "For your troubles." Katja then stood up from her barstool, put Argon's left arm around her shoulder and helped him to his feet.

    "But, I wasn't done drinking yet..." Argon said as he reached for his bottle and ended up knocking it over and spilling all its remaining contents.

    Davione sighed and proceeded to wipe down the mess. "Alright, now you're done let's go." Katja said as she began leading Argon to the door. As the twins stepped outside Argon began to complain, "No, we're gonna get all wet... Let's, let's just stay here tonight..."

    "I think you've stayed here long enough. Let's get you home." Katja said as she loaded Argon onto her wagon.

    "You don't even know where my home is!" Argon said.

    "I have a map." Katja said waving a paper in his face. Argon sighed.

    The twins rode back to Lakeview Manor in absolute silence, save for the sounds of the rain, the horses hooves, and the wheels of the wagon as they clacked and splashed upon the wet stones. Not a single word was shared between the two siblings. Upon arrival to the manor Argon stumbled up to the door, he reached into the small pouch at his waist and pulled out the key. As Argon tried to unlock the front door he continually missed the lock. Katja watched rather amused at first, but after a few minutes she took the key from Argon's hand, slipped it into the lock and turned it, with a small push the front door slid open and revealed a candlelit interior.

    Argon had cleaned up the house and buried the dead where his garden used to be, with all of the recent crises demanding his attention Argon had been unable to take care of his crops and they had all died.

    Once inside the house Katja was in awe. The small entrance room that proceeded the main room was like seeing a small box that housed a grand surprise. Directly in front of her in the Main Hall was a grand table and behind the table was a fireplace, to her right was an armory filled with weapons and armor, to her left was a bedroom that she assumed to be Argon's, she didn't go upstairs but if the upstairs was anything like the downstairs it would probably be grand as well. Suddenly, a great force shoved her back into the wall her head smacked a wooden post. When Katja opened her eyes she saw Argon pressing her back up against the wall with a small dagger to her throat and shoving his other arm up into her gut.

    "Does Lorkhan really think that this will fool me?!" Argon's breath smelled of mead and vomit, "Katja died decades ago, I might be broken but I am no fool!"

    "Argon..." Katja gasped, "Please... Stop..."

    "Why can't Lorkhan just leave me alone?! He's already taken everything from me! He killed my friends, my family, he invaded my home! Now he's sending me red herrings to try and mess with my head?!" Tears pooled in Argon's eyes. "Just go away! Leave me alone! I'm no threat, not anymore! Just get out of my home and let me die in peace!"

    "Argon, it's really me..." Katja pleaded.

    "How stupid do you think I am? Katja is dead! She's been dead for years! She's gone, just like everyone else. Why continue to taunt me when everything I ever cared about is gone? What's the point of saving the world, when there's nothing worth saving?" Argon pulled his arm out of Katja's gut.

    "Just give me a chance, Argon." Katja said.

    A stern look over came Argon's face. "Fine." after thinking for a moment he said, "Tell me, what was the nickname I always called Katja?"

    Katja thought for a moment and then laughed, "You want the good one, or the one that makes you sound like a three year old?"

    Argon pulled the dagger away from her throat and backed up, "By the gods..." he said, "It is you..."

    Argon had two nicknames for Katja, one that pretty much everyone called her and one he had created just to annoy her. Whenever he called her the second one she would always get really angry and tell him he sounded like he was three, to which Argon would laugh. There was no way Lorkhan could know that, perhaps he would know Argon had a sister but knowing the most trivial of things? Either Lorkhan was more powerful than Argon thought, or this really was his sister. It could have just been the desperation for something or someone he cared about, but Argon really did believe this was his twin sister.

    Katja laughed and rubbed her throat, "Yeah, 'Kitty-Katja' worst nickname ever."

    Argon stared once again in disbelief, "How are you...?"

    "Alive? Well, you shoving a dagger up to my throat didn't help that very much." Katja joked.

    "I, I'm sorry. I just, I can't..." Argon sat down at the table and put his hands on his head.

    Katja walked up to him and brushed his blonde hair with her hand. "I can't believe it either." she told him. "We'll talk in the morning though, we should really get you to bed."

    Argon nodded his head, "Yeah, okay."

    Katja helped Argon to his feet and walked him to his bed. She pulled back the blankets and helped him lay down. "Do you have somewhere for me to sleep?" she asked.

    "There's a few beds up stairs, the big one is on the other side of the wall behind the two single ones." Argon told her.

    "Okay." she said and she extinguised the candle in the room and went upstairs to her bed.

    The next morning Argon awoke in his bed with a splitting headache. He got himself out of bed and walked into the Main Hall. "Katja?" he called out. There was no answer. Argon walked upstairs to the bed he told Katja about and found it empty. In fact it looked as if no one had even slept in it at all, confused Argon walked to the other side of the wall and found both the single beds in a similar condition. Even more puzzled he decided to check the bed in the front room. It was empty as well. When he awoke he had noticed neither of the children-sized beds had been disturbed, not that Katja would have fit in them anyways.

    He must have hallucinated the whole thing. How stupid could he be? Katja wasn't alive, she died before he had even come to Skyrim. There was no way she could have been there and if she had been, she would have looked a lot older. Argon sat down on the bed and pressed his palms into his eyes. After sitting like that for a few minutes he decided to go outside for some air. As he walked outside a warm mist left by the previous nights rain kissed his face. He listened to the sounds of the world, the birds chirping, bugs buzzing, fish splashing, but there was one unfamiliar sound. From the other side of the house there was the sound of an axe smacking a stump and wood cracking. Argon crept around the house to investigate and there he found Katja chopping wood.

    Argon stood there staring at her trying to refamiliarize himself with this sight. Despite it having been decades since he last layed eyes upon her, she looked the exact same as the last time Argon had seen her. Her blonde hair was tied back by the same black band with a few locks of hair hanging in her face and she wore the exact same outfit that she always wore. Around her throat was a black collar, she wore a small black tunic and a belt covered in pouches on her body. The right leg of her trousers were attached with the boot and completely covered the leg and the left leg cut off just where her leg began with a small strap attaching the boot and the trousers. Her boots were very thin and at the foot they were more like slippers that were reinforced at the toes and heels. She wore fingerless gloves with the right one stretching from her hand and barley past elbow and the left one only covered her palm with a belt spiraling up her arm ending halfway between her elbow and shoulder. On the lower part of her back she had her glass dagger that she always carried with her.

    Katja turned and saw Argon standing there staring at her. "Hope you don't mind, I woke up about an hour ago and you were still asleep. I needed something to do. Oh, I made my bed."

    Katja saw Argon's expression and frowned. "We need to talk, don't we?"

    Argon nodded his head, "I'd say so."

    "Alright. After you." Katja slammed the axe into the stump so it stuck then she released the handle and followed Argon into the house.

    Argon and Katja sat opposite each at the table in the Main Hall. For a few minutes they just sat there, staring into each others' faces trying to comprehend seeing the other again. Finally, Katja spoke, "So, what happened in Bruma?" she asked.

    "Why don't you tell me?" Argon replied.

    Katja sighed and nodded her head in acceptance, "I failed." she told him.

    "I know you did." Argon said, "I know, because that necromancer came to our house and he killed Dad and Grandma."

    Katja was horrified, "Tell me what happened."

    Argon toke a deep breath before recounting his tale, "The necromancer you went to go stop, I can't remember his name, after you failed to kill him he came to our house. I had left to go to the shop and buy some things, food, drink, and a present to congratulate you for saving the city. However, when I returned I found our house on fire. I dropped everything and ran inside and found him in our bedroom. He turned and looked at me, an evil grin across his face, and he pulled the dagger out of Dad's chest and dropped his body to the floor. I looked over at the window in the hallway, you know where grandma used to like to sit, and I saw her lying there he had already killed her. With a flick of his wrist he slammed the door behind me shut and threw a bolt of fire at my face. I jumped out of the way and the bolt exploded against the door. The necromancer moved towards me and I slid between his legs. It wasn't the smartest move, I ended up with my back to the fireplace. He turned to face me, a spell ready in his hand, he threw it next to me and I rolled off to the side, slowly he approached me ready for the kill. As he got closer he told me he had already killed you, that you had died by his hand just as I would in punishment for your actions, anger and pain swelled inside me and so I did it. Without even thinking I quickly grabbed the fireplace poker and I stabbed him through the heart. I watched as the light left his eyes and his body went stiff. That was the first time I ever killed someone. I managed to get out of the house before it completely burnt down, and I just stared at it. I knew I couldn't stay there and so I left. My entire life was lost that day."

    Katja was speechless. Thanks to her, her father and grandmother were killed, because of her Argon was forced to take a man's life, because of her their home had been destroyed. "Argon, I-"

    Argon cut her off, "Don't. Don't you dare apologize. It's not your fault. He wanted to destroy Bruma and you went to stop him. That's more than what the city guard did about it."

    "But I didn't stop him. I tried and I failed, if I had managed to kill him then our Dad and Grandma would still be alive, that house would still be intact, you never would have killed someone." Katja said.

    "None of that is your fault. They were the actions of a madman." Argon assured her.

    Katja solemnly nodded her head.

    "Now," Argon said, "you owe me a story. How are you alive?"

    "Well, I guess it goes along with your story." Katja began, "Yes, I went to go stop that necromancer from destroying the city. I managed to sneak into his cave undetected and what I saw was horrible. He had prepared some sort of summoning ritual. What he was trying to summon, I have no idea I just know it would have been catastrophic. I tried to sneak up to him and stab him from behind, but as I was sneaking up to him he turned around and saw me. There was no hiding from him, there were candles everywhere so I was exposed. I drew my dagger and ran at him but he dodged me. He told me that he had expected me, that he prepared something special just for my arrival. From his robes he produced a scroll and he began reading the words off the scroll and I noticed his hands begin to glow. I sheathed my dagger and tried to snatch the scroll but I was too late. He casted the spell and I lost control of my body. I fell to the ground and was unable to move. He began laughing and he started saying something but I was losing conciousness and his voice sounded so distant. Before I completely blacked out I saw him walking out of the cave and then all of a sudden the cave collapsed. The next thing I know I'm waking up in some room with people all around me. I jolted up and they held me down, a woman walked up to me and explained that I had been in some sort of magic coma. She told me that twenty years ago they had been excavating an abandoned cave and found me inside the back chambers. The entire time they had me they had been studying me, they determined that the spell that had been casted on me was designed to keep me alive as well as paralyzed and asleep. The necromancer tried to permanently imprison me in my own body. I didn't need to eat, I didn't age, I never needed air, I could never die. After a few days of the group monitoring me, they told me that you were still alive. They then told me that the world was in danger and you were the only one who could save it, so I was sent here by them to fix you so that I could bring you back and you can save the world."

    "These people who found you, did they say who they were?" Argon asked.

    "Argon, they were The Blades! I thought the Aldmeri Dominion destroyed them a decade before we were born!" Katja excitedly exclaimed.

    "They had, but I er helped bring them back." Argon said.

    "They told me you were some sort of hero." Katja said, "They told me that the world was in danger and you're the only one who could save it, the Grandmaster told me to have you explain everything."

    "All of that is true." Argon confirmed.

    "Then you have some explaining to do as well. The Argon I remember might have been a good man, but he was no fighter." Katja laughed.

    "I'll explain everything. But first we need to get on the road." Argon said.

    "Where are we going?" Katja asked.

    "Sky Haven Temple." Argon told her.
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    Chapter 17: Haven

    Moving quickly, Argon prepared for the journey. Argon flung his sword and a quiver of Sunhallowed Elven Arrows on his back. To accompany the arrows Argon grabbed Auriel's Bow from its place above his bed. After getting everything ready he grabbed Katja and they left.

    Argon and Katja rode off to the temple on Argon's horse, Shadowmere. Katja held on tightly to Argon's back as he directed the horse where to go. Shadowmere was a fine steed, he was trustworthy, strong, fast, and was incredibly smart for a horse. Argon never had to direct Shadowmere all that much, the steed already knew where they were going and how to get there. Argon just controlled his speed and kept him from running into things.

    "Why couldn't we just take my wagon?" Katja complained, "There's room for both of us."

    "Shadowmere is faster than any wagon, I assure you." Argon told her.

    "So why couldn't we just attach him to mine?" Katja asked.

    "I tried that once. Shadowmere does not like wagons." Argon explained.

    "I just feel kinda bad leaving my horse behind like that." Katja said.

    "She'll be fine. We unbound her from the wagon and let her roam around my property. There's plenty of feed, the stables are nice and cozy, you have nothing to worry about." Argon assured her.

    "Except the end of the world." Katja muttered, "You still haven't explained to me exactly what's going on. Why is the world ending, and why are The Blades so sure you are the only one who can stop it?"

    "Do you remember all those stories Dad used to tell us?" Argon asked.

    "Of course I do. They were what inspired me to protect Bruma." Katja said.

    "There was one story that Dad used to love telling us. Mom would tell us it too when we would visit her in Anvil, you know before she died." Argon said.

    "Okay..." Katja said confused, "They both told us a lot of the same stories."

    "Well this was a special one. It was about an ancient Nord hero called The Dragonborn." Argon told her.

    "I remember that one! I loved that story. It always gave me hope, even when I was feeling my lowest." Katja recalled joyously.

    "And remember, there was a prophecy that went along with it?"

    Instictively Katja recited the prophecy, "When misrule takes its place at the eight corners of the world, when the Brass Tower walks and Time is reshaped, when the thrice-blessed fail and the Red Tower trembles, when the Dragonborn ruler loses his throne, and the White Tower falls, when the Snow Tower lies sundered, kingless, bleeding, The World-Eater wakes, and the wheel turns upon the Last Dragonborn."

    "Exactly." Argon said, "Now, what if I told you that prophecy was about me?"

    Katja laughed, "You're kidding, right?"

    "No, I'm not." Argon said, "I am The Dragonborn."

    "There's no way. That's an ancient prophecy the odds of you being the one it was about are terrible." Katja said.

    "Well it had to be about someone. Let me prove it to you." Argon brought Shadowmere to a sudden stop and climbed down from the horse. Katja hopped off and stood next to him. "You might wanna stand back." Argon told her.

    Argon took a deep breath before letting out a great roar, "FUS RO DAH!!" he shouted. The blue power flew forth from his mouth, and out the hole he had cut in Konahrik so that it wouldn't fly off everytime he wanted to use the Thu'um.

    "No. Way." Katja said.

    "Told you." Argon said and he climbed back on Shadowmere.

    Katja climbed on behind him and squealed, "My baby brother is The Dragonborn!"

    "We're twins Katja, I'm not your baby brother." Argon said.

    "You are by ten minutes." Katja laughed, "So tell me, how did you find out you were Dragonborn?"

    "Well, after the incident in Bruma I didn't know what to do. I knew I couldn't stay in Bruma anymore, I just didn't know where to go. Eventually, I decided to make a fresh start in Skyrim. In my haste to leave the province I didn't want to deal with the hassel of going through one of the points set up for crossing between provinces, so I decided to illegally cross. It just so happened, that I stumbled across an ambush. Skyrim was locked in a Civil War between the Empire and the rebels know as the Stormcloaks. During the confusion I was captured and taken to a town for execution as a rebel. Right before my execution a dragon, Alduin, swooped down and unintentionally saved my life. A man named Hadvar helped me escaped and I went to the village of Riverwood, from there I went to Whiterun and my journey began."

    Argon continued on with his tale of battling Alduin, stopping Harkon, and defeating Miraak. He also told Katja about how he managed to bring peace to the world by promising the Daedra his soul in return for them not interferring with mortals. He then told her about the Soul Wars and the formation of his team and he also told her that it consisted of Tamriel's greatest heroes, he also explained the reason he still looked in his twenties was because when the Divines restored his life they also restored him to his younger age, he then told her about his team's fighting against The Shadow King, their fights against Apocapher, them dealing with the Dwemer, fighting a possessed Talos, and how Lorkhan had returned and was now threatening the world.

    "This team of yours, they're dead, right?" Katja asked.

    "Yeah." Argon sighed, "Along with my wife, my adopted daughters, and my daughters' husbands."

    "Argon, I'm so sorry." Katja comforted.

    "I miss them, I really do." Argon sighed.

    A few hours later the twins arrived at the Karthspire. Outside of the cave was an old Forsworn camp, when Argon helped rediscover Sky Haven Temple he along with two other Blades members cleared out all of the Forsworn. Today, The Blades used the spot as another training area. Inside the cave near the front entrance was the other part of the Forsworn camp, The Blades didn't have much use for it other than the bed that had been set up so that the night guards could watch in shifts. Argon and Katja wandered through the cave and past the inactive obstacles that had been set up to keep out unwanted guests. Argon had also helped disarm those during the rediscovering, but given the situation it might be best to reactivate them.

    After passing by all of the traps the twins came to the entrance of the temple. An empty chest sat in the middle of the room, behind the chest was a blood seal that had been used to reveal the doors to the temple, and behind the blood seal were the doors to the temple. Argon approached the doors and upon them was the Akaviri symbol for the Dragonborn. Argon shoved the stone doors open and entered into the long hallway. Argon and Katja walked down the hallway and inside they saw many Blades warriors wandering the temple. They were all equipped with the standard Blades armor, an Akaviri sword, a quiver of arrows, and a bow.

    "It's been a long time since I was last here." Argon said as he gazed around the room.

    "It has indeed. Too long, in fact." said the voice of an older woman.

    Argon turned to see the Grandmaster of The Blades walking towards him. "Lydia!" Argon called out as she walked towards him.

    "Argon Stormblade, it's so good to see you again." Argon's ex-housecarl said as she neared him.

    "I haven't seen you since the Battle of Cheydinhal. You look good." Argon said.

    "As do you." Lydia replied.

    Years ago after Argon helped kill a dragon outside of Whiterun he was named a thane of the hold. As a thane he was entitled to a housecarl, or bodyguard, Lydia was the one who had been assigned to be Argon's housecarl. For a while Argon and Lydia traveled together, they took down bandits, cleared caves of beasts, and delved into ancient Nordic Crypts. Eventually, as Argon was helping to reform The Blades he recruited Lydia along with two others, a vigilante from Riften named Mjoll, and a Dunmer priest of Mara named Erandur. Eventually the Grandmaster of the Blades, a woman named Delphine, passed away and the title was handed down from her unto Lydia. Under Lydia's rulership and with the assistance of Argon, The Blades increased their numbers and they played a key role in the Second Great War during which Mjoll and Erandur fell.

    Lydia, like the other Blades members wore the regular Blade armor. As always, she kept her hair short although given her age it had changed color from brown to grey. Her face was only slightly wrinkled and her left cheek was left scarred from a fire spell that had been thrown at her. On her right cheek she had a diagonal scar going from the bottom right of her lower eye down to the upper right of her top lip.

    "I'll let you two catch up." Katja said and she wandered off.

    "Well," Lydia said," let me show you around."

    The temple had changed a lot since Argon had last been there. Most of the carvings in the walls reamined but at some points The Blades had dug into the walls and created additional rooms. Lydia showed Argon to the room he would be sharing with Katja it was a small square room with two beds, a table in between them, and a chest at the foot of each bed. As Argon and Lydia walked through the temple members of The Blades would stop and stare at Argon as he passed them by. At one point one of the newer recruits walked up to Argon. "Mr. Stormblade," he said, "it's really great having you here. I mean wow, The Dragonborn standing right in front of me. I can't wait to learn from you, it's an honor sir."

    Argon chuckled and shook the recruit's hand. "Be ready," Argon told him, 'it's not going to be easy."

    "Y-yes sir!" the recruit said and ran off.

    "Nice kid." Argon said to Lydia.

    "That's Alan. He's one of our newer recruits. After Lorkhan took Solitude a wave of people came knocking on the temple door looking for protection. It's an easy exchange really, we give them protection and they fight in our army." Lydia informed Argon.

    "Speaking of, how about you show me what you got?" Argon requested.

    Lydia led Argon out the back door to the back courtyard. All around the courtyard were Blades warriors dodging obstacles, practicing their techniques on dummies, increasing their skills with a bow, and some were even dueling with magic or swords. "So what do you think?" Lydia asked.

    "They're good." Argon said.

    "But?" Lydia asked.

    "There's not enough of them. Katja was telling me you have a total of what, thirty people? In most cases if you send in thrity Blades sure they'd be able to handle the situation in five minutes, but not in this situation. I've experienced Lorkhan first hand and I can guarantee that he is pushing his army to the max. Thirty Blades won't be enough, we need more people. Not to mention the fact that even with their extensive training these warriors won't stand a chance against Lorkhan's army." Argon told Lydia.

    "Well, that's why we brought you in. I could've just sent Katja to renew your spirit, but I sent her to renew your spirit and bring you here. I want you to lead this army. You call the shots, you decide the training, you control everything. What do you say?" Lydia offered.

    Without hesitation Argon said,"I'll do it, but I want you to be my advisor. I've never led something this big before. I've led my team and small squads during the Civil War and Second Great War, but there was never much more than ten soldiers at most."

    Lydia accepted his offer.

    "Okay then, we start planning tomorrow." Argon declared.

    Later that night as everything quieted down and people began going to bed, Argon leaned against a stone pillar atop Alduin's Wall. From his perch Argon watched as Katja, surrounded by six Blades members, sat at the table and engaged in a drinking competition. Lydia walked up to Argon and stood beside him.

    "It's strange, seeing you without your armor on." Lydia joked.

    "I took it off and left it in the chest in my room." Argon told her.

    For the next few minutes they just stood there in silence watching Katja.

    "You should really go get some sleep." Lydia said to him.

    Argon shook his head.

    "It's alright Argon, she'll be here in the morning." Lydia said.

    Argon continued watching in silence as Katja took another drink from her tankard.

    "All of the members love her. Both men and women." Lydia said, "She's really helped boost morale around here. As you can imagine morale has been pretty low these last few weeks, the world is losing hope."

    "She has that affect on people." Argon smiled and paused for a minute, "Thank you."

    "For what?" Lydia asked.

    "Bringing her back to me. After she 'died' I hit a really low point in my life, it didn't help that soon after that I got thrown into a world of fighting dragons and other enemies. Then after Lorkhan took everything from me, I haven't been myself."

    "Which is undertstandable." Lydia reasoned.

    "Having Katja around, it hasn't made the pain go away but it has made it easier to actually stand up. Can I ask you something?"

    "Anything." Lydia answered.

    "How long have you had her here?"

    "Around twenty years." Lydia answered

    "And how'd you know who she was?" Argon questioned, "I've never told anyone the truth about my life before Skyrim. I made up some other story that there was a fire that killed my Dad and Grandma when I was a lot younger and after they died I moved in with my mother in Anvil until she died even though in reality my mom died first. I always cut out Katja and the necromancer. It has always been too painful for me to talk about."

    "Well you told me. I remember, it was one night after we cleared out a particularly dangerous fort of necromancers. We were at a tavern and I commented on how you were acting strange and you told me the truth." Lydia reminded Argon, "After the Second Great War, I wanted to move The Blades back into Cloud Ruler Temple at Bruma. So I took about ten men and we went to Bruma to see about fixing up the temple. I wanted to see what shape the place was in, how much work we might have to do, could we fix the place or would we have to build a completely knew temple, things like that. During our time there I remembered the story you told me and I figured we were there so why not look and see if we could find the cave. I thought that maybe if we could find some piece of her like her dagger then maybe it could give you a bit of closure. After some digging we managed to find the collapsed cave, but what we found inside of it wasn't her dagger, it was her. We rushed her back to Sky Haven Temple and completely forgot our plans of moving into Cloud Ruler."

    "So why didn't you ever tell me you had her here?"

    "When we got her back here I had my mages take a look at her and they explained there was a powerful enchantment keeping her paralyzed and comatose. The spell was unlike anything they had ever seen before and they weren't sure they would be able to break it. I didn't want to tell you about her because I didn't want to get your hopes up and then have you lose her again if we couldn't save her. I was determined to free her though and for years I had the mages trying to free her, we only found out how to break the spell two months ago, we were just too scared of failing and killing her in the process so we just left her like that." Lydia explained.

    "So why did you pull her out?"

    Lydia turned and looked Argon straight in the eyes and said, "Because you needed her."

    Argon leaned back and watched as Katja won the drinking challenge and another man stepped up to challenge her.

    "She's just like I remember her being." Argon said, "Everything about her is the same as it had been before I lost her."

    Lydia began talking, "You know, after we brought her back we watched her for a few days in case the spell had effeted her in any other ways. I explained to Katja exactly what had happened to her and told her that we were decades away from the last year she remembered. During the days that we watched her she was in a state similar to the state you were in. She didn't really want to do anything, she barely ate, barely moved around, her entire world had disappeared in the blink of an eye. Eventually I told her the world was ending and explained the situation. When I got to the point of telling her that you were still alive, suddenly it was like nothing else mattered to her. All she wanted was to see you, to see something familiar, after days of looking like she was dead she was suddenly so active and full of life. You're just as much a crutch to her as she is to you."

    There was suddenly an outcry of cheering as Katja beat yet another opponent. During the cheering Katja noticed Argon standing there watching her and she smiled at him. Argon smiled and gave her a small wave.

    "I think I'm gonna turn in for the night." Argon said to Lydia. "Tomorrow we begin work."

    "Alright, Argon. Sleep well." Lydia said.

    Argon straightened himself up walked away towards his room.

    The next morning Argon awoke to the feeling of someone pushing on his shoulder. "Hey, you ready?" Katja asked when she saw Argon's eyes open.

    "Well no, I was busy sleeping." Argon said.

    "Yeah, I don't really care." Katja laughed.

    "Let's get to it then." Argon said.

    "I'll be waiting for you outside." Katja told him before leaving the room.

    Argon stood up from the bed and stretched his arms. The previous night had been the best he had slept in weeks. Even though his family and friends were still gone he had hope again and he had something to fight for. Argon looked out of the doorway and saw Katja standing outside the room with her back to him.

    The cold stone floor chilled Argon's feet and reminded him that he needed to change out of his sleepwear and into his armor. He walked over to the chest at the foot of his bed and began to put his armor on. After putting on his armor he turned around, picked up his weapons, and put them on his back. After getting ready he met Katja outside the room.

    "So, did you make that all yourself?" Katja asked him as they began walking.

    "I made the Dragonplate Boots and gauntlets, the Ebony Mail is actually a daedric artifact I got from Boethiah. The sword I got after defeating Apocapher, and as for the bow and arrows, the bow was actually used by Akatosh and the arrows I got from a friend of mine. He's a Snow Elf. It's a long story."

    "Right Gelebor, you told be about him on the way over here." Katja said, "What about the mask? You didn't tell me how you got that."

    "It's also an ancient artifact. I got it after collecting all the masks of the more important dragon priests in Skyrim." Argon explained.

    "Well, I have a pretty special story about how I got my armor." Katja said.

    "Oh, is that right?" Argon laughed.

    "Yeah, one day I woke up, went to the shop, bought a lot of leather and then," Katja got into Argon's face and whispered, "and then I made it."

    "I rememeber." Argon said, "I was there."

    "That's right, you were sitting in the corner like you always did." Katja laughed.

    "Well I'm sorry not all of us were born heroes." Argon laughed also.

    Katja joked, "Just the good ones."

    "Sure because I remember that time when I was trying to stop Alduin, and I got paralyzed for a couple decades." Argon joked back.

    A shocked expression came over Katja's face and then she laughed. "That's a low blow Argon." she said with laughter in her voice.

    The twins approached the table in the Main Room and already Lydia was standing there with an assistant waiting for them. "Good morning you two." Lydia said to them.

    "Good morning, Lydia." Argon and Katja said at the same time.

    "So you're THOSE kinds of twins." Lydia joked before becoming serious and saying, "Let's get to work."

    "First off, I want a status report. I've been... occupied for the last few weeks and I haven't really been paying much attention to current events. What's going on in the world? How are the riots, which cities have fallen, are there any resistances, what is the overall morale, things like that." Argon said.

    Lydia gave the status report, "Each day more and more cities and villages across Skyrim are falling. I've been sending two scouts out to a small camp out near Markarth each day and they pick up the latest status reports from around Skyrim. Two days ago some mysterious men were spotted in Helgen, not surprisingly the village fell not long after. Lorkhan himself has not been spotted anywhere. As far as we know there are no resistances except for us. That's probably due to the fact that everywhere Lorkhan's army goes they end up killing almost everybody that doesn't join them, which leaves almost no one around to start a resistance. The hold capitals Markarth, Morthal, and Falkreath are still standing and holding strong. For some reason Lorkhan hasn't really taken much interest in them it seems. Regarding the riots, once it was revealed that Talos was innocent and Lorkhan was behind everything the riots changed from people being angry over Talos to people rioting out of fear of Lorkhan. There's not many riots left in Skyrim, mainly because there's barely anywhere left in Skyrim. In Falkreath there are no riots, everyone is just barricading their houses although you alreay know that. In Markarth, in order to prevent people from rioting the Jarl has struck down with an iron fist. A curfew is being enforced, the guards are a lot stricter and more swift in dealing out punishments, if someone even acts like they're about to riot they are instantly thrown in Cidnah Mine, and finally no one is allowed to enter or leave the city. Morthal seems to be the calmest out of the three remaining capitals, the citizens are mostly trying to go about their normal lives however there are a few doomsayers around the city, the Jarl has grasped the reigns a little bit tighter but not as much as in Markarth. Not much is known about the status of other provinces although it can be assumed that there are riots all over Tamriel. We do however, have an idea about what's going on in Cyrodiil. Before it went dark, The Black Horse Courier distributed one final issue about Cyrodiil. It seems that despite the change in what people are rioting over, the riots have not lessened at all. In fact they seem to have gotten worse, at one point in the issue it talks about how the rioters finally managed to break the blockade at the White-Gold Tower and now it has fallen to the rioters. The status of the High Council is unknown. In Anvil it seems even the Count joined in on the riots and he began ruthelessly murdering his staff before a city guard managed to put him down. The guard was promptly thrown in prison. In Kvatch citizens began taking city officials into the arena and executing them, similar to The Imperial City. Not much is known about the other cities in the province."

    "By the eight..." Katja said.

    "I've experienced the riots in the Imperial City, one man even resorted to cannibalism and tried eating me and my team." Argon said, "I hate to admit it, but there is really nothing we can do about the riots. These people can't be reasoned with and it seems even the promise of heroes is not enough to calm them down. Can't say I blame them. The only way to stop the riots and prevent the fall of any more cities is by defeating Lorkhan."

    "Which is what we're trying to do." Lydia said.

    "The thing is, Lorkhan has an entire army. To get to him we'd have to go through his army." Katja said.

    "That's why we are building an army of our own." Argon stated, "What we have here is a good start to an army, but it's not the finished product."

    "So what do you suggest?" Lydia asked.

    "Alright," Argon began, "so from what I've observed here you have thirty well trained warriors. They're strong, they're fast, and they're dedicated. However, that's not enough. Not against Lorkhan. We need more soldiers, more warriors, and we don't have enough time to take in someone who has never wielded a sword before. What we need is people who are already warriors, people who can match the training these warriors already have and can also handle the new training I'm going to implement. Have any of the other factions survived Lorkhan's onslaught?"

    "You want to bring in other factions? What if they don't work together?" Katja asked.

    "The world is ending and we're trying to save it. They'll work together." Argon promised.

    "I hadn't even considered other factions. That's brilliant. I'll send out scouts to learn the status of the other factions, I'll have a report for you as soon as possible." Lydia turned to her assistant and made him write that down.

    "Good." Argon said, "Have it for me when I get back."

    "Get back?" Katja asked, "Where are you going?"

    "WE are going to visit my friend Gelebor." Argon said.

    "Who's Gelebor?" Lydia asked.

    "He's a Snow Elf residing at a place called the Forgotten Vale, the old Chantry of Auriel. He's the one who provides me with all of my special Elven Arrows. I want to recruit him. Having him on our side would be a major advantage. He's a strong warrior, an experienced mage, as well as an amazing craftsman, plus he has knowledge of old Snow Elf weapons and armor that could be very beneficial to our army."

    "So, when are you planning to leave?" Lydia asked.

    "I would like leave as soon as possible." Argon said.

    "Alright, I'm in." Katja told Argon.

    "Bring a few Blades with you." Lydia commanded.

    "No, I don't want Gelebor getting the wrong idea and thinking we're there to invade. He is very protective of the Chantry, he's been guarding it for thousands of years." Argon denied the command.

    "So what makes you think he'll just up and leave it?" Lydia asked.

    "Because," Argon said, "if the world ends then so does the Chantry."

    Lorkhan was sitting upon his throne in Solitude enjoying the sounds of his army out in the city.

    "M'lord." Artis said as he kneeled before Lorkhan.

    "Arise Artis and tell me what it is you require." Lorkhan said.

    Artis stood up and began to speak. "One of your soldiers requests and audience with you."

    "Oh?" Lorkhan said, "Very well, send him up. I'd be more than pleased to meet the man with enough courage to request an audience with me."

    Artis walked over to the top of the stairs and called down for the soldier to come up. The soldier walked up the stairs and stood before Lorkhan with bowing or kneeling. Lorkhan raised an eyebrow; he was curious about this man.

    "So, you request an audience with me yet you refuse to kneel? Tell me, what is it you want?" Lorkhan leaned forward in his throne.

    "I demand an explanation." the soldier said forcefully.

    Lorkhan cocked his head, "You are not within your power to make demands from me."

    "But I just did." the soldier said, "I demand you explain to me why you continue to slaughter innocent civilians and burn down villages."

    "Innocent civilians? Have you no eyes? There is no such thing as 'innocence' in this world. Everyone is corrupt, everywhere is corrupt, the world was run by corrupt rulers, they worshipped corrupted deties, there is no innocence." Lorkhan said.

    "Not even in children? The children whom you kill, whom you orphan, whose homes you destroy?! My daughter lived in Helgen you sick bastard!" the soldier raised his voice.

    "Especially not the children! The children are raised by corrupt parents! For years they bathe in the corruption of their parents! They are the most corrupted out of everyone!" Lorkhan shouted.

    The soldier drew upon all his anger and shouted,"Even so, why kill them? Why cause them so much harm?! Why do you continue to kill people if they will already die when you end the world?! All of these acts are unnecessary! I think you do it because you enjoy it! You enjoy when your troops return and tell you of the cities they destroyed, of the people they slaughtered, of the lives they ruined. You enjoy every second of it, every gut wrenching detail, every drop of blood that runs down the swords of your men, you love it. You are the corrupt one. Not this world. Not the people in it. Only you."

    "I AM NOT CORRUPT! I AM THE ONLY PURE BEING IN THIS WORLD. I AM SALVATION. I AM SAFETY. I WILL USHER IN A PERFECT WORLD. A WORLD THAT YOU WILL NOT BE A PART OF!" Lorkhan held his hand out and Artis quickly handed him his sword. With one sweep of his arms Lorkhan slashed the soldier in half from the should to the waist. Lorkhan then turned to Artis. "Pick him up. Go throw his remains in the courtyard of Castle Dour. Let it be a warning to all who will doubt me. There will not be a second warning."

    Artis quickly scrambled to pick up the remains of the soldier and then ran out of the Blue Palace.

    Lorkhan walked back to his throne and sat down.
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