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Random Character Creation System (Long)

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Porchdrinker, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. MistlessDragoon

    MistlessDragoon New Member

    Jul 7, 2019
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    I used porchdrinkers generator because I'm tired and bored of skyrim,ive even been playing with mods but this is what I got so if you like my in depth backstory for my character then please tell me so I know I'm on the right track since it is kinda a wierd mix so I did what I could so here it is....
    One idea for this character is that she is a Imperial Wizard who joined to redeem herself for not being able to protect her only daughter during a Stormcloak raid on her home town of Kynesgrove and so she hoped to get revenge on those who took everything from her and so she was on patrol one night with a group of 5 imperial soldiers who were heading to scout out a bandit hideout so the could plan the best attack but they were surprised by a group of Spriggans in the mountains near Rorikstead and so they got overpowered but just in time she was able to hide behind a tree and use the fast healing spell and conjure up a frost atronoch to hold them off and so she was able to escape to Rorikstead where she healed over the course of a few days and because of her disappearance she had been deemed K.I.A and so she took this opportunity to start a new life with a new name and become a food sampler and live and easy life and was very friendly with the residents of Rorikstead but from to time the P.T.S.D from being an imperial soldier has filled her with a unsettling rage which she can't control and often leaves a wake of destruction in her path

    Primary Virtue:Kindness
    Primary Flaw:Wrath
    Main Talent(s):Restoration,Destruction & Conjuration
    Current Occupation:Soldier
    Starting Location: Other, But I chose Rorikstead
    Interest:Culinary Arts
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  2. Chadonraz

    Chadonraz Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2013
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    It's not necroing if the thread is on the first page as it is, right? :p

    After starting several characters and getting nowhere with them I decided to use this system to create a random character. It turned out pretty good:

    Agility (1-H, Block, Light armour)
    Fears Falmer

    Being a farmer that's interested in agriculture makes perfect sense, and there is even a farm in Ivarstead. I will use Alternate Start to start as a customer in the Ivarstead inn.

    Redemption will be tied to lust; he has been less than courteous towards ladies in the past, and will now try to do whatever he can to help the female population of Skyrim. Which, in Ivarstead, means getting bear pelts for Temba and doing the Mara quest to help Fastred.
    He will also have a lust for power, so he will serve any Daedra he comes across (which is perfect because I don't have the Oblivion Walker achievement yet).
    Other missing achievements I can tie into his story are the one for getting married, and the adoption one (can always RP that there is no adoption involved).

    The closest Falmer cave is Darkwater Pass, but that's easy to avoid.

    It's been forever since I last played a male character, which is why I'll choose that gender. And I'll recycle one of the many names I've used in the past. Probably Åke or Stefan.

    It's also been forever since I last played a character who isn't a stealth archer. :D
    (But I have one in Enderal, and will make one in Oldrim. This, random, character will be a SE one.)

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