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PC Possible Idea for a Black Marsh DLC-like Mod

Discussion in 'Skyrim Mods' started by Tigerdovefan34, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Tigerdovefan34

    Tigerdovefan34 New Member

    Apr 18, 2019
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    So, this is an idea I cooked up a few hours ago and it might be a bit much for one person to do. Basically, it'll take place in 4E 211, a decade after the events of Skyrim's main game, and the Dragonborn will go to the Black Marsh thanks to an Argonian carriage. Upon arriving, you are greeted to the unique fauna and environment of the "Trash Heap of Tamriel". From there, you can do many quests from NPCs and the full on story quest mode where the unification of the Argonian people is the ultimate outcome and under one leader. There will be several factions in the mod battling for control of Black Marsh and rule over all Argonia (An-Xileel, Kota-Vimleel, Acegaphs, Gee Rusleel, Sarpa, Waseek-Haleel, Veeshlek-Tzel, and Archeins) and even various minor tribes can become important with the player's help. The player can also choose to join the Dominion or the Empire and bring the Marsh to Kneel or help set up a launching pad for the Akaviri or Sea Elf invasion of Tamriel.

    Each of the Argonian Factions listed by name will have factions within led by certain individuals vying for the control of that specific faction. Each choice will lead the player to having more and more branching decisions that will effect the game and dialogue with NPCs, who can comment and give quests based on what is happening. There would be a karma and infamy system in play, showing how the Argonian People and essential characters view you, marked by your journal.

    There would be several new Daedra side quests for each factions you align (aligning with the An-Xileel, who are Xenophobic and will stop at nothing but to dominate and kill foreigners, will open up a questline for Molag Bal, for example) as well as Sithis and Hist quests.

    As a final addition, full on immersive romance can happen. Not Amulet of Mara and then marriage. No, you two actually go out on dates, have romantic conversations, and be there for one another. Once that has happened, then the marriage can happen.

    I'm working on a companion mod right now currently (the first 2 quest-lines of five have already been finished) and it would help to write all the dialogue, quests, and situations out before the mod is programmed and placed in. If anyone would like to view what I have for my companion mod so far, feel free to message me or contact me on my social media for it and for aiding me in this project, you can do the same.

    Would like to know the pulse of the community on this so replies would be appreciated,


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