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Making an existing NPC a followe using Creation Kit?

Discussion in 'Skyrim Mods' started by Angalayond, Nov 22, 2021.

  1. Angalayond

    Angalayond New Member

    Nov 21, 2021
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    I initially posted this in the help section, but since it's mod-related I thought I'd include it here too.

    So, I've always imagined my Dunmer vampire as having a thing with Garan Marethi. Unfortunately, he's not a candidate for marriage or to be a follower, and using console commands to make him such does not work (I assume he must be a unique voice.) I can't find any mods for this, either. There's a marriable Dawnguard NPCs mod on steam workshop, but he doesn't appear to be on the list. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul doesn't do it, either.

    I have a basic understanding of how to use Creation Kit, particularly in regard to NPCs and making them do things (like become followers.) However, my knowledge only extends to NPCs that I've made, not ones that already exist in game.

    I was hoping it might be possible to make Garan a potential follower by assigning him a generic dark elf voice that has follower dialogue (e.i Erandur), just for for follower-specific lines, while still leaving his natural dialogue in place. Alternatively, if there's a way to make companion commands (follow me, trade with me, wait here, etc.) work without the NPC actually having to verbally respond that would be fine too. I know you can't do that with console - it only works if their respective VA has recorded follower lines - but I'm not sure about CK.
    Does anyone know if either of these options are possible? And if so, how I would go about doing it?
    I'd like to marry him as well, but I'd settle for just having him as a companion. I can use my imagination.

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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