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PC How to Make NPCs Mount Horses

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Nightpolymath, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Nightpolymath

    Nightpolymath New Member

    Dec 16, 2012
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    I know this question has been on quite a bunch of people's minds. And I actually found out how to without intending too. It's quite a simple thing, but you must have a PC to be able to do this trick, for you use Console Commands in the process. In order to make NPCs horses, you must:


    Patch 1.6 or Higher. Not sure about the lower Patches.
    PC *

    1. First, Identify the RefID of the Guy you want mounted, and the horse. You can find their RefIDs by clicking on them in console view

    2. Then, you must target the guy you want mounted, to target him as the rider. You will know he is the rider when his RefID is in white parentheses at the top of the console screen.

    3. Next, get the RefID of the horse and put it here (Don't Target The Horse, The Man Should Still Be Targeted)

    mountactor (HorseRefID)

    4. It will work. The lord/lady will walk towards the horse, and he/she WILL MOUNT IT. It's as simple as that. Note that you have to be persistent however, as it can sometimes be buggy on guards.


    Oh, So many Things.

    First off, Followers. I use it to get my followers to ride the other horses i've bought, so that they can catch up, and not lag behind on foot. Be persistent. It'll work eventually. They can't fight on the horses however, even if you have the mounted combat update.

    And Invasions. I like to RP my invasions. And I have a lot of them too, Check my other guide on what to do when you're bored. It'll tell you about how to make some invasions. But I digress.

    So currently the Thalmor have taken over Riften, and are breaching the vaults and cisterns, where the thieves and remaining citizens are holed up. They have taken all settlements, from Riften to Shor's Stone, and is in the process of invading Windhelm, using the docks as their breach. They failed their conquest of Whiterun, and are keeping prisoners at Helgen, Locking them up in the tower, but I digress further.

    Anyways, I use horses for the militia I mount, and its awesome watching them ride into battle. I always have the thalmor ride these horses for raids on Whiterun Hold Settlements.

    That's it. Viva La Revolucion. And you're welcome.

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