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18+ [HORROR] The Void Arcana

Discussion in 'Skyrim Fan Fiction' started by Specter of Death, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Specter of Death

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    Oct 30, 2012
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    The Void Arcana
    an Original Elder Scrolls Tale
    Written by Specter of Death

    This is a solo re-creation of a roleplay premise I've had on my mind for the last couple of years. You can find that story, In the Name of Aetherius, HERE. I'll be posting chapters from the perspectives of multiple characters with the primary focus being on Lilium, the College Adept leading the adventure. This dark tale's posts will occasionally be preceded by music meant to help "set the mood" so to speak. I encourage you to play the music while you read the writing posted with it, though it's not required. Please enjoy!


    "Schizophrenia" composed by Lucas King


    Tamriel is dark. Unnaturally dark.

    Black and grey clouds swirl in the skies above the provinces. Their newfound and permanent home where blue skies and the warm sun once were. Rain and thunderstorms have become a norm now, pouring the dreary and depressing colors out onto the roofs, streets, and terrain. Skyrim is cold. Not as cold as it's terrible winters, but unnaturally so. Cold and rigid like that of a long-dead corpse.

    Its denizens are panicked; fear-stricken. Waking morning after morning with anxiety towards the coming events of the day. Was it going to be as dark as the last? Darker even? More sinister? Looming over all of them like a predator stalking? Never do they know. Never are they prepared to face the nightmares in the evenings following their fearful days. Were they too going to lose their minds? Their souls? Would their neighbor wander into their homes while they tossed and turned to cut their throats? Were they to murder their neighbors while they slept?

    The dis-ease is infectious to those who are surrounded by it day in and day out. It's tendrils crawl into their every sense, every pore as they grow more and more nervous at the news they catch each day. Wanderers have more luck. Yet, the danger for them is much more dire; more lethal.

    Holes of darkness tear their way into the fabric of the mortal plane, dumping the contents of it's evil and vile inhabitants out to wander the world. These creatures are manifested, created, their origins only speculated to be from the dreams the people suffer. Wandering the wilds. Plaguing the life that lives there. Spreading the black of their forms with each step, bleeding its shadows to spread along the paths they walk. Fueling the monstrous and vindictive sky above. Those who find themselves away from the plague of sleeping in terror, risk discovering their unnatural fates with the sight of these creatures. Luck can not be the defining word for their circumstances. Chance is more accurate.

    Whiterun. With walls, though crumbling, seems to be in the least state of disarray. It's protectors diligently and vigilantly quarantining the indoctrinated, zombie-like civilians. Reacting to the individual terrors from person to person in the nights while they sleep. Its leadership holds true, despite the uncertainty that looms over him and his administration. Slowly this unclear path is crumbling around them, and before long this loose grip on sanity and control will slip like all the other capitals.

    Here you stumble, somehow unscathed and unknowing. Noticing only the odd weather patterns in your travels, and the sudden tension you feel upon your entry into the city. Suddenly you feel the looming darkness slowly surround you too. Instead of what should be fear, the will of your mind holds inquisition.

    What is going on? What's plaguing this world? How have you not noticed until now?


    (So Far/In Progress)

    Character: The College Adept..........[LINK]
    Character: The Scaled Cleric..........[LINK]
    Character: The Nordic Valkyrie
    Character: The Ashen Prince
    Character: The Coniferous Hunter
    Prologue Part 1: The Path to Knowledge
    Prologue Part 2: Admittance to the Gates of Aetherius
    Prologue Part 3: An Adept's Responsibility
    Chapter 1: Changes in the Sky
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  2. Specter of Death

    Specter of Death Omnipresent Moderator
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    Oct 30, 2012
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    Lilium Lancif
    The College Adept
    17th of Rain's Hand, Cyrodiil, The Mage

    "Ar molag anyammis, av latta magicka."
    "From fire, life; from light, magic."
    -Raelys Anine, 'Ayleid Reference Text'

    Basic Information

    Sex: Female

    Gender: Female; she's always known she's a woman and a "womanly woman" at that. She's never had to question it, nor has she ever been shaken in feeling like that is a part of her identity. Though she slightly envies woman who are more powerful and dominant, she is none the less secure in this aspect of herself.

    Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties; though she looks her age she doesn't readily act it, she's much more mature than her years allow, though most attribute it to her Altmer heritage rather than actual experience.

    Ethnicity/Origin: Altmer/High Elf; her biological parents are unknown to her, however.

    Marital Status: Single.

    Occupation: Adept Mage, Historian, Archivist and Aspiring Teacher at the College of Winterhold

    Residence: None but the room she has been lent for the time she's spending at the College.

    Affiliations: Currently just the College of Winterhold, though at some point in her past she was part of the Arcane College in Cyrodiil, before being excommunicated.

    Political Views: She's loyal to the empire, despite their rather ignorant treatment of her father's heroism in their military.

    Religious Views: The Empire's Eight, though she acknowledges most of the Continent's worship of Talos up until the White-Gold Concordant.

    Afflictions/Ailments: None outside of the occasional restless, nightmare filled night.

    Height, Weight: 6'1", 140 lbs.

    Body Type: She's always been fair and lean, and though her frame matches that of her kinfolk, she's got a softness to her that most Altmer do not. Where you'd find this softness is where you'd find the sharp angularity in most her people, though don't mistake the word's meaning for that of roundness. As she's far, far from.

    Appearance: Lilium's quite an unusual sample of Altmer women. Without looking and examining further, she'd look like nothing more than an absurdly tall Breton with a Nord's complexion. Though once close enough to make out the details of her person, one would be hard-pressed to doubt her elven descent.

    It's really her eyes and nose that give it away immediately. The size, shape, and angle of her luminous emerald eyes and the tell-tale angular nose are the most demanding features of her face, and thus the dead give away for her true origin. Beyond that, however, her face is more round and human-like. Drawing you in with the friendly silhouette of Imperial familiarity, framed in by jaw-length waves of frosted-blonde hair and a rose-lipped grin to finish the honey-sweet portrait.


    Voice: Soft, Bright, Sarcastic, and Eccentric. Her voice is very much the embodiment of her personality, and overall lacks a quality filter like most of the civilized world. She speaks with the accent of her father and the Empire. There's always a presence when she speaks, a uniqueness that is sometimes captivating and always passionate. Think Ashley Johnson as Ellie, from The Last of Us. (Link)

    Where is she from?: She never knew her birth parents and doesn't remember much before her adoption. After her father took her in she was raised primarily in Anvil and the Imperial City, but they bounced around Cyrodiil a lot.


    Family: Her adopted family consisted of one member; her father Lucius Lancif. He was a soldier in the Imperial Army, stationed in Anvil around the time of her adoption. He was simultaneously stern, stoic, cold and loving, nurturing and compassionate. He supported and cared for her like she was his blood, and the relationship they shared was as secure as the sun's seat in the sky. Even with all their moving, and the little income they had to live on, there was nothing that could ever break them apart--aside from death. Which, unfortunately, came to him in her 21st year.

    Friends: She's only ever known but one true, good friend. With intimacy like sisters, Faralda has been the best thing that's come into Lilium's life since her father's passing. Though she would most definitely count her father on the same list.


    "A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special" - Nelson Mandela

    Intimacy Details

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual but Bi-Curious. She knows she's attracted to those of the gentlemanly persuasion, but can't help but admit there has been a small handful of more womanly types that have turned her head.

    What is she attracted to?: She's got a soft spot for dimples and easily gets lost in long, golden locks, not unlike her own--but outside of those few physical likings, the rest of it is solely based on personality. A strong intellect, deep intelligence, honed intuition and a thirst for Aetherial Knowledge are sure to draw her gaze. A bloke who can give her a good laugh is a strong head-turner, and if she could picture herself feeling secure with them around almost 100% of the time, the would count themselves the luckiest being alive. As for the women she has turned her chin toward, they've all had the same inner-qualities, but physically they have all been petite. Light, small, and seductive in their appearance--no other specific attributes other than that.

    Sexual Experience: She's no longer a virgin, but she's only had a single intimate partner. It wasn't a night she cares to remember...awkward, drunken, sweaty, sloppy. Let's just say Lilium's looking forward to forgetting that and replacing it with better memories of physical intimacy.

    Relationship Experience: None. She's never found anybody she's wanted to commit to in such a way, and she knows better than to follow the whims of lust for temporary affection. When she thinks about it, Lilium's never really sure that she'd actually have the time to be in a relationship currently anyhow. There are too many other things she needs to put her focus into, and the work it takes to have a committed relationship would only throw things off balance. Especially due to the fact that she wouldn't want to commit to anything like that unless there was a significant chance of it being life-long. Which, she figures, is one in a million odds at best.

    Skills & Combat

    Novice: Sneak, Lockpicking, Light Armor, Block

    Apprentice: Enchanting, Speech, Smithing

    Adept: Alteration Magic, Illusion Magic, Alchemy

    Expert: Destruction Magic, Conjuration Magic

    Master: Restoration Magic

    Combat Experience: She's seen some real fights since stumbling into Skyrim, and not so foolishly expects to continue seeing more as long as she is here. With this fact, and the experience she's gained in the almost two years that she's been at the College--through exercises, excavations, and even the occasional chaperone job--she's confident in her prowess in battle. However, none of her experience, outside of an unlucky few, have been by herself--nor won either.

    Combat Preference: She's a natural leader, but would never admit it or pursue it if she had her way. More often than not, however, she's just naturally put in the position; or chosen to be. With this in mind, one might call her the "Strategist" in a fight. A commanding support role, she storms the battlefield with her party and puts them where they would be most efficient in their endeavor. All the while she's placing universal wards, healing zones, commanding the minds of foes, and blasting them away with a multitude of offensive magic. Her ultimate priority is always the safety of the team, and thus fills the healing role as well.

    Skills: She's first a Scholar, second a Mage, and third an aspiring Teacher/Master. From birth, she was taken aback by the vastness of the world and just wanted to catch it and contain all it had inside her head. As soon as she was able to speak she was able to essentially teach herself to read and then eventually write. The former being most important to her development, Lilium couldn't count on 10 times 10 hands the number of books she's read by now. All containing a vast plethora of subjects from History, Rhetoric, Medicine, The Arcane, Adventure Stories, and Bard's Tales. All she knows, she knows because of books--and now in the past few years, some actual life experiences. The College calls her an Archivist due to her innate ability to sort categorically in her head, much like an archive, and thus store and recall information more efficiently than most who've spent a lifetime practicing to do so. With this in mind, once she learns something or reads it or sees it or hears it, the chances of her forgetting that are fairly slim. To her, this is proof that at her core, she's a Master Scholar.

    Since the first time she read about magic, she's wished to wield it in her hands. To command it. Though she's only just started her formal training in the subject matter, she's been casting (or at least attempting) since the first spell tome she ever picked up. She still has a burn scar on her left fore-finger from that flame spell gone awry. Since then, and with the supplementing and mentorship the College has provided, she's already considered an Adept Mage. In her head, she's approaching Expert level rather fast as well--it's a matter of getting the experiences in.

    When she met Faralda was when she started to consider Teaching for the first time. The passion to pass on and inspire knowledge is something her best friend had emanated from their first meeting. Lilium's only grown to adore and admire the drive she has for it and has started to yearn for it herself. She thinks someday soon she could have a lot to offer to a student or pupil or apprentice or maybe two.

    Occupation and Schooling: She was first "enrolled" into the Arcane College in Cyrodiil when she was 16, but that only lasted a couple of years because she was really only a hand-maid, not a student. All her learning there was "at the expense of other students, and therefore stolen"--and apparently their book rental system didn't technically apply to her either.

    After her father passed, she made the trek north to the College of Winterhold. Lilium was accepted as a Novice when she was 21 and has spent two years advancing faster than most students in that short time.

    The College not only calls her an Archivist, but they gave her the job as well. This job consists of keeping track of the books that come in and out of the College, as well as the magical and nonmagical excavations, excavation sites and findings. It sounds rather tedious and boring, but she absolutely adores the otherwise abhorred work. She's gotten to see the multitude of magical items the College has uncovered since it's founding, until now. She's gotten to collect and read rare tomes she's only dreamt of, and gotten to restore works thousands of years older than the College itself. On top of this, she's a certified Historian of the College, as sponsored by Urog gro-Shub. Lilium was not only able to outwit the stubborn man in a game of trivia, but she's able to recall events predating the 2nd era faster than he can recall what era those same events took place in.

    Hobbies: Reading, Magic, Sleeping. She honestly hasn't ever gone without reading something in a day, not since before she knew how, anyway. Lilium couldn't stand not reading something, and she has never really cared what it was. As long as she gets something out of it, and there aren't any works that she knows of in the Arcanaeum that can't capture her attention. Since she's gotten good at her casting, she can't really go a day without casting a little bit either. The feeling of touching, and becoming one with Aetherius' energy is almost addictive in a sense. She needs to stretch it like a restless muscle, flex it, and work it out so that it can grow stronger and more vast. Lastly, though she's not entirely proud of it, sleeping is honestly something she's in love with at the current moment. She loves sleeping, and sometimes finds her regiment of 9 or so hours a day lacking. If she had it her way, she'd sleep a tight 12-17, but then when would she work, grow, and learn?


    "Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen,"
    -Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

    Personality and Character

    Introvert or Extrovert?: Certainly Introverted. Lilium finds herself easily exhausted by the presence of others, even her father and closest friends need to keep a distance from her from time to time. She thrives when she's alone, able to regenerate energy and tolerance for the world, to prepare for the energy that it takes to be a person in the College, in Skyrim, and in the

    Right-brained or Left-brained?: More than likely left-brained. Though she can be creative and has a deep intuition when it comes to others, she's just not super emotional. Her mind runs itself with logic, reason, and data and she wouldn't have it any other way.

    Strengths: Her brain. Not saying that to inflate her ego any more than it might be, her brain should be considered her greatest asset. Her memory is sharper than most her age, her library of knowledge is vaster than people three times her age, and the application of her logic and reason in the world is unrivaled by some of the smartest minds in Tamriel. She's also not too terrible to look at.

    Weaknesses: She's rather ignorant of feelings sometimes, more often than not her own. She's pretty good about sensing the feelings of others, but when it comes to her own it's like a blind girl getting lost at the end of a cave with 35 different routes toward the exit. On top of her own emotional ineptitude, she's occasionally rather oblivious to the world around her. Almost like her head is more focused on the words in her tomes or her own thoughts, she can come across pompous or uncaring to those unaware of her actual air-headedness. She's also still a young woman, and it's fairly easy to forget this fact. She's not seen a lot of the world yet and is only just starting to learn the depths to which it's despair and hardship can go. This naivety is also a major setback for her in relationships and in trusting others--she's still quite unaware of the fact that somebody might actually want to do her harm or take advantage of her in some kind of way.

    Likes: Spring Showers, Rain, Thunderstorms, Aetherius, The Night Sky, Magic, Reading, Books, Libraries, Adventure, Anthropology, History, Geography, Botany, Animals, Other Mages and Scholars, Adventurers, Chiseled and Brawny Warriors

    Dislikes: Ignorance, Bigots, Liars, Evil, The Undead, Poachers, Belethor

    Alignment: Lawful Good; She follows the laws the Empire and the many governing leaders of Skyrim have put into place, and doesn't question them much.

    Dreams/Aspirations: To become the smartest, strongest, wisest and most renowned mage in all of History--but more importantly Lilium just wants to live up to her father's expectations of her, and hopefully make him proud.

    Beliefs: She believes in the gods as much as any man or woman, but isn't fully into them being the 'saviors of us all' or anything. She is diligent in her prayer, offers her charities when she can, and respects all that they stand for; but when she does something the gods might not smile particularly kindly on, she doesn't fret.

    Lilium believes in opinions, collaboration, collective growth and learning, and self-betterment for all. She thinks any one person is obligated to their own informed opinion and knows that two or more minds are stronger and smarter than one single mind alone. Any person daft enough to think their head is stronger than the collective power of all the mages in the College (Dragonborn...cough, cough) is just that, daft.

    Fears: Letting her father and his memory down. Death. Loss.

    Insecurities: Lack of understanding, falling short of her own expectations. She absolutely abhors not knowing what's going on, or not knowing about something that people are talking about. She used to be the "stupid hand-maid", the "impoverished slave-girl". If she were being honest, it makes her feel terrible inside not knowing things, and she'll often chide herself if she falls short in said regard.

    What would she die for?: Faralda. Though she never wanted to get this close to another person after the pain her father's passing is still making her feel, it happened. Lilium would give her life to see Faralda's go on because of the fear she holds deep at her core of losing her sister and dear, dear friend.


    "Magic lies in challenging what seems impossible,"
    - Carol Moseley Braun


    Armor/Clothing: Lilium has always wanted to look the part of a Mage, but almost immediately hated the robes the College crafted for the studying mages to wear. So once she gained an opportunity to travel with Faralda to Solitude, she was excited to be able to choose a combination of nice fabrics from the Radiant Raiment. The whole wagon ride back to the College thereafter, her and Faralda awkwardly fitted and sewed together a set of robes in a similar fashion to the College. The colors are dark, indigo and black playing with each other in gentle contrast to Lilium's complexion (See it Here).

    Magic: Lilium has a plethora of spells at her disposal that she has practiced and strategically uses. The list is as follows:

    ~ Alteration: Candlelight, Magelight, Ironflesh, Detect Life, Detect Dead, Equilibrium

    ~ Conjuration: Soul Trap, Revenant, Conjure Flame Atronach, Conjure Ice Atronach, Conjure Storm Atronach

    ~ Destruction: Flames, Firebolt, Fireball, Ignite, Fire Cloak, Frostbite, Ice Spike, Freeze, Frost Cloak, Sparks, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lightning Cloak

    ~Illusion: Muffle, Frenzy, Rally, Pacify, Rout, Invisibility

    ~ Restoration: Greater Ward, Close Wounds, Heal Other, Heal Undead, Grand Healing, Stendarr's Aura, Circle of Protection, Vampire's/Undead's Bane

    Other Items: Inside the small bag she carries over her shoulder, you will often find a small alchemist pouch filled with the ingredients to make health and magic potions. Along with this pouch, a filled water-skin can be found next to a small count of assorted potions. Likely the most noticeable masses are a few of whatever books she may be reading and/or studying at the time.

    ART CREDITS (links):
    Solace by Katrinarox112 on Deviantart
    Ava New-gm by GreyHues on Deviantart
    Portraits study again and again. by Rheann on Deviantart
    Vidaniel by Smilika on Deviantart
    Skyrim Mage by Isolenta on Deviantart
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  3. Specter of Death

    Specter of Death Omnipresent Moderator
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    Oct 30, 2012
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    Titus Veksithus
    The Scaled Cleric
    6th of Morning Star, Morrowind, The Lover

    "With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve."
    - Muhammad Ali Jinnah

    Basic Information

    Sex: Male.

    Gender: Fluid-Masculine; Titus has always seen the example of what a 'Man' is supposed to be like in the general cultures of Tamriel, and especially Skyrim--however he's proudly taken on more feminine traits from simply being around women like his mother or his friends. He likes to be able to be the 'Man' but also likes being a more Maternal figure when he isn't.

    Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties; He's only 22, relatively young and inexperienced when seen for just the number, but he's much older and much wiser than his years due to the experiences he's seen. Without already knowing, one might assume he's closer to 26 or 27 (his relatively scaley appearance makes it hard for most to even understand how aging might work on him anyhow).

    Ethnicity/Origin: Saxhleel/Argonian; His tribe is unknown to him, as are his biological parents.

    Marital Status: Single.

    Occupation: Self-Titled Cleric of the Eight, but truly he is a simple helping hand for hire.

    Residence: He's got a pretty proud and simple camp nestled safely up in the cliffs over-looking Solitude. He's collected a good bit of stuff to make it homey--he's put together most of a small open-front tent, a nice and cozy bed, a decent book collection, a cooking pot over his fire-pit, and a little lute to pluck away at in the wee hours of the night.

    Affiliations: Currently just the Temple of the Divines in Solitude, but only loosely as he really only does the occasional favor for the Priests and Priestesses there, though he hopes to one day get accepted into some kind of formal role there. He's been to other Temples in the Province but found none that have fully captured his attention.

    Political Views: He's loyal to the Empire and those who are also loyal to it; this is not to say he wouldn't help somebody who opposed the Empire.

    Religious Views: He worships and follows the covenants of the Nine, or Eight, depending on the company around him on any given day. Most of the time it's Eight in Solitude but he occasionally finds people slipping up, as Talos was almost the patron god to all the North.

    Afflictions/Ailments: Mild PTSD from some childhood trauma.

    Height, Weight: 5'11", 136 Lbs.

    Body Type: He's always looked malnourished and frail, but in the last few years of his life his habits have changed. He's a much more physical person now than he was in his "softer" years. He's still rather skinny, but he's slowly acquired some tight, cut musculature. One wouldn't describe him as 'starving' any longer, but the word 'Lithe' might come to mind.

    Appearance: He's got a rather small amount of Horns for an Argonian, with two standing strong and straight on the crown of his skull. The rest of his spines are heraldry scales at best, providing nothing but a little extra texture to his otherwise muddy looking face. The majority of the top of his head is forested in pearlescent dark-teal feathers, they sit back rather naturally but their lightness allows them to move about in the most subtle of gusts.

    His scales are muddy in more than just one sense of the word; while also resembling the color of wet dirt, the color doesn't look quite right, it's murky and dull (think a lizard right at the beginning of molting). His coloration doesn't have too much differentiation in the way of coloring outside of the small bit of subtle bile-ish green wave patterning.

    His face is almost Toad-like, outside of his Bearded-Dragon shaped jawline. His vibrantly dead-looking grey eyes are framed by round, almost unnoticeable cheekbones, and short brow spines. His forehead sports an almost armored type look in the way the scales have formed there before his feathers; they're thick and larger than most of the other scales on his body including that of his chest and back, and they are divided down the middle by a deep crease that measures down to his nose. Speaking of which, his nose is slim and completely counters the general proportions of the rest of his head, with small pin-hole like nostrils.

    His most noticeable trait, outside of his muck looking reptilian form, are the claw marks marring the left side of his face. The remnants of a drunken bar-brawl, the jagged, poorly healed scars are a constant reminder of two things: One, alcohol is a true friend to nobody, and two, Khajiit can be terribly emotional when inebriated.


    Voice: Inviting, Compassionate, Light. He speaks with the same accent as his parents, something more Imperial. There's a lightness and quirkiness to his tone, almost constantly sounding like he's trying to be friendly and bright-- though more often than not he's a sarcastic ball of even more sarcasm. Think Adam J. Harrington as Sindri, from God of War. (link)

    Where is he from?: His egg was lain in an alleyway somewhere in Morrowind, and hatched at a Hist tree somewhere he knows or remembers nothing of. His whole birth is a confusing mystery to him to this day, as his biological parents abandoned him in that alleyway, and the man who hatched him was of the ‘owning people’ persuasion. For the most part, he was raised in the ash-fields of some Morrowind Countryside, and the Cyrodiilic hill country of Cheydinhal.


    Family: His adopted parents were Thetta and Atreus Veksithus. Thetta was a wholesome, fuller woman; Imperial descent and an esteemed educator. She was always happy, bright, and looked at the positive in all the negative of the world. She was empathetic and constantly looking to be soft and caring in any transaction or conversation with a person. From her Titus learned to look for the good in all people, no matter the darkness that might be the whole of their being at any given time. She taught him that no matter the mistakes of an individual, people change and deserve a chance to prove that fact.

    Atreus was stern, and large in stature despite his Breton background. He was strong, stern and stoic, but despite his appearance and disposition, he was a surprisingly patient and warm man. Behind his firm, cold gaze was a fire and an ambition to protect and nurture, to teach and cultivate. He was a good man and taught Titus what it was to be a good man. What it was to be dutiful, honest, hard-working, and above all else--to selflessly think of others before himself.

    Atreus and Thetta had two children after caring for Titus a handful of years. Tiber was the first, a strong boy resembling his father. He rivaled Titus’ size when he was only half his age. He was a physical brute and surpassed Titus’ physical achievements far younger and far faster than he ever could have dreamed. He lacked in the way of intelligence and diligence to his studies, and this is where Titus took responsibility of setting the example. He’d often help Tiber in his studies, leading him into learning despite his direct opposition towards doing so.

    Their second was Alyssia. Neither very bright or athletic, she was a cunning, fickle girl from the start. If she were to apply herself, she’d probably surpass Tiber in his studies, and Titus in his physical labors as well--and though she likely knew that, she applied her attentions to wreaking havoc throughout the household. When she was probably no older than 6, she tricked her nearly 10-year-old brother into almost killing himself 4 or 5 times. She’d effectively been banned from participating in mother’s classes do to the fear that she’d endanger the other children her age. Nobody ever questioned her moral ambiguity, however, as when she wanted to be, she’d let out a loving warmth that rivaled that of even her own mother. It could be assumed that they had hoped it was all just a phase, and in a way it was. As she aged, she began to get a little more tamed.

    Friends: Titus has never really had a good friend. He’d count his parents if they were still around, and he was never really super close with either of his siblings. He had a mentor once, that he would perhaps consider a friend if that man was even a little bit sentimental, but the man was never really one for emotions or friendly behavior. It was all business.

    He’s always wanted friends, and it’s not that he doesn’t have any due to lack of trying. People just tend to avoid his people in the first place, and they tend to avoid him even more due to his rather unattractive attributes. He thinks he’d be a good friend if he had the chance to prove that, he was a decent son, a decent brother, a decent student and apprentice--why not a decent friend?


    "Sweet are the uses of adversity which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head."
    - William Shakespeare

    Intimacy Details

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    What is he attracted to?: He likes the eyes of a person (don't be weird) because he likes seeing the intentions and feelings of a person. He thinks that most other physical attributes are merely a mask or a shell for the light most people can house within, and likes to see the light in people as frequently as possible. So I guess you could say anybody pure intentioned, kind-hearted, compassionate and has eyes that shine with that light would be his "perfect match". He’s never seen that though. He does find himself looking at the butts and legs of most females (all his age or older), but he’s not proud of it.

    Sexual Experience: Virtually none. Not even virtually none, none at all. He hasn’t really thought about it, nor has he had the time to think about it even if he wanted to. He’s been to busy taking care of people, or cutting down feral creatures, or looking for reagents. He likes the idea of being intimate with a woman, but wouldn’t really want to do it unless it was someone he was gonna spend the rest of his days with anyway.

    Relationship Experience: None. He’s been interested in a few women, but none of them even knew his name, let alone noticed him. He likes to daydream about ‘the one’ from time to time when he’s in romantic type moods, but that’s fairly rarely. “Who knows who I’ll meet?” he likes to say to himself, regarding the subject.

    Skills & Combat

    Novice: Pickpocket, Enchanting, Smithing, Two-Handed, Destruction Magicka

    Apprentice: Alteration Magicka, Sneak, Archery, Light Armor

    Adept: One-Handed (Maces/Hammers), Speech, Heavy Armor

    Expert: Restoration Magicka, Block

    Master: Alchemy

    Combat Experience: He's been in his share of fights now, none alone, however. He's always had at least one or two people at his sides to aid him in his battles, and he's preferred it that way. Titus wouldn't really even consider risking going into a fight alone, as it wouldn't really be worth his time or his energy. He doesn't like fighting and prefers to take the path of least resistance if he can. He's also only fought a small handful of other people before--most of his fighting comes in the way of creatures and feral beasts.

    Combat Preference: He prefers to be more supportive in a fight, taking the attention of the attacker and promptly soaking up blows with his shield and carefully timing assaults with his chosen weapon for the fight. He can also pull out tonics and tinctures for his comrades, and if need be an occasional spell or ward.

    Skills: His primary skills lie in the realms of Intelligence, Healing and Serving, while having an affinity for teaching as well. He knows the flora of most Tamriel by eye at this point, or at least Morrowind, Cyrodiil, Hammerfell and Skyrim. He could give you a long list of potions, and an even longer list of the reagents to make those potions for most ailments--and for the ones he couldn't, he'd most certainly know a spell or two that could heal it. There are exceptions to all cases of course, and of course he can't craft cure-alls or bring you back from death (as yourself anyway). He does know good poisons and reagents to make them, but never really has ventured into that side of Alchemy--well not in a while anyway.

    He serves the Eight/Nine every day of his life, and has since he left his home. What does it mean to serve the Eight/Nine? Well not what most might think, as Titus isn't a traditional practicing acolyte. He follows the basic Ten Commandments to the core and leaves the rest to his own moral and logical judgment--while he respects the ways of old, and the traditional manner in which people have worshiped gods for millennia, he wishes to define his own path in worshipping the gods. He sees no point serving temples, as they devote themselves to singular gods and he can't serve the people of Tamriel if he's tied to any singular location. For now he serves the people of Skyrim, and more specifically Solitude, Dragon's Bridge and smaller townships in the North-West.

    As he's traveled and camped from city to town, he's taken on teaching a few people what things to gather for beneficial potions, cures for specific ailments, and even the occasional Heal Other spell. He enjoys teaching as well, especially so if it serves a decent purpose.

    Occupation and Schooling: He was educated by his mother, one of the best teachers in Cyrodiil for youth. Her reputation was small when he was just starting his studies, but it grew as time went on and he went from the only student to one of 30, and eventually in one of a few separate classes. His schooling ended when he was 17 and he left his home, however, he's continued to learn many things since then--though not through traditional education methods.

    The things he's learned as an Acolyte and Sell-Sword (for lack of a better term), have been innumerable; from how to fight, to how to duel with Redguard sword fanatics. He's learned the desperation of some folk, and the regality of others. The impact feeding one man has on an entire town, and how big of a difference healing the towns eldest member has on the moral of an entire population of people. It's a rather wild job if you ask him, but it's the Gods' path for him.

    Hobbies: History, Education, Adventure. He loves reading about History. Learning from the past is one of the greatest things he has to gain. Learning is another hobby of his as well, if there's a chance for him to learn something new or more about he almost always tries to pursue it (given the subject). He has also grown accustomed to the road being his home while having a permanent place to settle sounds nice in theory, the last couple he's had have gone to crap rather abruptly. Hard for a home to come crashing down if it's two sticks and a drape.


    "The function wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil," - Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Personality and Character

    Introvert or Extrovert?: Most certainly Extroverted. He doesn't feel like himself if he hasn't talked to another person in more than half a day or so. He's not one to feel uncomfortable talking to anybody at first, and it truly takes somebody telling him he's unwelcome for him to feel as such.

    Right-brained or Left-brained?: Hard Right; he thinks and solves all problems creatively, he's artistic in his duties (when he can be) and deeply intuitive.

    Strengths: He has a good and pure heart. He is compassionate, kind and even a bit of an empath. When he cares for people, he cares deeply and feels their emotions from time to time. He’s incredibly intelligent, more mature than most his age, and a truly old soul. He's a very deep thinker who questions conventions as opposed to blindly following them. He stands up for what is right according to the Commandments, and what he believes in. Likely his strongest trait, Titus is selfless to the point of being self-sacrificing. He’s very dry, witty and sarcastic. A hard worker, brave, and very curious.

    Weaknesses: Titus is honest to a fault, has no poker face, and is hellbent on saying his piece, even if it gets him into trouble. He's led by his emotion and morals, even if it goes against his own self-interest. He's incredibly self-conscious as well, being super paranoid about the way he looks.

    Likes: Liquor (preferably the specialty of the region), Walking, Nature, Kindness

    Dislikes: Ignorance, Prejudice, Violence

    Alignment: Lawful Good; He follows the laws of the Empire to the letter, as well as the Commandments of the Gods

    Dreams/Aspirations: He truly dreams of finding his siblings above all else, but the hope of him doing so is slowly fading as the years stretch onward. He also dreams of changing the world through the spread of the things he's learned from the gods; likely just a foolish and feeble dream, he still believes with every one person he helps he's one step closer to fulfilling it.

    Beliefs and Affiliations: He believes in the Divines, that they have given everyone on Nirn the ability to better themselves and live the happiest and most peaceful life possible. Through following their guidance, he's learned many deep morals and facts of life and aims to spread these teachings to others as often as he can.

    Before he found the divines, he was instilled with many strong ideals through his parents. Strength and Perseverance in the face of adversity, Empathy, Compassion, Selflessness, and Loyalty. He questions conventions and requires his morals to line up with most any decision he makes.

    Fears: He's been through a lot, and to put it plainly his only fears are reflective of it all--he fears loss. Of his family, of his safety, of the vague idea of who he is. He fears losing his grip on this life he's built.

    Insecurities: His appearance; whether it be how he looks or how he comes across to others. With how he was treated by his peers when he was younger, he's almost been trained to be hyper-aware of his every action and behavior. He feels like he has to be as perfect as possible else he risks the ridicule of all manner of strangers.

    What would he die for?: His siblings, The Divines


    "Compassion alone stands apart from the continuous traffic between good and evil proceeding within us,"
    - Eric Hoffer

    Armor/Clothing: His armor is a simple combination of scaled, plated and padded steel with leather accents and undergarments (See reference above). He wears it usually whenever he's outside of whatever city or town he's staying in at the time (excluding his camp of course). While not in his armor, he usually wears his leather trousers alone, with a plain cloth top and the same boots that go with his armor. He wears nothing on his head, really ever. He never has as he hates the feeling of having his horns bound up and his feathers pressed down against his head--plus he enjoys feeling the weather on his scales anyway.

    Weapons: He carries three 'weapons' though one is questionably deserving of the title. His hammer which he affectionately calls Hammy, is a simple steel crafted battle hammer small enough for him to wield with one or two hands wrapped in black-stained leather (link). He also carries his grandfather's axe nicknamed Leviathan, also simple in its craft with a still head and simple yet uniquely shaped wood handle (link). The last of his arsenal is his shield, which is nothing more than simple branded steel.

    Other Items: He's usually always got some coin on him, the amount of which varies from place to place, as well as collection pouches for alchemy, and supplies such as bandages and cotton for quick treatments wherever he may be.

    ART CREDITS (links):
    Skyrim: Argonian Portrait by Highlighterjuice on Deviantart
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