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Hi everyone :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Lindor, Nov 22, 2021.

  1. Lindor

    Lindor Jarl of Confusion

    Nov 22, 2021
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    Hello Dragonborns! I'm a 24 yo gamer from Germany and i love modding games. I've written mods for Factorio, Sacred: Underworld, Sacred 2 and Scrap Mechanic (and didn't publish most of it so far), but my latest project got me into rediscovering Vanilla Skyrim with the help of the Creation Kit. That's also the reason why i joined this Forum, because i have a little problem of which i'm not sure whether i can fix it myself. But before i get into that, i wanted to introduce myself a little bit.

    I don't really like giving away too much of my personal data on the internet like my real name, but Lindor or General_Lindor has been my Nick ever since so its kinda like a second name. It comes from my favourite Character in my favourite book series by my favourite Author, General Lindor from "Die Krone von Lytar" by - well, he uses a lot of different Nicknames, the two most used are Richard Schwartz and Carl A. DeWitt. It's always a little bit of a puzzle, trying to find other books he wrote under a different name xD

    Also i like mathematics, but when i do it, i view it as an Art, something creative that is closer to modding a game than whatever it is they're doing in our universities right now.

    My favourite video game is probably whatever i'm playing right now, like food taste it changes all the time. When i've written my profile for DarkMatters, the Sacred 2 Forum, i wrote Age of Empires 2 because Rage of Empires and DE brought me back into it and i was playing it all the time. Then Darkmatters quickly introduced me to Sacred 2 modding (which gave me lots of patience in terms of bugs, definitely helpfull when modding Skyrim), so at this time i would've answered it with Sacred 2 and right now it's Skyrim again. I'm easily distracted by new and interesting problems and other things, but it's not like i wouldn't have control over that, in fact i like it that way, hence the title 'Jarl of Confusion' xD

    Other than that, i'm probably the biggest Star Trek fan in Germany. Well, except maybe next to Bastian Pastewka. And no, i don't mean JJTrek or whatever Picard wants to be.

    In real life, i'm probably the worst painter you'll ever know, seriously, i can't even draw a stick person without him having a boulder sized head xd
    Probably to balance that, nature has gifted me some musical talent. My favourite band is Blind Guardian and i play the piano, criss-cross through all the different genres because i'm playing whatever i find beautiful, from Goldfinger to 'Träumerei', from the Indiana Jones Theme to the Entertainer.
    But what i'm really into is video game music. Tristram Theme, Dungeon Siege Theme, Fortress Kroth Theme, Skyrim Theme. And of course the AoM egyptian theme xD There's probably nothing better to play on the piano than music by Jeremy Soule!

    So, that's me. Hope that wall-of-text of an introduction wasn't too long. Don't really know yet how active i'll be on this forum, honestly i joined out of a sudden impulse but i'm interested and looking forward to what you can tell me about this bug i encountered.
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