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Info General Rules

Discussion in 'Skyrim Roleplaying' started by Andante, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Andante

    Andante Roleplaying Moderator

    Dec 18, 2011
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    If you have ever visited a roleplaying site, or other roleplaying area, you know there are certain rules and guidelines all players are expected to follow. If you wish to participate in the roleplaying area, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with these rules, so we can ensure a harmonious environment for everyone.

    1. As you might assume, all players are expected to follow the rules in place for the entire forum. Please keep that in mind.​
    2. Please, keep all open, public, and out of character discussions to at least a PG minimum. Mild profanity may be tolerated occasionally, but please refrain from being carried away. Excessively explicit language must remain in an "18+" marked thread.​
    3. Please, be respectful of your fellow roleplayers. You will be interacting with people of different ages, opinions, and beliefs. Avoid potentially hurtful or derogatory comments - remember, every character is being played by another person.​
    4. Each active story may have its own set of rules for players to follow, and these are left up to the story creators. Please be fair and reasonable in these expectations. If you feel as though a creator has proposed inappropriate rules, please inform the moderator.​
    5. Please, try to remain active in your chosen stories. It is easier, and more fun for the group if all those involved are as active as possible. However, we all understand that people have regular lives to attend to and that's perfectly fine. If you feel you may be absent for an extended period of time, please let your fellow players know, so they can make accommodations for your character.​
    6. Please, refrain from extensive out of character discussions in roleplaying threads, to avoid cluttering, and disruption of the story. Each active story should have its own "OOC" thread specifically for participants to carry out story discussions, make changes, or settle conflicts.​
    7. If a conflict cannot be settled peacefully between players, please avoid rash actions. The moderator would be happy to help intervene, and mediate in any situation that is needed.​
    8. Try to create fun, interesting, and exciting posts. Keep good grammar in mind, and stick to proper roleplay post formatting. If your post doesn't enrich the experience of the entire group, rethink it. Roleplayers of all skill levels will be playing here, so please refrain from being overly critical of someone's writing abilities - we are all here to learn, play and have fun.​
    9. Excessive profanity, violence, sexual content, or other questionable materials must remain in an "18+" thread. This option is available when you create a new thread. If you feel as though your story may contain these elements, please mark it as such. The moderator will gladly change the thread rating if circumstances change.​
    10. Be advised, if you enter a thread marked "18+" you may read content that is profane, violent, or sexual in nature. If you feel as though this may offend you, please refrain from entering or participating in that thread. The moderator will not remove or replace any offending content within a clearly marked mature thread. ​
    11. Most importantly, try to have fun! At the end of all things, that's what the section is here for.​
    If you have any questions, concerns, or comments on these rules please do not hesitate to post about them or send the moderator a private message.
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