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Info Character Profiles

Discussion in 'Skyrim Roleplaying' started by NikolaTesla, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Deadpool.

    Deadpool. OG Forum member

    Jan 7, 2013
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    NAME: Wilheim
    CLASS: Knight/Cleric/Sorcery
    RACE: Non-Nordic/White Other
    ALIGNMENT: Sunlight Warriors
    HOBBY: Drinking Estus for good health and praising the sun

    Looks: 6 foot 5 inches, blonde bowl cut hair, sharp features, muscular.

    Ring for fast stamina regeneration, A ring for increased carrying capacity and HP, a ring that increases magic damage and a ring that increases lightening damage

    Estus flasks (for health regeneration), souls as currency, a talisman that prevents health regeneration when thrown at someone, a powder that when out on a weapon gives it the ability to give lightening damage.

    Magic used:
    Crystal magic weapon (applies sharp crystalline shards and gives the weapon an ability to do extra bleed and magic damage), great crystal spear (a spell that produces a crystalline projectile that does magic damage), sunlight spear (a thrown bolt of thunder)

    Manslayer- a 4 foot katana, wielded in an Eastern fashion, has bleed damage
    Aged Smelter sword- a HUGE greatsword, with a demonic look; it has a fiery blue glow that does magic damage
    Smelter Sword- the aged smelter sword but with a fiery glow, does fire damage
    Sunlight shield- a round shield that is good for parrying, and has the symbol of the sun

    Armour of the sun
    Helm of the sun
    Gauntlets of the sun
    leggings of the sun

    Long ago in lands far from Skyrim, Wilheim lived a life as a warrior of sunlight, he was a family man with a wife and two kids. Unfortunately something started happening to people, spreading over time like a disease. A black ring appeared on the back of Wilheim, it was the mark of the curse. The bearer of the curse would forget everything- their family, their ambitions when hollowed, roaming the earth as an undead, searching for souls to keep themselves going. Wilheim set off on a journey to the kingdom of Drangeic. Keeping his allegiance to the covenant of sunlight warriors and fought on to keep himself from going completely hollow, keeping his memories of family and ambition. Wilheim fought many demons and other undead for his weapons. But never gave up his uniform and allegiance to his covenant. One day he decided to slumber by a birds nest that had bought him to a far away land. He walked for weeks before finding a settlement- riften, famished for food and seeking guidance he came to the inn.

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  2. Championne Ignisiel

    Championne Ignisiel New Member

    Sep 7, 2018
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    Name: Ignisiel Ferdona
    Race: Nord/Dark Elf
    Age: 28
    Height/Weight: 5’9/202 lbs
    Class: Assassin (Mage/Thief)

    Appearance: A tall, slim-but-muscular, charcoal colored man. Short hair, stands up in the front with short, thick beard. Inner iris is red, the outside iris blue, mixing for a ring of purple. A piece of the left ear the size of a nickel missing (from an arrow and covered with a red mage hood). Wears a leather cuirass and pants with leather boots. Silver rings and necklace accompanying his figure. When being the sneaky man he is, he equips a dragon priest mask.

    Personality: A Silver-Tongued charmer. Soft spot for women and children. Will not tolerate any form of abuse, will become violent. Though he has a flirty front, he is always looking and analyzing everyone and everything.

    Abilities: Uses mainly an ancient Nordic Bow, enchanted with fear. The bow was passed down by the patriarch of the Ferdona’s (a dark elf clan). His destruction magic abilities allow for him to lay down rune mines. Illusion magic renders him invisible, as well as allowing people to be deceived by false images. A dragon priest mask boosts his destruction magic.

    Summary: Ignisiel Ferdona is the child of Asba Ferdona (Third Son of the Ferdona clan) and Juline Bearlow (Recently deseased resident of Falkreath). As the Ferdona family has banned the relation between Dark Elves and any other race, Ignisiel was sentenced to exile at age 6.

    Before the exile, Asba told him of his mother; a strong, hardy women from Falkreath. After his birth, the house they had was set on fire. The wicked deed done by the patriarch of the Ferdonas. Juline did not survive the fire, and his father was sentenced to death not long after.

    Ignisiel, new to the wilderness, stumbled through the plains, fell down mountains, and chased by animals. Hate for his family had taken his heart captive. After 5 years of living in the wild, he grew accustomed to the environment. Eating berries, killing small game, and stealing from weary travelers.

    3 AM, Ignisiel witnessed a woman dressed in black, riding a horse as black and wicked as night. He followed her back to a door, ominous and silent. As he approached the door, it asked him a question.

    “What is the music of life?”

    Confused, he stares at the door. He stares for hours, trying to think of an answer. The door opens, standing behind was the same woman he had seen riding by. As his conscience fades, she whispers:

    “Do you have a wish? A wish that a life would be taken from someone who has wronged you? Do not wish, but act. The Night Mother awaits...”

    A small window in the storage room opens. A slender figure slips in. Sneaking through the estate, not making a sound, the figure reaches the room he had been searching for. Opening the door, a man lay asleep in a grand bed. A faint red glow emits from the bow laying next to the sleeping man. A dagger is raised, point dripping with hate and murderous thoughts.

    “Good bye, Patriarch...”
  3. thaioden the nord

    Apr 8, 2015
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    Name: Fa’sien
    Age: 69
    Race: Khajiit
    Height: 6’7”
    Weight: 260
    Class: spell sword

    Looks: he has white fur mottled with black and brown, he has massive scars on the left side of his face from numerous battles during the Great War, which caused him to lose his left eye. He is extremely tall and bulky for his race, at 6’7 he towers over most of his family in Elsweyr; and while weighing in at 260, he is anything but fat, his shear size commands attention when he enters a room. Even for being as large as he is, he is every bit as graceful, nimble, and silent as just about every other member of his race.

    Personality: while there is still animosity toward the Aldmeri Dominion, he stays generally positive. The white gold concordance left a very bitter taste in his mouth, as well as being treated like a criminal after it was signed, causing him to migrate to the uncomfortable climes of Skyrim. While still pining for the much warmer sands of Elsweyr, he has come to enjoy the odd customs of the local nords, as well as all of the mischief of the region in general.

    Fighting Style: Fa’sien has developed his own highly unorthodox( and in some circles, frowned upon) yet overtly effective style of combat, combining both destructive magic and sword play. He started showing an affinity and skill for magic at a young age, and chose to hone the talent while still showing great skill with blades, and there by combined both skills into a beautiful, yet extremely deadly, and wholly unique style.
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  4. AndrewTEM

    AndrewTEM Member

    Dec 22, 2018
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    Name: Qa'bil
    Age: Unknown
    Sex: Male
    Race: Khajiit
    Class: Unknown (Freelancer)

    Appearance: Although he is often seen with a mask or helm covering all but his eyes, he has pale white fur with pitch black war paint covering the entire left side of his face. Average build and weight, with pale blue slit-eyes and a battle scar crossing over his left eye, however it is unharmed.

    Personality: Qa'bil is generally known to not speak often, but he still tries to be a loyal and valuable asset when it comes to combat, whether it be with defence of offense. However when he does fight, his style, weapon, and even armour choices can switch constantly, from sneaky and far ranged with light armour, to up close and personal combat with heavy and hard armour.

    Backstory: There is no way of telling who he was or what he did in his past, all that can be relied on is the rumours of the random townsfolk...
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  5. Stone99

    Stone99 New Member

    Jan 12, 2019
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    Name: Hamelyn Swet

    Race: Breton

    Class: Conjurer/Cultist

    Gender: Male

    Age: Around 30, from his appearance.

    Looks: 5'10", sort of scrawny, with pale skin and short, dark hair along with a trimmed beard. Blue eyes with more bags underneath them than Sanguine has realms in Oblivion. Typical cultish, evil-acolyte-prepping-a-sacrifice attire.
    Personality: Ham is rather flighty, having joined up with and subsequently abandoned several dark cabals over the years. Somehow, no survivors from any of those groups are ever found to tell about him, and if asked about his involvement in that sort of thing he will vehemently deny it. He tends to be standoffish and mostly sticks to plain, simple and polite answers to questions, although the tone of his voice can be best described as 'perpetually done.' He tries to avoid large cities if at all possible, and exists in a nearly permanent state of homelessness. He can be easily swayed into service by threats from large groups or just larger opponents, but will generally try to weasel his way out of unwanted tasks at the first opportunity. The exception to the rule are jobs and relationships that end with him gaining more magical knowledge. He also absolutely hates being called "Ham."

    Gear: A simple wooden staff for summoning fire, a basic steel dagger for cutting things, two sets of robes (in all black, of course), a thick cloak for those cold Skyrim nights, a large pack to hold food and haul a small tent, basic grooming supplies, various scrolls and soul gems, and four leather-bound books whose covers have been painted over along with ink and a quill.

    Magic: Ham proficient in enchanting and manipulating souls trapped in soul gems, although he rarely has an adequate workstation, and can conjure up lesser Daedra such as atronachs, scamps, and clanfear without much trouble. He knows a bit of destruction and is passable at wards, but mostly relies on his staff to defend himself given the draining nature of summoning up minions.

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  6. Billiam

    Billiam New Member

    Jan 13, 2019
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    Name: Bilkor
    Race: Nord
    Age: 21
    Class: Warrior/Rogue

    Looks: 5' 8", short dark brown hair with a dark brown beard with hints of ginger on the chin mostly. His stature is a mixture of fat and muscle, good build for fighting although may struggle in long lasting combat situations. He has blue eyes, however his sockets are surrounded with dark rings making look like he's constantly fatigued.

    Backstory: found by a traveling group of Argonians, he has little memory of his childhood before. His camp was ravaged by Bandits while he and his Argonian friend, Ushesi. Both of them would spend years together clearing Bandit camps and fighting off any dangerous they would find in the wild. They overheard a potential gold-making job that an innkeeper had passed out. They thought they could use the money to move out of Skyrim and into safer lands. Sadly Ushesi didn't make it out of the hold, and Bilkor was lucky to survive. This led him on a dark and lonely path.

    Personality: tends to stick by himself after an accident that happened to his best friend and travel mate. He has a rough exterior, ignoring most people around him. Almost like he's in a dark daze when in groups. Will often try to stay out of trouble and groups unless he has no further options. He will often be seen alone at a local inn or walking the wild.

    Gear: steel armour chest piece, braces and boots, he carries an Orcish sword, Iron dagger, mixture of basic foods and drink.
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  7. NutsnBoltz

    NutsnBoltz New Member

    Jan 30, 2015
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    (Reference Picture)
    "Is Evil What We Are? Or What We Do?"
    Basic Information

    Name: Ko'esi

    Aliases: Esi

    Birthplace: Torval, Elsweyr

    Birthdate: 21st Of Sun's Dusk

    Birth-Sign: The Lover

    Affiliations: Dark Brotherhood/Thieves Guild

    Former Affiliations: Companions/Fighters Guild/Bards College/Blood Horkers

    Occupation: Assassin/Thief

    Political Affiliation: Highest Buyer

    Wealth: Substantial

    Race: Khajiit(Cathay)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 29

    Alignment: Chaotic-Evil

    Sexuality: Straight

    Relationship: Single

    Faith: Baan Dar/Sithis

    Fur Color: Black/Grey/White

    Eye Color: White

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 181 lbs

    Hair/Facial Hair:
    Long Black Hair Semi-Braided/Short Mane Like Beard That Is Roughly Cut

    Two Deep Long Scars Along The Nose Of Ko'esi

    3 Piercings on each ear. Two on the lower lobe and 1 placed at the very tip of the ear

    Ebony Bow(Poisoned) With Ebony Arrows/Two Dragonbone Daggers Enchanted (Fire & Frost)

    Slightly Altered Dark Brotherhood Armor(Hood Included)
    When Not Under Contract/ Custom Leather Armor

    Favorite Food/Drink:
    Spiced Wine(Infused With A Small Amount Of Moon Sugar) & Elsweyr Fondue/Lavender Dumplings


    Drinking/Moon Sugar/Killing/Stealing/Assault/Coin

    Law & Order/Good Deeds/Prison/Hierarchy

    Creating/Consuming Illicit Substances/Crafting New Armor/Weapons & Learning about New Poisons To Craft

    Addiction To Moon Sugar(In Any Form)


    Rebellious/Violent/Cold Hearted/Two-Faced

    Short History

    Upon Arriving in Skyrim Esi had already formed a rather unique bond with many criminal empires that had been established in Skyrim due to his rather vicious history in his home land of Elsweyr,but he was attempting to leave that life behind him and escape custody and law of his own kin. However when he attempted to try to carve out a rather good life for himself joining with the companions. Having fought against both preducide from rather tradinalist nords and against his own violent tendencies he maintained status within the companions for a few months until he had a large visible outburst against a fellow member of the companions which resulted in him being exiled due to his unwillingness to accept his mistakes for killing a fellow companion. Upon being thrown out of the companions he worked as a hunter for Whiterun, catching prey and selling it to the Inns and Shop keeps in the markets to make a rather meager sum of coin.
    However this rather unsatisfactory life made Esi realize the futility of the bond between Nords and Khajiit. To escape any unwanted prosecution from Whiterun after the companions had finally mourned enough over their lost brother to inform the guards of Esi actions, he fled via a fellow Khajiit caravan to the so called capital of Skyrim where he would assume a role of being a passive watcher. Over a few days of learning about the city he had heard of a rather unique group of people called bards, being in the Inns in whiterun he was aware of the bards but did not know they had a collage of their own.

    Upon further investigation Esi had began to attempt to join to collage proving he had experience with musical instruments and a rather well toned voice to accompany himself. Upon joining the college he soon realized that their was more than met the eye about this place, every student seemed to have it out for one another to always best one another, Esi thought of this as friendly competition at first but experienced how cruel they truly can be to one another when he was falsely accused of thievery due to his race, out of spite and anger Esi struck out against fellow students,this time stopping himself from going to far however he was much stronger and faster then the average nord.
    After the incident had been put to rest Esi was arrested and locked in prison for over a week where he would experienced great torture at the hands of a dark vicious nord who seeped blood from him at every chance she got. having been one of the only few to survive this treatment he was finally released into skyrim, however this time with nothing to his name and an undying passion to get revenge for the way he had been treated. Over the span of a few nights Esi lashed out on his former so called "friends" at the college, stealing and assaulting them as an act of vengeance for the way they treated him.
    These actions caught the eyes of a rather sinister group who offered employment to him if he would just travel with them out to Windhelm, upon seizing the chance to finally make some coin any thought of seeking a fair life was gone, Esi was filled with a violent passion for the Nords and how he was treated and now he could unleash it upon unsuspecting merchant ships traveling through treacherous waters. The time he spent as a Blood Horker honed his violent tendencies he became more patient, more ruthless and cunning with how he acted. Unbeknownst

    to his new group over the span of several months Esi had been hoarding gold and planning a means to escape from the cold grasp that was the Horkers home,so under a fateful night Esi began to unfold his plan attacking and killing several of his fellow raiders and marauders,some who even called him friend. Striking in violent yet quick actions he had gutted many of his "friends" in a dastardly attempt to haul his loot off into a rather beaten small merchant ship the Horkers had taken for their own. This event had weakened his former group as he had escaped with armor/gold/weapons and more fleeing back into skyrim to strike his own fortune.
    Sailing back into Skyrims cold grip Esi began to strike out on his own and purchased materials to rebuild the merchant ship he had stolen away from its former procurers. Over the span of a few months Esi coin started to dwindle,but the improvement of his rather small yet newly redesigned and renovated ship had become his home. With free reign to travel around skyrims port cities he slowly started to map each city out upon arrival, learning guard posts and interchanges.

    With this newfound knowledge he began to create strife among many families,those rich and poor,breaking in during night or day whenever his needs suited him and stealing coin and anything of importance that he could fence off to his fellow caravans. During his rather daring house raids he came across another who was picking from a home he had chosen to take from himself, upon closer inspection he had come across a thief of the mysterious thieves guild. At first Esi was furious with someone else stealing his loot,but soon came to understand that he needed "friends" in higher places if he was ever going to achive that 'peaceful" life he once wished for.
    So in typical Khajiit form he played two sides of the coin, a friendly face who wishes to work within the group as a unit and help it grown, and a tail who steals from the group while they are unaware and uses the guilds information as a means to learn about their signs and opposing factions as well as rather wealthy targets for him to hit. The rule of not killing anyone did affect Esi over time as he grew more agitated and prone to violence, so instead of cutting ties completely with the guild he simple lessioned the time he spent with them thus not allowing them to think he has turned against them or strode off on his own,while still allowing him freedoms.
    His rather violent nature became unhinged during some of his house raids as he now attacked unaware citizens, stealing right from the corpse he just made,however in most cases he strode to knock them out as over time the killings he was committing slowly started to fall onto his conscious. However one night he was approached by a masked figure on his boat,who offered Esi a new job one that gave him much more freedom when it came to the violent nature of this particular Khajiit.
    Thus over an extended initiation he became a rather exceptional member of the struggling dark brotherhood, something that was starting to become more aware to him as both the thieves and brotherhood were struggling to remain relevant and a viable threat. So over time he became a free-lance thief/assassin who would let the highest bidder pay for his work, while still keeping good faith with both the Brotherhood and the Thieves due to his cunning,charismatic ways that he had adapted over time due to living in skyrim.

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  8. Rajka-Dari

    Rajka-Dari Looter Extraordinaire

    Jan 15, 2019
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    Rajka Dari

    30 Year old Khajiit Male

    Born in a small village in the Tenmar Forest, Elsweyr

    Born under the sign of the Lord

    “Rajka sees all things as belonging to Rajka. This one is not a selfish owner, but will take what he can get and ever so slightly more.”

    Personal Details|

    Alias: Raj, Raji, Dar

    Sexuality: Rajka has a heightened view of Khajiit women, them being his preference in most instances. He can, however, be swayed with a good personality.

    Marital Status: Single

    Occupation: Rajka is first and foremost a thief. He practices the gamut of the legerdemain, everything from pickpocketing to grand heists. He is equally well versed in removing from the dead as well as the living, and has in his most current excursions made a steady profit from the recesses of Dwemer ruins.

    Residence: Rajka first lived in a little village in the Tenmar forest. When it came time to stretch his legs and broaden his horizons, he eventually settled down with a bit of transience across Vvardenfell. After obtaining his first partner in crime, the pair have become much more nomadic, setting their sights on the rest of Tamriel, starting with Skyrim and planning on making their way to the swathes of wealth in both Cyrodiil and Summerset.

    Family: Rajka comes from a large family. His father and mother still reside in his home village, and he has a great berth of cousins travelling across Tamriel, all trying to find their own piece of adventure. He does not, however, have any siblings.

    Affiliations: The best thieves have no ties to people or places, and Rajka is a notable example. Though he may deal with different societies and organizations from time to time, he keeps a healthy distance from them all and carves his own path.

    Political Views: Rajka is in favor of the Empire, as it keeps the wealth in one place for him to eventually seize.

    Religion: Rajka recognizes the Mane, those born under the two moons who rule over the Khajiit, but he does not worry himself with the greater intricacies of their religion.

    Afflictions/Diseases/Ailments: Rajka was a healthy child and continues to be an exemplary khajiit well into his adulthood. He was once trapped in a burning stable, a story for another time, and is known to have the occasional cough from which he attributes.


    Voice: Raspy, lingering, the sound of his voice enlists the image of a sneer.

    Physique: Rajka is almost fanatical about his form. His body is his source of income, and as such he treats it with the utmost respect. He exercises daily and his form shows. He is tall and lean, his body taut with carefully manicured muscle.

    Appearance: His fur is a muddled white with certain strands of light brown for accent. He has a few black spots on his face and hands, and bares a scar over his right eye birthed from the blade of one very fortunate Bosmer. His eyes are a golden yellow with the black slotted pupils most common with the Khajiit. He is normally seen sporting leather armor and pants with a sash tied around his waist. The red sash is a gift from his partner in crime, and he keeps it with him always. His swords are always hung at both sides of his hips, and he refuses to let himself be disarmed unless the situation is impossible without it.

    Personality: Rajka can get along with anyone, but he trusts very few people. He is loyal until his own skin is on the line, and then he worries about himself most. He is cunning and leaves one hanging onto his words. He seems friendly, excitable, and downright predictable. That is all a front for his calculating, puppeteering side.

    Positive Traits: Dependable, sticks by his word, hard working, cunning, smart.

    Negative Traits: Cocky, arrogant, bull-headed, easily stressed, avoids crucial conversations and conflicts.

    Likes: Fish, gold, women, and Moon Sugar Rum.

    Dislikes: Vegetables, snow, competition, and the obscenely wealthy.

    Alignment: Neutral

    Combat Details:

    Class: Roguelike warrior

    Major Skills: Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Thieving, Sneaking, and Physical Combat.

    Other Skills: Archery, Navigation, Reading, Writing, and a few others up his sleeve.

    Weapons: Two short swords, he is also known to use a bow.

    Gear: Rajka wears mostly medium armor, though for bigger excursions he has opted for chainmail lining or sometimes full plate, depending on the severity of the combat. His go to, however, is leather.

    Laterality: Ambidextrous

    History: Raj set out from Elsweyr with one goal in mind: Profit. He spent time along the Gold Coast dealing in skooma, and once business propositions began to dry up there he made way for the Imperial City. He spent some time hustling there before making the long journey to Vvardenfell. While in Vvardenfell, Raj developed a loose affiliation with the Camonna Tong, though because of his race was not allowed any valuable jobs therein. Most of his time was spent plundering crypts and family tombs along the land. When he made his way into Telvanni territory, he found a holdout Telvanni family that still kept Argonian slaves. Raj freed one of the slaves, a young woman named Ix Mota, and the two became partners in crime. With his already strained relationship with the Tong beginning to sour, Raj felt it best that the two make way for anywhere but Morrowind. They made their way to Skyrim, to see what treasures await them.

    [All credit for the card format goes to Hlif 'Ulfr!]​
  9. Rajka-Dari

    Rajka-Dari Looter Extraordinaire

    Jan 15, 2019
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    25 year old Argonian female

    Born in the city of Lilmoth, Murkmire.

    Born under the sign of the Steed.

    “I carry the Hist with me wherever I go.”

    Personal Details|

    Alias: Ix, Mota

    Sexuality: Ix is interested in Argonian men,the smootheskin men are too strange for her tastes. Khajiit are not out of her scope of romance, though just barely reside there.

    Marital Status: Ix has never been married, though aspires to find a partner one day in her homeland.

    Occupation: A former slave, Ix learned the value early on of being able to go unnoticed. These skills have earned her wealth to some degree in her new life of thieving and plundering ruins with her partner in crime.

    Residence: Ix-Mota was born in Lilmoth, but was only there a few years before being sent to a Telvanni family in Tel Mora as a servant. Upon her liberation, she travelled Vvardenfell and Skyrim with her partner and liberator.

    Family: Ix does not remember any of her brothers and sisters in her hatching pool, as she had been taken for servitude at a young age.

    Affiliations: Ix-Mota has a large cultural affiliation to her people and the Hist. Aside from that, she tends to shy away from any official guilds or organizations due to the nature of her work.

    Political Views: Ix is zealously anti-slavery, and is of the mindset that the Dunmer need to be occupied for their own good.

    Religion: Ix is a devout follower of Sithis, as most Argonians are.

    Afflictions/Diseases/Ailments: Ix has no serious afflictions, though she does have consistent slight pain in the middle of her tail from a broken tail as a young girl.


    Voice: Ix has a raspy, raw voice in par with her fellow Argonians.

    Physique: Ix is slender and of decent build, without any large positives or negatives to her build. She is decidedly average for an Argonian.

    Appearance: Ix has small, angled eyes and green scales that cover her, their contrast differing depending on the sensitivity of the area. Her most noticeable feature are the three spines on either side of her head, spines that flex with her facial movements. She wears a green scaled leather robe with hip guards and a high collar. She wears a belt of argonian make with a large, square buckle.

    Personality: Ix is stalwart in her defense of those less fortunate than her. She is logical, but caring. Her moral compass is strong, despite the hypocrisy of her career, leading to an amount of unusual mental gymnastics on her part to justify the two.

    Positive Traits: Loyal, honorable,caring,kind, and considerate.

    Negative Traits: Logical to the point of being cold, ruthlessly calculating, pities to a fault. Trusts to a fault. She is also highly xenophobic, most of her fear and hatred is pointed at the Dunmer people.

    Likes: Good food, naps, warm places, swamps, rainy days, swimming.

    Dislikes: Extreme heat, extreme cold, Saltrice, and Dunmer people.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

    Combat Details|

    Class: Restoration/Conjuration Mage

    Major skills: Restoration magic, Conjuration magic, Sneaking.

    Other skills: Swimming, Lockpicking, Navigation

    Weapons: Ix uses a restoration staff from her time as a healer as her primary ‘weapon’ and is adversed to causing others physical harm by her own hand.

    Gear: Ix-Mota wears a simple roughspun dress, though it has been pleated with scales and leather added to enhance the armor value as well as vambraces. She does not wear shoes.

    Laterality: Right handed

    History: Ix grew up in Lilmoth, though she would only stay there a short while. As a child she was sent to live with a Telvanni family as unpaid, forced labor. She worked in the house as a girl, but when she was more able-bodied she was sent outside to the saltrice fields. As she showed some magical promise, she was once again brought back inside and learned restoration magic from the Telvanni, where she would act as a healer and a caretaker to the elderly. One day in particular she tried to get her hands on some more destructive magic, and when that happened she was sent back outside for the last time to the saltrice fields. While toiling away, she was discovered by a wily Khajiit named Rajka Dari, who freed her and introduced her to the life of a travelling criminal. The two fled to Skyrim, and they look forward to the money to be made there.

    [All credit for the card format goes to Hlif 'Ulfr!]​
  10. Rajka-Dari

    Rajka-Dari Looter Extraordinaire

    Jan 15, 2019
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    Urgas Barkbite

    31 year old Orc female

    Born in Greenshade

    Born under the sign of The Tower

    “I’ll go anywhere, for the right price.”

    Personal Details|

    Alias: Urgas, Barkbite

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Marital Status: Married

    Occupation: Urgas is paid to protect people with enough money or celebrity on excursions to Tamriel’s more risky areas.

    Residence: She travels frequently, but has a small house in Rorikstead that she shares with her wife Arenwe.

    Family: Urgas is estranged from her clan, but she has a Bosmer wife named Arenwe and the two are considering adoption.

    Affiliations: Urgas has done occasional work for the Fighter’s guild and has done a few jobs for the Mage’s guild as an escort. She has made a nice network of contacts from her adventures.

    Political Views: Urgas is apolitical, and often avoids politically charged conversations.

    Religion: She is not religious, but will occasionally invoke both the Wilderking and Malacath.

    Afflictions/Diseases/Ailments: Her left hand, her sword hand, was crushed by a Haj Mota in Murkmire. The bones healed back incorrectly and she is unable to use a sword.


    Voice: Urgas has a rough, haughty, smoky voice that carries a rich tone.

    Physique: She is tall with a thick, stocky frame. Urgas is comprised of years of hard won muscle.

    Appearance: Urgas is tall even for an Orc, and almost just as broad. Urgas has olive skin and light brown hair that frames her squared face. She has two protruding tusks from her lower teeth. She is most often seen in her prized Ebony armor, which is meticulously cleaned and cared after.

    Personality: Stoic and silent, Urgas can be hard to read to newcomers. She is generally the first person into dangerous situations. She likes to protect others weaker than her. Urgas prefers quiet places and still life. She would much rather be at home with her wife reading a book by the hearth than out adventuring, but adventuring is what she does best. She has a quick temper, but it is not long lasting.

    Positive Traits: Loyal, dependable, strong, tough, and optimistic.

    Negative Traits: Hot-headed, underestimating, too forward at times, can be brusque.

    Likes: Wine, women, and a good fight.

    Dislikes: Too little sleep, intricate work, and negotiations.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good.

    Combat Details: Urgas’ specialty is taking a hit and taking it well. She is tough built, even for her already imposing size. Urgas can deflect massive blows with her shield by using her experience as an adventurer to know when to shift her weight, when to roll after a hit, and other methods. She used to be deadly with a blade, but her sword hand is now useless. To compensate for her impairment, Urgas has sharpened the left side of her shield. She can crush and hack at her foes with her shield, while keeping her shield in a relatively close position for blocking.

    Class: Warrior

    Major Skills: Combat, navigation, and intimidation.

    Other Skills: Reading, writing (Urgas has always fancied being a poet in her spare time), cooking, and drinking.

    Weapons: Urgas uses her shield as her most important piece of armor and her main weapon. Her Ebony shield is sharpened on the left side to allow for severing blows, but remains intact for defensive maneuvers.

    Gear: Ebony armor and accompanying shield, various potions, a bedroll, a journal, and bone necklace her wife made for her.

    Laterality: Urgas used to be left handed, but after her injury has adjusted to performing feats that require any fine motor movement with her right hand.

    History: Urgas grew up in Greenshade, working in the logging camps of the wood Orcs. She was raised learning combat as most Orcs do, and by the time she was of age she knew she wanted to have her own adventures. Urgas fell in love with a local Bosmer girl named Arenwe, and the two were wed shortly after. With their joint dowries, the two bought a small home in Rorikstead where Arenwe could make a home for them while Urgas earned their primary source of money by escorting people to and through rough areas. Urgas started off protecting merchants and caravans of goods with other adventurers, but over the years she gained a reputation for being rather hard to kill, so her clients gradually increased in both wealth and fame. Urgas now goes with other seasoned adventurers to protect the rich and famous on macabre vacations to the rougher parts of Tamriel.

    [All credit for the card format goes to Hlif 'Ulfr!]​
  11. Dustman

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    Not a new character - just a fresh, reworked new profile/biography.

    Marius Dustman
    Race: Nord
    Gender: Male
    Class: Slayer
    Color: Green


    "He wore a grim, if determined expression but his question was light enough that Marek thought he was probably a rather easy going man when not slaughtering the walking dead."

    - Marius, from the perspective of
    Andre Marek, mercenary

    A summative, chronologically-neutral biography:

    Marius is a man forged through trauma; a weapon honed by experiences both positive and negative. He has been given many names in his life; both slave and savior, man and monster. His lowest moments have often been his most transformative, and have granted him perspective which has helped him find his own path amongst the various philosophies that define the world; both those philosophies preached by those who claim to guard against the shadows, and those who whisper within them.

    The last remaining member of the Dustman clan, Marius is tragically defined by a legacy no one but himself truly comprehends.

    - - - - -

    About the clan, and as such, their legacy:

    More tragic still, this clan's legacy was by design. Clan Dustman lived in secret, tucked away in the earth beneath Whiterun hold in a network of caves similar to the infamous Blackreach - training warriors to meet the monsters they hunted at their most basic and primal level, recognizing the common nature that connects prey and predator.

    Clan Dustman were masters of both metallurgy and magic, granted by their access to a potent material used to forge their armors, tools, and weapons - blue mithril, and a steadfast maintenance to traditional understandings of magical theory.

    Regarding blue mithril: Similar to its cousin, blue mithril is an almost unnatural dichotomy of incredible lightness of weight, and massive strength of material. In the hands of the right armor- or bladesmith, it is even capable of surpassing its cousin; granting not only physical but magical advantages. What advantages it gives, however, are matched by an intense volatility, and as such, greater potential disadvantages. Texts have been lost to time for how the Clan smiths exactly counteracted this volatility, granting whatever smith brave enough to experiment with it a potential path towards legend. What is commonly known is that the material bonds well with purified silver, and that the various alloys made from that bond can create swords capable of unleashing the chaotic nature of blue mithril upon the enemies its wielder faces.

    Regarding primal magic: The Dustmen refused the constrictive laws that govern most known modern magic - the schools that bind the great immutability of raw Magicka. Instead, they understood magic in a more primal sense. To describe the most common applications of this philosophy:

    Enchantment is not something applied - it describes what something is in relation to the whims of chaos - like weathering on the fabric of reality. The clan used this understanding to preserve and retract biological attributes lost to the evolution of man - enhanced reflexes, nightvision, enhanced senses including a sixth sense towards the flow of Magicka between the fabric of the reality. What can be commonly referred to by outside academics as the school of Enchantment is more akin to biological and chemical science to academics within the clan. Also, unlike modern Enchantment, the changes made by its primal cousin are irreversible and infinite in duration.

    Destruction is most commonly associated with offense, used by warmages to call forth devastation upon their foes. and the clan agrees with this sentiment, save for its definition as a school itself. Primal Destruction is an entropic force, because it is directly counter to the way magic is applied upon the world - as such, primal destruction causes other magics to fail. Practitioners of this magical theory within the clan were few and far between - the conflict between ones innate magical nature and the application of anti-magic too often would lead to total destruction of the user. Advanced successful practitioners have been rumored to be able to to tap into the magical nature of mundane matter itself, though at much almost always fatal risk to the user.

    Most commonly, the school of Alteration is the closest to application of raw chaos as the modern schools get. Similar to its cousin Enchantment, Primal Alteration, practiced by those within the Clan known as the Alteratori, seeks to not simply react to the exposure to the chaotic force of raw Magicka, but use the chaos's own nature against itself, rewriting it to serve the purpose of the user. The Alteratori, in truly understanding this do themselves one disservice, however - by achieving the mindset needed to make Primal Alteration magic possible, they lose the ability to perform Alteration magic as it is commonly understood. For some, this is freeing - for others, it is a sense of separation that distances themselves from modern magical practitioners.

    - - - - -

    All of this knowledge and more would have been understood by Marius had he completed his training as a full-fledged warrior within the clan. Instead, much of this information has been pieced together through rigorous study in only the most secret of texts, spiritual recall, experimentation, and the insights and brilliance of his colleagues and loved ones. In the time up until the holocaust of his clan, Marius had received only an apprentice level training as an Alteratori, and had just been introduced to the rituals that would transform into a true Dustman warrior. As such, making connections within the world, while at first blush causing himself to become separated from his heritage, eventually led him closer to it.

    - - - - -

    A chronological timeline of major events and details from Marius' life:

    Birth: Born to mother Aeia Dustman (Nord), a controversial wildcard within the clan, and fully trained Dustman warrior; father is known as Sparo, origin unknown (Presumed Breton), a mysterious and timeless wanderer whose long relationship with Aeia was one source of controversy, in that it was far from traditional according to clan customs. Siblings, half-siblings, or extended family unknown. Characteristically, Sparo disappears soon after.

    Age 8-9: Warrior passage begins - Marius receives introductory enhancements, and begins training as an Alteratori. Mother vanishes a year later, whereabouts unknown.

    Age 10: Holocaust of Clan Dustman at the hands of extremist group adjacently connected to the clan - its members would later go on to form the Silver Hand. Survivors are enslaved.

    Age 12: Abused, traumatized, and otherwise on the verge of death, Marius is one of the few remaining of his clan within the extremist group's labor camp, following multiple failed revolts, and sickness within the camp following the introduction of a unstable compound derivative of blue mithril, which poisons those in proximity of it. One night, a series of mysterious events within the camp are eventually revealed to be caused by the return and counterattack of Aeia Dustman, Marius' mother. She finds him, arms him with a silver greatsword, and secrets him away from the camp. Giving him vague instructions to find a contact of her inner circle within the deserts of Hammerfell, she says one last goodbye to her son, before reentering the camp, claiming that she will fix the wrongs committed in her absence. Presumed dead. Further investigation shows scarce evidence of camp's existence.

    Marius travels to Hammerfell, in a state of shock, near-starvation, and delirium. Extremely unaccustomed to intense sunlight and heat, he collapses in the dunes. Awakens to find himself in the company of a nomadic Redguard tribe, who heals him. Greeted by none other than his mother's contact, a scarred, elderly Redguard warrior. Warrior pledges himself with a blood oath as Marius' master in the arts of a warrior.

    Marius undergoes the Ritual of Sands, so to adapt to the climate of Hammerfell, where he remains in exile. Functionally abandons his heritage (racial attributes) as a Nord, and gains those of a Redguard. Skin attains permanent tan as result of adaptation, which lasts the rest of his life.

    Marius remains in exile for his adolescence, training with his new master, engaging in trials of spiritual reconnection to make sense of his past trauma, and the legacy he must now hold. Combat style becomes more aggressive, as with the processing of trauma, Marius pledges himself to a path of revenge - and the total destruction of the Silver Hand. Eventually leads to a fall-out with his master, who he believes is holding him back from avenging his clan.

    Age 20-25 - Marius returns to Skyrim, trained, and full of vengeful rage. This marks the most violent and reckless time of Marius' life. Over the next five years, he eventually connects with the Companions of Whiterun, using their own conflict with the Silver Hand to exact his vendetta. Once completed, Marius finds himself so bloodied with the blood of his targets, and more than a few other humans, he suffers a mental breakdown, reaves his blade in twain, and casts the remains of his ruined, blunted, and blood-stained silver sword into the depths of the last prominent landmark of his clan, Dustman's Cairn.

    Age 26-29 - Wandering aimlessly, in search of wisdom, he eventually finds himself at the College of Winterhold, seeking structure. Although he shows promise in Alteration magic, it is clear his understanding of how Alteration magic works is different from what exists in modern theory. Tolfdir, a professor who specializes in Alteration magic takes him on personally, to try to help him understand his unique grasp of the subject. Guided by his tutelage, Marius gains a greater understanding of what it means to use primal Alteration, and discovers the bittersweet truth that primal freedom comes with a cost. Marius departs the college feeling more connected to his own magical power.

    Age 30 - 37 - Marius has been doing odd-jobs for most of a year when he receives an anonymous gift wrapped in fine silver cloth. Unwrapping it, he finds pieces of silver sword - the same silver sword he had cast into the shadows so many years before. Seeking a blacksmith to potentially reforge the blade, he is introduced to a determined apprentice blacksmith with a desire to become to best in the world, traveling Skyrim to learn smithing techniques from every source she can. Her name is Isobel. Marius is immediately taken to the woman, and they soon become fast friends and confidants.

    Additionally, they make a contract, following Isobel's discovery of the unique properties of the sword's metal: she'll take the risk of reforging the volatile material, on the grounds that the knowledge of this metal's quality remains her exclusive privilege, as well as the wielder's armament needs. Marius agrees on the grounds of his gratefulness to have a talented smith to work with and, privately, his growing attraction to the woman. His blade is reforged, its new style a combination of Nordic and Imperial aesthetic.

    In the next few months, Marius settles down in Falkreath Hold, having been granted residence for his service to the hold's capital city. His residence is interrupted by the sudden wave of Dawnguard recruitment - as a minorly renowned slayer of monsters, he was suggested by the Jarl himself. Strangely, despite not being one for having his fate decided for him, Marius willingly joins the Dawnguard, and soon finds that it provides him with a structure he needs to temper his past trauma. He begins to recognize himself as not only a capable warrior from the legacy of the Dustman Clan, but a comrade in arms, and a solider.

    The Vampire Wars last for many years, and Marius is tested to his fullest. He adapts some of the teachings of Stendarr, using the offensive and restorative Restoration magic in fighting against the darkness. He maintains contact with Isobel in between missions, and they develop a running joke about the state he always seems to be in when he returns for repairs and so forth. He also meets Alesan, a very young Redguard orphan from the port city of Dawnstar, a strange sight in a city of sailors and miners. The war ends with him a vampire slayer, war hero, and monster hunter of legendary renown. Marius begins to look beyond the confines of the Dawnguard - and prepares for the legacy he will leave on the world - his final transformation.

    Late 30s, 40s

    Marius decides it is time to reinvent the legacy of the Dustman Clan. Over his life, his discoveries and rediscoveries, his allies, friends, comrades, and loved ones has parted the fog of a destiny he has, deep down, always known. To not only linger in the past, in the shadow of the Dustmen of old, but to make his own legacy. He gathers his wealth, resources, favors, and allies towards his biggest challenge yet - the forming of a new, elite guild of guardians for Skyrim, Tamriel, and ultimately Nirn itself, out of the shadows: The Order of the Silver Blade. Named in reference to a title once given him, the Order will be more than any of the others - not restricted by creed like the Vigilants of Stendarr, nor secrecy and tradition like the Companions and the Dawnguard. One built on innovation, risk taking, and brotherhood.

    Faced with this task, Marius realized a new truth - no man is a mountain, not even one of such reputation as himself. He needed a firm foundation; in short, a true family. He extended his contract and friendship with Isobel, now a master smith, to a proposal of marriage; several favors and a great amount of resources later, they purchased a large property in the Pale. Soon after, they adopted Alesan, giving him a homonymic warriors name from Yokuda legend - Al'Hessan. The guild grew from there, and its current base of operations is unknown to the public, save for the knowledge that the Silver Blades always come from the North.

    To be continued . . .
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    Name Sabelline Perelie

    Race Breton

    Class Archer

    Occupation Mercenary

    Gender Female

    Age 20

    Appearance Fair-skinned, lithe, but muscled, at 5’0”. Ash brown hair, pale blue eyes. Ties her hair up into a ponytail, its quite long and even in a ponytail it reaches down to her shoulder-blades. She wears armour made of leather and furs, and has some scarring on her body.

    Personality Her prickliness is her most prominent trait. Despite being a Breton, she found magic was too hard for her to grasp; her family was disappointed, so as a result she developed an inferiority complex of sorts. She can grow defensive over micro-analyses in her head, leading to aggression to people who seemed to have caused no harm at all. Though she is confident in her abilities as an archer she still tries to learn magic in her spare time, though she hates reading about it and struggles with it greatly.

    In turn it seems like she has a poor attention span and can grow bored very easily. On the other hand, her determination to set records straight drives her to overcome challenges set by others. She is also remarkably hard-working, to the extent of pushing herself. She hates laziness and spites the weak.

    Sabelline loves to fight and hunt and enjoys the respect her skills in bowmanship gives her.


    • Fur armour set
    • Elven bow
    • Lightning magic (low-level)


    The Companions


    Sabel’s family was established in Ivarstead as a hard-working Breton family. Much of their trade is in potions, gathered ingredients and some food items. Though met with scrutiny by the Nord citizens, they established themselves as trustworthy and friendly folk. Sabelline moved there from a very young age so she couldn’t remember much of Daggerfall where they lived prior. While her big brother developed in the arcane arts, she trudged along in his shadow and realised she did not have the same knack for it as he.

    She began to train in the bow instead, by only eight she could hunt game, earning her keep, selling animal pelts and providing for her family. Her family always actually regarded her with respect for her hard-working nature. Even so, she felt like she didn’t fit in with her family because of her differing opinions, so she left with some of her own earned gold to join the Companions in Whiterun.

    While on-and-off with the other Companions, she also does some mercenary work.

    Information is not solid and she will develop.
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    Name: Aros Dendarium.

    Race: Half Imperial-Half Bosmer.

    Class: Assassin/Rogue.

    Age: 23.

    Religion: Sithis and the Night Mother.

    Appearance: Somewhat tanned skin, with ruffled snow white hair that reaches to the nape of his neck. Amber golden eyes with specks of deep, forest green in them. He stands a bit on the short side in height thanks to his Bosmer heritage, along with pointed ears. Along his torso and arms are a series of scars from both training and fighting.

    Personality: Arros seen as a calm and collected individual, some say he even is a bit too casual and even lazy to some point, but allwasy levelheaded in a stressful situation. But even so he shows a side of mishchief and curiosity to his surroundings, be it objects or people, often joking about and is seen as unserious in a fight, mocking them and joysting them on until they make a mistake fo rhim to take advantage of. But even so he is a friendly young man to those he likes, but deadly to his opponents.

    -The Dark Botherhood armor and a mask over his lower face

    (When outside of Brotherhood business or affairs)
    -Morag Tong helmet
    -Morag Tong armor
    -Stormcloak Officer bracers
    -Leather boots

    -A pair of Nordic Carved Daggers
    -Poisons and potions.

    Magic: N/A.

    Affiliation: Dark Brotherhood, Mercenary / does some business with the Thieves Guild every now and then.

    Backstory: Arros grew up with his father and mother in the city of Skingrad within Cyrodiil, his father being Imperial and his mother a Bosmer, or Wood Elf if you want. He grew up rather peacefully to be honest, playing with the children and helping his mother in the potion shop they owned while his father was one of the city guards. As the years went by he slowly started to train to be in the guard as well like his father, but started to show signs of interest in the alchemical arts much to his mother's joy who showed him and taught him some basic potions like healing, stamina etc.

    But soon enough he grew bored with the potions and started to read up on poisons and started to experiment on them without his mother or father's knowing. After a few months he was caught having experimented on some rats from the sewers beneath the city... and a few beggars from the streets. His parents was obviously furious with him and told him to either leave or be arrested, Arros traveled to Skyrim and hasn't seen them since, that was about four years ago by now. He was found by the Dark Botherhood there and joined then a few months after arriving in Skyrim and has worked with them for the past four years.
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    Name: Ukka Karjala
    Race: Nord
    Class: Pilgrim
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Tall, with long blonde hair, a braided ponytail, muscular body and very, very bad sense of direction. A scar on her face reminds her of a wild encounter with a bear during a journey between Whiterun and Riften.
    Personality: Ukka is generally nice and hates every form of racism, as, during her journeys across Tamriel she learned to appreciate all cultures. She has a soft sport for orcs. She is also extremely loyal to her friends, that she considers her family, and will protect them with her life.
    - Married with Lydia, they adopted one daughter, Lucia.
    - She recently dropped a shield for two one-handed custom made iron/gold swords.
    - Wears light armor as a heavy one would limit her movements.
    - Because of her very bad sense of direction she tries as much as possible to stay away from dwarven Ruins.
    - She would fight a hundred dragons over a single draugr (ugh, I hate draugrs)
    - Joined the Imperial Legion, despite her grandfather being a proud Stormcloak.
    - She is filthy rich and she is a highly skilled carpenter (like her father). She started building her wealth during her journeys, collecting, fixing and re-selling every artifact she could put her hands on. Despite being very rich she still does that, driving her wife and her follower and best friend Tyrek crazy.
    - She is particularly fond of her cow, Fuzzy Bun, and she hired an Imperial guard legion for her mansion, mostly to make sure no bandit or wolf or dragon can kill her. So far, so good.
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    NAME: Kassom Sercha

    GENDER: Male

    RACE: Khajiit (Cathay breed)

    Age: 22

    Sexuality: Hetero

    Relationship Status: Single and not looking

    Speech Color: Dark Red

    CLASS: Rogue
    Kassom's skillset leans heavily towards stealth and subterfuge, eschewing conflict and direct measures whenever reasonably possible. Though far from silver-tongued he can certainly turn a phrase when needed, flattering or provoking as the situation requires. He's long since made a practice of learning to read people, to pick up on the subtler cues of emotion that might signal opportunity... or, more often, betrayal. It is with this latter prospect in mind that he equips himself: over a darkened suit of lithe leather armor he dons a patchwork of tattered rags, carefully tailored to conceal hidden pockets and sheathes for throwing knives. The simple, short blades are his preferred weapon of choice, being disposable and effective for distractions and damage alike. He keeps himself in good supply of these, wearing a long bandolier across his chest with slots for almost two dozen blades. If things come down to close combat, however, he switches to a pair of steel daggers to harry and exhaust his foes until an opening (or an escape) presents itself. If given the advantage of time and planning Kassom will usually have a few tripwire traps or similarly sneaky "equalizers" set up to put the odds in his favor.

    COMBAT STRENGTHS: Mid/Close Range Skirmisher, Ambush Proficiency, Trap Expert, Disengagement Specialist, Urban Mobility Aptitude

    With deep red fur and piercing steel-blue eyes, Kassom makes for a striking figure -- when he lets himself be seen. Short and lithe, it's easy enough for him to slip out of sight when the need arises, so most people's first look at him is catching the shimmer of his eyes as he steps out of some darkened corner. It's easy to forget he's barely twenty, given the cold and world-weary expression he often carries.

    When the Nords of Skyrim utter the word "Khajiit", they tend to think of shadow-clinging thieves and shameless criminal scum. That image suits Kassom Sercha just fine -- it may as well be his calling card, in truth. Marketing himself as a "freelance treasure hunter", Kassom makes his coin by acquiring what other people can't -- whether that be trinkets, tomes, or information. Secrets, after all, can sell for a rather nice price when one knows the right buyers.

    Kassom's foremost trait is distrust. He is quick to assume someone is lying to him if they have even the slightest reason to, a habit born out of hard experience and regret. Thus, when he does interact with others he prefers to keep a sense of "professional distance" at all times. What this means in practice is that if you're not paying him, or not paying him enough for what you're asking, he's unlikely to so much as give you the time of day. His distrust is particularly strong towards Aldmer and anyone who stylizes themselves as a professional mage.

    That said, just because he doesn't agree to work with someone doesn't mean he won't get involved. One among his many flaws is a curiosity that borders on recklessness -- if something or someone piques his interest he can seldom bring himself to just walk away. It's not uncommon for a prospective client to get turned down only to later find evidence of Kassom doing the job himself on his own terms, whether that job be investigating a dusty ruin or acquiring an incriminating item from a nobleman's locked chest. He claims this is because he likes to "hold all the cards" in negotiating, but usually it's just because he can't leave well enough alone.

    When not working for someone else Kassom pursues an old stand-by: looting bandits. On the lookout for caravans and guard patrols, most bandit camps are easy enough pickings for a lone Khajiit under cover of night -- especially when most of the bandits are out raiding, which is Kassom's preferred time to strike. He's actually acquired a good bit of coin this way, "liberating" the plundered goods of others into his own pockets and then selling off information about the camp to interested parties from agreeable guards to ambitious adventurers. Kassom is no saint, but he can certainly appreciate the irony of turning a "good deed" into profit.​

    - Iris Sercha (younger sister)
    - Dar'Valjaer Sercha (father, deceased)
    - Ka'Jaema Sercha (Mother, presumed deceased)

    LIKES: Money, blades, playing tricks, night time, gambling (specifically card games -- he cheats), and the occasional sweet roll

    DISLIKES: Sailing/boats, undead ("Dead things should stay that way."), werewolves, religion, magic, short jokes, horses, day time

    OCCUPATION: Freelance "treasure hunter" (usually just a thief)



    Like all Khajiit, Kassom has exceptional dark vision and keen senses. These have been honed yet further from years of midnight break-ins and the occasional trawl through poorly-lit ruins.

    Though not infallible, Kassom claims to be able to "smell" magic. This may simply be due to overexposure as a child, but it's also likely that the magical experiments performed on him have something to do with it. Apparently, most magic smells "a bit like rust mixed with lemongrass, mint, and crushed Nirnroot", though there are distinct variations (necromancy, for example, "reeks like a sewer flooded with shaved ginger"). This lets him identify magic users and enchanted objects at moderate distances, with the strength of the magic determining how far away it can be sensed.

    See 'Misc' section. Kassom does not yet have access to this power.​

    The tale of Kassom and Iris Sercha began in tragedy, was written in the same, and isn't shaping up to end any differently. The two were raised in southern Tamriel by poor parents, living a mostly quiet life on the road as traders between Cyrodil, Elseweyr, and Valenwood. Both were far too young to remember those days, however, when their father passed away unexpectedly -- a Skooma overdose. For years afterwards their mother tried to make ends meet working for a clothing merchant in Kvatch, but their father's addiction had added staggering debt to the family's ledgers. To save the children from a life of lack they were put up for adoption... or so their mother was led to believe.

    Even outlawed, the slave trade never really disappeared in Tamriel. It simply became subtler, more cunning, and running "orphanages" was one way to escape the notice of authority. Young Kassom and Iris were soon sold away to an Imperial City wizard looking for "assistants" -- another word for test subjects, in this case.

    Under the "loving care" of the arcanist Varnet Falrestan, the two were put to work in all manner of menial tasks -- and that was when things were good, comparatively. On bad days the Altmer would beat or burn them as a "lesson", though of what was never entirely clear, and on particularly bad days one or both children would be dragged down to the ritual chamber in the house's basement and subjected to unspeakable mystic depredations... of which they were later told to "be thankful" for. Such it continued, a cycle of drudgery and abuse and unnatural horrors, for almost ten years. After a time the elven mage seemed to back away from most of his experiments on young Kassom, deeming "the work a failure" for reasons the boy had no desire to understand, and focused on the sister instead. Kassom begged and pleaded for her to be spared too, but the mage would hear none of it from the "ungrateful little cat" at first. Eventually, however, he offered a compromise -- Iris would receive less harsh treatment if Kassom were to run certain "errands" for Varnet... errands which usually involved sneaking around the city at night, breaking into a specific house, and coming back with a specific item. Sometimes it was simply septims, as many as he could find, but often it was items of a more exotic nature: soul gems, alchemy ingredients, scrolls, that sort of thing. Success brought a few days of relief for the two... failure brought Iris screaming throughout the night.

    It was a hellish existence, but at least it had some semblance of reason to it. That was what Kassom thought until one night when he returned early, empty-handed and chased by the city guard. Bolting into the house and hearing screams, he raced to the basement. There he discovered his sister, levitating above the ground and wreathed in dancing wisps of fire, her eyes radiating light like a lighthouse beacon. Varnet had lied, and the proof was in front of him. Desperate, he rushed at the sorcerer in a fury of fangs and claws only to be overpowered and tossed back by a conjured bolt of lightning. The world faded to black, and death seemed to whisper...

    Hours later, Kassom and Iris both awoke, still in the basement lair. Varnet lay dead on the floor, his head lopped clean off and laying several feet from his body. There was no signs anyone else had been in the house and no blade lay anywhere in sight. Alone and scared, the siblings held each other and trembled in the dark, unsure what would come next.

    For roughly a year the two young Khajiit hid out in the house, subsisting off the dead wizard's larder and generally trying not to be noticed. In this time Iris found herself strangely drawn to a handful of old books on metalworking found in the library -- neither child had ever learned how to read, yet Iris seemed to grasp the essence of the tomes just from looking at them. This strange but peaceful existence was shattered, however, as the siege of the Imperial City began. With tensions mounting and more of the city being devastated each day, the two made a desperate choice to flee amid the chaos. Taking only what they could carry, they escaped through the city's sewers and dodged across the war zone until, at last, the battlefield was at their backs.

    The next several years were spent moving from one place to another, never staying anywhere for long. They sheltered in towns and refugee camps where they could, but many a night was spent in caves or the entryways of old Aelyid ruins. Always the two seemed just one step ahead of the fires of war, and that desperation drove them to great lengths. It was in this time that Iris first began to develop her fire magic -- spontaneous and uncontrollable at first, she quite nearby burned down a forest before bringing her powers under control. That made for some awkward conversations, to say the least.

    Eventually the two joined a trading caravan headed towards Skyrim...

    Though he doesn't yet realize it, Kassom serves as the vessel for a disembodied Daedric spirit -- a Dremora Kynval named Ilais. This dark spirit frequently haunts Kassom's dreams as he rages against the arcane prison that binds him to his unwary host. As the moons go through their cycles Ilais' power grows and wanes: he is at his weakest when at least one full moon is in the sky, but when the moons wane his power and influence grows enough that he is able to take full control of his host, albeit only until day comes. Kassom, for his part, does not remember anything Ilais does while his body is possessed. When Ilais takes control he is a force to contend with, using conjured weapons and armor to tear into any he considers his foe. He dares not attempt to kill his host, however, fearing that the bond between them would put his spirit in the hands of unfriendly powers once Kassom reaches an afterlife.
    It's entirely possible that Kassom may eventually be able to cede control to Ilais at will, but he is unable to do so for now.​
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    NAME: Iris Sercha

    GENDER: Female

    RACE: Khajiit (Cathay breed)

    Age: 20

    Sexuality: Unsure

    Relationship Status: Single

    Speech Color: Pale Blue

    CLASS: Smith / Firemage
    Iris isn't normally the type to engage in combat, but when she does she brings iron and flame to bear against her foes. An innate connection to fire magic (see 'Misc') allows her to create fireballs and gouts of flame seemingly at will, and she's able to swing her 10lb billet hammer around like it's a baseball bat. This is due to the special process she used to forge it, "trapping" some of her magic inside the steel to create an improvised yet extremely personal enchantment -- anyone besides her who touches the hammer will find it scalding hot, but in Iris' hands it's cool to the touch and seems to barely weigh anything. At will, she can also ignite the magic in the hammer, causing it to deal fire damage on impact.

    Outside of combat, she can often be found tending an improvised forge using tools she's scavenged or cobbled together during her journey. Though inferior to a proper forge in many ways, Iris is still able to craft suitable iron and steel creations due to the source of her forge's fire: herself. Such control over the flames is unquestionably advantageous, and she barely even feels the heat as she works. Unlike her brother, the cold of Skyrim seldom bothers her -- another boon from her "inner flame".

    COMBAT STRENGTHS: Heavy Melee Damage, All-Range Fire Attacks, Mild Resistance to Fire and Ice Damage

    Every bit the vagabond that her brother is, Iris still tries to maintain an appearance of a professional smith. Ragged clothes and a well-worn leather apron cover a simple iron chestplate and boots meant to protect her during forging. Whereas her brother is small and stealthy Iris is as tall as most Nord men and clangs about like a dropped kettle. When travelling, it's hard to miss the enormous backpack she hefts -- literally everything she owns is containing in or attached to it.

    Equally as scarred as her brother by the way the world has treated them, Iris still somehow tries to look for hope and see the good in people. Even though she doesn't usually have much to offer she shares with the less fortunate where she's able and is quick to jump to the defense of the innocent, much to Kassom's chagrin.

    The one thing Iris wishes for, more than anything else, is a home: a safe place with a real forge she can call her own. Skyrim presents a serious problem in that respect: the wilds are too risky by far, even with her fire and Kassom's skills, and seemingly no village -- let alone city -- would consider them for residents. Not only that, but getting her paranoid criminally-inclined brother to set down roots seems like a near-impossibility...

    - Kassom Sercha (older brother)
    - Dar'Valjaer Sercha (father, deceased)
    - Ka'Jaema Sercha (Mother, presumed deceased)

    LIKES: Forging and handcrafting, reading, nature, animals, early mornings, and cooking (a definite fan of The Gourmet)

    DISLIKES: Sailing/boats, thunderstorms, mountains (you try climbing a slope with your entire life on your back!), undead, crypts / graveyards

    OCCUPATION: Smith / Craftsperson



    Like all Khajiit, Iris has exceptional dark vision and keen senses, though not to the same carefully honed extend that her brother possesses.

    Due to her bound daedra (see 'Misc'), Iris has a natural affinity for fire-based magic. This includes all the standard forms: thrown fireballs, flames from her hands, etc., but also extends to some unorthodox applications. For example, she can extinguish any non-magical flame within her field of vision just by concentrating on it -- the larger the flame the greater the effort required, so she won't be single-handedly putting out entire burning villages. Her power also gives her a natural resistance to even magical fire and reduces the effects of cold as well.​


    Since arriving in Skyrim, Iris and Kassom have travelled where jobs and opportunity took them. Along the way Iris had the opportunity to learn the basics of smithing from an unexpectedly open-minded Nord visiting the Solitude lighthouse keeper -- one of precious few good experiences she's had in her life. She quickly realized that there was good, honest work to be had with these skills, perhaps even a way for her and Kassom to get by without resorting to more dubious means. Time and practice taught her how to improvise a forge on the go, and it wasn't long before caravans and adventurers alike were enlisting her help for repairs and basic crafting.

    Though she doesn't yet realize it, Iris serves as the vessel for a disembodied Daedric spirit -- a Flame Atronach named Aestuo. Unlike her brother's situation, Aestuo doesn't seem to have an inclination to torment or control Iris. The reasoning behind this is anyone's guess, though the difference in nature between an Atronach and a Dremora may have something to do with it. Aestuo, for the time being, seems content enough to lend her power to this poor orphan girl and see what she can make with them.​
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    Name - Neytiri.

    Gendar - Female.

    Race - Forest nymph (modded).

    Age - 23.

    Sexuality - Hetero.

    Relationship status - Single.

    Class - Stealth (mostly).

    Neytiri being a Forest nymph mostly likes to be unseen, she can move around very quietly and quickly, she prefers not to enter combat due to her gentle nature and mostly uses mage-grip to throw her enemies out of her path, should the enemy persist she will throw them so high into the air they will die with such a hard force of impact where they land.

    When not adventuring she enjoys working on her home and growing Veg and flowers.

    Combat strength - Archery Neytiri is a excellent Archer, moving quietly, resistance to magic and Dragon shouts.

    Appearance - Neytiri has light green skin and Forest green hair she blends in perfectly in forested areas. She has large amber coloured eye's.
    She wears a Ivy type of Bikini armour to cover her modesty.

    Personality - Neytiri is a very gentle and kind soul but is also very shy. She speaks but only when she feels it necessary to do so. She is at one with nature so dislikes Hunters. Due to her natural kindness she will help anyone who needs it. Neytiri likes the Dragon's she is expected to fight and always feels sadness after defeating one.
    Neytiri also has a soft spot for the Orc race who she feels are treated with ignorance suspicion when she feels they are a hard working honourable people.

    Family - Neytiri's farther is from a long line of Elder's who teach the young the way of the Dryad's how to nurture the Forest Animals and Plants, and the danger of Humans. Neytiri is a only child her Mother died at child birth but her father gave Neytiri so much love and time that she never really dwelled on not having one, also had much love and kindness from her Dryad people.

    Likes - Nature, cooking, growing flowers, Tree's Plants, Animals.

    Dislikes - Hunters, Woodcutter's cruelty.

    Occupation - Forest keeper,.

    Magic / Powers.

    Neytiri can learn magic spells fast, she generally only uses healing spells.
    She has the ability to absorb magic.

    History -After coming to Skyrim Neytiri has learnt the art of Enchanting, this is difficult for her has her belief in all souls are precious kind of go against this School of magic,so she goes to Dwarven ruins to collect already filled ones.

    Misc -
    Neytiri still doesn't understand why she was chosen to be Dragonborn, because of her love of Dragon's she thinks Akatosh cursed her, she wonders what she did so wrong but she gets some solice sknowing she is keeping Dragons away from her kind. She also feels its a good opportunity to get to understand humans more. She misses her people and forest.
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    Name: Cussypat (Real name: Not telling).
    Race: Khajiit.
    Age: Unknown
    Height/Weight: Unknown
    Class: Thief/Assassin

    Appearance: Tall, slender, with Tiger like markings. Has scar on his nose that goes to his chin. Often wears Dark Brotherhood armour with mages hood, but occasionally wears Traders clothes when wanting to be discrete.

    Personality: Has a strange sense of humor. Likes to leave sweetrolls in houses he burgles from, particually childrens rooms. Leaves stolen goods in houses of people that annoy him. Easily angered particually by authority figures. A ladies man, flirts with married women. Likes to start fights then leaves when everyone is fighting each other.

    Abilities: Expert thief, his sneaking ability is second to none. Master in Alteration and illusion, prefers using a dagger to a sword. Sometimes lets his fists do the talking, especially while drunk. Can run like the wind. Good at finding people that don't want to be found, however keeps losing his house keys. Favourite shout is Bend Will.

    Summary: Called Cussypat because when asked about his name, he says its because he's no Pussycat. Real name unknown. A good ally to have but a deadly enemy to those that p*ss him off. Gets bored easily, likes creme treats, hates dogmeat. Can smell food miles away.
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