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Info Character Profiles

Discussion in 'Skyrim Roleplaying' started by NikolaTesla, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. VictoireXII

    VictoireXII Crazed Skyrim Photographer

    Dec 20, 2011
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    Name: Claudia Octavia
    Age: 24
    Birth Date: 4E 179 5th of Morning Star
    Birth Sign: The Ritual
    Gender: Female
    Race: Imperial
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 143 lbs
    Hair colour: Chestnut Brown
    Eye colour: Green
    Skin colour: Lightly-tan (For an Imperial)

    Physical Appearance:
    Lithe and athletic would be the words one would use to describe Claudia if they saw her. Her body conditioned by the harshness of the wilds, Claudia was born into the life of a huntsman & warrior. Although she lives in the woods, several people who have met Claudia have described her to be quite the rare beauty. She wears her chest-level hair tied up behind her head in a twist, letting her bangs fall in front framing her face.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Affiliation: None at the moment
    Class: Mercenary/Adventurer
    Religion: The Nine Divines
    Patron Deity: Mara, Arkay

    Laterality: Left-handed
    Sexuality: Straight
    Martial Status: Single


    -Birth Parents (unknown)
    -Markus Cassius (Foster father)
    -Antonia Cassius (Foster mother)


    Raised to be kind, respectful and observant by her parents, Claudia is a strong-willed individual that seeks to complete any task, once she has set her mind upon it. A strong sense of morality, she strives to uphold what she deems an acceptable level of justice, regardless of what other people may think. She is also friendly and out-going and always eager to meet new people and make new friends. She tends to get over-emotional at times, letting her feelings cloud her judgement. Get to know her well, and she will prove to be a very loyal companion.


    Claudia prefers the use of one-handed weapons paired with a shield. She can be most often seen with a steel sword and a shield of similar material. She tends to shy away from two-handed weapons, but is no stranger to the bow and will use it if the situation requires it.


    Claudia was but merely in a simple suit of iron armour in the beginning, but have now managed to craft herself a suit of custom-forged/made armour suit consisting of a steel breast plate, with bits of iron,leather and complemented with the bones of trolls. The outfit is completed with a heavy brown bear fur cloak, perfectly suited for the icy cold weathers of Skyrim.

    To simplify things, she sometimes just wear a simple set of studded hide armour.

    Likes: Adventuring, hunting, making new friends, fighting, and good ale/mead.

    Dislikes: Dragons, Stormcloaks, Necromancers, Thieves


    Markus Cassius just happened to be in Whiterun that very day. He was there to sell the fruits of his labour- several elks, skinned wolf pelts along with some apples from his little apple orchard. He wasn't even supposed to be there that day, his trip to Whiterun was supposed to be at at the end of the month. But the moment he opened his eyes at dawn, he had a strong instinctual gut feeling that he had to be there today. So he got out his bow, bid farewell to his wife, and sent out to hunt.

    On his way back from selling his produce, Markus strolled casually back to the city gates, his mind wandering back to the feeling that still lingered within him. A sudden shake of the bushes was accompanied by a crying whimper that could have only come from a baby. Parting the clustered branches apart, his eyes glanced upon a baby swaddled in multiple layers of cloth. Swiveling his head from side to side, he noticed that most of the townspeople were engaged in a commotion going on in a market. Something about a sweetroll being stolen. With no eyes on him, he grabbed the bundle, placing it in the fruit basket he came with, covering it with a layer of cloth. He then made his way towards the main city gate, trying his best not to appear suspicious, willing the baby to be silent. The gods must have smiled upon him, as he made it out of the city without a hassle, the guard on duty recognising him as a regular.

    Markus was in high spirits as he made the journey back home. Where was home? He lived in a small cottage nestled in the woods of the Rift. He thought about how much this meant to he and his wife, Antonia. They have had several futile attempts to have a child of their own, but all they had was failure to show for their efforts. Back at home, he presented the bundles of cloth to Antonia, saying that the gods had rewarded them for their persistence at last. She cried tears of joy. Together, they decided to name her Claudia.

    Fast-forward several years, Claudia has grown into a fine little girl. Her mother taught her how to maintain her appearance, so that she didn't appear too boorish and still maintained a sense of femininity. She accompanied her father on his hunting trips, learning the tools of his trade, and even hunting alongside him. Her very first bow, was a gift to her, something he crafted with his own hands. A retired soldier, he was well-versed in the arts of fighting as well. He taught her swordplay, including the art of using a shield effectively. Claudia took her training seriously, and soon she transformed from a mere girl into a formidable warrior.

    Well on her 20th year, her parents were no longer the youthful versions they once were. No longer the fit and strong young man, Markus trips to Whiterun now fell to her. It was on this tragic day, that her pleasant and stable life came crashing down on her. She saw plumes of smoke in the air, and a dark thought pierced her heart. She raced home, the clouds of smoke growing ever larger. As she approached the cottage that she once called home, all she saw was fire. Fire was everywhere. She tried in vain to douse the fire with whatever water she had, or could find, but it was to no avail. Searching everywhere, she could find no signs of her parents. Her home was gone, and with that her family.

    Looking around, she came upon several pieces of torn cloth on the ground. They looked like they were trampled upon. The earth also looked disturbed. There must have been a battle here. Turning it over, she saw that it was bloodied and had the Stormcloak insignia on it. Crushing it in her hand, she swore to avenge her parents.

    Turning away, she left the blazing ruins behind, embarking on a new journey and whatever adventures lied beyond.

    The world was her oyster.
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  2. TheCaptain

    TheCaptain The Mad Conductor of Words

    Dec 19, 2013
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    Name: Dipprasad Dharmadhoj, but for those who can't say his name he just lets them call him Nathan Black, a weird name I know but he choose it and he likes it.

    Nickname: Capt.

    Age: 31.

    Gender: Male.

    Ethnicity: British Commonwealth.

    Squad Role: Support, well technically he's more shoot, stab and blow up everything that hostile.

    Equipment: 1 Flashbang Grenade, Smoke Grenades, 1 or 2 Frag Grenades if it's allowed, two Glock 19 pistols, a FAL SA58 OSW Rifle and the Traditional Kurki. Stranded body armor and a Terai slouch hat that he wears all the time even into battle except when he is relaxing like a game of Snooker or a workout.



    Personality: Probably one of the nicest guys to have served in the military I don't think there's anyone that smiles as much as this guy, in battle he is a deadly force to reckoned with, He's a quick thinker using everything as a weapon until he only has his kukri left to fight with. Because the Heroin withdrawal he's restless and from time to time his hands start shaking, he tries to hide it but it's not easy.

    Dipprasad cares about his comrades and friends so much he could run into battle and take out several hostiles with just 2 kurkis. He despises any cowardly, disobedient man as well as back stabbers who he really hates and will probably shoot them on sight.

    Backstory: Lance naik/Lance Corporal Dipprasad Dharmadhoj, former soldier in the 1st Battalion of the 7th Gurkha Rifles serving as part of the British Army in the War in Afghanistan. He comes from a long line of Gurkha soldiers serving in the British Army, dating from an ancestor who first fought under contract with the East India Company in the Pindaree War of 1817. His grandfather fought in North Africa against the Nazis with considerable distinction, and Dipprasad has also sought to be just as honorable a soldier as he was. His father spent most of his life serving in the 26th Gurkha Brigade stationed in Hong Kong, where Dipprasad spent his childhood until his family moved to the United Kingdom following handover in 1997.

    His career in the military took a sudden turn in the mountains of Tora Bora in 2011, when a firefight broke out with Taliban soldiers during the battle, Dipprasad witnessed things that would haunt him forever, he suffered from tremendous mental shock watching a line of Taliban machine guns cut through dozens of good British men. Despite this, he fought bravely and well, He was honorably discharged.

    In the time that followed, he felt he had lost his mission in life. A taste of opium acquired in Afghanistan threatened to blossom into a full heroin addiction, but when Dipprasad was at his lowest point he received a call from a guy named Bradford offering Dipprasad a job as a soldier for the XCOM program, Dipprasad was conflicted to say the least he knew that they dealt in extraterrestrial and that sounded weird enough but he gave it a go and he was wrong.
  3. Gregor Moon Fang

    Gregor Moon Fang Champion of Azura

    Feb 23, 2013
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    Race: Redguard

    Sex: Female
    Age: 21
    DOB: 29th of Frostfall, born under the sign of the Atronach
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Sexuality: Straight
    Affiliations: Moon Fang Clan, Dian'Mie
    Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Appearance: A diamond-shaped face colored with light brown skin and topped with long black hair. Slim but muscular toned body. Naturally slim waist with wide hips and thick thighs. Although she isn't a warrior, she wears traditional white face paint to honor her heritage.

    Equipment: Qiana wears a customized armored mithril battledress worn over a cured black leather cuirass and half greaves under a leather sarong plated with mithril. She has in her possession an arcane tome given to her by the Keeper of her clan that is said to have been personally written by the Daedric Prince Azura. With it, she uses the knowledge she's received through studying its' contents to conjure a limitless abundance of magic. When needed, she can turn the tome into a magic weapon and uses the skills taught to her by Dian'Mie. Due to her inability to regenerate magicka due to her birth under the Atronach, she keeps it with her at all times.

    Diseases: None

    Disabilities: As she was born under the sign of the Atronach, Qiana's ability to naturally restore magicka is stunted.

    Proficient Skills: An adept user of Destruction, Restoration and Alteration. Although frowned upon, she is known to conjure a bound weapon when necessary.

    Religious views: Qiana does not really have an opinion on the Gods, though she does believe in the Far Shores as does other Redguards.

    Likes: Dian'Mie, her pet raven Kirah, reading, practicing magic, sunsets/sunrises

    Dislikes: Bigots, meats, cold temperatures, bugs

    Phobias: Carnivorous animals i.e bears, tigers

    Personality: Qiana is known to be a calm and collected person. She hates to conduct in small talk and will not speak to people unless she absolutely has to. She's a difficult person to read to the average person, but tends to open up more to those that she comes to like. She's particularly has a soft spot for children and tries to help them in anyway she can (unless they're unruly in which she'll ignore).

    Background: Qiana is a part of the Moon Fang clan, a well-known tribe that lives a short distance away from the City of Hegath in Hammerfell. For as long as they've existed, the clan has been shunned for adopting the customs of the "Outsiders". Particularly in their use of magic, a large taboo for the people of Hammerfell as those who used magic were seen as weak or wicked. Qiana was born to a Redguard mother and Breton father, a birth that was done in secret due to the fear of her family finding out about her being sexually assaulted. She knew that she would be exiled and would be unable to handle the shame, so shortly after Qiana was born, her mother abandoned her in the deepest part of the Alik'r desert. Qiana would be guaranteed to die if not for a middle-aged shaman of a traveling tribe of gypsies known as the Keeper finding her in the nick of time. For reasons unknown, the Keeper decides without a second thought to take Qiana as her own, giving her the name Qiana. As Qiana grew up, the Keeper would teach her how to read and write and lend her knowledge of everything she knew, from history to the arcane. Qiana was a natural for learning her studies with little to no trouble and thus was chosen to be her First, or apprentice. The favoritism showed towards Qiana earned her the ire of the other children, secretly showing their jealousy of her talents. Due to this, Qiana would often withdraw from people and keep to herself, keeping herself company with her studies. Unfortunately, when it came to learning how to do actual magic, she came to learn of her inability to naturally regenerate magicka. This caused a great amount of anxiety in her mind to the point where she ran away from the tribe at the age of 12. The Keeper eventually found her on the outskirts of the environment near the camp and shared with her how she met Qiana and the reason why she took Qiana in. She reveals a prophecy given to her by the Daedric Lord Azura of "a star that has had it's shine stolen from it." The Keeper then gifts Qiana with a magic tome that's been passed down generations.

    After a few years of study of the tome, Qiana at the age of 16 is
    practicing her spells in secret, when she encounters a boy in the woods named Dian'Mie, a Sun Fang tribe member. They quickly became friends and train with each other to help improve each others' skills. Dian'Mie taught Qiana archery to help with her focus and Qian taught Dian'Mie how to heal himself with Restoration. During their training, Qiana and Dian'Mie came across a bird's nest with an injured and abandoned baby raven. After being nursed to health, the raven warmed up to the two and they naturally adopted the bird into their circle. However, Qiana took sole custody of the bird as it was believed by the Sun Fang clan that ravens were seen as bad omens. Qiana decided to name the bird Kirah.

    A few years later, Qiana receives a vision of her own from an unknown source depicting the death of her friend. Not knowing what to do, she tells the Keeper about it who tells her that it's a vision of what will happen in the future. Not wanting to see it come true, Qiana decides to pack and travel to where Dian'Mie was to prevent her vision from coming true. Using the scenery from the visions as clues, she starts her journey towards Skyrim...
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  4. Erich Frostmore

    Erich Frostmore New Member

    Feb 13, 2015
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    Just two crazy questions...

    1. How much original story, or head-cannon, which ever you prefer, am I allowed to use? For example, my main character is an arcane researcher for an ancient, and very secretive cult, which has ties in the Mythic Dawn. In other words, I don't want to draw out this incredibly elaborate plotline-based bio involving brand new factions, probably contradictory magical theories, long forgotten daedra, and moderately influential characters that could collectively reshape the face of Mundus itself if it’s generally frowned upon here.​

    2. On an unrelated note, how many characters am I allowed to have? Not necessarily to use as main and/or active characters - I will only have one of those - or characters that I will use at all, but I just want to know. Perhaps they could be used as NPCs or as an inspiration (I'm not a narcissist, I swear) for other member's characters. Basically, I wanna get all these people outta my head, and I need to know...can I word vomit here?​

    Any and all answers will be sincerely appreciated. Thanks.
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  5. Specter of Death

    Specter of Death Omnipresent Moderator
    Staff Member

    Oct 30, 2012
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    Welcome to the Forums Friend! As for your questions, I will try my best to give you my personal insight into both, with the experiences that I have had here.

    1. I am all for head-cannon when it comes to characters, as they are your own OCs and they should come with their own creative bios if it is necessary. However, if you are wishing to use these types of characters in RPs, just make sure that the creator of the story is OK with your character's bio. Usually, if it clashes with something, they will tell you right away, and give you something to revise so that your character can participate. However, that does not make the changes permanent, because it is your OC. But most of the time, RP creators are really open and willing to work with whatever you bring to the table, as it makes for interesting story telling and development. (I hope that that made sense.)

    2. You can have as many as you want, and I am pretty sure that this thread has become a haven for character ideas of any kind. As for letting people use them IDK, as I have never seen this done before. :p

    I hope this helped, even if it was just a little bit.
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  6. Erich Frostmore

    Erich Frostmore New Member

    Feb 13, 2015
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    Thank you for your assistance. And of course, I understand that not everyone would be completely accepting of my alterations to the TES universe, especial some of the more major ones, and that is why I have several variations of this character. :D Once again, thank you.
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  7. Specter of Death

    Specter of Death Omnipresent Moderator
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    Oct 30, 2012
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    Ha ha! You are welcome my friend! I look forward to reading your CC!!
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  8. Pure-blood

    Pure-blood Novice Build maker

    Dec 19, 2014
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    Name: Torrar Battleborn
    Race: Nord
    Class: Nightblade (Assassin/mage)
    Personality: Cruel, manipulative, polite, cool.
    Bio: Torrar was born into the Battleborns and tried his hardest to impress his parents. Eventually it was simply clear to them that Torrar just wasn't cut out for the ways of the warrior. When Torrar turned 18 he left his family and fled to Cyrodil where he found that he held an affinity for the ways of spell and shadow. He sought out the vampire descendants of Lamae Beofang (sorry if I butchered that name) and willingly became one of them, greatly enhancing his strength, speed and stealth/magic abilities. Now he works in skyrim doing jobs for both the dark brotherhood and the thieves guild.

    Attached Files:

  9. ⁌balomew⁍

    ⁌balomew⁍ Member

    Feb 1, 2015
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    Full name, alias:
    This Breton goes by the name Brennan Marie Maroc. It is a Nordic-Bretonic name meaning “brave” or “raven.” In the past, Brennan has been nicknamed “Bree,” a feminine alias.

    Gender, race:
    Brennan is a female figure. In Tamriel, gender segregation is virtually nonexistent; therefore, Brennan's obvious feminine status does not raise eyebrows. She is a Breton with Imperial blood on her father's side, hence the Imperial names. Bretons are the halfbreeds of the Nedic and Aldmeri people. The elven blood in Breton folk is mostly diminished due to the crossbreeding. For Brennan, she has even less elven blood due to her parents interracial union. Bretons with more elven blood have slightly pointed ears, whereas Brennan's ears look human. As a side-note, they are very sensitive to touch and semisensitive to sound.

    Racial skills:
    Like most Bretons, Brennan is naturally skilled in the magical arts of conjuration, alternation, illusion and restoration, as well as alchemy and speech. Many Bretons are famous for research on the conjuration branch. Breton blood grants a light resistance to magic. In addition, Bretons can naturally conjure “Dragonskin,” an alteration power that allows the user to absorb half of the magica from hostile spells for a minute. This spell takes up a lot of magica and, afterwards, the magica regenerates significantly slower for the following hours.

    Age, date of birth, birthsign:
    Bretons to not inherit elven longevity. Brennan is currently 21 years old. She had been drinking for years before then. She was born on the 5th of Sun's Dawn, 4E 180, when peace was tentatively being reached between the Aldmeri Dominion forces and Hammerfell. Like most born during the month of Sun's Dawn, Brennan was born under the Lover constellation, one of the Thief's charges. It is said that those born under this sign are “graceful and tolerant.” Those born under the Lover sign learn all skills relatively faster than most.


    Brennan's personal religion consists of three specific Aedric deities.
    Akatosh teaches that endurance in all things results in success.
    Magnus, god of sorcery and architect of Nirn, is a deity that Brennan is academically interested in.
    Sheor is the Bretonic version of the Nordic god, Shor. Born during the dark years after the fall of Saarthal, Sheor is the source of all strife. Brennan is likely to blame Sheor for any unlikely and unbecoming coincidences.

    Current residence:
    N/a. Brennan does not currently have a permanent residence in Skyrim, nor does she have the funding to buy one, however interested she is. Currently, she must unfortunately spend nights at the inn or, even more unfortunately, roadside. Both are places where it is unacceptable to conduct experiments in peace. Patrons are found in inns and danger is found on the road. To prepare for the more unfortunate likelihood of being stranded on the road come nightfall, Brennan carries a burlap tent, woodcutter's axe, rations and restoration equipment when travelling.

    Brennan is not currently afflicted with any diseases, mental afflictions or other health issues. This section is subject to change.

    Interested in the afterlife and the relation of magic to the afterlife. She is an academic explorer of Nordic ruins, as her interests have linked her to the draugr. She is also academically interested in the functionality of magic as it applies to Nirn as Magnus designed it. She wishes to unravel the mysteries of Aetherius. Brennan's experience with magic, as a Breton, allows her to recognize enchantments on armors, weapons, and jewelry. She is interested in how enchantments corrode in time. In short, Brennan is an academic explorer of Nordic ruins.

    Companions [LIKES]
    Although not a member of the renowned mercenary-like guild, Brennan greatly respects them and has considered joining them on multiple occasions. Each time, she has been deterred by warnings that the Companions only accept those talented in physical, barbaric combat. She regards the Companions with the reverence that they deserve.
    College of Winterhold [MEMBER] The College of Winterhold is not spoken of reverently in any province, but it remains the only place and guild in Skyrim that readily accepts and encourages magical endeavors. Brennan is a member of the College, but does not participate in lessons. She is here only to further her academic goals.
    Thieves Guild [NEUTRAL] Brennan has no reason to care about the Thieves Guild that makes its home in Riften, nor does she have reason to care about the wellfare of Riften itself. The Thieves Guild robs only the wealthy, and so they usually leave travellers and mages alone. She will only involve herself with them if she is robbed or needs information that the College does not have access to.
    Dark Brotherhood [DISLIKES] The province-local Dark Brotherhood guild is the bane of any well-doing traveller that makes a few enemies. They have not been sent after Brennan, but she acknowledges that the guild of assassins are dagger-happy and don't pry into their client's reasoning, leaving Brennan no opportunity to weasel her way out from death. If somebody wants her dead, she would prefer it if the client himself attempt an assassination, for the believes that the man that would direct the order should wield the blade.
    Imperial Legion [DISLIKES] It is not well-known that many Bretons disliked the Legion even before they joined forces with the Aldmeri Dominion. Many Bretons despite the Imperial community for weakness at old age and in politics. The Legion is no exception. Although Brennan dislikes the Legion purely due to its Imperial origin, she is not their enemy, nor is she neutral to their cause. If they are losing to the Stormcloaks in a small roadside skirmish, she would not be much bothered, nor would she aid the rebels in destroying the Legion soldiers.
    Stormcloaks [NEUTRAL] Brennan prefers to leave Nordic politics to the Nords. She is neutral to the rebel cause, since they both dislike the Imperial Legion for the same reasons. If invited to join the Stormcloaks, she would decline peacefully and with some distaste. She is not fond of the barbaric Nordic culture. Compared to the complex political system in High Rock – the reason she left her homeland – Nordic politics is petite and simple. It may have continential consequences in the future, however, and she privately agrees with the Stormcloak goal on some level. She understands their desire for Skyrim to be mainly Nord-only, and has no quarrel with them wanting to run their own province.
    Forsworn [ENEMY] Brennan has a sense of Breton superiority over the other races, but does not at all hold the same religious or political beliefs as the forsworn do. She does not dislike them for their beliefs. However, they have proven themselves enemies of all travelers and all races in Skyrim. As a result, Brennan is indirect enemies with the forsworn.
    Thalmor [DISLIKES] Although not direct enemies with the Thalmor, Brennan has numerous reasons – like most do – to dislike the Thalmor on an impersonal level. They have a biased view of life on Tamriel. Although Brennan, too, believes that her own race is relatively supreme, she believes that one race was not meant to rule over the other. She believes that their own arrogance and ambition will be their downfall, and uses the stories of the Aldmeri lording as an example.
    Vigil of Stendarr [NEUTRAL] Brennan has no reason to like or dislike the Vigilants. She is not a daedra-worshipper, vampire or werewolf, so she does not need to fear a group that means her no harm and seems to have good intentions and motivations.

    Political views:
    As a general rule, Brennan will not interfere with the civil war politics in Skyrim. She leaves it to the natives. Bretons native to High Rock are renowned for utilizing politics as a form of personal or superior warfare, and Brennan is no exception. However, it is Brennan's very incompetence in the political “Game” that caused her childhood strife. Her political skill has weakened further during the years she has spent away, untrained, from home.

    Physical details:
    Appearance is an important feature to uphold in High Rock, as it reflects one's social status. Brennan is meticulous about her appearance, and takes insults to her appearance close to heart. She believes that one is not ugly unless they mistreat their appearance. She maintains the cleanliness of her armor and may spend hours caring for a weapon or other apparel. Since she has been away from High Rock society for many years, she has become relatitively lax about her appearance in public.

    Brennan is physically capable. Short in stature, only her legs are prominently muscular. She has sharply curved hips like the edges of a diamond. Another key factor in native Breton society was to not let one's body go “soft,” even at old age. Imperials, renowned as they are for allowing citizens and the elderly to become physically disabled or lazy, are generally looked down upon for this reason. Keeping your body in shape is as important as keeping your mind sharp. Brennan is not as strict about maintaining her body structure and strength as she once was.

    From travel into and through other provinces, Brennan's pale skin has tanned and coloured. Her red-brown hair is wavy and long enough to touch her midback. Her eyes are slightly tilted; the irises are a light grey ringed by a darker grey colour. Set above her eyes, the naturally slope of her brows may give off a thoughtful, condescending or piteous vibe. There is a small mole on the side of her face next to her right eye.


    Major skills:
    Light armor
    One-handed (maces and clubs)

    Minor skills:
    Smithing (light armor only)

    Conjure Flame Atronach
    Lightning Bolt
    Lesser Ward

    Cyrodiilic steel flanged mace
    Steel quillon dagger
    Steel hunting knife
    Axe (wood-cutting)

    Apotheus armor (leather-based, cloth underarmor, metallic belt-buckle)
    Apotheus boots (leather-based)
    Apotheus gauntlets (leather-based)
    Burlap hooked cloak, `
    Round shield, light (wood-based, metallic rim, unpainted)
    Small burlap knapsack (water skin attached on left side, axe attached to right side, tent attached on bottom)
    Coin purse attached to belt on lefthand side


    Brennan Maroc was born and raised in Wayrest as a single child. Her life was brought forth by the interracial union between her Imperial father, Roran Maroc, and her manmer mother, Delani Ceres. Throughout her childhood, her parents repeatedly assured her, due to the Lover's blessing, she could do whatever she set her mind to. As a youth, Brennan found it difficult to set her mind upon anything. She spent most of her mind with her father, outdoors where they would hike, fish, and camp when it was appropriate to. She shied from romantic interests and learned from an early mistake that false love results in drama. She was a true recluse, an introvert in all respects. Brennan could not maintain friendships. Her best friends was nature.

    She was a good student, studious and serious most of the time. She spent her leisure time developing poems and stories. Looking back on these works, she realizes how immature her writing was at the time. Teachers at the local public school found her talented in the literary arts. Of all topics to focus this talent upon, Brennan found magic to be the most fitting. Throughout her life, she had been fascinated by the ordinary natural magics she experienced. She wished to unravel the mysteries of theoretical magic, to discover the secrets of Magnus. In school, lessons on theoretical magic were dull and unfulfilling; the best lessons came from first-hand experience.

    With a general goal in mind, she departed from her education and used the school as an academic resource. High Rock society may focus on magic, but the natural magics in the province were less than ordinary. She desired to travel, and travel she did. At the age of 21, Brennan left Wayrest and began a pilgrimage by both carriage and foot to the province of Skyrim. Of all the provinces, stories of the magics in Skyrim seemed the most promising, from creatures born of magic to unusual and unexplained happenstances. There were numerous places to start. Unfortunately, most of them took place in the coldest areas of Skyrim. Brennan needed to build up a heavy resistance to exposure before venturing to the things that interested her most. As she arrived in Skyrim, building exposure resistance became Brennan's first primary task, as was following up on stories of interest.

    Letters were sent to and from the College of Winterhold to establish Brennan's membership at the college, although she had yet to visit the college in person, having spent close to two months in the southern region of Skyrim.
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  10. Specter of Death

    Specter of Death Omnipresent Moderator
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    Oct 30, 2012
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    Name: Ysara Ann Rallis

    Alias: The Librarian?

    Age: 23

    Birthdate: 13th of Morning’s Star

    Birthplace: A small ranch a couple of miles from Skingrad (burned down when she was quite young)

    Sex: Female

    Race: Dunmer mother, Breton Father

    Class: Scholar | Healer | Training Mage

    Laterality: Left Handed

    Sexuality: Straight

    Marital Status: Single

    Family: Tyrian Rallis (twin brother), Travian Rallis (adopted father), Kenza (Ysara’s White (Longtailed) Weasel)

    Property: No houses or anything like that, however, she does own quite a lot of literature

    Affiliations: The College of Winterhold & Arcanaeum for a time

    Afflictions: Mild Social Anxiety

    Religion: Spirituality; The White Stag who she believes is the combined spirit of her fallen family, she believes that she draws her magical abilities from it’s presence and that it protects her and her brother in times of need.



    Height: 5'3"

    Weight: 123 lbs.

    Build: Lean, like a cross-country runner

    Face: Soft facial features, very young

    Eyes: A Vibrant Red with bright silver flecks

    Skin-tone: Pale White with a slight Indigo tone

    Hair style: Long and Wavy, with two braids towards the front

    Hair Color: Shiny Ebony

    Scars: N/A

    Tattoos: A vertical, silver-white line through her Left Eye

    Piercings: N/A



    Description: Ysara tends to be rather self-reliant. She likes her own company, considering she was raised with no friends. She tends to be awkward with those she doesn’t know, but can be very charming and caring to those she is loyal to. When the time demands it, she can be very protective and aggressive, though she doesn’t like to be.

    Temper: High, There is fairly little that can truly anger her, however her understanding nature tends to prevent that from happening.

    Outlook: Positive, she doesn’t see much reason to think negatively.

    Honor: High. Ysara believes that if she has the ability and means, it is her responsibility to help those who need it.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Good: Calm, Calculated, Knowledgeable, Empathetic, Understanding, Hopeful, Selfless, Diligent, Intelligent

    Bad: Antisocial, Quiet, Unconfident

    Likes: Animals (Ravens, Birds, Rodents), Plants and Alchemy, Helping Others, Traveling, The Cold (the more bitter the better), Wilderness, Quiet, Isolation

    Dislikes: Ignorance, Disrespect, Racism, Fire, Dishonor

    Fears: Fire, Rage, The Ocean and large bodies of water

    Phobias: Thalassophobia, Pyrophobia

    Habits/Quirks: She speaks to herself when she is thinking

    Talents: Religion and the “Science” of Magicka are her two major specialties, as well as some dabbling in Alchemy. While she dedicated as much time as she could on growing her abilities at the College, she also spent the majority of her time reading about the various religions Tamriel’s cultures had, as well as the various theories of how magicka worked. This led to a lot of sleepless nights conducting different magical experiments on her better trained mage friends.

    Goals: To learn how strong her magical abilities are, and to find her twin brother


    Gear & Fighting Style
    [Ysara's skillset]

    Head: Dark Gray/Black Fur Hood, lined with the soft down fur on the inside

    Chest: Dark Gray/Black Fur Robes

    Arms: Her left arm has a Fur Bracer that matches her robes and hood, with an easily removable black glove on the hand. Her left arm is wearing a darkened Elven Gauntlet

    Waist: Simple leather belt with pouches and a sword sheath

    Legs: Black Fur Leggings

    Feet: Elven Boots

    Jewelry: A silver pendant resembling a stag, the sigil of her family name. Also called the Rallis Stag.

    Every Day Carry: Outside of the clothes on her back, Ysara doesn’t carry much in her small leather satchel. She may have some small amounts of coin, or some small snacking items. However the two things she is almost always carrying, are her current reading material (Advanced Restoration Spells for the trained Mage), and Kenza her pet Weasel.

    Weapons: The only weapon that she is trained with, and carries with her, is her father’s sword Gleam. Though she is only adequately trained to use it, if it comes down to it, she can be a force to be reckoned with.

    Magicka: Her main magicka proficiency is her Restoration. Though most of her skills are focused on healing and wards, she is trying to train a little bit more with the undead offensive side too. Her second proficiency is Destruction, though rather limited. Her focus with the magicka is Cyromancy. She has used most other magicka schools, but has no training in them outside of the single spell or two she knows for them.

    Fighting Abilities: She is more than capable enough in battle with her Cyromancy alone, however, if things get tight or she finds her magicka pool low, Gleam is her next best option.

    Fighting Style: She prefers not to fight at all, if the option is available. However, if there is no choice, she prefers to stay back, healing those around her if she is in a group. If alone, she focuses on her Cyromancy entirely until she is forced to switch to Gleam.



    Kenza the Weasel: Kenza is Longtailed Weasel that is always in her snow-white winter-coat. This is likely due to where she is from (Winterhold in Skyrim). Ysara found Kenza caught in a trap just outside the city of Winterhold, upon first arriving at the city. Though Ysara had no intention of making the creature a pet or companion, after she freed and healed the rodent, it simply followed her around. So much so that people assumed they were together. This led to Ysara adopting the weasel as her friend, naming her Kenza and taking responsibility for her. Over time, the two have grown rather close, and Ysara considers Kenza her only true friend. Kenza isn’t really trained at all, but she has her own mischievous intelligence. When she isn’t snooping around or playing, Kenza simply wraps herself around Ysara’s neck and shoulder, and watches her do whatever she is doing. Sometimes, Kenza acts as a sort of retriever, and can understand when Ysara needs something without her asking. People often tied notes to the weasel, meant for Ysara to read as well. Overall, she is just a great companion and friend.


    She, along with her brother, were born in flames. Though she doesn’t remember what happened that caused her family to be destroyed, her twin brother does, and he never shared the memory with her. After the tragedy, they were taken in by Travian Rallis of Skingrad. He was a simple man who led the guard of the city.

    After a certain time, Travian wished to take his children away from the tragic memories that haunted Tyrian. So, they joined a caravan of Mercenaries, who's members consisted of Imperial Vets, and a manor of highly trained warriors. Shortly after joining the caravan, Travian was killed on a contract, and his responsibilities for the children were passed to the caravan. She, along with her brother were trained to fight, but Ysara had never really found it appealing.

    Around the age of 17, when her Brother left the caravan, looking for his own way, she refused to train any more. She wanted to focus her mind on the magicka skills she felt she possessed instead. So she gathered everything she owned, and headed north towards the College of Winterhold. Where she helped Urag gro-Shub, as one among many of the Arcanaeum's caretakers under his guidance. After 5 years of learning and practicing what she could, Ysara decided her time at the college was over. She wanted to continue learning about her magicka and magicka in general, as well as find her brother.

    After a year of traveling Skyrim and Cyrodiil, she found herself settled at an inn in Leyawiin, working as a barmaid for a free room and some small coin. This was where she heard about the Guild in Sunlock. She had overheard a couple of ‘well to do’ men discussing their work, as well as their varied and vast knowledge. This had intrigued her, so she asked around a bit more, what she found was the determination to sail the Topal Bay to the island, in order to join this guild. She wishes to continue learning about herself, her magicka as well as the ways of Nirn.

    Image Links and Citation

    Image #1: Skyrim - Archmage by Barbariank

    Image #2: Hrist by Sorael-Ignis

    Image #3: Crow mage - illustration by noiprox

    Image #4: Crow mage by noiprox

    Rallis Stag Image Link: Green Stag Pendant by NettleWillowwitch

    Gleam Image Link: Celtic Wolf by LongshipArmoury

    Image #4: The White Weasel by DeeOtter

    I take no credit in creating the art used in this CC. I only found them for reference at Deviantart.com. Thanks for Reading!!
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    This was the first character I played as...

    Joaquim Olsson
    Alias: The Godslayer
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Level: 101
    Race: Mixed (Nordic Father, Imperial Mother)
    Alignment: Imperial
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 230 lbs
    Hair color: Blonde
    Hair Length: Long
    Facial Hair: Duck-tail Beard
    Eye color: Green
    Skin color: White
    Alignment: Opportunistic, Good
    Affiliation: Arch Mage, Companion Harbinger, Imperial General, Guild Master
    Style: Battlemage (Offensive)
    Religion: None (Atheist)
    Houses: All of Them
    Martial Status: Polygamist (Ysolda and Aela)
    Kids: Runa and Minette
    Personality: Kind, Reserved, Animal Lover, Intelligent, Witty
    Likes: Exploring, Potions, Caves, Helping People, Using all Styles
    Dislikes: Stormcloaks, Thalmor, Bandits, Cruelty, Forsworn
    Favorite Weapon: Crossbow or Dragonbone Sword
    Favorite Magicka: Destruction or Illusion
    Favorite City: Whiterun
    Favorite Ally: Aela the Huntress
    Favorite Armor: Dawnguard Heavy Armor
    Favorite Vice: Theft
    Favorite Shout: Dragonrend
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    Name: She call herself Sassy (her real name is unknown)
    Age:19, 21
    Race: Breton
    Alignment: Imperial (even if she killed the emperor for the dark brotherhood)
    Height: 5ft1
    Weight: Around 62 lbs
    Hair color: Black
    Hair lenght: Very short (almost bald)
    Eye color: Hazel brown
    Skin color: Very pale (almost white as snow)
    Affilation: Archmage, Dark brotherhood assasin, Thieves guild master, Vampire lord
    Alignment: Unknown (nobody can really tell her ''real intentions'')
    Style: Ethereal assasin (an assasin that only use bound weapons,especially the bound bow and can conjure atronachs or daedras when caught and/or overnumbered)
    Religion: Polytheism (She worship Sithis, Nocturnal and the night mother)
    House: Honeyside in Riften
    Relationship status: Single (she dont want to marry anybody)
    Kids: None (she thinks that they are a waste of times)
    Likes: Astrid, Dark elves , Bound weapons , Darkness, Women
    Dislikes: Males in general (nords and orcs males mostly), Bandits, Thalmor, Regular weapons (she prefer to used bound weapons since they are less heavy than regular weapons)
    Favorite Magicka: Conjuration (duh)
    Favorite city: Riften
    Personality: Very reserved and enigmatic, Passive with women and Dark elves, Cynic with orcs, nords and males, can be a bit sassy sometimes
    Standing Stone: The Lord Stone
    Backstory: Quite sad actually....Since at a young age, back in High rock, she witnessed her father getting killed by some male bandits (orcs and nords bandits) who captured her and abused of her for several years. Luckily she survived and been saved by a dark elf adventurer who took care of her for the rest of his life. After he died of illness and what those bandits did to her biogical father and her beauty (the bandits infilct her several scars) she decided that it was better for her to move far away of her homeland and got caught crossing the skyrim border........
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    Name: Kalib ShadowFang, or the DreadWolf to bandits and bounties.

    Race: Redguard/ Werewolf

    Age: 28
    Height: 6' Six foot even
    Weight: 240 lbs
    Physical Build: Muscular, as a result of years of physical exercise, running, hunting, combat training and the like. Despite his size Kalib is very agile. This stems from his combat training,ttraining as a hunter, and last, but not least, from his being a lycan since birth.

    Kalib is somewhat broad and very muscular. His skin is a mahogany hue, his hair is ebony. Long and straight, and falling just passed his shoulders. He also sports a goatee. Tribal tattoos are etched into his back and biceps, some of the only things kept from his heritage. His eyes are blue, a sharp contrast to his dark hair and earthen toned skin.

    Kalib's story begins even before his birth. He was apart of a nomadic tribe of lycans that mostly kept to themselves. Before he was born, his father and a friend heard of the way of the Voice and felt it was somewhat like their abilities when they howl. Once the two made up their minds, they set out for the Throat of the World. After explaining the reasons for their coming, the Grey Beards seemed somewhat intrigued by the notion as well.

    But soon the Grey Beards saw what Saber Wind, Kalib's father's friend, really wanted. Power. Saber Wind was cast out, but Kalib's father was allowed to stay. Kalib's father, Shadow Wind, stayed and learned as much as he could and found that howls and shouts were somewhat similar, but at the same time all together different. Shadow Wind stayed for years, until he felt a longing for home.

    The Grey Beards understood and they parted ways in peace. When Shadow Wind finally returned to his tribe, Saber Wind had become the chief. Saber Wind used his knowledge of the voice to overpower the old chief and felt his position in jeopardy upon Shadow Wind's return. But Shadow Wind just wanted to be home. Shadow Wind started to court one of the tribe's shaman. A female lycan named Silver Star.

    Shadow Wind never tried to take Saber Wind's position as chief, and so for a time there was peace. Until both Saber Wind and Shadow Wind had children. Saber Wind had a daughter, while Shadow Wind obviously had a son. Shadow Wind and Silver Star both taught their son all of the skills they had at their disposal even from a young age.

    Saber Wind saw this as a threat, even more so when Kalib started showing an interest in his daughter. This drove Saber Wind to madness and paranoia. And so he devised a plan. He sought outside aid, employing a group of bandits and a mage to kill Kalib and his father. Saber Wind sent the two out on a mission to clear out a ruin of the bandits. Kalib survived, but Shadow Wind didn't.

    The mage brought Shadow Wind back under his control and then used him to attack his own people. The bandits and the controlled lycan attacked the tribe, and every time someone fell, they were brought back as a slave to the mage. Kalib, having been left for dead, managed to heal up and track down the bandits.

    Slowly, over time he tracked and killed the bandits through a one man guerilla fighting tactic. After a period of a few months, he avenged his family and tribe. If anyone made it out alive, he is unaware of that.

    Kalib is a master swordsman, but only an adept level mage. He lives in the wilderness, having an ice wolf as a companion. He often uses Slayer, his wolf, to mask his own scent so as to make tracking him harder. He often finds employment as a mercenary, bounty hunter, or caravan guard.

    Edit made 11/11/15- When not traveling for a job as a caravan guard or in pursuit of a bounty, Kalib has been spending much time with a former student of his, Ava Raven. In exchange for his knowledge and teachings as a swordsman instructor Ava has begun to in return, instruct him in proper knowledge of spells and magic. Ava soon discovered that Kalib's knowledge in magic was not as lacking as she had initially thought. Kalib simply had no desire to pursue any knowledge of spells other than what he had learned from his mother, the former shaman of his tribe.

    As a point of his, and not to mention her own, training, Kalib has begun to tap a bit more deeply into the power of Hircine instilled in him since birth as a lycan. Ad such, he is now able to summon a dremora familiar and teleport. It has also led to the creation and use of a spell he has christened the Shadow Bolt. A spell that creates a whirling abysmal mass of complete ebony that can temporarily blind, if it strikes the face of a target, and also chills to the bone. Slowing a target as any cold spell would.

    When not with Ava, Kalib has found that passing time by adventuring with new found friends and companions Scarlett the elven artist and archer, and Agandaur, the burly Khajit warrior for whom few are a match in strength and skill. The three met by chance in Windhelm, but have since become fast allies and friends. When separated, Kalib scries and casts spells of clairvoyance to track them down. When in company together, they often enjoy good food and strong drink whilst telling stories of adventures to one another.

    Shouts known: Whirlwind Sprint, Unrelenting Force, Elemental Fury, Fire Breath, Frost Breath.

    Equipment: Dragon Bone swords overlayed with Ebony, fashioned after Ebony swords.
    Edit- 10/12/15- Swords are reforged into custom blades. Two blades are set within close proximity to each other to allow each blade to be enchanted individually before being set within a hilt. Example is Kadaj's sword from Advent Children.

    Edit- 11/11/15- Ava Raven has since continued her research and experiments with Kalib's swords. This time working with Adrienne Avinicci of Whiterun to ensure quality craftsmanship. As before the blades are comprised of dragon fangs whittled and worked down into blades, but now she takes scrimshaw techniques to engrave spell runes into the fang akin to a scroll. The engravings are filled with broken soul gems and then the fang itself is overlayed with ebony metal. Once more the blade iseengraved with the runes being filled in with broken soul gems. The blades are then enchanted individually before being set together, bound together by magical rings that supply energy and strength to the weapons and runes. ((The blades are bound together with two magic rings, one at the top and another at the bottom, that have increased magicka and carry enchantments on them. The strength comes into play only when the weapons are wielded.)) From there the handle is created, from the wood of a vanquished Spriggan. Then it is wrapped in leather binding made of werewolf and dremora skin dried, treated and stitched together. The leather binding acts as a scroll as well. With the runes being made with ink, blood and mana potion.

    Frost Fang- Enchanted with properties of Frost and Health Absorb.
    Luna- Enchanted with the properties of Shock and Flame.
    Hunting Knife- Has no enchantment, used for skinning and day to day tasks.

    Armor- Obsessed with never being vulnerable again, like he was when he lost everything, Kalib has enchanted much of his armor with strength increasing capabilities in an effort to make his strength in human form compatible with that of his war form.

    (Most of the equipment is simply enchanted with increased carry weight, and increase to one handed damage. When put into an RP setting, these two would directly relate to increases in strength. At least that's the way I see it.)

    Kalib wears all black and is garbed in a pair of leather boots, loose fitting pants, stained leather armor over a black tunic with a hood usually drawn up. He keeps leather worked gauntlets with small spikes on the knuckles to aid in delivering damage when he punches. He also keeps his mother's amulet and his father's ring.

    Leather armor- Given a healing enchantment to aid him in regenerating during a battle.

    Hands- The gauntlets are enchanted with Fortify One Handed and Fortify Carry Weight

    Amulet- A wolf head pendant with two fangs on either side of the pendant. Carries the same enchantment as gauntlets.

    Ring- His father's wedding ring. Carries the same enchantment as the gauntlets.

    Edit- 11/11/15- Kalib has since taken to wearing a second ring, holding the same enchantments as the first.


    Boots- Enchanted with Muffle, and Fortify Carry Weight.

    Having learned a bit of alchemy from his mother, he often carries vials of potions in small pouches on his belt, along with a few alchemical ingredients.

    Edit. The materials used for the ink in Kalib's tattoos consistent of standard ink, concentrated mana potions, wolf's blood, the blood of his father and mother, Hagraven blood, as well as daedra blood. And as part of the ritual, Kalib ate the heart of the daefra he killed for the ritual.

    The blood of the wolf was used as a point to remind Kalib of his roots. Both human and wolf in nature. The blood of his parents represents the blood of children of Hircine, which all werebeasts are. Daedra blood, as Hircine is himself a daedric prince, is a symbol and point to bring the bearer closer to his grace. The consumption of the heart is to give the warrior the strength which a daedra fights with. The concentrated mana potions are used to breathe life into the mixture and thus allow the power and blessings to flow seamlessly into the bearer. Infusing them with a greater blessing from Hircine, if one does not die from the application of the tattoos.

    Edit-10/12/15- Kalib's tattoos are reworked,but this time a potion of strength is added to the mixture to endow him with strength for battle.
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    Name: Nathan of Ash
    Race: Dark Elf
    Class: Night Blade / Battle Mage
    Major skills: Illusion, Conjuration, Enchanting
    Minor skills: One-Handed, Archery, Sneak

    Nathan of Ash was a simple Dunmer refugee with a hopeful and positive disposition, even after his parents were killed by the Argonian invasion. Escaping Morrowind to Solstheim, he boarded a ship for Windhelm. When he landed, the Nords at the docks - angry at the influx of Dunmer refugees - lost their temper and tried to imprison him. He escaped and was captured a day later by Imperials trying to warm himself in an abandoned tent.

    This hardened and darkened him: he didn't snap, he boiled. Quiet and angry now, he started to plan his revenge, waiting in the shadows, plotting and quietly cultivating his skill in alchemy and enchanting.

    Sneaking through as many Dwemer ruins as possible to stock up on soul gems, he stayed otherwise low-key and built his skillset. He quickly mastered bound weapons, further bolstering his enchantment skill, and built an arsenal of powerfully enchanted weapons and apparel with his superior alchemy skills. Only when he had mastered conjuration and enchantment did he set out to make a name for himself. Joining the Dark Brotherhood gave him opportunity to explore around Skyrim, gathering potion ingredients and casting illusion spells on beasts and marauders he came across. Now he is ready to come out of the shadows - literally and figuratively.

    Nathan of Ash's favorite tactic is sneaking in, casting Frenzy, and hiding in the shadows and picking off soul by soul with his bound bow - enhanced with 100% archery fortification. He throws zombies into the mix for good measure; and when all else fails, his outrageously fortified dual-wield one-handed attacks take down any enemy rather quickly - especially with two Daedric swords enchanted with Chaos Magic and Health Absorb.


    I got ridiculously powerful before completing a large number of quests. Joined the Mages Guild and the Dark Brotherhood and got to the end of these questlines with 100 conjuration, 100 illusion, and 100 enchanting. My accessories are enchanted as high as I could get them, giving me a HUGE pool of magicka and magicka regen, as well as a huge boost to my one-handed attacks and archery. I've got a Reikling pet and a conjurer follower; so when I summon my thralls I've got a six-person raiding crew which I sort of let take over while I pick off people with my Daedric enchanted bow. A very very fun build IMHO.
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    Oops, I forgot to include alchemy skill. I'd say it's a minor skill although I use it heavily, mainly for fortify enchanting and making ridiculously expensive potions to sell.
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    Name- Nelkir Holbrook
    Race- Male Wood Elf
    Class- Hunter/Skirmisher
    Major Skills- Archery, Light Armor, Smithing
    Minor Skills- Sneak, One Handed, Alchemy

    Nelkir wasn't born in Skyrim, as most Bosmer that reside in the icy Nordland usually aren't. Him and his brother, Silgorn, were captured on a hunting expedition in Valenwood by a Cyrodillic Slaver, and were sold to a woman named Gilfre, who owns a mill in Southeastern Skyrim, called Mixwater Mill.
    There, they, and a few other slaves, mostly Dunmer, worked the mill for three long years. Gilfre quickly learned of Nelkir's expert understanding of Smithing, and immediately put him to work making the simplest of things: axes, pitchforks, hoes, and other things he called, "Child's Play"
    Eventually, Nelkir and the others became fed up with Gilfre's cruel treatment, and plotted to kill her. Although it was hard, mostly because of the half dozen Imperial Auxiliaries stationed at the mill at Gilfre's demanding, they managed to overpower the soldiers and kill the "Crazy Whore" (pardon my Nord).
    Unfortunately, Silgorn, as well as most of the other slaves were captured and executed very quickly by Imperial patrols, and after only a few days, Nelkir was the only one left.
    Luckily, Nelkir had crafted himself some Imperial style Leather Armor, without the red trim, as well as some Bracers and Boots. Nelkir set off into Skyrim, choosing to remain in the icy North, as Nelkir had grown accustomed, and dont tell him I told you this, fond of Skyrim's people and culture.

    Thanks for reading guys!! I just started this playthrough, and if there are any mods which you think would enhance or help my experience, please comment or message me. Thanks again!!
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    Name: Ava Raven

    Race: Imperial

    Gender: Female

    Age: 25

    Height: 5'6 Five foot Six inches

    Weight: 165 lbs

    Physical Build: A very muscular build for someone of her size. This stems from a mass of physical training under her combat instructor, a wolf blood named Kalib. Under his teaching, she has built herself up to be the physical match of anyone. Male or female.

    Ava's family has always resided in Skyrim. She and her family were simple merchants, trading in common goods. All up until her powers began to bloom. Immediately after, she was shipped to the mage college and spent the last thirteen years honing her skills in the arcane arts. Her family often came to see her.

    But that all changed when they offered to go with her on what was supposed to be a simple field trip. Trolls had wandered through their planned route while searching for a new lair. This was the saddest moment in her life. She used her powers as best she could, but her experience in combat was incredibly limited, having lived a somewhat privileged life up to that point.

    If it were not for a wandering warrior tracking the trolls, she may have died as well. That warrior was Kalib the Dreadwolf. After saving her life, he escorted her back to the college. But she wasn't done with him. She admired his strength and skills, and sought to be his apprentice.

    She divided her time between her arcane studies and his instruction. Often his instruction and training left her sore, too sore to cast spells properly. Some of her colleagues taunted and made fun of her for it. Wondering what knowledge she could gain from him that would be of any use. Until it came to lengths of sparring.

    Where their lack of skill in combat showed, she applied her new found knowledge and gained a great degree of both respect and jealousy. She bested some whose skill in the arcane was greater, finding that their tactics were incredibly predictable after training with Kalib. Now she seeks a bit of adventure in her life. Something to test all of the skills she has managed to acquire. But adventure isn't her only reason. She no longer wishes to feel confined to the walls and halls of the college.

    Equipment: A steel sword enchanted with lightning and health absorbing abilities. Kept on her left hip.

    A staff of fireball kept on her back when she travels, over her left shoulder.

    When adventuring, she keeps leathered armor on her upper body, concealed by a somewhat loose royal purple jerkin with a hood attached.

    Wulfgar- An experiment of hers. A man, a former Stormcloak that had died in battle. Through her efforts with the powers available to her, she restored him to life some time after the battle. He follows her as her servant, carrying out orders and protecting her, as he knows his life came to an end.

    Wulfgar's armor and a few other items, have been enchanted to increase his strength. When adventuring with Ava, he carries a pack with supplies for the two of them.

    He employs a crossbow with glass arrows, dipped in poison.

    A war Axe on his left hip, just over the sheath to his sword. Both weapons are steel in design. His sword enchanted with the property of fire to reflect his passion and love for Skyrim as well as having an enchantment to absorb health, to keep him from falling to dust from injury.

    The Axe has a frost enchantment to reflect the frigid north that is Skyrim.

    One thing that Ava is proud of, is her alchemical concoction. She calls it Death Man's, after experimenting in how a simple man a potion can aid in restoring some portion of expended arcane energies, she found that it has other applications as well. She often melds mama potions with oil, brimstone and sulfur to create an explosive Wulfgar employs when they become entrenched in a rather tight situation.
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    Name: Sindaranil Silinaere (Aranil)

    Race: Altmer

    Age: ???

    Class: Nightblade

    Appearance: About 6 feet tall and lithe, like most Elves. He has silver white hair and emerald eyes, with fair golden skin. He weighs about 145 lbs.

    Weapons/Armor: Aranil doesn't carry much in the way of Armor, just a hooded travelers cloak. He also carries a small glass sword with him that has been in his family for generations.

    Skills: Has considerable knowledge about alchemy and brewing potions, some skill with a blade, and a knowledge of alteration and illusion magic. He knows some about the school of destruction also, when necessary. In his youth he served in the Altmeri Militia during the Sack of the Crystal Tower, the Legions of the Aldmeri Dominion under control of The Thalmor and later on with the Altmeri Royalists who waged a civil war with the Thalmor. Because of his experience as a soldier he knows basic survival skills, is good at swimming/running, and can fight in light armor and on horseback should the occasion arise. It has been many years since he was a soldier, however. Aranil's true love however is in books and knowledge, not fighting.

    *Aranil's background consists of parts of TES history/lore that have been largely left open to the imagination. I don't feel that I've taken great liberties with what I've written, but it is my own interpretation of how the Thalmor came to power following the Oblivion crisis, which I thought a lot about after reading the in-game book series "Rising Threat, by Lathenil of Sunhold."*

    Background: Aranil was born on the Silinaere family estate outside the city of Shimmerene in the Summerset Isles before the advent of the Thalmor takeover. although he was particularly young man when that particular event happened, he has vivid memories of its occurence. His mother and father were Telrilion Silinaere and Arilinwae Silinaere, nobles of ancient stock. Telrilion was a noted military officer who taught his son early in life to take pride in his Elven heritage and to respect the King. Arilinwae was a fine healer, and a fine mother to her children. Aranil had two siblings as well; Sindalmo and Elanalda. As a child his best friends were Surnaaro and Caraeya, the latter whom he had deep Romantic feelings for. During the Oblivion Crisis, Aranil, Sindalmo, and Surnaaro fought the Daedra during the Sack of the Crystal Tower. It was terrible, and the three of them were just thankful that they survived the ordeal. Following the the crisis, the Thalmor claimed the victory in the fight at the Crystal Tower, though they truly had little to do with it. From the start, The Silinaere's, especially Telrilion, mistrusted the Thalmor and their deep penchant for radicalism. When the Thalmor finally DID take over, the Silinaere's and other ancient families like them disliked the turn of events and felt unease, but the King had granted them their "emergency power", and so there was little that could be done. For now, everyone was just rejoicing that the Oblivion Crisis had been averted. Few saw, or wanted to see, what Telrilion Silinaere saw.

    Life more or less remained the same for Aranil and the Silinaere's at the start. They maintained their high station and place in governance, Surnaaro was training to become a military officer in the service of the King like his father, Elanalda was betrothed to a fine young man of an upstanding family, and young Aranil was preparing to hone his magical talents at the college of Shimmerene while he courted his childhood sweetheart, Caraeya. Things would not remain this way permanently, however.

    As the months went on, the Thalmor began altering things in the Isles. Subtly at first, a minor tweak there, a need for more power here. The King, seeing that the Thalmor held great sway with the people, acquiesced without much resistance. The first major change was the Thalmors insistence that the Altmeri develop an army of its own, separate from the Imperial Legion who had "abandoned" the Altmer during their "Darkest hour." This was met with general outcry by the Imperial Legates stationed in the Summerset Isle, but they were powerless to do anything as most of them had been recalled from the provinces. The response from the Imperial City and the Elder Council was largely silent, as they had their own troubles to deal with in Cyrodiil. The order was approved and the army was created. Building and furnishing this army was the Thalmor's main focus for the next few years, "All in the name of protecting the land and Altmeri people." The Imperial legates could only watch in horror as what was once a small militia made up of common folk transformed into what resembled a professional invasion force. The Thalmor began to produce articles of militaristic propaganda, glorifying Altmeri history and service in the newly created Army while bashing the policies of the Empire. Next they introduced a draft that required all able bodied males and females (who were not mothering Elvish children) to serve at least a two-year term in the "Home Protection Force." Sindalmo was already on his way to becoming an officer, whereas Aranil had to put his studies on hold to perform his service, much to his mother and fathers dismay.

    After that the Thalmor began finding reasons to exile foreigners, accusing them of petty crimes that suddenly turned into exiling offences. If they couldn't find a reasonable excuse, the foreigners simply disappeared. Cunning manipulation of economic policies, such as tax reductions for buying from Thalmor approved merchants, further reduced immigration and increased emigration. Politically influential party's who did not see eye-to-eye with the policies of the Thalmor were made pariah's, accused of having their own personal interests at heart, rather than those of the Altmeri people.

    Next came the severance. Word spread quickly throughout the provinces that Potentate Ocato had been murdered. The Interregnum had begun. The Thalmor clamored that the Empire could not govern itself, much less the provinces. "Morrowind has fallen to the Reptiles under the imperial Watch!" They shouted in the council rooms. "We must govern ourselves, before a similar fate claims our own land." The King and Queen of the Altmer protested this act, the Thalmor proclaimed them traitors and the lapdogs of the Imperials. They were dethroned and executed, much to the horror of many of the ancient families, like the Silinaere's. They did little though. If the Thalmor could turn the public against the rightful kings and queens of the Altmer, how much so they could do it to mere nobility. The rest was history. The Thalmor severed all contact with the Empire. Those Imperial representatives still present on the continent were exiled or killed. After that they prepared to mobilize the army for war in Valenwood under the cry of "liberation" and "justice" for their Bosmeri brethren of old who were living under "The thumb of Imperial enslavement." The Thalmor also insisted that the Imperials were plotting to attack the Summerset Isle from Valenwood. Being in the army, Aranil and his brother Sindalmo traveled to Valenwood as part of this "liberation force."

    What Aranil experienced in Valenwood had nothing to do with "liberation" in his eyes. The Imperial presence there seemed taken completely by surprise, many of the Bosmer as well. He saw unecessary slaughter of many innocents, something which disturbed him deeply. Following the reunification, Aranil remained stationed in Valenwood for another year, during which time he had little correspondence with his family or his darling Caraeya. When he returned home, he learned to his horror that his childhood companion Surnaaro had been exiled from the continent under the threat of death for his "impure blood" and that hundreds of other Altmer had been similarly exiled or executed. His father Telrilion had been in contact with certain Altmer outside of the Isles and was corresponding with them in a kind of underground resistance that sought to restore the rightful monarchs to their thrones and retake their beloved homeland from the Thalmor. Secret meetings were held, ex-pat's were snuck back into the country. Aranil found himself living a double-life, he was involved in plots amidst plots and counterplots. Finding time for Caraeya was difficult, dangerous even. For all of their efforts however, it proved to little to late. The Thalmor were too firmly rooted. One by one, more and more of the dissidents were weeded out and eliminated, their only hope became the Altmer monarchy, which they would use as a rallying cry. First they would gain support in the countryside, and then they would take the cities, one by one. Their plan would work. It had to work.

    For the next year the Silinaere's and their allies waged open civil war against the Thalmor, gaining powerful support and even having sway in the rural countryside. They were never able to take a city, however, and took considerable casualties trying to retake Shimmerene. Following the attempt, their support waned. It was past time to leave the Summerset Isles. In a single night, Aranil and his family traveled by night to a secret location where they boarded boats that had been prepared for them en route for the port of Sentinel. Aranil left, without even a chance for a goodbye.

    In Sentinel:
    The Silinaere's were in Sentinel during the Night of Green Fire, when Thalmor operatives attacked the refugees in Sentinel, killing many of them. During the fighting, Sindalmo and Telrilion died trying to protect others. Aranil, his mother, and his sister survived. The fact that His father and brother died but he lived is something that has haunted him ever since.

    Post Sentinel: Following the Night of Green Fire, Elanalda and Arilinwae traveled to Cyrodiil where they would stay with family friends. Aranil remained in Hammerfell, working to help other refugees fleeing the Thalmor. The Agents of the Dominion would hound him at every turn however, each new attempt on his life more vicious than the last. When Hammerfell became unsafe he moved to High Rock where he kept a correspondence with his mother and sister, who he had not seen in years. As the long years passed Aranil attempted to adjust to his new life, trying in vain to put memories of his homeland from his mind.

    Aranil's mother died in 4E 123 of old age. His last remaining relative was his sister, who had married and was with child, or so he had heard.

    The Great War: During the Great War Aranil fought for the Imperials, being briefly reunited with his sister in the rubble of the Imperial city and meeting his nephew for the first time.

    Post Great War: Following the Great War Aranil helped to rebuild the Imperial City, residing with his sister for a time. He decried the White Gold Concordat, saying the Thalmor must be destroyed in entirety and that they had no intention to abide by such a treaty. Unable to live under the Thalmor presence in Cyrodiil stipulated by the White Gold Concordat, Aranil left and traveled to Skyrim, where he now resides waiting for the Thalmor to strike again.
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    Male Khajiit
    Short white fur with red eyes, no visible scars
    Born In Riften, Do'Shaar Joined the thieves guild at young age, having his family killed by a conflict between stormcloacks and imperials, he hates both of them, after becoming a nightingale and a vampire, he started living in the forest, hunting for eating.
    Full elven armor (without helmet) and a gray fur cape/hood
    Crossbow taken from a fallen Dawnguard
    Dual ebony swords
    Shy and quiet, avoid speaking with anyone
    Major skills:
    One Handed
    Light Armor
    Minor Skills:
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    Lol yay. I think I'm the 1,100th post. So we post our role-play characters here?
    I don't role-play much, but here's something....

    Huzul Andreemean
    Nickname: Pale Snake
    Male Argonian
    Only 15 years old
    Short Argonian with bright red eyes, and, unusual for an Argonian, war paint. The type that goes around the eyes and curves down the neck around the jaw line. Born in Helstrom, Black Marsh, on Second Seed 7, 3E102. Since he was born in Second Seed, which is the sign of the shadow, or..... WAS back in the 3rd Era, Huzul is Shadowscale. After being trained to kill, he brutally murdered his entire family. He then became a Vampire Lord/Werewolf hybrid. (I posted how in the thread "Vampiwolves are coming" or whatever it's called), so he can willingly become a Vampire Lord or a Werewolf, but not both simultaneously.
    He wears Thieve's Guild Master Armor, Nightingale Boots, Nightingale Hood, and Thieve's Guild Master Gauntlets. (put on that combo, it looks cool)
    He dual weilds two special daggers of unknown enchantment.
    He's completely blind, and will never give up the reason. It is unknown how, but he sees with echolocation.
    Major Skills:
    Light Armor
    Religion: Worships Hircine, Sheogorath, Molag Bal, Mistress Nocturnal, and MOST of all, Pademay. Also known as the Dread Father, Sithis.
    Likes: Killing, insanity, shadows, blood, heights, questions
    Dislikes: Lots of noise, couples, guards
    Catch-phrase: Kaoc'!

    Yeah.... that's him.
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