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Info Character Profiles

Discussion in 'Skyrim Roleplaying' started by NikolaTesla, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. The Formulated Gamer

    Nov 22, 2013
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    Sorry I didn't include everything last time..
    Name: King Miller
    Birthplace: Blue Palace(Solitude)
    Class: Honorable Warrior
    Story: When he was a kid he was the son of a Noble every day he would go out into the place were the Solitude guards train and observe everything they did. One day he left the Blue Palace where he was living to go and find adventure once he made it out of the city and snuck past the guards and when he was finally past them he ran down the road he didn't make it far until he was hit in the head with the hilt of someones sword and that knocked him out cold. When he awoke he was chained up to a wall he could see three men standing in the door arguing about who gets the last sweet roll.. When one of the three men noticed he woke up he walked over to the small 9 yr old boy and said "Do you know why we kidnapped ya?" He replied No. Then the man said Well let me tell you. Your a Nobles son no doubt he will pay fortunes just to get you back. I don't see why though.. But until then you shall be our slave. After 4 years of torture the boy finally built up the courage to take the shiv he had been making and attacked the group that had taken him but he could only stab one of them before the others attacked him and he was only 13 so with over three 35 year old men attacking him he was no match. But just as he thought it was all over a group of Stormcloaks came rushing into the Fort they had set up and defeat the Bandits. Then they took the boy back to Windhelm when they were in the carriage he asked one of the Soldiers Why did you help me back there you are only a set of 5 men and there was over ten of the Bandits? The Soldier replied When we saw you fighting the Bandits head on with a measily Shiv all by yourself we knew that you were the One.. And thats were it ends.
    Sided With: Stormcloaks
    And thats my character..
  2. Sven

    Sven Real-life Nord

    Nov 6, 2013
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    General Sven "Stormblade"



    Occupation and Story:
    General Sven is a Stormcloak officer - After the Tullius has been defeated,and Skyrim liberated,the remains of the Imperial force swore loyal to the Dragonborn,who in his way swore loyal to Ulfric Stormcloak,thus creating the first Skyrim legion.More and more legionares fled Cyrodil and joined the General,in who they see Tiber Septim,the Dragonborn who created the Empire that later so brutally shamed him by signing the White-Gold Concordat.
    His mission given by Ulfric himself to manhunt and eliminate any Thalmor agent or supporter in Skyrim,and sometimes abroad.

    General Sven secretly has his doubts about Ulfric taking the High King's throne,based on thought that Ulfric Stormcloak will be incapable to lead Skyrim as High King.

    Place of birth:

    Current Residence:
    A ship is Solitude docks.
  3. LordNaskill

    LordNaskill Active Member

    Nov 19, 2012
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    Lucius Maxim Corder
    Age: 29
    Gender/Sex: Male
    Race/Origin: Imperial
    Birth-Place: Cyrodiil,West Weald
    Residence In Cyrodiil: Once cleared at the age of 19 he took home at Fat Ramp Camp located on the Skingrad country side
    Birth Date: Hearthfire 22 On Middas
    Birth Sign: Warrior
    (base look and not my pic all rights go to owner of this)​
    Occupation/job: Member Of the Farmed Fighters Guild and now under contract with the Companions Guild he will sometimes also take up being a lumberjack to earn extra coin
    Current Residence: Jorrvaskr When under contract for the Companions or Mixwater Mill when working in the lumber mill
    Positive Traits: Quick,Strong,Agile and Friendly,Zealous
    Negative Traits: Impatient,Greedy
    Likes: Cards,Drinks,Friends,Fun
    Dislikes: Cowards,Bandits,Witches
    Fears: Stolen From
    Quirks: Taps his feet when nervous if he ever is
    Religious State
    Faith or Divine: Arkay
    How Faithful Is He: He regularly heads to the temple of the divine in
    Solitude to pray at the Shrine Of Arkay
    How Has It Affected His Life: He is a very Religious man always kept close to his Divine and he has always kept to Arkay and never strides to leave his side
    Items And Objects In His Possession
    Causal Clothing:
    Main Weapons:
    Secondary Things In Possession
    1- Potion of Strength
    4-Potion of Regeneration
    2-Potion of Resist Fire
    1-Potion of Vigorous Stamina
    2-Cyrodilic Brandy
    1-Holy Water
    1-Sleeping Tree Sap
    2-Green Apple's
    1-Apple Cabbage Stew
    4-Horker Loaf
    1-Venison Stew
    Miscellaneous Items
    1- Torchbug in a Jar
    2- Goat Horns
    1- Lute
    Aedra and Daedra
    An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim
    The Holds of Skyrim
    Master: One Handed,Heavy Armor,Two Handed,Smithing
    Expert: Speechcraft,Block,Light Armor
    Adept: Archery,Sneak,Alchemy
    Apprentice: Destruction,Lockpicking,Restoration
    Appearance And Certain Traits:
    Height: 6,7
    Weight: 210
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Skin Colour: Tan
    Eye Colour: Hazel
    Build: A well presented man with a fit and able body which would be able to endure a good beaten and or be able to deal out a strong beating himself
    Laterality: Left Handed
    Sexuality: Straight
    Health: Well
    Martial Status: In relationship
    What He Thinks Of Others
    Altmer/High Elves: Neutral-Is torn to a middle state due to what they did to his once great homeland and people
    Argonian: Friendly Towards Them
    Bosmer/Wood Elves: Neutral-Dose Not Mind Them
    Breton: Likes Them
    Dunmer/Dark Elves: Like Them Dose not see why people hate them there good people most of the time
    Imperial: Likes them cause its his race
    Khajiit: Slightly dislikes them after a few disputes with them
    Nord: Understands why the nords dislikes him and he tires his best to maintain a good friendship with them
    Orc: has been in many disputes with the brute orcs hell he even fell in love with one
    Redguard: Likes them after visiting and making many friends with this race he finds them to be well respected and great fighters
    Thieves Guild: he has nothing against this guild although he keeps his items close to him when wandering around.
    The Brotherhood: He calls them a bunch of merciless bastards who deserve to die.
    College of Winterhold: He see's no problem with the mages of Skyrim they have helped him and the Companions a few times
    Companions:he is under contract with this guild he finds them to be great friends with some small or big dispute
    Imperial Legion: he knows them well but see's them as slaves to the high elves and just peasants now
    Stormcloaks: he see's them a worthy fighters trying to take there homeland back from the high elves but having to fight his own race to get to them
    Bards College: He Enjoys a good time with the bards
    Forsworn: He see's there point of savagery and just tries his best not to encounter them
    Blades: He has heard rumours about the last of them but is neutral towards it
    Small Known History About
    What is known about Lucius is not much raised on a farm and born to work really his father always taught him the ways of life work hard and you will achieve great victory and in that saying Lucius was soon becoming of a man after his fathers death. Lucius took to arms in the fighters guild still getting the hang of battle he was only weak back then and not very well with coin either so he soon had to work hard and as his father
    said achieve great victory which was soon coming to him after several years of serving in the guild he earned a good reputation as a respected fighter and honourable man he brought down two of the biggest skooma operations in the south of Cyrodiil and that even earned him a great amount of wealth and soon his name spread wide and caught the attention of the imperial army, who asked if he wished to fight alongside them. "NO' was his response he was sworn to the guild and would not let some imperial guards offer him coin for a new job which was pretty much slave work although so was being a member of the fighters guild. Lucius was ready for his next task which was a contract under the guild of companions in skyrim exciting for him to be moving into the land of nords but also very dangerous as he was travailing alone and by horse and cart once in skyrim he made his way to the town of whiterun the home of the companions guild and what he saw in the companions was fierce and loyal people who would not give up so easy which encourage Lucius to become more and more of a fighter at the age of 28 he fought his first large scale battle against some bandits with the companions and some town guard by his side they took on the onslaught of a large bandit ground know as white hand.
    By the end of this gruesome battle Lucius was bloody and tired the bandits did a number of one of his fellow companions and Orc female who was training to be a blacksmith at the local forge she was not like most orcs she was very well kept and very manor for such a strong and well taught women of the green skin, He went to visit this Orc her name was Uzul funny name but he thought it was cute for suck a beast of a race she was very beautiful .
    Well lets say Lucius and Uzal hit off well when he visited her while she was recovering they would talk alot and get along really well soon enough they formed a strong bond over the two weeks of her recovery and she was back in the filed now aided by Lucius who was there to help her in any way,on the date of rains hand 14th they needed rest after a weeks worth of sweety battle and travel they came upon a good old inn and all they could pay for was a ne room and well they had a few left over drinks and lets say the next mourning they woke up facing each other with zero clothes on and well once the realised what they did they did it one more time ha funny how that worked orc and imperial might be a strange paring but these two really loved each other alot.
    After a few months of not seeing each other they met and did there usually thing drink eat sleep together and a few days later around more like 47 Uzul had informed him that she was pregnant with his child her stomach had grown over the 7 months progress and Lucius was 29 and a half by then
    He decided best that he should be earning more money so he took up working at a lumber mill to help pay for the cost of living and supplies and so on so forth.
  4. Blackdoom59

    Blackdoom59 BATMAN!

    Aug 13, 2012
    Likes Received:
    This is my Joker rip off
    The Joke
    Dunmer Assassin Alchemist
    Basic Information
    Name: Fenves Dres
    Alias: The Joke
    Age: Over 100
    Apparent Age: Looks like he's in his twenties, due to elven aging
    Birth Place: Morrowind
    Birth Sign: Serpent
    Origin/Race: Dunnmer
    Class: Alchemist/Assassin
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Right Handed
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Properties: None
    Affiliations: House Dres, The Morag Tong
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Afflictions: Antisocial Personality Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia(in short, he's insane)
    Religion Sheogorath
    Hobbies: Brewing Poisons
    Family: Parrents and two sisters

    Positive Traits: Funny, Brave, Smart, Cunning
    Negative Traits: Deceitful, Impulsive, Irritable, Aggresive, Irresposnable
    Likes: Laughing, Women, Food, Watching people suffer,
    Dislikes: Unfunny, Arrogant, Shy people
    Fears: Nope
    Quirks: Will always try to make jokes, Will always laugh
    One Handed
    Two Handed, Pickpocket
    Lockpick, Speech
    Just like in the pic, without the warpaint
    Height: 1.79 meeters
    Weight: 73 kilograms
    Build: Slender, Agile
    Hair Length: Long
    Hair Color: Black
    Facial Hair: Beard
    Eye Color: Red
    Skin Color: Pale
    Armor: Purple Jester suit, a lot of satchels
    Weapons: He always keeps a small shiv on him, and a lot of poisons, besides that, nothing else.
    Misc: Fenves has legendary stamina and endurance, he can whistand a lot of punnishment and run large distances without tireing himself. If he's engaged in battle, he wont use his shive to fight, besides he will try and disarm his enemy and use his weapon against him.
    Fenves was born and raised in house Dres, one of the great houses of Morrowind. He had loving parrents and two little sisters. From a very young age, he always had to live up to his parrents expectations, thus reading lots of books, learning to brew potions and swordsfight. Wheh he was 20 his uncle was assassinated by the morag tong. Fenves was close to his uncle which is why he fought the assassin after the he made the kill. The assassin abducted Fenves and he was turned into a member of Morag Tong. Leaving his past life behind Fenves was forced to walk a dark path. As he was bouncing from a contract to another, Fenves grew a liking to assassination. He was no longer the man he was before. Five years passed since he joined the order, and he accepted the contract to kill a madman, a follower of Sheogorath. The deadric prince of madness wasn't fond at all to such a deed, and in order to show his domminance, he trapped Fenves in the Shivering Isles, where he was to survive all madmen and creatures that lurked the daedric realm. He survived for some time, however he couldn't go on forever. He had decided to end his life. He took a strange plant from the Isles, and mixed it with a nightshade. He was hoping the poison will kill him, realising him from his punnishment. Instead, that poison turned him into what he is today, a madman, traveling to each corner of Tamriel to spread his madness. Though he never entered in contact with the Dark Brotherhood, he took contracts that were meant for the assassins. He took onto his nickname- The Joke - tribute to his signature kill. He would poison the target with a concentrated version of the poison that he drank. The target would laugh, and laugh, until his hearts stop beating. Only the strongest of souls can whistand the poison. Now Fenves will seize any chance he gets to kill somone, not for money or fame, but for his own pleasure.
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  5. Beowulf.

    Beowulf. New Member

    Dec 10, 2013
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    Name: Beowulf Bahektaar
    Race: Breton
    Class: Pure Mage

    Gender: Male

    Looks: Long dark hair tied in a knot, same with hes beard, long and tied in a knot. About 5,6 tall and shallow wounded eyes. A hooded robe and weared out boots.
    Location: Unknown

    Personality: He is a stranger to everyone, not to friendly and never speak if not needed too. Fearsome looks but with a a slight kindness in hes one working eye.


    * Aprox 89 years old he is still young for hes kind.
    * Explorer and writer of the old days and lifestyles.
    * Has no friends nor family left in this world.
    * Has no great possesion of gold, just what he comes around from writing books.
    * A great magician with a large knowledge of frost spells.
    * Respectfull and honorable in all situations.
    * No political interests.
    * He wears nothing but a hooded robe and wornout boots.
    Beowulf, an outcast from the small Breton society in the Rift.
    Son of Wulfric the older.
    Old court wizard of Solitude.
    Writer of fiftynine books all stored in the larger city castles.
  6. shadowkitty

    shadowkitty Mistress of Shadows

    Jan 28, 2013
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    Name - Kiara Snow-Runner (not her real last name)
    Race - Breton
    Age - 20
    Class – Vampire Lord, Mage, Archer
    Hometown – Wayrest, High Rock
    Laterality - Right Hand
    Sexuality - Straight, not very experienced
    Relationship Status - Single
    Afiliations – Castle Volkihar
    Property – Windstad Manor (eventually)
    Alignment – Vampires (this may change)
    Religion – Prayed to Akatosh

    Hair – Snow White
    Eyes – Were brown, now Vampire Orange
    Height – shorter than average, petite but still with vampire strength.
    Clothing – Black Vampire armour, boots and gauntlets. Wears mage robes when mingling with normal people.
    Weapons – Kiara uses Shock spells as well as her Vampire spells, and also still carries a bow with her

    Primary – Drain Life, Destruction, Archery
    Secondary - Conjuration, Enchanting,
    Battle Tactics – Likes to use her Drain Life on victims and will use shock spells on enemies. Will use bow for stealth purposes. Changes to Vampire Lord form when she needs to feed, but prefers to stay mainly in human form.

    Positive Traits - intelligent, Quick learner, will sometimes show compassion
    Negative Traits – Stubborn, a little sadistic, selfish, vengeful to the point of obsessive
    Likes – Feeding, Her pet death hound
    Dislikes – The Dark Brotherhood, abusive men
    Aspirations – To find out who ordered her parents killed, and to destroy the Dark Brotherhood

    An only child, Kiara grew up in a noble household in Wayrest, and at a young age, as is fitting of all noble younglings, was tested for magical powers. She displayed well above average abilities and was sent off to live in the Mages Guild. Never too far away from her parents, she had a close relationship with them while she spent her years training at the Guild, developing her skills.

    Kiara went home one day for a surprise visit when she came upon the terrible scene of her parents being assassinated by people she later found out to be the Dark Brotherhood. She was devastated and put all her energy into finding out who killed her parents. After years of searching, she traced the evidence back to the Skyrim fraction of the Dark Brotherhood, and she left High Rock. Her search in Skyrim did not start well, as she fell in with dangerous people and eventually found herself in the clutches of Vampires, who wanted her for her magical powers and seduced her into believing that she should become one of them. She struggles with her Vampirism, torn between its primal desires and her once compassionate heart. For now, also, she has forgotten why she came to Skyrim in the first place.

  7. Apollyon Yagami

    Name: Sirenia

    Gender: Female
    Race: Imperial

    Class: Knight/Conjurer/Necromancer

    Factions: College of Winterhold

    -Highly intelligent.
    -Can summon creatures and reanimate corpses.
    -Uses one handed sword and shield.
    -Expert in soul-binding techniques.
    -Clever strategist.
    -Often avoids using violence to get things done.

    Sirenia came from a very old familly of Necromantic Warriors from Cyrodil, but did not receive trainning like the old members of her familly, the oblivion crisis wiped their wealth and their vast library, and what is left today of this familly is nothing but a shadow of what it was, they were forgotten, there is nothing left of them, most of them don't even know their own history, they're nothing but normal people scattered through Tamriel. Sirenia learned about her origin in a dream she had, where a ghost claiming to be her ancestor told her everything about her familly and their inclination to necromancy. Sirenia traveled to Skyrim to master her skills at the college of Winterhold.

  8. Zancrow Dorgoneel

    Zancrow Dorgoneel The New God

    Dec 16, 2013
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    Name -Zancrow Dorogneel
    Race - Nord
    Age - 19
    Class – Mage
    Hometown – Cyrodil
    Laterality - Both
    Sexuality - Straight
    Relationship Status - Single
    Afiliations – The Grimiore Order
    Property – None
    Alignment – None
    Religion – None

    Zancrow has long and spiky blond hair that reaches down to his lower back. He is usually depicted with a psychotic grin on his face as he shows his teeth. His red or pink pupils consist of several concentric circles, which further enhances his crazed appearance. He wears a yellow and dark blue skirt-like armor with a red waist ribbon that exposes the right side of his chest as well as his right shoulder, where his guild mark tattoo is located.

    Primary – Black Flames Destruction Magic
    Secondary - Fists
    Battle Tactics – Reckless attacking, not thought out.

    Positive Traits - Loyal, Hard worker if its something he likes
    Negative Traits – Sadistic, Impatient
    Likes – Nothing in particular
    Dislikes – Dragons, Gods
    Aspirations – To fix the Order he once was in

    Zancrow was born and raised into the Grimiore Order, it was a order made up of 7 people who called themselves the 7 Kin of Purgatory: Riog, Volki, Lolindir, Ferdirand, Gasok, Vikino, Silosk. They thought they were doing the gods bidding, by creating a new world, having to destroy the old one. They started their attack on a village named DarkVale, once they destroyed that one, they went on to the next. But soon after, the Blades found them and killed them all. Zancrow managed to escape, being only 10 at the time he ran from Cyrodil to Skyrim, he had met many people along the way. Friends, enemys. But someone in particular stood out, a mage named Forbest taught Destruction magic, though a more powerful one. Black Flames, and type of dark magic that was lost to the ages. After Zancrow left he considered himself a God, a new one that would repair the order and find a way to make a new world. He is a wandering man with no home, he usually uses his time finding people to repair the order.
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  9. CourierSix

    CourierSix Member

    Aug 29, 2013
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    Camrick Petite
    Breton Historian
    Basic Information
    Name: Camrick Petite
    Age: 50
    Birth Place: Daggerfall
    Birth Sign: The Mage
    Race: Breton
    Class: Historian
    Gender: Male
    Voice: Similar to Stephan Molynuex
    Laterality: Left handed
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Bachelor
    Properties: Small cabin in the mountains near Solitude
    Affiliations: The College of Winterhold
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Afflictions: None
    Religion: Agnostic
    Patron Deity: None
    Positive Traits: Intelligent, Well-Read, Jovial, Open-minded
    Negative Traits: Arrogant, Slightly Lazy, Scatterbrained
    Quirks: Has to arrange his food in a certain way.
    Conjuration, Illusion, Building and Fixing Dwemer Automata.
    Height: 6.1 Feet
    Weight: 220 lbs
    Build: Medium build. Slightly Overweight
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Black with streaks of Grey
    Armor: Traveling Robe with small personal enchantments.
    Weapons: Dwemer Staff, Dwemer Spider
    Misc: Fights using a rebuilt Dwemer Spider
    Born into a noble family, Camrick showed an aptitude for study and magic. Shunning the politics his family favored, he devoted himself to learning everything about the Dwemer. His family did not approve and quickly found misconduct with which to base banishment on. Thrown from his home he found a small town in the mountains of Daggerfall to set up shop as the village wizard. Using his skills to pay for his room and board he began studying and visiting the ruins in that area leaving the town after he learned all he could. Camrick enjoyed his peace for over twenty years, until his prized Dwemer dagger went missing and turned up next to the corpse of a local child. Camrick was innocent but the townspeople held to other beliefs. Soon enough his name was on wanted posters across Dagger fall. He quickly left the province and bought a cabin in Skyrim where he resides to this day.
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  10. AS88

    AS88 Well-Known Member
    Staff Member

    Jul 31, 2012
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    Hadvar: "You on the run from some court intrigue?" :p
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  11. CourierSix

    CourierSix Member

    Aug 29, 2013
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    ooc: He usually replies with yes and launches into a rant about stupid townspeople that last long enough for Alduin to show up :b
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  12. shadowkitty

    shadowkitty Mistress of Shadows

    Jan 28, 2013
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    This RP card is for Conquer with Fire RP
    Banner made by Specter of Death

    This is my colour for RP
    Name: Indari Shadow-Cat
    Race: Nord
    Age: 19
    Sexuality: straight

    Hometown: small settlement in the Rift south from Riften. Now lives wherever the road takes her.

    Class: Rogue, fighter, scout. Has taken the occasional assassination job.

    Alliances: a nord but raised away from the civil war, wants no part of it. Is fascinated by the writings about the dragons.

    Magic: knows a little, can produce a small flame and a bit of healing.

    Weapons: Primary – Archer Crossbow her father had made for her birthday, she can also use it as a melee weapon due to the dragonbone spikes on it, secondary - one handed (ebony sword that was her father’s). Indari is an excellent archer and a good person to have as a scout and a backup in the shadows. She can fall back on her sword if in close quarter melee.

    Appearance and Dress: as in picture below, but with crossbow slung on her back and ebony sword at her side. Also she has longer and lighter blonde hair, with deep blue eyes. She also wears a heavy travellers cloak when on the road, and carries a leather satchel.

    This is not my picture, all credits go to the artist.

    Bio: Indari was raised by her father, as her mother had died when she was just a baby. Her father, a former soldier in the civil war (Stormcloak) raised her as best he could and that meant training her in the ways of the battle. She is proficient in using a sword but she prefers her crossbow. One day while she was out hunting, her small village was attacked by a dragon and everyone in it slaughtered. In her father’s last dying breaths he bequeathed to her his ebony sword and made her swear to avenge the deaths of them all.

    Indari, overwhelmed by her father’s request, desperately travelled the province of Skyrim, seeking out any knowledge of dragons she could find, be it in the written word or from the stories of those whom she met along the way. She wants to find the dragon that destroyed her village so that her father’s spirit can rest in peace. Along the way, she has been forced to take on odd jobs, some of them not so reputable, in order to survive. She has lost her way and is in need of a guiding hand to help her back on her path. She feels the new alliance between the Blades and the Greybeards could be her salvation.

    Traits: Good – Indari will try anything and is not afraid of hard work. She is a fiercely loyal friend to those that can break down her walls and gain her trust. She is extremely good at blending into the background and is therefore a good person to send in as a scout, or sniper. Usually happy and likes a drink.

    Bad – She often misjudges people and has been taken advantage of once or twice, so she is a little wary when she meets new people. She can be stubborn and a little ruthless when in battle. She is feisty and likes the company of men and would argue that this was not a bad trait at all. She can appear to be insensitive to others feelings at times but she is actually a little naïve when it comes to personal relationships.
  13. Drasok Ghett

    Drasok Ghett Lol, Im new :P

    Nov 4, 2013
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    Name:Andrew Hadvir​
    Alias:The Child, The Tamer​
    Family:Crystal, His Mother. Zack, his younger brother.​
    Personality:Very rash in stressful situations, He is very loyal and will keep his word, Kind towards his friends but is shy to new people.​
    Expert: One handed​
    Adept: Lute playing, Light armour​
    Bio: Andrew lived with his Mother and brother untill he was 6, but he hated how everything was handed to him and decided he would leave to skyrim ​
    and learn how life can really be. On his journey he befriended people that have greatly impacted his life, like a blacksmith who crafted the sword he uses today, Or the woman who taught him how to play a lute. They all helped a stranger, and even though he is shy, he trys to repay the debt that he owes to the world.​
  14. TheCaptain

    TheCaptain The Mad Conductor of Words

    Dec 19, 2013
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    Name: John Brunwulf
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Race: Nord

    Political outlook: he's a Stormcloak, John wants an free Skyrim and the only he doesn't like about Ulfric is how he treats the other races

    Equipment: 4-5 small throwing knifes, a bigger knife attached to his belt, a Katana that he hangs from his side and a Black Dwarven Bow which he usually uses for long ranged combat only.

    Appearance: a very strong looking build, blue eyes, 5 o'clock shadow bread, few scars, short black hair and he's 5,11 feet tall and weighs 270 pounds.

    Clothing: this armor is the one John wears, I changed it mainly because there were a few things that I thought got in the way of the picture.[​IMG]

    skills:John Brunwulf is a capable survivalist, he also has an expert skill with a sword, a master of the bow, in hand to hand fights John can handled himself, beast form nough said.

    Bio: John never knew his birth parents as a baby he was left the doorstep of Jorrvaskr The Companions who lived there took him in and raised him as one of their own, Kodlak Whitemane "The Harbinger" taught him about Society's current sorry state as he called it, History, Maths and English, Vilkas and Farkas taught him how to fight Close Quarters, Bare Handed, One Handed, Two Handed and Duel Wield while Aela the Huntress taught how to hunt and use a bow, later on in his life he became a member of The Circle which is comprised of the senior members of The Companions and even later he found out they're all Werewolves and he became one himself after drinking blood, nowadays he travels all of Skyrim looking for jobs worthy of his time and a new place to branch the Companions out of Jorrvaskr.

    just before this though he tracked and hunted Vampires for nearly 4 years now, he learnt their habits, possible persons they would feed on, how they worked inside and outside and he learned how to kill them and have done so many times that he's lost count.

    Personality: A disciplined but caring person, Brunwulf despises any other cowardly or disobedient man. He also has a habit of stabbing said cravens/dissenters immediately and on his own judgement and no one else's.
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  15. Enthuz22

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    Name: Kishan Braudil.

    Age: 27 years.

    Gender: Male.

    Race: Nord.

    Date of Birth: Morndas, 5th of of Hearthfire, 4E 174.

    Birthsign: The Lady.

    Place of Birth: Dawnstar; Skyrim.

    [want a pic? look at my profile pic!]

    Nickname(s)/Alias(es): N/A.

    Sexuality: Heterosexual; attraction to the opposite sex – in this case, females.

    Religion: His belief includes the Eight Divines, more notably Akatosh, Arkay, and Kynareth. He enjoys the Breton legend of Ebonarm, also, and proclaims a disinterest in Daedra.

    Current Residence: Morthal; Skyrim.

    Affliction(s): Not initially. This will most likely change in-RP; if it does so, I will not update this, but I will make a note of it in my signature, along with occupations and affliations. All diseases have a likeliness to come across Kishan in-RP, with an exception of werewolves, seeing as they are more commonly prone to killing than to the limited drainings of vampires. Remember, although vampirism and lycanthropy are both hostile diseases, more natural diseases such as Ataxia, Bone Break Fever and Rockjoint can be just as dangerous.

    Occuptation: Bounty hunter, initially. If work gets too dry, he will move, but it has not yet proven so.

    Affliation(s): No initial affliations with any guilds or factions. If he had to go with a faction, he would step in with the Thieves Guild, although he has no particular interest in thievery.

    Political Views: People believe in what they believe in, no exception. The Thalmor are power-hungry and believe in their dominance over all else; but how could anyone hope to change their minds about that, just as nobody can prove the existence of the divines? He leaves the politics alone as much as he can, leaving it to the rest of the world to figure it out. If the ideals of a political party, however, become openly hostile or have changed their ideals, he may be “forced” to take an extra step back. It would be a rare day when Kishan's hand is forced into a political opinion.

    Physical Details: Kishan's eyes are light-green, his eyes narrow and clear, with a slight hint of fatigue at the corners of his eyes. If unbound, his hair would be naturally straight and tickle his upper back. He usually keeps his hair bound into a bun, however, and may even cut it. It is a deep dark-brown color, and a few thick strands spill out onto his forehead. His eyebrows are neutrally curved. Kishan sports a very light, thin, and nonetheless rogue-styled circular beard, with peppered facial hair along the top frame of his neck and his jaw, connecting to his hair line just in front of his ears. It is very likely that his heard will thicken in time. (If in the vanilla character creation for a Nordic male's facial hairstyle, you'll notice that there are two lines of beard styles very similar to each other, the first with facial hair along the jaw and the other with a simple circle with no facial hair along the jaw. He has the first one, with the facial hair along the jaw; it is three options to the left (decreased) from the first one's thick option. In time, just imagine his beard going from that option to the right – thicker options, that is, which show that over time, his beard has grown.) Due to archery practices over several years, he has fitting muscular tones, which show in his posture. It may not seem like he's real buff – that's due to the muscles tightening with use and becoming closer to the general bone structure; his muscles, therefore, are hard to the touch, and not at all tender except for in the forearms. He sports callaused hand joints, and the insides of his forearms are lined from his earlier years when he was beginning to learn archery. An old scar from such a time could be spotted along his jawline, vertically sported, although it is so old – although it had been deep and fleshy once – that all that is left is the skin of a scar, tight and hard, long-since healed

    Alignment: True-Neutral; doing what feels right and seems like a good idea, a true-neutral doesn't feel strongly in one side of any argument, and doesn't believe at all in the elements of solid good and evil, law and chaos. They tend to stray from conviction and bias, rather than a commitment to neutrality. They think of good, generally, better than evil. Nonetheless, they are not committed to keeping good in power – only keeping evil out as long as it is an obvious threat to the balance between both. Again, rather than commiting to neutrality, they focus on philosophy. Uusually, true-neutral is the best alignment one could hope for, as it is well-balanced and mindful; however, it can also be incredibly dangerous if it represents apathy, indifference, and a lack of conviction. Luckily, Kishan is one of the “good” true-neutrals.

    Class: Ranger; skilled stalkers and hunters, they make their home in the winderness. Their combat education is equal of a warrior, but they lack the dedication to the craft of fighting. Instead, the ranger focuses his skills on training again a specific enemy that he most likely holds a grudge against and hunts above all others. However, Kishan is generally aimless, although he does claim to be a bounty-hunter – that is not what his target type is meant to be. They often accept the role of guardian, aiding travelers when they wander into the woodlands. Their skills alow them to move quietly and stick to the shadows, especially in their natural settings, and have an included unique knowledge of the creatures that live in that specific setting – in Morthal, trolls and the rare chaurus come out only at night, and their probabilities of entering town domain – especially chauruses for their nesting season – is a small percentage more likely than basic creatures of the lands surrounding Morthal, which is similar to most of Skyrim except that the swamps and bogs surroundng Morthal have a higher population of spiders. An experienced ranger has such a tie to nature that he can actually draw from the surrounding natural power to cast spells, much as a druid may, and like a druid a master-ranger is often accompanied by one or more animal companions. This comes much easier to Bosmer. However, although Kishan is a generally experienced ranger, his only magical resources are his own, although unlike most Nords he has a higher magical absorbtion probability, meaning that he leans more towards magic. That is common for rangers, as they are not only masters of archery and stealth, but also of magic, accompanied by magic and a voice sweet to the ears of strangers.

    Major Skills: Archery, Light Armor, Sneak, One-handed, Speech, Alchemy.

    Minor Skills: Illusion, Alteration.

    Spells: Oakflesh --- Novice Alteration --- improves caster's armor rating by 40 points for a minute.

    General Skills: Navigation/cartography; movement noticeably more silent and less likely to be detected, especially in woodland settings; survival; hunting and skinning; fletching.

    Weapons: His choice melee weapon is similar to Orcrist from LotR lore – it's spine is straight, but the one-sided blade is curved inhard a hand from the hilt, thickening two hands from the tip before smoothing back to a neat, thin point. However, the curve inward is less dramatic, and the thickening near the end of the sword is less noticeable. It is a dark-stained steel, forged after an ancient Hammerfell blade, with altered edges to better fit “modern” Tamrielic combat. The hilt resembles a “sleeping black wolf”, one eye closed but the other slitted open, revealing a tiny flash of a carved dark amethyst. The hilt is curved noticeably, also, although it is short enough to make wielding it with two hands uncomfortable. This type of sword resembles a “cleaver” or Chinese dao. Orcrist's engravings re not on this sword, which means no elvish swirly marks. It's name is Idris. He had found it in the hands of a criminal during one of his bounty-missions, and took it for himself; the name 'Idris' was carved near the hilt, and so it was named. It's edge stays solid, and it has not yet failed him.
    He also carries a skinning knife, but that is not used for combat, although he does keep it close on his person (inside of boot, not very deep – it's a thin knife, with a very closely-compacted sheath that keeps the edges from goring the shin of his leg) instead of in his knapsack or at base.
    His usual weapon is a murk-wood (Kishan's name for the swampland-woods surrounding Morthal, as they are murky and dank) bow, strong and supple. He keeps an eye out for when he will need to replace it, as the string will soon fray and the wood will soon bend and splinter. A much more suitable bow would be a steel bow, with leather wrappings to keep it from gleaming. Arrows are less of a problem, as he is willing to set out to nearby holds (although he hasn't yet, although he will soon due to Morthal's poor trade and Dawnstar's aversion to luck) and he knows how to fletch them.

    Apparel: Leather armor similar to Thieves Guild armor, although it has no band of pouches across the chest; it is replaced by non-metallic strips to keep the quiver firmly in place. Also, the shoulder armor pads are larger but made of softer leather, and the chest armor extends to cover the top part of the thighs. The knee pads are much smaller and softer, also; the gauntlets are thicker, although softer at the insides of the forearm, and the right gauntlet extends to create a thin but hard three-finger glove of sorts so that the archer, Kishan, will not have his fingers grind and bleed via the bow-string. The hood is stiffer and looser.

    Items: Foodstuffs are for running back into the town inn. On his person, Kishan keeps a small knapsack with a leather notebook and emergency foodstuffs, along with bounty-letters and a leather water canister. When he returns to Morthal and it's Inn, he often has a stash of books waiting for him.

    Personality: Kishan is one to keep his silence only to prove a point, or to seek out truth. Much more goes on within his head than any words that flow from his lips. He is a seeker of knowledge, and immensely enjoys philisophical arguments and conversing with strangers on many topics. He is curious and yet wary, keeping words from his heart and experiences close to mind. His personality will further develop in-RP, and details of his personality will soon be clear to us both.

    History: Life as a child in Dawnstar was as normal as it could be. Kishan's brother Qagmir, six years older than him, was both a bully and a mentor – but more so a mentor. Qagmir (kwa-ag-meer) and Kishan (key-shahn) were inseparable. Qagmir was raised to one day become the head of the family business of trade-by-boat – travelling from port to port, trading goods, and even hiring merchants and adventurers on swell years when there was no bad trade. Kishan was raised to be one of such boat-merchants, and at the time he believed that that was his destiny and fate, and he accepted it gladly, proudly, and without remorse. He was an apprentice in the trade (upon land, at the time, for he was not yet experienced and successful enough to be accepted as a boat-trader) when his father died of Bone Break Fever; even then, he hadn't accepted Sovngarde, dying on his feet as he refused to die shriveling in a bed. He had been walking downstairs to sit on the porch last time, but the bones of his legs failed him, and he crumpled and fell down the stairs, a concussion giving him a swift death. Qagmir took his father's place as head of the boat trade. Their mother committed suicide two months after their father's death, after experiencing a long bout of depression and anxiety. Qagmir was a changed man after their parents' deaths, but he kept strong and began a strong continuation of the family business. Kishan was confused by both of his parents' deaths, and sought understanding. There were no monks or priests in Dawnstar or the closest surrounding towns and cities, however. Kishan, too, was a changed man; at this time, he was twenty-one years old. He had no more feeling for the slow, vile ways of merchants, relying more on conviction than reality. In fact, he felt he was no more fit to be a citizen of Dawnstar. Somewhere slightly warmer, with trade upon land instead of sea, would do better – or hunting and fishing, perhaps. He longed for “honest work” and thus turned to hunting. He learned from a passing traveller, Islandir, who took to him, the ways of archery, stealth, and relying on nature and a swift boot more than mystery and a bloodied blade. But Dawnstar was no place for hunting, and again Kishan thought of moving. He still loved his brother, but Dawnstar and boat-trade was not his cup of mead. When he had soonly turned twenty-seven, Dawnstar began to become afflicted with terrible nightmares. Trade practicallyshattered on Dawnstar's end – farming, mining, and other goods injured the boat-trade, although the traders themselves travelled enough that they were not heavily affected. Kishan decided it was time to leave. He left for Morthal, along with a few other villagers. There, he could focus on hunting. Bounty-hunting came into mind, and as he began that kind of work from Jarl Skald the Elder, the people of Morthal – ever wary and openly untrusting of strangers, newcomers, and travellers – began to accept him, although they do not oft speak of Kishan...what would have to gossip about, when he was already clouded in mystery? He kept in the forest, away from folk and yet close enough to the town, living on the corrupt vices of others. He wasn't always wholly happy about this, having a hopeful aversion to vices himself, yet it paid well enough and he was kept alone. Yet adventure is now what he seeks; gone is the time when he urged for peace and rendering criminals unconscious and in the hands of justice.

    Extra Details: Dialogue of Kishan is in green and other characters' are in white.
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    Name: Harking Ebonhand
    Gender: male
    Race: nord
    age: Unknown
    DOB: unknown
    Birth sign:the hunter
    place of birth: unknown
    Religion: devoted to hircine
    Current residence: abandoned house in whiterun planes on the path to fort greymoor
    Occupation: hunter wood chopper
    Class: Hunter
    Major skills: archery, sneaking, smithing
    Minor skills: alchemy, one handed
    Weapons: hunting bow he calls hircines honour,steel dagger he calls the pelt skinner
    Apparel: Changes with the weather between:leather armor and boots(hot/warm) Fur armor boots and bracers(cold/wet/snowing) He also carries saviors hide
    Personality: harking is a man who keeps his thoughts to himself hes not a fighter and will listen to whoever he comes a cross he is not one for talking though and likes to steer clear of as many conversations as possible
    History: his young childhood is unknown to anyone apart from his father a hunter that travels all of skyrim. however this is unknown to harking and so he was alone in the woods while his father was hunting when he was found by a sabre cat. five years later he found the camp of this sabre cat being attacked by bandits so, he ran as fast as he could from around karthwestern down to darkwater crossing and then the ambush he was running and overtook some stormcoaks when he was hit in the head and blacked out. He woke up on the way to helgen and when he escaped he found a hunter near the guardian stones and then hius hunter life started.
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    Name: Sosvodir Dov
    Race: Breton
    Gender: Female
    Age: Immortal, appears 25
    Class: Stealth, mage
    Skills: One-handed, light armor, archery, conjuration, illusion, sneak, alchemy, lockpicking
    Weapon/s: Blade of Woe, glass bow, Daedric arrows
    Armor: Nightngale armor
    Body: Thin, petite, pale
    Head: Perfect skin, red eyes, arched eyebrows, short brown hair
    Companion/s: Argis the Bulwark (Nord)
    Personality: Impatient, commanding, condescending, self-centered, power-hoarder, hates kids
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Bio: Sosvodir's memory was wiped when she was 25, when she was turned into a Vampire. She has worked for the Dark Brotherhood for many, many years and long ago, had worked with the Thief's Guild as well. She lives in the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary, and is often out completing contracts.
    - http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/198/2/4/dawnguard_by_tegz0rz-d57jsep.png

    Name: Ropel of Orsinium
    Race: Orsimer
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Class: Warrior
    Skills: One-handed, heavy armor, speech, restoration
    Weapon/s: Orcish sword
    Armor: Orcish armor, orcish boots, orcish gauntlets, orcish helmet
    Body: Muscular, green, tall
    Head: Mohawk brown hair, green eyes, green war paint, two fangs, thin eyebrows
    Companion/s: n/a
    Personality: Independent, tough, modest, quiet.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Bio: Born and raised in Orsinium, her mother died in labor, and her twin brother died shortly after birth. Ropel was raised by her father who died on their journey to Skyrim to find a better life when she was nineteen. In her life in Skyrim, she's gained the trust of Whiterun as a Companion.
    - http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/361/d/4/d49d4fec662b48cda744dc33fb68c731-d4kej4w.png

    Name: Anedra of Morthal
    Race: Nord
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Class: Bard, Traveler
    Skills: One-handed
    Weapon/s: Ebony Dagger
    Armor: Fur shoes, fur gauntlets, dress, amulet of poison immunity
    Body: Petite, muscular, curvy, sunkissed
    Head: Freckled, amber hair, amber eyes (she wears a circlet on special occasions)
    Companion/s: n/a
    Personality: Bubbly, outgoing, cheerful, strong
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Bio: Anedra was born and raised in Morthal, but short after her mother was kidnapped and killed by an unknown assassin, she was sent to Solitude for the Bard's College, where she mastered playing the Lute, Flute, and Drum. Her father was sent to the war during her time at the College. so she began traveling and playing for hunters, travelers, and sometimes even Bandits. She's recently come home to Morthal, as her father came home from the army, alive and well.
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    Xorguk The Beastmaster
    I have wondered alone for many years, yet sometimes even I grow weary of this endless solitude.
    Basic Information
    Name: Xorguk
    Alias: The Beastmaster, X, The Pagan
    Age: 87 (looks way younger due to elven aging)
    Birth Place: Orsinium
    Birth Sign: Steed
    Birth Date: 13th of Rain's Hand
    Origin/Race: Orismer
    Class: Beserker | Beastmaster | Wanderer
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Ambidextrous
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Properties: None, his home is wherever he lays camp
    Affiliations: The Orcish Strongholds, The Companions, Multiple Hunting Guilds
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Afflictions: None, besides his old age. Was formerly a werebear.
    Religion: Agnostic, with Malacath influence
    Patron Deity: Malacath
    Habits: Sharpening his axes, talking and interacting with animals
    Hobbies: Traveling, Exploring, Reading, Writing (in his journal)
    Family: None that he cares to remember
    Xorguk is not very social, due to the fact that he spends little to no time near the other races of Tamriel. Although he is quite a man to talk with if you want to hear a good story.
    Positive Traits: Friendly, Tolerant, Easily Satisfied, Generous
    Negative Traits: Ill-Mannered, Competitive, Dangerously curious
    Likes: Animal company, the wilderness
    Dislikes: People that disagree with his lifestyle (especially orcs that do so), Wars
    Fears: Malacath, to an extent
    Aspirations: None
    Quirks: Scratches any surface he gets his hand on when he has nothing better to do
    Philosophy: Xorguk dosen't follow the Code of Malacath. If he did, he would have died when he was way younger, as old orcs are generally considered useless. He tries to remain a calm and tolerant person, he won't pick a fight with anyone unless directly provoked.
    One Handed: Xorguk trained his entire life with his two waraxes. Not many can say they fought him and survived, and there's about no one that can say they bested him.
    Archery: Xorguk's skills with a bow were always required for when he was hunting. He has equal training in Archery to an Elven master marksman.
    Light Armor/Heavy Armor: Xorguk uses a mixture of light and heavy armor, and he is most eficient doing so.
    Enchanting: Xorguk has picked up a lot of soul gems in his travels, and he finds enchanting fascinating. Although he will always feel like he's a poor enchanter, his enchanters are better then decent.
    Alchemy: Xorguk always picks flowers and ingredients that he finds. Thus he gained quite some skill as an alchemist.
    Smithing: He smiths his own armors from what he can get his hands on in the wilderness.
    Unarmed: Xorguk had his fair share of brawls, not only with humans but also with the animals. He is quite good at unarmed combat.
    Two Handed/Block: He has little training in two handed weapons, or blocking, however Xorguk knows a fair share.
    Free Running/Climbing: When he has to get to things quicker, running is his ally. He is decent at climbing and free runing, having quite good health and stamina.
    Health: Extraordinary
    Stamina: Above Average
    Magicka: Low
    Xorguk is very large, even for an orc. He looks quite intimidating, few people would want to anger him.
    Height: 6.8
    Weight: 117 kg
    Build: Muscular
    Hair Length: Long
    Hair Color: Black
    Facial hair:Clean Shaved
    Eye Color: Blue
    Scars: Multiple small scars all over his face and body.
    Warpaint: Scar Tatto on his left arm
    Armor: Just like in the pic, however his chest is protected by a hard leather vest. He has an orcish shield tied to his back, which can't usually be seen because of the fur cloak.
    Weapons: His main weapons are his two axes - The Tamer and The Punisher(the punisher is the one he holds in his left hand in the pic). The tamer has a steal health enchantment, and the punisher a steal stanima. He also has two bows - an orcish longbow and a hunting shortbow. He only uses the longbown to hunt, and the shortbow is used in any other scenario.
    Misc: Xorguk's pet companion, Cripple, is a young bear that journeys along Xorguk and helps him in combat. Looks just like in the pic, except he has leather armor on his back and head.
    Childhood: Xorguk was born and raised in Orsinium, the largest orcish stronghold out there. His father was the chief, and his mother was the first wife his father had. He learned the art of hunting, smithing, and fighting there. He lived by the code of Malacath, which he always questioned. He hated believing in something just because he was told to do so. That angered his father and the other orcs in the hold.
    Teenage: But Xorguk held strong to his lack of belief, even when he was a teenager. Most orcs disagreed with him, and treated him like an outcast. He didn't need the love of the orcs, for he had a special talent of talking to the wild animals, and taming them. He first started with the small birds, but larger beasts followed. When he was 17 one of his elders picked a fight on him, for not worshiping Malacath. The words they spitted upon eachother turned to fists, and the fists turned to axe. Out of anger, Xorguk killed his elder, and was cast out of Orsinium. But things were looking even more bad for him. He gained the title of "The Pagan", and he was banned from all orcish strongholds.
    Adult: So he took on a life of adventure, he became a lone wonderer, circling Tamriel and watching how the other races fared, while gazing his eyes upon the beutiful landscapes of the world. In his travels, he happened to meet a female elven hunter that shared his philosophy. They fell in love and traveled the world togather. That all ended on a sad day, where their hunting took to Elseweyr. There they confused one of the larger khajiit breeds with a wild animal, and while hunting it down, the khajiit rained upon the two with blades and arrows ready. Xorguk's love died, and his life was filled with sorrow. At the moment he thought that it was Malacath that punnished him for not respecting the code. So he tried to worship Malacath once more. The first and last thing he had to do was ending his life in combat, for at his age he was already considered old, and outlived his usefulness. He went around Tamriel and challenged strong individuals to fight and end his life. He fought many, from breton battle mages, to argonian assassins, to master redguard swordsmen. But no one was able to kill him. The closer he was to dying was when fighting an Altmer wizzard, that rained frost and fire on him. Still, Xorguk won. He then realised that Malacath isn't worth worshiping, when he was on the brink of losing his life against the altmer. So he took to hunting and traveling again, this time with his animal companions. He had seen all corners of Tamriel, and he wishes to go even further. With his old age, and with the time he spent hunting, rather than fighting, his skills diminished, he is but a shadow of his former self. But make no mistake, Xorguk is strong enough to defeat 3 giants with their own clubs.
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    11th Hour spoilers below!

    Name: Marie Wiley (play 11th Hour or find a site that shows the three different endings of 11th Hour to understand the name.)

    Race: Argonian (select her in the end - Argonian will make sense.)

    Gender: Female (and she's not afraid to use it, too!)

    Looks: Green, and as alien as possible (watch her ending in 11th Hour - you'll get it.)

    Personality: Nice to her allies, and an NPC will have to do quite a bit of work to make that list! Her enemies don't live long, and often don't know what happened - just that they were on Mundus one minute, and dealing with Sithis the next. She will eventually choose sides in the Skyrim Civil War based on whichever side can do the most for her in return for her service - and they had just be willing to pay her price!

    Armor Style: Light, with enchantments for magicka regen or stealth (Thieves' Guild Armor or Dark Brotherhood Armor enchantments!)

    Weapon Style: Bow first, then she'll rush in with her "dynamic duo": Valdr's Lucky Dagger and the Razor of Mehrunes Dagon! Of course, if that doesn't work, there's always Destruction spells.

    Fighting style: Bow first (good for announcing her presence and make the first kill simultaneously!) Then she rushes in to finish stragglers with her twin knives (first, lower-level daggers; eventually Valdr's Lucky Dagger and the Razor of Mehrunes Dagon.) If required, she can further tenderize her prey with Destruction spells.

    When the going gets tough, she backs off and activates her Histskin - then its back into the fray!

    BTW, if a weapon has a good enchantment, but is not a dagger or bow, then it gets disenchanted - no sense completely wasting a good enchantment!

    However, before invading any dungeon or lair, she will mix ten or so potions and poisons - no sense in being unprepared...
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    This CC is for two different RP's one being Drahonnal and the other Sinister Beginnings
    Banner made by Anouck


    Name: Shadow (not her real name)​
    Sex: Female​
    Age: 20​
    Race: Nord​
    Relationships: Likes the company of men
    Affiliations: A rogue, former Dark Brotherhood member, now freelance.
    Appearance: Medium height and slim build with ample bust. Blonde, longish hair with light blue, piercing eyes. Looks sweet and innocent but is anything but.

    Dress: Usually dresses like a local to blend in, but will wear black assassins clothing for night time jobs. Black hooded cloak.

    Weapons: favours a small, compact crossbow, but will also use her twin curved daggers (poisoned if needed)

    Tactics: Prefers to hide in the shadows and attack from a ranged position. Will use any means to get close to a target. Likes to play with her target before taking them out.

    Bio: Against her parents’ wishes, Shadow left her small village to seek out her own living when she was old enough. She found survival on one’s own to be harder than she expected and spent many lonely, cold nights in the wilds, and back alleys of Skyrim’s cities. One night she disturbed a man climbing out of a window, and he almost killed her. She begged for mercy and the man took her back to his hideout, which happened to be the Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood. Again Shadow had to plead for her life when the leader was more inclined to kill her.

    He spared her life (he was going to do so anyway, just wanted her to think she owed him a favour) in exchange for her servitude in the Dark Brotherhood. She was trained in the ways of stealth, and manipulation. She also learned how to use weapons befitting an assassin. She acquired two curved ebony daggers and a small, compact crossbow which became her favourite weapon. Shadow’s first assignment went off without a hitch and she soon became a valued member of the Brotherhood. She was named Shadow by the Brotherhood during her initiation ceremony.

    Shadow spent a couple of years working for the Brotherhood, becoming well known for her devious ways in acquiring a target. She would stop at nothing to complete her assignment. One night, on a job, she made a mistake and accidentally killed a boy who had stumbled upon her, in the act of killing his father.

    Shadow was filled with remorse and regret and struggled to carry out further jobs after that. She questioned the necessity of her assignments, something in which a hired assassin should never do. Soon the leader of the Brotherhood began to distrust her and Shadow fled the sanctuary, feeling like there was a target on her back.

    She began to take freelance jobs, earning a good amount of money. Her one rule though was to always do her research before she would take a job. *

    Personality: Good- friendly to those she trusts, and very loyal. Can be extremely affectionate. Will try anything and is not afraid of hard work. She is a good person to have with you in a fight. Is quick witted. Strong willed and won’t give up on anything, or anyone.

    Bad – Shadow has another side to her that people find surprising, as they tend to misjudge her because of her looks. She can be malicious and a little cruel at times. Sometimes treats men like they are her prey. She can be sneaky and almost seems like she disappears at times. Can sometimes be consumed by a dark mood and prefers to be alone when this happens.

    *For any other information necessary for Role Play, I will post an edited version of this CC in the OOC section of the RP.

    *Sinister Beginnings CC of Shadow is different. You can find it in the OOC Sinister Beginnings
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