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Info Character Profiles

Discussion in 'Skyrim Roleplaying' started by NikolaTesla, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Rextoret

    Rextoret top kek

    Jan 7, 2012
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    I'm looking to join someones RP as this character. I haven't been on the forums in a very long time, but I can't wait to get back into it.

    Name: Rellicus Anzione
    Age: 28
    Race: Imperial
    Physical: Rellicus is lean enough that both fast movement and strength come easy enough to him, which is required for his expertise in Freerunning. On the down side, the fact that he is lean causes him to be lacking in direct confrontations with warriors. He is 6 feet tall.

    Morality: Rellicus believes that evil and good do not exist. He believes morality is akin to litmus paper. If you dip it in one liquid, it turns blue. Dip it in a different liquid and it turns red. As such, he is often called morally "grey".

    Personality: Rellicus' personality is serious when on a job and off. He does not believe in having "friends". Just a weight to drag him down. Due to this belief, he has never had a apprentice even though many have requested his teachings.

    History: Rellicus was born in the Imperial city. He grew up on the streets, learning how to climb, run and jump. He never knew his parents, they were dead by the time he was old enough to remember them. They were, ironically enough, assassinated for knowing too much about a certain brotherhood. By the time he was 18, Rellicus had had enough of the Imperial City. So he headed north to the city of Bruma. There he spent some time learning illusion magic from a wizened old mage. Rellicus was of course, most interested in the stealth field of illusion magic. his mentor taught him much. The spells of Pacify, Invisibilty and many others were learned by Rellicus in these years of his life. By the time Rellicus had learned most of what his mentor had to teach him, he was 22 and rather bored of his current life of studying. So, he decided to pull a prank on the old man. He cast an illusion of a murderer who was rumored to be in Bruma. When the old mage saw the illusion, his slow heart gave up. He dropped dead on the spot. Rellicus was now a convict. He was chased by guards out of the city, leaping from roof to roof- remembering the skills he learned as a child. Now with a bounty on his head, Rellicus had nowhere to go but away. So he kept heading north. He arrived in the city of Riften and noticed the lingering presence of a group of thieves known as the Thieves Guild. And beyond that... a even darker presence. The Dark Brotherhood. Rellicus had no way to know that this was the same group that had assassinated his mother and father. He had no money and no skills that would allow him to have a honest job. So he did what came naturally. He stole, at first it was small things. Then he decided to do something big. So he attempted to steal a statue from a man's house. However, he was caught in the act and confronted by the man. Rellicus panicked and grabbed a iron dagger that was lying on a table. The man was shocked and caught off-guard. Rellicus threw the knife right into man's stomach. Rellicus staggered out of Riften as fast as he could. He had nothing but the clothes on his back. He had no family, no money, no job and no home. He was a dead man walking. He fell asleep in the forest outside Riften. He woke soon after in a dark cabin with 3 prisoners. He was instructed by a mysterious women to kill the guilty one. He killed all three, his mind was clouded with sadness and hatred. Hatred of himself and most of all, hatred of the world. He was soon after a member of the Dark Brotherhood. He learned to kill and he relearned his childhood memories of sneaking, stealing and freerunning. When he turned 27 he left the Brotherhood secretly to explore the province of Skyrim. By the time he was 28 he had earned fame for his freerunning skills and... other things. He had been approached by many young men in the hopes that he might take them in as apprentices. He rejected everyone. He did not want any youths to live the life he has led.

    Stealth Skills: Lockpicking, Sneak, Light Armor, Short Blade, Speech.
    Combat Skills: Athletics.
    Magic Skills: Illusion, Alchemy.
    (Non-TES)Other Skills: Freerunning, Throwing Weapons.

    *Freerunning = Parkour
  2. Envii

    Envii Member

    Jan 22, 2013
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    Name: Tevar Skysong
    gender: Male
    Appearance: imgur: the simple image sharer

    Personality: Tavar is extremely headstrong and arrogent. he Believes that his skill with magic makes him dangerous and superior to those around him. He does not take disrespect from anyone and deals with problems head on

    History: ever since he was a child Tavars parents always knew he was special. magical energy pulsed around him and seemed to infuse itself into everything that he touched. Born in a small village nestled against the mountains south of Whiterun, tevar has always been obsessed with his powers. The pursuit of power consumes his every thought and any contact with magic excites him in a dangerous way. Since Tavar discovered his power there have been occurrences in his hometown...strange occurrences. One man was found in a trance like state, eyes rolled back into their head wearing a terrified expression babbling about nothing. Soon after this A woman was found floating above the market in the village square. Her lifeless body twisted at odd angles. The village people turned on tavar and blamed him for these horrifying occurrences. Tavar turned his back on his hometown once and for all and headed into the blizzard to seek his fortune.

    Other notes: his white eyes begin to glow blue with raw power when he channels magic
  3. Bropo

    Bropo Consummate of Oration

    Jan 23, 2013
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    Name: Doh'Sir (Dough-Shear)



    Gender: Male
    Looks:Average looking Argonian with certain distinguishable marks and colors. Red illuminates along his forehead as well as below his dark transparent eyes with a likeness to a cats. Yellows embellish his brows and his long definite cheeks, creating a camouflage that seems to have worked wonders for him during his various trials and adventures. He has no special collection of unique horns that many of his race brandish, he believes it was part of his evolutionary prowess as these things would make concealment more......difficult. In fact the only horns he does possess are a pair of 3 horns trans-versing his jawline with a few inches separating each individual horn.

    History: Doh'Sir's childhood was filled with enough turmoil and experiences that time should only grant a wicked man. As a hatchling he was abandoned and barely made it to a town somewhere near Morrowind, where a young Dark Elf girl saw the small scaled creature and thought it was the most precious thing she had ever laid eyes on. Upon his slight aging, probably around the age of 5-10 he grew to resent the girl and her family as he was no pet, but a person. He was fed up with their antics and cutesy pet names.

    In the still of the night he took with him a dagger, provisions to survive for a week or so, and the families prized horse. He had no idea where he would go, but knew he must leave. One day he stumbled upon two people fighting in what seemed like a never ending battle as these were, to him, master swordsmen. Observing them he began to think and ponder, coming to the conclusion that one had to be the better and he would be the trial and jury. These two fighters appeared to him as a Dark Elf and an Orcish woman. Pondering the plain fact that men are naturally more physically attuned than women, he realized that this woman was much smarter than her Elfen opponent and was superior. He knew that he would need a master to apprentice under if he had any hope of surviving. It was either that or return to his prior "family" with his tail tucked between his legs, and Doh'Sir was much to prideful to do something so...belittling.

    He drew his dagger from the inside of his boot where it had been intertwined between his laces. Promptly after he raced to a nearby rock that, by the current state of the fight, they would eventually pass. As the clinking and clashing of blades smashing into each other grew louder and louder Doh'sir grew more and more anxious, he had never used a blade in his life before, and he wasn't sure he was prepared to either. But the battle would not wait for him to prepare and the time to strike was now. He ripped the dagger into the Dark Elf's side, along his back, right below the ribs. The Dark Elf was astonished, and sprawled to jump away and distanced himself from both the boy and the Orcish woman.

    His actions were in vain, he had trapped himself upon a tree and the two were closing in. Calculating, the man decided to lunged in unison with his weight as to pierce the boy in the chest. However, the boy bolted to the side and gripped the mans hand between his sharp razor-like teeth as to stay his sword. The woman being so perceptive and agile swiftly gave one wicked swing and the man toppled to the floor. Doh'Sir released his grip as he felt the arm being drawn to ground below.

    "Well aren't you a fast little critter?" The woman asked sarcastically but also reassuring. "What made you so inclined to be my little hero then?". Doh'Sir half hesitant managed to gather some words, "My name is Doh'sir, I ran away from my owners."So you're a slave then?" She looked at him with some condemnation. Doh'Sir realized he had chosen his words poorly and corrected himself thusly, "No, not a slave I was a......pet." He looked down to hide the shame that slowly encompassed his face "I knew I wouldn't be able survive on my own, so I sought to find someone smart and strong enough to become my master....and, as I watched you two fight from the shadows, I came to realize that it was you who possessed the prowess of both.

    " After a bit more dialogue and a few terrible jokes, both decided they would be a great pair. The Orc woman taught him how to smith,shoot a bow, handle a sword, forage in the wild, hunt, create potions and poisons, and finally how to wield magic. Approaching the end of Doh'Sir's apprenticeship, he began to favor the art of stealth, using a dagger, bow, and a variety of Illusion Magics. In time, This woman became a mother to him an was truly the only person felt "love" for. She provided him with the means to survive as well as an astute use of his tongue. Together the pair had risen greatly in stature amongst the political realm and quickly became known throughout the various cities they traversed so very often.

    On a night not so graceful, filled with wind and harsh rains, they went to discuss the ongoing policy of military tactics. Doh'Sir and his "mother" got into an extremely heated debate amongst each other. Doh'sir went outside to calm down and think of how to convince his mother to embrace his point, his mother came to comfort him and assured him she knew it was for the sake of politics and nothing personal. Based on the composure of the two inside however, a man looking to seize power had slipped past the guests and proceeded towards the two. With unrelenting force he drove his dagger through the neck of Doh'Sir's mother and escaped back to the reserves of the inside. Perfect for him as everyone was adorned in similar robes and the weather had been too harsh for Doh'Sir to get a clear look at the assassin.

    Unfortunately because of his demeanor towards his mother during their heated debate, when the guard was informed the blame was solely on Doh'sir. They came as she was dying in his hands and all evidence pointed to him and he knew how it looked to them. So instead of being held in a jail for the murder of his own kin, he vanished, aided with his illusion magic and the mask of the ensuing storm. He gathered all he could from his house and set out to towards Skyrim, where the civil war would keep the empire distracted from himself. His life had begun and the graces of his mother had prepared him for the obstacles he would soon face.
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  4. Envii

    Envii Member

    Jan 22, 2013
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    Name: tagvar BloodLet


    Appearance : imgur: the simple image sharer

    Tagvar wears steel armor with no helmet. His tribal braid is always pulled back in a tight ponytail as a symbol of respect for his elders and clan brothers. He carres A stell dagger, two battleaxes and a shield. Under normal cirumstances he wields a shield and a single axe but when his orc bloodlust takes over he unleashes the second ax.

    Personality: A strong believer in honor and the bond of a mans word, tagvar does not have time for idle talk or triflesome matters. he is an orc of oh honor. He lives his life by the code of his people, which is to seek the greatest glory for yourself in life and to accept your death with a warriors embrace. Tagvr takes disrepect from no man and deals with his problems head. A man of few words, tagvar is not violent or a barbarien but rather a true warrior. Someone who truly understands what it means to weild a blade and to live your life by the sword. Tagvar knows that when you live a life of combat a mans honor and his word are everything.

    History: Clan bloodlet is one of the oldest and most respected clans in Tagvars village which is located deep in the drragontail mountains. It is a tradition in orc culture for the males to compete for power and leadership of the clan. the other contestants were no match for tagvars brute strength. throwing his final opponent to the ground at his feet, Tagvar stood victoriously at the head of his people. One of the contestants however did not live by the same code of honor as Tagvar. he consorted with a wizard and formed a plot to have tagvar removed. With the help of the wizard he was able to banish Tagvar and take control of the village. Cast out of the moutains and his way of life Tagvar now wanders skyrim Searching for a way to return to his people.
  5. Wolfbane

    Wolfbane Why change the past when you can own this day?

    Dec 25, 2012
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    Race:Wood elf
    Class:Archer/thief(sneak,light armor,one handed) and restoration
    Likes:books,archery,dogs,family,best friends, gold, and writing
    Dislikes:Politicians,politics,injustice,stupid people, arrogance, ignorance,two handed weapons, mudcrabs, and an unexplainable hatred for jesters.

    Looks: She has shoulder length brown/auburn hair with a long braid on her left side. She has markings on her face which is for her clan. Her eyes are Light caramel brown. Her body fits her skill set. Her face is surprisingly short for her kind. She is quite nimble and agile

    Personality: She is quite but personable. She pefers the company of her friends, a good book with a nice fire and good food,she loves to joke, have fun and train with her sword,bow, and mind.She is very warm and caring around her friends, especially around her loved ones(best friends and her family) She's precise when she is in battle. Especially with her bow. When an innocent is in need she tries to help. She may act all hard on the outside, but she is venurable on the inside. Her best friend is Ardin Wolf's-Bane and his brother, Hendrikk. Ardin and her are like brother and sister. Over ardin and avia's travels they became lovers.

    Combat Prefs: The bow is her death dealer. She has a couple favorite. The Nighingale bow she uses religiously.But her elven longbow, she cherishes and holds very dear. It was crafted by her village's most noble warriors and hunters. It was also used to protect her and her best friends during "the red sleep". She also has "Izanagi" her custom made sword. When she fights, she likes to have the first hit, being drenched in darkness.She is very fond of her armor. It has steel pauldrons, steel plated boots and gauntlets. She wears travel and sturdy clothes with the steel.

    Misc: she often twirls an arrow or a septim in her fingers, its something she does when she is thinking.. She leaves an offering for talos and kynareth. Her friends call her Ria (elven for hunter). She worships the bosmer gods whenever possible. She doesn't believe in ritualistic eating of human flesh, but does try to uphold the green pact.

    Family: Avia was born in a peaceful village in Valenwood. Her parents were both hunters, very good ones at that. At a young age she was taught how to hunt and effectively use the bow by her parents. She was a quite and shy child, mainly focusing on studies, practicing,reading,helping her parents and village, and climbing trees. At 15 she was extremely agile, and precise with a bow. Not to mention knowledgeable. Her dad taught her know to use a blade and how to hold the bow string back and how to use to utilize an arrow as a make shift dagger/stabbing weapon, and hunt, while her mom taught her how to "be one with the bow", and to use it in unconventional means. She also always give a quick death, thank, and use every part of an animal. "quick death for the merciful/begging foe and a slow death for the inhumane" was a saying her mother always told her. Both parents taught her how to read,write, exercise mentally, and helped her hone her mental fortitude. When she turned 18, they moved to Cyrodill to avoid the wild hunt, they didn't want Avia to see what the hunt did to their people. for three years they lived in Cyrodill, prefering warm cities that remind them of the weather back home.However they saw injustice, unlawful rulers,corrupt officals and so on. The thieve's guild in cyrodill exposed Avia to this. From then onward she swore only to steal from the rich(or those who deserve it, in which that case she keep the gold) and give to the poor. Avia actually liked the cold in bruma. They lived a very peaceful and happy life. Cael'til(the father) still got to hunt and provided for his family and Ama'tae(the mother) can still spend time with avia, and look after the house and take care of it. Not to mention she can still hunt. Avia loves her parents very much.She's a daddy's girl through and through, but she still has some momma's girl as well. After a little while after her third year,she decided to move to skyrim to experience another land and just to explore, so she packed her essentials, some gold she earned from running with the thieve's guild,and kissed her parents goodbye.

    Her Time in the thieves guild:A few months after she arrived in skyrim she found herself in a tavern listening in to two nords talking about the thieves guild. She was very interested, and decided to find the thieves guild in the ratway. There she met people with the same fondess of the bow, agility, cunning and intelligence. She excelled in most areas,loved her time there and rose to become guild master a year later. She trusted Brynjolf there to look after things while she is gone. She didn't stop there however.

    The Traveling Sword: At age 23 she was in town when she over heard about a traveling order called "The Traveling Sword"(shortened as The Sword) a group of warriors that travels from place to place and corrects injustice.Even though she was(still is) in the thieves guild, she still wanted to join this order. She only steals from the rich and gives to the poor, and only keeps the money from the "personal"jobs (she would have to not like them.She would keep a small percent from the other jobs). There she met people from all walks of life. She met an Orc warrior, a reguard spellsword, a nord warrior, a Khajiit archer with two elven daggers,a breton healer with a nac(and Obsession really) with daggers, a dark elf spellbow, and two young strapping nords by the name of Ardin and Hendrikk Wolf's-bane.Ardin and Avia grew very close over the years.They have a "romance enkindling". The sword has gone all over Tamriel. From Skyrim to Cryodiil, and Cryodill to Morrowind, Morrowind to Hammerfell, Elsweyr, and every place in between. They loved the adventure and bringing peace and justice to places where the law ignores or isn't present.They often deal with corrupted officials, bandits, theives. A few times they even dealt with a elite group of mercenaries called "The Black band". The black band consists of warriors, mages, archers, and just flat out psychopaths. The black band is leaded by Jullius"Wolff" aventius, an imperial veteran from the great war that was discharged for his war crimes.

    "The red sleep": On a cold night, the group set up camp, told stories of triumph, love,humor, lust, and horror(both are Avia's favorites).They also ate, sang, drank. Finally after some time, they all finally fell asleep. Thats when it began. a scouting party of the black band was stalking the sword for quite some time. After the battle at mistwatch, the black band wanted blood. Both sides lost men. The scouting party was made up of two archers, an breton rogue, a nord warrior, Wolff's second in command, Hemsley Cold-eye and Wolff himself. Cold-eye served with Wolff many times, both as animalistic as they come, they were tried at the same time for their war crimes. The archers took care of the sentries with one shot each, then the rogue came in to deal with any sleeping guard, guards to far in the camp, and the sleeping members. The breton rogue loves blood, and the feel of the blade against the skin. The Rogue started off with dar'zhii the Khajiit, solely based off hate. She made it a slow but clean kill, sinking the blade deeper than necessary. She then made quick work of the orc knowing he would a hassle and impossible to kill. The archers had already killed Cristar(the nord) and dar'zhii, and now Lhorbul. The breton put the knife to Avia's throat, and was about to slice. Avia felt cold steel against her neck but thought it was the cold night or a dream. that night she dreamed of the warm summers and springs of home, hunting for the first time with her family, the family dinners they had, and her first kill. she didn't know it, but her life was going to flash before her eyes. She felt a hand over her mouth and slammed her eyes open. She was about to be killed! Then all of a sudden the rogue stopped, then fell to the floor face first. All she saw was ardin, and the rogue with a steak knife in her back."Get up, we're being attacked, Grab your weapons!"Ardin said shouting while getting his sword. Avia got up, put on her main armor parts,grabbed her bow, and went on to fight. She and Brinala(the redguard) decided to take out the archers, then any stragglers.The raged on until there was only The surviving sword members, Hemsley cold-eye, and Wolff. After Avia and brinala were done fighting, the turned to the sight of Ardin on the ground bloodied and Wolff above him. Avia was about to turn when all of a sudden Ardin stabbed wolff. He crouched in pain and that gave Ardin enough time to get up, grab his sword, and with a slight pause for last words, he hacked Wolff's head clean off. Hendrikk was more merciful, sending Hemsley without a hand.

    Prairie fire of sun's dusk:The fight was over and the sword had won, it was time to go back home( Ardin and Avia would make the trip to valenwood to sharpen his archery skills and to "drop off" Avi.) But what they came home too, was nothing but horrific. Ardin's home was on fire his dad fighting four mercenaries, and turn his father was struck down. His mom tried healing Odvar, but was killed by Hemsley himself. Ardin, Hendrikk, and Avi fought and killed everyone even hemsley. In the end all they have is each other. After all that Ardin and Avia decided they needed to take a break for the sake of hiding and safety from the black band. The black band hasn't found them or tried to since. After all of that the trio decided to split up and adventure and hide alone, only when the black band was wiped out or disbanded, can they see each other.
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  6. LordNaskill

    LordNaskill Active Member

    Nov 19, 2012
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    Name: Han-Il Varnan-Adda

    Race: Dark Elf Ashlander

    Age: 37

    Class: Wanderer

    Personality: Tough,Respectful and free minded Han-Il has a personality twisted with madness he see's the world as a war-zone for one race though his personality hides it he makes sure if any one finds out he buries them with the secrets he has

    BIO: Born a native to Morrowind he was tought about how he could thrive using no little then a few rocks and some wood Han-Il was smart and agile by 10 he could climb mountains and swim like a fish but he was most know for being able to walk for day or weeks without any food soon enough when he was 18 he was sent off on his final challenge to kill a great beast and bring it back to his home but is was not or hunting games when
    Han-Il got back his village was just ash and smoke no sign of life it drove him mad and he began to walk walk so far that he would eventually collapse to the ground but soon enough he walked right into skyrim looking for food and drink but then he would shift from place to place leaving no way off finding out where he was going next.


  7. Mannulus

    Mannulus Article Writer

    Jan 21, 2013
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    Name: Erica Duvai
    Gender: Female
    Race: Breton
    Age: 26
    Class: Battlemage
    • Ethereal Sword (Bound Sword)
    • Firebolt
    • Fireball
    • Ice Spear
    • Sparks
    • Conjure Flaming Familar
    • Ebony Flesh
    • Magelight
    • Candlelight
    • Healing
    Physical Description:

    Stands at a estimated 5'6 feet tall. Her hair is of a dark blonde accent with black streak highlights running vertically front to back of her hair. Two hair bangs crest outwards from the center of the forehead, encompassing around the sides down to eye level. The eyes are of a deep blue color with the iris's design resembling that of cracked glass. The face is kept at a toned and chiseled angle with tinted cheeks spotted with red blushing. Her hands are darker than the rest of her body, marked with the permanent scars of flames.


    Wears a dark robe with a tint of grey. A single red glyph mark the top-front piece of the robing, stopping at the arms and waist level. She also wears a angled skirt of the same tone as the top piece, moving down to ankle level which reveals hardened leather boots with cloth. A satchel is connected to a red trimmed belt at waist level which hangs on her right side along with several buckles. Second to last, she wears a silver necklace that holds a flawless emerald amulet that glistens with a enchantment. Finally, she wears a hood with the same glyph on the sides bad back, hiding her hair and the sides of her head.
    Erica Duvai was born in Riften and quickly orphaned due to the oppressive economic tax her family faced for many generations. She spent a small portion of her life in the orphanage, learning how to cook, clean and watch out for herself. It was during one of these days of cooking that she learned that she had an adept ability to use destruction branched magic. She proceeded to practice with this magic in her cooking, prepping meals quickly and efficiently by hand while studying her found gift with the few books that laid around the musty building. As she got older, Erica snuck out of the orphanage, stealing an amulet off a shop keepers counter and selling it to another down the street.

    Using this cash, she took a ride up to Winterhold, and attempted to join the College. Almost as quickly, she was denied due to age restrictions. With only 800 coins to her name, she spent several weeks at an inn, helping a bar keeper with cooking duty and general pest control. She used her wages to purchase books from her boss, who kept a small chest of them in the basement for Mage-like adventurers. As she read these books, she practiced and casted new spells as she learned them, almost burning down the tavern twice. On her 18th birthday, the tavern keeper was able to arrange for her to meet with the College Guardian and demonstrate her skill at her art. After a few tries, she was able to cast a large fireball into the sky, erupting in a bright light of warmth. It was with this demonstration that she was able to gain access.

    Erica then spent the next eight years studying with some of the scholars/professors at the college, paying for private lectures with her wages that she continues working for. In time, the tavern keeper became her father figure, motivating her to do better every day she came home defeated. With every promotion in the college she achieved, he paid her a bonus. However, one day she was given the mighty title "Master of Destruction", which she celebrated the entire day with her tavern father. Eventually she said her goodbyes and gave her promises as she left to go to Markarth, welcoming the chance for a nice home for herself. It is here where her training ends and where her adventures begin.
    Erica Duvai is a quiet person, having learned to adjust to this way due to the treatment at the orphanage. However, after becoming friends with people, she tends to open up more and become friendly on appearance. She dislikes being judged for her magical abilities, tending to cloak their usage when at a public setting. On the battlefield however, she makes sure that everything she hunts down is turned to a crisp by the time she leaves. Erica also holds a empty sword carrier to represent a missing link to her childhood, how children around her used wooden swords for play when she had real danger within her. A mark of her past so to speak. Apart from that, Erica remains away from strangers, attempting to keep things to herself and move on.
    Erica keeps two books within her satchel at all times, these books have the destruction glyph on them when taken out. Apart from that, nothing else. :)

  8. Gentleman Adventurer

    Gentleman Adventurer A True Gentleman

    Jan 28, 2013
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    Name: Relyn Telvayn

    Gender: Male

    Race: Dunmer

    Class: Battlemage, though he prefers to be called an Experimenter.
    Relyn uses shock spells as his primary means of combat, with a glass shortsword enchanted with absorb health and magicka for when things get up close and personal. Mostly prefers to avoid combat altogether.

    Description: Sports long, greasy black hair and a goatee, often kept in poor condition due to his disregard for personal hygiene. His face is old and wrinkled from his long life, and he always seems to have a slight scowl on his face.

    Biography: Born in 2E 558, Relyn Telvayn always had a natural talent for magic. His family, Dunmer nobles, were quite influential with ties across Morrowind, eventually gaining leadership of the province... or they would have, if not for the Knahaten Flu. The Flu infected Telvayn Manor in southern Morrowind, killing all members of the family.

    Relyn was studying abroad at the time of his family's death. After burying their bodies in the Telvayn ancestral tomb, he decided to use his knowledge of magic, alchemy, and Dwemer science to find a cure for the disease. His work would take many years, and it was cut short by the beginning of the Alliance War. Joining his many kinsmen in the Ebonheart Pact, Relyn abandoned his potions and levers for armor and swords.

    The war made Relyn Telvayn emerge a new mer. The horrors of war had made him realize that he alone could not hope to change the fate of Tamriel. He needed power, and what better place to find it then House Telvanni. The house showed him many dark secrets, and with them Relyn built himself a laboratory in Skyrim, where he continues to live, still looking for power to further the advancement of his race.

    Personality: Very cynical, with a dark sense of humor. He operates on the old values of House Telvanni, and considers other races inferior to the Dunmer. He dislikes others, but find cooperation a necessary evil.

    Misc: Despises Argonians due to their sacking of House Telvanni. Always wears his Telvanni Robes. Keeps a custom built miniature Dwemer Spider as a pet, which he often talks to when he gets bored.
  9. Nocte Aeterna

    Nocte Aeterna Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Film

    Jan 29, 2012
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    I've been wanting to get back into RP'ing for a while, so here goes. I haven't played a female character before, either, so this shall be interesting. xD

    Name: Tilann the She-Wolf

    Race: Redguard

    Age: 28

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5’6”

    Class: Weaponmaster (One-Handed dual-wielding, Archery, and Heavy Armor; supplemented by Smithing and Enchanting)

    Preferred Weapon(s): Bows, maces, or swords.

    Weapon Arm: Ambidextrous.

    Physical Appearance: As is characteristic of a Redguard, Tilann sports sun-kissed skin of a reddish-brown hue and a muscular physique. She has brown eyes that constantly seem to be narrowed in a condescending sort of gaze and a head of dark brownish-black hair often pulled back into a ponytail. She decorates her face with red war paint, and is rarely seen without her armor.

    Personality: Though not imposing height-wise, Tilann makes up for her average stature with a hotheaded, fierce, and battle-hardened demeanor. While she makes a valuable ally and cares deeply for her comrades, she often masks her heart with brashness and arrogance. She is quick to anger, and is prone to going off on tangents and tirades if rubbed the wrong way. Despite her shortcomings, she is receptive to helping others, even out of reluctance. On the battlefield, she is nothing short of a fierce warrior woman.

    History: Born in Gilane, Hammerfell on the 20th of Frostfall in 4E 173, Tilann enjoyed a relatively normal childhood. Her father was an avid sailor who worked on a supply ship. He made trips to various destinations, such as Stros M’Kai and other areas outside of Hammerfell. Her mother died of the flu when Tilann was four, essentially forcing her father to raise her and her two siblings alone. He was an unfit father; many times, he would often be forced to leave the three children to the care of his sister as a result of his job. Although this did not bother her siblings, Tilann eventually blamed her father’s foolishness and absences as a cause of her tenaciousness to anger.

    At the age of fourteen, Tilann accompanied her father on his ship, which was bound for Stros M’Kai. However, the ship ran into harrowing weather and sank, causing Tilann to become separated from her father, who was commandeering the ship. When Tilann woke up, she realized that she had been kidnapped by a group of bandits. At the time, Tilann did not know how to defend herself. Day after day, she verbally fought against the bandits’ advances, and observed them as they trained from her cell. She grew emaciated and weak; her future was dimming.

    Finally, at the age of seventeen, Tilann summoned the vigor to pick open the lock on her cell (losing a fingernail in the process), and gathered two spare weapons and steel armor from the stronghold’s storage room after sneaking into it. Inspired by her father’s tales of the Alik’r warriors and their unique fighting style, she cut the bandits down effortlessly, and ransacked the fort of its amenities. She then took to wandering Hammerfell in search of her remaining family members. Eleven years passed, and misjudgment and a poor sense of direction landed the young Redguard woman in Skyrim.

    Miscellaneous: Tilann enjoys eating very rare meat.
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    Wolfbane: 1 Point (I really like it) Jan 29, 2013
    LordNaskill: 2 Points (its amazing love it) Jan 30, 2013
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    "The cost of knowledge is less than the price of ignorance . . ."
    » NAME Axel Alt-Eisen
    » ALIAS - - -
    » AGE 20
    » BIRTH DATE 2nd of Sun's Height
    » BIRTH PLACE Riverwood, Skyrim
    » BIRTH SIGN The Lover
    » ORIGIN Redguard
    » CLASS Sura
    Suras are Asura Monks who have graduated the initial phase of the Asura Monks’ Path. Suras are those who have realized that their spirit is unsatisfied. Their body, mind and soul are out of tune and unperfected. However, this realization is what allows them to surpass their own physical, mental and spiritual limitations. Once this happens, they become a Sura. Suras use no weapons however they are far from defenseless. Their skill in martial arts is extraordinary. With their relentless training and constant meditation, they have essentially turned their own body into a deadly weapon. They are also capable of healing injuries sustained by themselves or their allies, whether it is through the use of potions or with Restoration magic. Just as they can instill life in others with their restoring potions and Restoration magic, they can easily take it away with their lethal strikes. Even with their power, Suras strive to be peaceful and kind. However, if pushed into a battle, they become merciless, ruthless and know no mercy. Fighting a Sura is extremely dangerous. Many claim that they wield power from the Gods themselves. If you aren’t careful, the last thing you’ll see are the Gates to Oblivion.
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 5'5
    » WEIGHT 130 pounds
    » LATERALITY Left-Handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual . . . mostly
    » HEALTH Well
    » AFFILIATION Asura Monks
    The Asura Monks are a group of monks who are scattered all over Tamriel though they are most focused in Cyrodill and Skyrim. They are a peaceful people, spending most of their time meditating, learning more about Nirn and practicing martial arts. Even though they stress peace and harmony, the Asura Monks are extremely skilled martial artists and their kindness and reluctance to fight should not be mistaken for weakness. The Asura Monks openly accept anyone who wishes to join and the group has bi-annual meetings that take place in Cyrodill.
    » RELIGION Eight Divines
    » PATRON DEITIES Mara and Kynareth

    » HAIR Black, short and wiry, sometimes shaved bald
    » EYE COLOR Dark Brown
    » SKIN COLOR Dark Brown
    » BUILD Average
    » SCARS None

    » PHYSICAL — Being a Redguard, Axel has dark-brown skin. His eyes are the same color and are the easiest way of finding out how Axel is feeling. He may try to hide his true emotions in some cases but one good look in his eyes spells out the truth. In a way, people can read Axel like an open book. He doesn’t like admitting it though. Short, black, curly wiry hair covers the lad’s scalp. Usually, it’s kept low, not falling past his ears . If Axel lets his hair grow it, it’ll grow out into a miniature afro. His facial features are roughly proportional with one another, save for his ears which are a bit large for his head. Standing at five foot five inches and weighing at one hundred thirty pounds, Axel is much shorter than other Redguard males his age. In fact, he’s just shorter than most people period. His stature isn’t much to boast about either. Now, Axel’s not a twig but he isn’t Hercules either. Average would be the best word to describe his physique. His chest, torso, arms and legs have slight amounts of muscle in them. Strength wise, Axel’s actually pretty strong for his size and that’s what allows for his unarmed strikes to dish out respectable damage. Axel’s relatively quick and agile. He’s physically conditioned and can run for extended periods of time. The young adult’s physique tends to make others underestimate him. In some cases, that could be a deadly mistake for them.

    » ATTIRE [CASUAL] — Axel likes to wear simple clothing. Most of the time, he’ll cycle between a variety of colored, cotton long-sleeved shirts ranging from green, brown, red and orange and then wear a pair of black pants along with them. He tends to roll up his sleeves, just so that they won’t get in the way with what’s he doing. For footwear, Axel favors a pair of sturdy, black walking boots, ones that are able to be used on all terrains. Axel’s almost never seen without a pair of dwarven goggles perched on the top of his head. He usually doesn’t wear them over his eyes unless he’s working with volatile alchemy reagents or dealing with a smithing forge. You could say that they are the kid’s trade-mark accessory and he takes great pride in them. In his casual clothing, Axel typically doesn’t carry his Ebony gauntlets with him. However, if need be, he’ll take them along with him while he goes about his daily business. You can never be too prepared, especially in a place like Skyrim.


    » POSITIVE TRAITS Intelligent, humble, focused, mature, likable, kind, peaceful
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Insecure, awkward, quiet, distant, anxious, naïve, skeptical
    » LIKES Alchemy, books, martial arts, meditating, sweet rolls, fresh fruit juice, dwemer technology
    » DISLIKES Swords ( or any sharp weapon ), magic, arrogance, alcohol, smoke, politics, being underestimated, extreme cold
    » FEARS Jye, Argonians, khajiit, caves, getting lost, failure, daedra, vampires, werewolves
    » ASPIRATIONS Become tamriel's greatest alchemist, perfect his martial art and fulfill the Monk’s Way, open his own martial arts school, see the world, recreate dwemer technology, strengthen his mind, body and spirit
    » QUIRKS sweats profusely when scared

    Axel is a down-to-earth guy. He is practical and unpretentious and doesn’t put on airs to flaunt his abilities or possessions. It’s for this reason that Axel is a very easy person to talk to and befriend. You don’t need to impress him in any way in order for him to like you. All he asks is that you be yourself. Now, that goes without saying that he can’t stand arrogant, corrupt or evil folk. They don’t click well with him. Even so, he has the restraint to not outright lash out at them. In fact, it takes quite a bit for Axel to get angry. He doesn’t have a temper but once he does get angry or upset, it takes a bit of time for him to finally cool off.

    The kid has a good head on his shoulders. He’s intelligent and crafty and tends to pick up on things quickly. Not to say that he’s an absolute genius but he’s definitely smart by intellectual standards. Axel loves to learn and puts a great deal of time into refining and sharpening his mind. If he doesn’t have his nose buried in a book, he’s either glued to his alchemy lab concocting all sorts of elixirs and poisons or tethered to the nearest forge, working on perfecting his smithing and marksmanship. Axel does have obsessive tendencies, often so absorbed by what he’s doing that he forgets to do basic things like eat ( he’ll miss his lunch time by a few hours or so ). Plus, the Redguard male doesn’t really know what it means to relax or have “fun”. Fun to him isn’t hanging out with friends or having a good drink at the bar but rather stumbling upon a new type of potion or smithing a piece of ancient Dwarven weaponry. He’s stiff and a bit awkward around others. Axel has good manners and etiquette and that’s his saving grace whenever he interacts with someone else. He tries to use slang and talk about popular trends in order to come off as being cool and cultured. Sadly, he fails miserably at it. This leads him to become insecure about himself, sometimes doubting that he’ll ever be able to relate to others on a personal or friendly level. Even so, it’s hard not to like the boy’s dorky and likable nature.

    Although he’s naturally curious and wishes to explore and travel, Axel can’t help but be afraid of the unknown. Skyrim is a dangerous place, riddled with strife and adversity. One wrong move could easily spell your death. However, this hasn’t completely stopped Axel from pursuing his desire to travel. What it has done is made him apprehensive of traveling far without being completely confident in his ability to defend himself. After some rigorous training and self-coaxing, the lad has finally built up the courage and confidence to be able to travel the roads on his own if he needs to. He’d much rather ride a carriage or travel in a group than only by himself.

    » FIGHTING STYLE – Axel fights completely unarmed, using nothing but his martial arts to defend himself. He’s horrible with weapons and even worse with magic. As such, he has decided to focus on martial arts as his sole means of combat. Given his small stature and slightly timid demeanor, it is easy for others to grossly underestimate Axel’s fighting ability. However, that alone is a horrific mistake, for many soon find that Axel is not the cowardly weakling that they make him out to be and that in reality, he is an extremely capable combatant. He fights using a pair of heavy gauntlets, both to protect his hands and lower arms against weapons and to add to the amount of damage his strikes can do. He favors punches and elbows to kicks and knees. If Axel doesn’t want to hurt his opponent badly, he swaps his gauntlets out for a sturdy pair of leather gloves. Axel is very comfortable with fighting armed opponents, whether they are armed with weapons or magic. After much experimentation, Axel has found a way of using Destruction spell scrolls in order to enhance the strength of his blows. By using a scroll and keeping the spell in his grasp, Axel can strike a target and release the magical energy in his hand upon impact. The result is that his strike becomes enhanced with the magic he held, effectively turning it into a much more powerful strike. The effects added to his blows differ for each of the three Destruction elements ( effects are listed below ). Axel also uses his masterful alchemy to heal injuries sustained by himself and his allies as well as special droughts that can severely boost his or an ally’s fighting ability. Whether Axel is wearing his gauntlets or leather gloves, he is able to deal serious damage with his strikes. He has effectively turned his own body into a deadly weapon. If you happen to fight him, do not underestimate him. Fight smart, stay diligent and do not let his small stature and quiet demeanor fool you. If you don’t do this, getting knocked out cold will be the least of your worries.


    Fire - Axel’s blows become amplified greatly in power. By using the innate destructive abilities of Fire Destruction magic, Axel is able to put that much more power behind his punches, making it to where he can actually punch through stone if he manages to land a good hit. Metals, including heavy armor, cannot be completely punctured however they can be dented, allowing Axel to even damage those who are clad completely in heavy armor. In general, Axel’s punches are able to knock opponents backwards a few meters and give them anywhere to moderate to severe burns depending on the strength of the blow. Typically, Axel uses fire spells whenever he wants to land a powerful hit or if he needs enough power in order to breach an opponent’s defenses, whether it is their guard, their armor or a barrier erected to defend them. Plus, fire-enhanced strikes do a hefty amount of damage to opponents weak against fire.

    Frost - Frost magic deals with draining stamina and freezing foes in their tracks and the same principles are applied to Axel’s blows. If Axel lands a hit, he is capable of slowing down his opponent and even freezing the stricken area in a thin layer of ice. Usually, those stricken by a frost-enhanced punch will suddenly feel oddly fatigued and if any part of their body becomes trapped in ice, it becomes generally unusable until the layer of ice is broken or melted. Axel typically uses frost-infused strikes whenever he’s dealing with a melee-oriented opponent, especially those who stress speed and quickness. Plus, they work very well on opponents who are weak to frost elemental damage.

    Shock - Shock spells heighten the speed of Axel’s strikes, allowing him to launch attacks twice as fast as usual. For example, Axel can throw two punches in the time that it takes for him to throw one. Even though the speed of the blows is increased, the power behind them is still roughly the same. Foes stricken by shock-enhanced blows are at risk of receiving moderate to severe electrical burns, depending on the severity of the attack. Shock-enhanced punches are best when used against quick opponents or if Axel wants to catch an opponent off-guard with speedy blows, not to mention shock-enhanced strikes work wonders against enemies who are weak to shock elemental damage.


    » Health – Denotes vitality and the amount of damage able to be taken.
    » Magicka – Denotes amount of magicka and the magical capacity to cast spells.
    » Stamina – Denotes amount of physical energy and the ability to perform strenuous activities.
    » Strength – Denotes physical strength and the ability to deal damage with melee attacks and block melee attacks.
    » Endurance – Denotes physical toughness, the ability to withstand pain, illness, and fatigue.
    » Agility – Denotes balance, coordination, reflex, speed, and steadiness in combat.
    » Intelligence – Denotes ability to learn, reason, plan, solve problems, strategize, ability to comprehend complex ideas and general mental capability.
    » Will – Denotes magical strength, the general ability to cast spells and magicka regeneration.
    » Spirit – Denotes mental toughness, willpower and the ability to keep fighting past fatigue, injuries and one’s own limitations.

    Health ■■■■■■■□□□
    Magicka ■□□□□□□□□□
    Stamina ■■■■■■■■□□
    Strength ■■■■■■■□□□
    Endurance ■■■■■■■■□□
    Agility ■■■■■■■■□□
    Intelligence ■■■■■■■■■■
    Will ■□□□□□□□□□
    Spirit ■■■■■■■■■■

    » SKILLS


    » Alchemy – Being the son of two proficient apothecaries and spellswords, Axel was introduced to alchemy when he was seven years old. His parents have taught him much of what he knows now but of course, Axel has learned and discovered things on his own. He’s a natural at alchemy and he has made an astounding amount of progress in the time that he has been practicing it. As soon as he hit twenty years old, he became a master alchemist and he can produce nearly any potion or poison out there. His potions are so potent that he can heal wounds that would normally be impossible to treat and save people who are literally at the brink of death while his poisons can cause even the most resistant individuals to succumb to its effects.


    » Hand to Hand – The Asura Monks are known for their extreme skill in martial arts, so much to where they are literally considered by many to be walking weapons of war. After going through their intense training regime, Axel's skill in unarmed combat allows him to fight on equal terms with armed opponents, whether they are armed with weapons or magic. Even with his bare hands, he’s able to deliver devastating strikes, enough to knock out opponents or even kill them. He can also evade and block attacks effectively and can even disarm opponents if given the chance. Those who ever battle Axel quickly realize that the kid's startling prowess in martial arts is unmistakable.

    » Smithing – With his slight obsession of Dwemer technology, it was only a matter of time before Axel decided to take up blacksmithing. At first, his weapons and armor weren’t the greatest and it took quite a bit of time and discipline before he finally was able to produce battle-worthy weapons and armor. While he was learning alchemy, Axel frequently visited the local blacksmith in order to learn more about the trade. Axel can smith a wide range of weapons and armor and can improve upon and repair pieces of armaments. He eventually wishes to be able to smith himself the finest crossbow and armor possible but he knows that it’ll be plenty of years before that dream becomes a reality.


    » Heavy Armor – Having armor is great and all but it doesn’t do much if you don’t know how to use it. After enlisting the help of a potent Heavy Armor user ( and several back-breaking training sessions later ), Axel has gotten to the point where he is able to move effectively in heavy armor without hindering his movements while still fully utilizing the protection his set of heavy armor grants him. The Monks of the Way have put Axel through extensive training on how to utilize heavy armor gauntlets in order to add additional power behind his strikes, allowing Axel to do that much more damage with his punches.

    » Speech – Speechcraft is somewhat of an overlooked art not pursued by many. While Axel is no bard, his love of books has caused him to pick up plenty about communicating with others. Although he won’t be intimidating anyone any time soon, he is able to negotiate with others and can act as a mediator between two opposing parties. Plus, his friendly nature lead others to be more inclined to do what he asks. This is the reason why he has been able to get good deals from local merchants without going completely broke.

    » Block – While melee weapons and shields aren’t exactly Axel’s forte, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to defend against attacks. The Monks of the Way have taught Axel how to defend himself against attacks, whether they are unarmed strikes or attacks with a weapon. If Axel wears his gauntlets, the Onyx Hands, he is able to block attacks from both bladed and blunt weapons using the gauntlets themselves. Even so, he’d rather evade an attack rather than blocking it if possible.


    » Archery [Crossbows] – Due to having no experience in using one-handed and two-handed weapons and having no proficiency in any sort of magic at all, archery was the sole weapon skill that Axel strove to learn. He learned how to shoot a bow in his younger years and can use them alongside crossbows. However, Axel favors the crossbow over the bow since they are much easier to operate and there is a greater selection of ammunition to choose from. Also, the crossbow was a staple invention of the Dwemer and Axel made sure to learn the crossbow’s construction and usage.

    » Sneak – If you asked Axel what the key of sneaking was, he’d say “. . . Don’t get caught?” It’s a decent answer to say the least and Axel can be sneaky if he needs to. His smaller stature helps, making him a bit harder to spot and he knows how to move quietly and not make noise ( most of the time ). Don’t expect him to sneak through an entire bandit fort and take out every single bandit without being seen.


    » Lockpicking | Pickpocketing – Axel’s no thief. He’s a lousy pickpocket and can’t be bothered fiddling with locks. For him to successfully pickpocket someone, they’d have to be completely unconscious with nobody else in a fifty meter area of them. Oh and if you want him to lockpick a chest or a door, just be ready for him to break plenty of your lockpicks.

    » One-Handed | Two-Handed – Armed combat was never Axel’s forte. Despite constant efforts to improve his use of melee weaponry, he has barely got any better at using them. If he has to use a melee weapon, one-handed weapons are his best bet. Two-handed weapons are far too heavy and clunky for Axel to use. Plus, it’s almost comical watching him trying to swing a sword that’s bigger than he is.

    » Light Armor – Using light armor effectively requires both constant conditioning and dedication. While Axel is physically conditioned and could learn to use light armor if he wanted to, he instead chose heavy armor due to its better protection. To him, using light armor is too risky since it doesn't offer as much protection as heavy armor.

    » All Magic Schools – Although both of his parents are mages, Axel has no proficiency in magic. His complete ineptitude with magic is viewed as a disability to some. This has caused Axel to become slightly jealous of mages or anyone who has talent in the magical arts. While he has still has no prowess or ability to learn and use magic, he hasn't let that dampen his confidence too much.

    » GEAR

    » Onyx Hands [Epic] [Pugilist]
    Axel's signature gauntlets. The Onyx Hands are a pair of Ebony gauntlets that the Monks of the Way gave Axel after he completed his initial training and was thus deemed fit to begin traveling. At first glance, they look like an ordinary pair of Ebony gauntlets but they are anything but that. First of all, the gloves' craftsmanship is astounding, putting these gloves in a league of their own when it comes to effectiveness. Also, the gloves have been enhanced with a special effect, one that essentially boosts the power of the wearer's unarmed strikes by a startling degree. Coupled with his martial arts, Axel is capable of dealing potentially lethal strikes with these pair of gloves. Also, Axel can use his gauntlets to defend against both bladed and blunt weapons with no damage caused to his hands underneath. Axel typically wears these gloves along with his set of custom Ebony armor.

    » Customized Ebony Armor
    Axel’s set of armor is just like any set of Ebony Armor save for a few modifications. Since ebony is an expensive ore, Axel took another approach to crafting Ebony Armor to compensate for its high cost. Instead of wearing full ebony mail, Axel instead wears a tough vest made out of ebony ore. Underneath, he wears a long-sleeved chainmail shirt. The sleeves stop at the middle of his forearms. Other than that, the leggings, gloves and boots are just like any other piece of ebony armor. Axel doesn't wear a helmet, instead preferring to keep his Dwemer goggles on his head. While this set of armor isn't as protective as standard Ebony armor, it does allow for more mobility whilst still being able to effectively protect Axel from all sorts of weaponry and blows.

    » Potions [Assorted]
    Axel carries a variety of potions and poisons on him. Being a master alchemist, his potions and poisons are extremely potent. His potions range from healing potions to boosting potions while his poisons vary in effect and intensity. Typically, the more potent a potion or poison is, the fewer he has of it. Listed below are the amounts of potions and poisons Axel usually has with him at a time.
    » Healing Potions [5]
    » Fortifying Potions [3]
    » Poisons [3]

    » Spell Scrolls [Assorted]
    In order to circumvent his inability to use magic, Axel uses spell scrolls in order to cast spells during battle. Spell scrolls can be used by anyone no matter how skilled or unskilled they are in magic and thus they are an invaluable tool to use during combat situations. Plus, they fit exceptionally well with Axel’s usage of potions. The only types of scrolls that Axel carries are Destruction and Alternation scrolls. Conjuration, Illusion and Restoration scrolls are far too volatile for Axel to use, mostly due to him not having the ability to effectively control the magical energy in his grasp. Axel uses his Alteration Scrolls in order to bolster his defenses while he uses his Destruction scrolls to add magical power behind his punches. These scrolls are small and easy to carry. Listed below are the amounts of scrolls that Axel typically has on him at a time.
    » Fireball [5]
    » Ice Storm [5]
    » Chain Lightning [5]
    » Ironflesh [3]

    » Thalmor [ENEMIES] – Axel has a sharp dislike for the Thalmor. They seek to rule all of Tamriel under a single government where elves hold all positions of power. They are elven supremacists who do nothing more than oppress and harass those who are not of Altmer blood. Plus, they claimed false responsibility for closing the Oblivion Gates when it was truly Martin Septim who sacrificed himself to close the gates and ultimately save the world. In all, Axel believes the Thalmor to be the true threat to Skyrim and wishes that both the Imperials and the Stormcloaks would combine their efforts to stop them instead of fighting each other. Other than that, Axel just tries to avoid dealing with the Thalmor whenever possible. Although he does not worship Talos, he still feels that the Thalmor’s presence doesn’t do anyone any sort of good.

    » Imperial Legion [NEUTRAL] – Honestly, Axel tries to avoid taking sides in terms of the Civil War. However, he sides more with the Imperials than the Stormcloaks. Most of the distaste for the Empire comes from their peace treaty with the Thalmor. However, that very peace treaty is one of the only things that is stopping the Thalmor from overtaking Skyrim. Plus, even Imperials themselves know that the Thalmor are the true evil and not the Stormcloaks. Axel hopes that the conflict between the two opposing forces can be resolved with something other than violence and that both sides combine their efforts into taking down the Thalmor.

    » Stormcloaks [DISLIKES] – Being a Redguard, Axel has faced his fair share of racial discrimination from Stormcloak supporters. Even so, he knows that not all of them are xenophobic and heated racists. Some genuinely care for Skyrim’s well-being and her people, regardless of race. Axel doesn’t necessarily hate the Stormcloaks but he doesn’t support them either. Again, he believes that the Stormcloaks should work together with the Imperials in order to eliminate the Thalmor from Tamriel.

    » Falmer [NEUTRAL] – It is sad how the Falmer came to be. The Dwemer were responsible for their enslavement and their grotesque transformation into the blind beasts they are known as today. Though Axel is extremely interested in the Dwemer’s technology, he can’t help but think that they were terrible for what they did to the Falmer. It’s a definite tragedy and Axel only hopes something can be done before the Falmer take to more drastic measures in their plan for complete domination of the surface world.

    » Forsworn [DISLIKES] – After educating himself about the Markarth Incident, Axel has slightly changed his opinion about the Forsworn. Before, he viewed them as a group of bloodthirsty savages but now, he sees the reasoning behind their constant attacks against the people of the Reach. Still, he wishes that they could find a much more peaceful alternative to settling their differences with the local Nords. Axel still does his best to avoid dealing with them altogether though.

    » The Thieves Guild [DISLIKES] – To be blunt, Axel doesn’t like the Thieves’ Guild one bit. They are nothing more than heartless, greedy thugs and they are the main reason why Riften is such a corrupt and dangerous place. He understands that some people have to resort to stealing in order to stay alive. However, those who do it out of greed and malice are rabble. The problem with the Thieves Guild is that the amount of influence they have and rooting out their power will be extremely difficult. Still, it’s not like Axel wouldn’t at least try to stop them.

    » The Companions [LIKES] – Axel respects the Companions. They are a close-knit family with good intentions despite their public image being a group of savage brutes. Of course, Axel isn’t aware of the organization’s well-guarded secrets. He has actually expressed an interest of joining the Companions. However, he has been hesitant to try and join due to fear of rejection.

    » Mages College [NEUTRAL] – Having been blamed by many for the cause of the Great Collapse, it’s not surprising that a majority of Skyrim’s residents are skeptical of the College and of mages in general. Axel isn’t entirely sure if the College is to blame for Winterhold’s past destruction however he doesn’t hold any sort of hatred for the College or its mages.

    » The Dark Brotherhood [DISLIKES] – Axel doesn’t know too much about the Dark Brotherhood, other than the fact that they are a shadowy group of assassins who carry out a countless amount of assassination contracts. They are merciless, twisted killers who take joy in ending the lives of others. Axel has absolutely no interest in joining them whatsoever. He tends to avoid anything that remotely deals with the Dark Brotherhood. After all, he doesn’t want trained assassins sent after him.

    Axel was born on the 2nd of Sun’s Height in Riverwood. Being the son of two proficient spell-swords and apothecaries, it seemed only a matter of time before Axel would take up his parents’ art. However, that would soon prove not to be the case. Riverwood was quiet and peaceful enough, a suitable place to raise a child. Like any other kid, Axel had few worries in the world, aside from wondering if he would get his favorite sweet roll every day. His parents decided to introduce him to alchemy at a young age, both of them being town apothecaries. They cared for Riverwood’s inhabitants and would often travel in order to treat those who were in need but could not make the journey to visit them. At first, they taught their son some of the basics and left it at that. However, they soon came to found out that their son was picking up new concepts extremely quickly. He was even going so far as to discover new alchemy recipes on his own and modifying existing recipes in order to make them that much more effective. While his parents saw this as amazing, Axel remained humble. In his eyes, anybody could do it, all they needed was dedication and determination. Axel wasn’t too much of the social type, instead wanting to keep to his books and potions. He played with the other kids from time to time but if he had a choice, he kept to himself. He did so with good reason though. One particular child, an Argonian named Jye, was quite popular with the other children. He served as the kids’ “leader” and many of the village’s children aspired to be just like him. Everyone except Axel, that is. To Jye, Axel was the perfect target for bullying and teasing. He was quiet, weak, short, a dork and just a little milk-drinker. As such, Jye took every opportunity he could to bully and harass Axel. From name-calling to roughing him up, Jye gave Axel every reason to avoid being around the other children.

    Once he turned fourteen, Axel’s parents decided to introduce him to weaponry and magic. With Skyrim being as dangerous as it was, it was never too early to teach someone how to defend themselves. Since both of Axel’s parents were spellswords, the two of them wanted Axel to take up their fighting style as well. However, they were met with a surprise. Axel was absolutely horrible with melee weapons and he had no sort of talent with magic whatsoever. This soon raised a question. Was their son’s only saving grace was his brilliant mind? Of course, they didn’t treat Axel any different. They loved him, no matter who he was. However, Axel’s morale took a big blow. He couldn’t help but be a bit distraught, knowing that the other children were already showing promise with their skills, especially Jye. By that time, Jye had already gotten a firm grasp of swordplay and had even managed to learn his fire spell, one that allowed him to generate a stream of fire from his hands. Of course, it wasn’t long before Jye found out about Axel’s incompetence with combat and magic. After finding out, Jye truly believed that Axel has no sort of power nor talent, aside from whipping up potions and his bullying and teasing increased in frequency and became much more malicious.

    Even with this constant abuse from Jye and the other village children, Axel didn’t give up on his goals. There had to be SOME fighting style that he would be able to learn, even if he had almost exhausted all of his choices. Dismayed, the Redguard wandered a little way outside of the village one day, crossing the bridge that was on the same path to Whiterun. Instead of going to Whiterun, he wandered a bit off the path, making his way along the other side of the river across from Riverwood. After a couple of minutes, the lad stumbled upon a group of monks who had established a camp near the base of Bleak Falls Barrow, directly east of South Brittlesand Pass. Some of them were meditating, while others engaged in stimulating conversation. However, what caught Axel’s attention were the remaining monks participating in martial art training, whether it be learning new forms or techniques or actively sparring. Axel was so captivated by the monks’ amazing martial art skill that he vaguely noticed that one of the monks had approached him. He was a middle-aged Altmer, with grey shoulder-length hair and pale golden eyes. He was surprisingly built and muscular, despite Altmer being known for their slender builds. He was also very kind, a trait that’s somewhat uncharacteristic of the Altmer. The High Elf chuckled. “Well, hello there. Just out enjoying nature, I presume?” he asked. Axel’s lips quivered, searching for an answer. “Y-Yes sir. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude.” At that time, the Altmer took a step forward and placed a golden hand on the Redguard’s shoulder.

    “Oh, you are not intruding one bit! Do not worry, child.”

    Axel managed to crack a soft smile but a frown soon slipped across his face.

    “Is something troubling you, child?”

    “I just . . . I just feel like I can’t do anything. I’m constantly made fun of since I’m such a little . . . milkdrink. No matter how much I try, I just can’t learn to fight or use magic. But . . . But I do want to learn how to fight. I need some way to defend myself if I want to go traveling someday. I feel like . . . I feel like I’m not making my parents proud either. The only thing I can do is . . . just make potions.”

    The High Elf thought for a brief moment before finally answering.

    “I'm very sorry to hear your troubles. However, do not let others' words discourage you. The fact that you can make potions at such a young age is astounding in itself. Also, you don't have to learn how to use weapons or magic to be able to defend yourself. Why, sometimes the simplest means of defense is the most effective! Hmm. I would like to help you in any way I can, that is, if you do not mind."

    Axel's acceptance was near instant. After hastily and gracefully accepting the Altmer's offer, Axel spent the majority of the day observing the interesting group. He soon found out they were part of an order of monks known as the Asura Monks. The Asura Monks were mainly nomadic and could be found in nearly every part of Tamriel. They were a peaceful bunch, striving to learn more about Nirn and to strengthen themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Axel was so amazed by the Asura Monks that he promptly told his mother and father about them and their offer to have him as a prime student. Much to Axel's surprise, his parents agreed and even attended his lessons from time to time. Along with keeping up with his studies with his parents and the monks, Axel remained extremely diligent to his martial arts training and the monks were surprised to see how quickly Axel was learning, especially from someone who claimed that they had no hopes of learning how to fight.

    Maybe he was a fighter after all.

    At sixteen years old, Axel had become an expert alchemist and managed to learn all of the Asura Monks' martial art fundamentals, beginner techniques and some intermediate techniques. Still, his skill with bows wasn’t exactly up to par with other archers. Although he was still young and had much to learn, Axel strove to refine his martial arts to the point where it’ll be at the level of his alchemy. Considering his expertise with potions, that much was a lofty goal. That had to be something that he could do though. Also, after hearing about the Dwemer from the monks, a sudden interest about the Dwemer and their technology sparked inside the young Redguard. As such, Axel decided to take up blacksmithing so that he would be able to manufacture brilliant pieces of weaponry and armor on his own, especially those utilized by the Dwemer. Besides, blacksmithing would be a useful skill to have once Axel started traveling. He saw it like alchemy except he was dealing with metals instead of alchemy reagents. Axel’s father was a respectable blacksmith. After hearing his son’s sudden interest in blacksmithing, he decided to show him the ropes by taking him frequently to the town’s forge. It would seem as though it’d only be a matter of time before Axel would become a skilled smith as well.

    On Axel’s twentieth birthday, Axel’s persistent studying and practice allowed him to become a master alchemist. There was almost no potion he couldn’t brew and he could take the most common ingredients and brew them into a potent elixir. Also, he managed to graduate the initial phase of the Asura Monks' Way, earning him the title of Sura. With six years of intense training under his belt, his skill in martial arts was unmistakeable and he had reached the point where he could effectively defend himself in a fight if need be. Also, Axel had learned how to smith and create a variety of weapons and armor using a wide range of different metals. Still, Axel wished to accomplish more.

    He hadn’t traveled much at all.

    Jye had left the village three years earlier than Axel to travel and see the world. The furthest he had been from home was going to Whiterun to run errands for his parents. Other than that, he was only able to envision what the other parts of Skyrim looked like from the mountains of books he had read. There was so much more to learn and to see other than the small and remote village of Riverwood. However, there was still much more danger and strife outside the humble village as well. Axel knew that he could get mauled by beasts, mobbed and robbed by bandits and ultimately perish out in the unforgiving wilderness.

    . . . But to Axel, it was worth the risk.
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    Name: Utadeek

    Race: Argonian



    Height: 5,9

    Weapons Of Choice: Bows,swords,daggers and poisons



    Personality: Agressivie,tough,mean Utadeek is mad with power he hates almost every race he meets and rarely talks,

    BIO: Utadeek was raised savage he did not know of his parents only to hear of stories of how they were tortured and killed by high elves at a young age he was mean to others he meet he was raised in an orphanage he hated it he would attack any of the other children that came near him he would even attempt to kill his care taker but he failed many times Utadeek was strong witty young Argonian who was able to leave after several years in the orphanage Utadeek took up a part time job as an helper for a alchemist but they all went down from there his shop keeper was a illegal contraband seller as well
    but when the guards came for him after getting a tip the shop keeper blames it on Utadeek and they
    mistake him for the felon and he is put in prison he is tortured over and over beaten repeatedly from
    this he slowly was driven to hating every one around him after all those years in prison they finally
    let him out after his evidence against him was forged soon enough he was out and about in skyrim after serving years in one of the toughest prisons located in daggerfall Utadeek was filially free from chains
    but he was never the same when he left prison he was a psycho he just hated the sight of other races
    Utadeek began kidnapping people or taking then and he began using them as target practice or chopping them apart from limb to limb he is feared by many travelling merchants or just travellers Utadeek is know as the lizard that never sleeps the monster that kills for fun

    ((I could never do better then Acrylic's character it is amazing ))
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    Name: Vandaras
    Class: Rogue/Mage
    Race: High Elf
    Weapons: Staff of Fireball, Elven sword of fire renamed Elven Fyre
    Description: Black hair, wairs a hood mostly, DDragon Preist mask, with nightingale armour.Face has a tthree claw scar on it.Very whitty and sarcastic.
    Back Story: As a young child Vandaras(ccalled Vand by his mother and father) had a very prospourous life. vOne day he was kidnapped and had is mind wiped by a necromancer. The necrmancer took Vand as his apprentice. Vand belived that the necromacer was his father. When Vand was 17 the Imperials found him and his so called father in the tower in which they lived in and killed the necromancer and leaving Vand in a vast forest where he learned to fend for himself and sharpend his battle skills with bandits and other beasts of the forest.One day a caravan mistakes him for a werewolf and knocks him out cold. When they discover that he is not a were wolf they take him to caotity and from there he becomes an avdventrer
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    Age: 23
    Spells: raise dead, Etc. dead spells
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    Sorry about the mispellings I'm writing this on a Ipad
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    Name: Farthlion
    Class: Bard/Warrior
    Race: Redguard
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Height: 6'9''
    Day of Birth: 22 of Last Seed, 4E 172
    Birthplace: Dragonstar, Hammerfell
    Marital Status: Single

    Traits: He is an excellent blacksmith and negotiator, he does not judge anyone until he gets to know them, he dislikes violence, and he is a very friendly person.
    Flaws: His hands are deeply calloused and often blistered, he has several burn scars from bad experiences at the forge, he can be cowardly and avoid confrontation, he is obsessed with making any armor or weapons of his creation perfect, and his philosophy to fight with words and not swords can be quite annoying.

    Alliances: While Farthlion doesn't like to be outspoken about who he supports and who he does not (he is a firm believer of freedom of opinion and respects others), his first family is the Bards College, and his second is the Imperial Army. The first being his home and those who took him in as a young man, and the latter being many of his friends who he has crafted and repaired weapons and armor for.

    Weapons: Farthlion always prefers to use speech as a weapon first, then his swords. He is skilled in using his words, preferring to use them to keep matters peaceful rather than intimidate or start fights. Farthlion can also wield a sword well, keeping his own handmade piece at his hip at all times.


    Farthlion is towering Redguard who has dark skin and black hair. His hair is short and falls to his neck in a cornrows style. He has dark brown eyes and slight stubble around his mouth which goes down to his chin. He is a very healthy male, having the stamina and strength to to handle larger weapons and be able to hammer materials with great ease at a weapon forge. His muscular appearance matches that of the typical Redguard, but not as pronounced in the chest and abdomen, as he can be rather lazy at times. As a Redguard, his muscles are natural and it would take a great deal of laziness to negate their appearance. When knowing he will be fighting, he often paints red dashes under his eyes, a trait taken up from his father. Farthlion is often seen in scaled horn armor, fur boots, and magically enhanced gloves. He prefers not to wear any headgear unless necessary, feeling as if it messes up his concentration rather than narrow it.

    Personality: As explained before, Farthlion prefers not to fight, and is an oddity - a peaceful Redguard. He seems intimidating at a first glance, but once spoken to he becomes a calm and positive presence in the room who would only hurt a fly if the fly was threatening to kill someone. Farthlion is one to see humor in all things, and enjoys the company of others as well as his own solitude. He can be quite cowardly when it comes to violent confrontation, and only will draw a weapon in defense.

    Background: Farthlion was born in Dragonstar in Hammerfell to a family of warriors. He was trained at a young age to handle one handed swords and to forge his own metal. Much to his family's disappointment, he disliked the idea of violence with a sword, and instead focused his early years on mastering smithing, reading books about how orcs would smith their own weapons with so much emotion and effort, he yearned to do the same. His parents had attempted to unlock his love for fighting, as they knew it was in his blood (he was a Redguard), but he did not embrace it with the same feelings as they did.

    Many of his nights were spent at the weapon forge for Farthlion in his youth. One of these nights, when he was 17, he was approached by a violent Redguard who wanted a fight. Farthlion managed to calm him down, and upon asking what was wrong, the violent Redguard began shouting his story in anger. His parents had heard the disturbance and rush to protect their son, killing the Redguard without question as soon as they saw him. Farthlion was shocked and disturbed by their actions, telling them that the Redguard meant no harm to him and that violence wasn't the answer. His father grew angry at this, pent up frustration spewing out as he demanded Farthlion either fight or leave Hammerfell, for he was no Redguard without a thirst for blood.

    His son then left in silence, crossing the treacherous border into Skyrim and not stopping until he made it to Dragon Bridge, where a kind guard was nice enough to point out that he would fit well within the Bards College. Upon arrival to Solitude, Farthlion gained many strange glances. Due to the history of the two races, there were many hateful glares and watchful looks - a massive Redguard was not to be overlooked in times when things were tense between the warriors of Hammerfell and the Empire. He was not like his kin, and after several months in Solitude, everyone else seemed to realize this.

    Farthlion found his place in the Bards College very quickly. He was widely accepted and his presence was enjoyed within its halls. It was nothing like Hammerfell, but he enjoyed that - the fact that he was not expected to fight and instead expected to be himself verbally was exactly what he had been looking for all his life. He still retained the abilities to hunt and go into battle with a sword if needed, but growing into a man in the presence of bards changed him and his outlook on life. He kept these skills to protect in dire emergencies when his words could be no help. Farthlion was the peaceful Redguard, a common face in Solitude, and a friend to all.
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    Name: Nabu Estar
    Class: Templar Warlord
    Race: Imperial
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Height: 6'3''
    Birthplace: Alik'r Desert, Hammerfell
    Marital Status: Single
    His Story: Nabu Estar, born to a woman named Viria V'star was born in the middle of the hammerfell desert. His parents left him in front of a hut where a family of Argonian bandits lived. The bandits, seeing the baby instantly named called his name Nabu Estar meaning: Child of Deserts. Nabu, although found by argonians, was not raised by them. He was raised by a man thought to be crazy. This man was Vale No-arms an old Redgaurd mixed with imperial. Nabu was later introduced to a new idea in tamriel. This is the reason he was thought to be crazy. He believed in only one god, a lord who shepherded lambs. Everyone thought him crazy except Nabu. Nabu believed him. Nabu was raised by this man, and introduced to a secret society later called the Alik'r Templar. Mostly made up of Redguards. He was the only imperial. And thus, be became the leader of this order. Fighting a large battle against vampires he became blind in one eye, and joined the dawnguard. He now lives...nowhere. He is a drifter. He barely rests and hunts vampires. There are also rumors spreading that he is a werewolf. But those are just rumors...arent they?
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    Name: Sorex Liore
    Age: 26
    Race: Imperial
    Class: Nightingale
    Physical: Sorex is rather lean, but strong enough to easily pull back the string on his bows. He prefers ranged and stealth combat to "up close and personal".

    Morality: Sorex is a firm believer that morality is something deicided by the beholder, and tries to be as neutral as possible when it comes to morality. Many would call him evil, but he truly is just an oppurtunist. If something benefits him, he will do it. If it doesn't? He most likely will not do that certain thing.

    Beliefs: Sorex does not worship any of Tamriel's Aedra or Deadra, he regards them as children's stories.

    Personality: Sorex has a serious outlook in most cases. He often frequents taverns however, and will loosen up quite a bit on these occasions.

    History: Sorex was born in Anvil, Cryodiil to parents who were guards. He came to resent them because they were never home, and decided to rebel against them. He would steal things from important people at times that made his parents look bad. He was progressively getting better at being a thief. But he knew that living his whole life in a city with parents as guards would not be the best way to go. So he ran away at 14 to travel Tamriel and to learn as much as he could. He moved to Cheydinhal and was caught thieving by a old Illusion mage when he was 16. The item that Sorex was in the process of lifting was a very valuable statue. The old mage told Sorex that he would not rat him out if he studied under him. Sorex decided that this was for the best and said yes to the old man. For years Sorex studied learning Illusion magics as well as more general education. During his free time, he practiced archery outside the mage's house. Each year the mage grew older, Sorex grew stronger. After it seemed that the old mage had taught Sorex everything he knew, he revealed to Sorex one last spell. He had told himself not to teach this spell to Sorex because it would aid him in his old thieving ways. But the old mage knew there was nothing he could do to pull away Sorex from the path he tread on. So he taught him Invisibility. Sorex was amazed and spent weeks after weeks training this spell. Soon after, it was evident to both the mage and Sorex that the old man was dying. Once he did, Sorex buried him in the backyard of the house. Sorex was now 19 and he decided to move along. He did not want to be held down in one place for long. So he continued east into Morrowind. He adventured around Morrowind thieving and building his fortune. He trained with swords and light armor during this time. He robbed many homes and traded with fences in the Thieves Guild there. They offered to recruit him, but he refused. He told them that was not ready to settle down. By the the time he left Morrowind for Skyrim, he had amassed a small fortune. When he arrived in Skyrim he was 24. He knew he was getting older and decided that Skyrim was a as good as a country to settle in as any other. So he purchased a small home in the Rift, outside of Riften. He stored all the mementos of his life in that small home. He still hadn't had enough adventure though, so he kept adventuring in Skyrim.


    Stealth Skills: Archery, Sneak, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Light Armor
    Combat Skills: One-handed
    Magic Skills: Illusion


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    This card is under construction and may change in the future.
    Thank you for your patience.

    Barnan Frand
    "The mute thud as you travel between the tree branches, the quiet shing! as you pull your dagger from a bandit's neck, the soft thud as your arrow pierces the back of a cultist, making a quiet, clean kill. These are the things a Ranger strives for. Not perfection, but survival."

    Name: Barnan Frand

    Age: 36

    Birth Date: 25th of Evening Star, 166 4E.

    Birth Place: Daggerfall, High Rock.

    Birth Sign: The Shadow

    Origin: Breton

    Class: Ranger
    Survival and Silence. Honor and Loyalty. The virtues of the Ranger are the keys to his very survival on Tamriel. Through Survival and Silence, the Rangers derives the very essence of his skills. Through Honor and Loyalty, the Ranger gains allies he may call upon later on. Be it firing the bow from a distance, releasing powerful spells on the walls of a keep, or in the thick of the battle itself, you can expect the Ranger to be just about anywhere. Unlike other fighters, the Ranger is skilled in weapons and armor of ALL types, as this is a required ability in order for the Ranger to survive the harsh lands of Tamriel. When in combat, the fluid, nimble muscles and motions of the Ranger are his tools, besides his actual weapons, to surviving a battle. But not always does the Ranger go into battle loud and fierce. Some situations require stealth and complete silence. Being highly versed in both, however, gives the Ranger an advantage like no other.

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'5"

    Laterality: Left-handed

    Sexuality: Straight

    Martial Status: Single

    Health: Well

    Affiliations: The White Rangers Of Wayrest.
    An organization founded in 1E by King Eadwyre and funded secretly by all High Rulers in each province in for the sole purpose of fighting secret wars and executing important orders that would extend the protection of Tamriel. The members who wished to join were trained heavily before facing the final challenge, a test of stamina, stealth, endurance, and strategic skill. Those who pass are admitted into the guild, and those who fail, die during the challenge. Those who are admitted are fairly skilled in all fighting types including One-handed, Two-handed, and Archery. Though, the true thing that makes this organization unique, is their battles off-world. They commonly use portals in all of their well-hidden halls across Tamriel to travel to the treacherous planes of oblivion.

    Waging wars on the Daedra and holding the line against any invading demons, the job of an average White Ranger is not easy. They fall by the thousands but take hundreds of demons with them, but there's one slight advantage the Daedric Princes have. Two actually. One, they have a damn near-infinite amount of infantry, considering the amount of Daedric worshippers that die in one whole day. Two, Their influence is far wider spread than the Ranger's, and thus, more join their cause. This is why all Kingdoms of Tamriel had a strict law stating that three out every four young-adults must be taken in for training and eventually, admittance, or death.

    Feeling as though they had a chance, The White Rangers began their siege on Dagon's Plane! They felt prepared enough, as they had cleared small sights in the different planes and built stone forts, protected only by the ancient magic of their strongest battle-mages. Granted it was a fool's mission, but it was not of the Ranger's doing. The High Chancellor himself had sent this request, although the Rangers didn't really have much a choice, so it may as well been an order. So, with heavy hearts, the White Rangers climbed through the portals one last time, both fear and grief in their eyes, and never came back. Or so the Chancellor thought......

    Afflictions: None

    Religion: The Nine Divines

    Deities: Akatosh, Magnus, Stendarr, Julianos.

    Hair: None. He was one of the few Bretons who was born bald.

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Skin Color: Pale-skinned, like other human races.

    Build: Average

    Scars: Two criss-crossed on his chest, like an X.

    Physical: Being a Breton, you'd expect him to be small and using only magic as his defense. But years of fights, and brutal training have transformed this Breton into the Ranger he is today. His average amount of muscles and his constant concentration give him a nimble advantage in any fight. Least to say, he could survive the average brawl, and then some.

    Positive Traits: Patient, Calculating, Focused,

    Negative Traits: Suspicious, Loud-mouthed at times

    Likes: Practicing and sharpening his skill and mind, Meditation, Hunting animals bandits and Daedric worshipers

    Dislikes: Racism, Thalmor, Arrogance,

    Fears: Saber Cats, Dragon Priests

    Aspirations: Reunite The White Rangers, Destroy Dagon, Kill King Eadwyre.

    Quirks: Nervous when around or in Cairns

    Barnan isn't the social type, and usually only converses with those he NEEDS to. He's focused on finding any survivors of The Great Massacre in the Deadlands. But he doesn't mind making friends along the way, a little company never hurts after all. Overall, Barnan is a reliable ally and a highly skilled fighter, surely useful on any battlefield.

    Combat Diagnostic

    One-handed, Archery, Sneak,

    Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Restoration

    Speech, Alchemy, Two-handed

    Other Magic Schools, Smithing, Enchanting


    His own High Rock-forged, Black and Gold Ranger Armor that allows for a more flexibility approach in combat.


    White Ranger robes from his years of service to the ancient High Rock White Rangers. The robes have no real effect besides a small enchantment that increases his stamina.


    Brown leather torso under armor that deflects or absorbs most types of medium-to-novice grade magic.


    Gladius, his Steel-Diamond Longsword (In his left hand.) Being made of both steel and diamond gives it a distinct durability in battle.

    Geldain, his Blackwood Bow. Considering it's Blackwood camouflages it during the night and completes his infiltration techniques. The fur strips on the string also silence every shot he makes.

    Four Black-metal throwing daggers, three on each side.Being able to throw them simultaneously takes out multiple targets within the span of a few seconds.

    Thalmor [ENEMIES]: Barnan hates the Thalmor for the same reason as anyone else. They're over zealous and consider themselves the masters of Tamriel. Plain and Simple.

    Imperial Legion [DISLIKES]: Though the Imperial Legion never did anything to him, the many rebellions are a sign of their oppressive nature. And thus, he prefers the stormcloaks over the legion.

    Stormcloak Rebellion [NEUTRAL]: Though he prefers the rebels over the imperials, he can't ignore their racist nature. They constanty bully and torment any who aren't nords wishing to join the rebellion.

    Falmer [NEUTRAL]: Personally, Barnan never had any problems with the falmer. He did read up on their history and think the Dwemer were wrong for what they did. But, the falmer deserved it for attacking the Nords, starting an unnecessary war simply because they thought they should be dominant.

    Forsworn [NEUTRAL]: Honestly, Barnan's never traveled that far into the reach, and thus, hasn't had ANY contact with the Forsworn. But, he thinks they're wrong for what they do to any who try to enter their territory. Then again, they ARE just trying to get their home back.

    All Guilds in general [NEUTRAL]: As far as guilds go, Barnan usually tries to stay out of them. But, he has joined one, The Dark Brotherhood. He learned and eventually mastered his sneaking and one-hand skill in this guild. He regrets killing those people, and actually lied about killing some, but it was all to hone and master his skill.

    Barnan was born in the City of Daggerfall, in High Rock. He had a very tough, harsh childhood, as his parent told him of his future as a White Ranger. And, sure enough, when his eight-teeth birthday dawned, the recruiters came and took him from his home. Since he had fought for a majority of his childhood, he was well-fit for the challenges that lay ahead. Months went by, and the challenges seemed to get tougher, and more complex. Whether it was fighting off a regiment of orcs, finding a good archery spot, or solving a puzzle that meant life or death. He nearly didn't make it past the final challenge, where all the previous were combined into one, complex game of survival and eventually, admittance.

    Once admitted, he was trained for an additional two weeks before they tossed him his White Ranger robes, and made him swear an oath to the cause. Once that was over with, he was off to the second battalion hall, and stepped into the portal. Upon arriving at the Deadlands, He and the rest of his regiment cleared a site for a to-be fort. He was scared, first time out there, and nearly stopped during the clearing. But, over the next twelve years, he came to get used to the spilling of Daedric Blood. He went on hundreds, actually, thousands of missions, including stealth, siege, infiltrate, and smash and grab.

    The King had sent letters to all Generals of the hidden Ranger halls. They announced the siege of Dagon's realm, and that ALL Rangers were to report to the Hall in north-eastern Skyrim for the transport. A little over five-hundred thousand legions (5,000 soldiers in one legion) read the letters and were soon within the massive hall, preparing for the siege. Then, they all entered and left Tamriel, entering the Deadlands en masse. Over the next three years, they built, occupied, and operated from stone forts, protected only by their battle mages heavy enchantments. Dagon noticed their massive numbers, and seemed to laugh, but not in the traditional way. He showed his amusement through spawning and sending thousands of Daedra of all types and ranks.

    Then, the third year rolled around, and the Rangers were still high in number. They'd been battling the Daedra hard for the past three years, when suddenly, that one night, millions of Daedra covered the bare rust-colored fields. The once red fields were now black with the armor of the Daedra. Dagon had grown far too tired for the insolence of the mortals and decided it was time to end their three year struggle. They were outnumbered and had received their final letter from the king. He still remembered the Cyrodiilic writing.


    I understand that you and your men have sustained heavy losses, but now is not the time to back down. I have closed the portals behind you, so there is chance of retreat. You MUST push towards Dagon's castle, and destroy it at any cost. Gather all the courage you can, and take down the Daedric scum once and for all! Charge now, and destory the cur of Tamriel once and for all! For King Eadwyre! For Wayrest! For High rock! For Tamriel!!!

    This was the very writing that spelled the death of the Rangers. So, with no possible chance of escape, the rangers gathered their gear and made journey for the black-stone tower of Dagon. They lost men by the thousands, and Barnan had just about abandoned all faith in the existence of the gods, when he could have sworn he heard the voice of Akatosh in his head. Whether it was the constant bloodshed, or one of Dagon's illusions, Barnan couldn't. He gave Barnan certain suggestions pertaining to the battles of the constant bloodshed war. He took the time god's advice, and he saved himself and a good thousand of his friends. He had even earned the rank of general, and then some. But in the end, it didn't matter. He was going to die here.

    It had been two years, and they were but two miles from the Tower, when a sudden massive attack forced them to seek shelter. They found a few failed attempts at Daedric outlook forts. They took shelter there, and it was there they fell. Since it was driven into the side of a small slope, there was a rear-exit for escape, so to say. So, now down to less than fife-teen thousand strong, the rangers fell back to the ruined, mile-deep fort and fought. The battle waged on for days and nights, and the rangers had to shift between bed and lunch to battle and death. They fell by the thousands. Until, one day, Dagon himself materialized, and joined his elite guard in the attack of the fort!

    They fell by the thousands and were driven to the inner sanctum of the unfinished fort. There they fell and died. Slaughtered with out regret or remorse. It was through pure luck Barnan even survived. He was slashed across the chest, fell to the ground, and passed out, lastly seeing the deceased, blood covered face of his friend, Engmar.

    Then, darkness enveloped him.

    He saw a dragon, made purely of light, flying towards him. He felt a sense of safety with the dragon, and was sure nothing could harm him. Closer the dragon got, now roaring a deafening shriek. Then, when the dragon was but a few paces away, it's roar turned into a more mortal rage-filled scream and Dagon materialized out of the dragon, using all four of his hands to swing his large, daedric battle axe into Barnan's skull.

    Barnan awoke with a start, and looked around, his face on the cold, damp stone floor of the Daedric fort. Suddenly he was flipped over and a daedric scout stood over him, yelling to Dagon. "Oy, Lord Dagon, looks like we've got a live one here! Should i kill 'im?" The scout asked, putting one of his daggers up to Barnan's throat. As he did so, the ranger grabbed the daedra's wrist and twisted it, taking the dagger he dropped and stabbing it into his thigh. The scout howled in pain and Barnan regained his feet, ripped out the dagger, and slit the scouts throat with it. Barnan then faced Dagon and his Daedric soldiers, holding the dagger back-hand. Dagon only laughed as he nodded toward the now-alert soldiers behind him. "You wouldn't make it." Suddenly he appeared in front of Barnan, disarmed him, and threw him to the ground.

    The pure, stinging pain of being slammed into the ground ran through Barnan's body. Suddenly, a Daedric Juggernaut stood over him, raised his axe, and brought it down. But, Dagon's axe blocked the shaft, and the juggernaut backed away. Dagon looked down at Barnan. "No. From massacres such as this, there deserves to be one survivor to bear witness to my might." He turned to a stone wall, shot a purple ball at it, and on the wall spawned a hole of swirling tendrils and a purple void. He looked down at Barnan, grabbed him by the neck, and raised him in front of the portal. Then he slowly cut across the recent slash on Barnan's chest, making a full X. Barnan screamed in immediate pain as he felt the metal cut deep into his skin.

    "Go now, White Ranger. Go and tell the men and mer of Tamriel that i, Mehrunes Dagon, will be returning soon. Millions beyond millions will be at my back. And Akatosh himself won't be able to repel me!" He said, tossing Barnan into the Purple void of swirling tendrils.

    Barnan crashed into the stone floor of the north-eastern Skyrim hall. It was pitch dark, and there were no sounds of life. By instinct and sense of feeling, did Barnan make it through the darkness of the abandoned hall. He pushed open the metal doors of the hall and was met by the cold, snow-filled winds of northern Skyrim. After a long cold walk, he settled in the warm embracing fire of The Frozen Hearth Inn. He was given a healing potion and he drank it eagerly. And, thank the realms, Dagon had kicked Barnan's weapons out with them. Gladius and Geldain. He had a feeling he would need these in the coming years, though something seemed odd with Gladius. It had a slight, vibrant glow to it, and was warm to the touch. After resting at the inn for a few days, he decided to send a request to Daggerfall for a suit of Black Ranger Armor. The innkeeper was so kind as to stitch up and wash his White Ranger Robes, so they were folded and put away in a leather satchel, again from the innkeeper.

    When his Black Ranger Armor arrived, along with two additional sheathes, he doned it, sheathed Gladius, put Geldain over his back, and headed outside. He decided to see what the province of Skyrim was REALLY like. Who knows, maybe he'd find allies for his revenge.

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    Name: Dar'Sava

    Race: Khajiit

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Class: Hunter

    Personality: Clever,Quick,Agile Sava is also a talkative for a khajiit

    Preferred Weapons: Hunter's Bow or his Glass Dagger for close counters


    Birth Place: Elsweyr Torval 4E 175

    Bio: Sava was raised in Elsweyr for a small time his birth home Torval he saw once due to his family losing there money during recent robbery's that had happened on his family Trading group soon enough he reached Hjaalmarch
    which was home to Morthal Sava was left in skyrim for his own safety with his older bother soon enough they both managed a job to do he and his brother ended up being couriers at young ages running around skyrim was hard for them at first but soon enough they got used to the shortcuts and bandits that they would encounter from that Sava was of age to leave his job and find a new one which he did he was soon hired as a hunter for a local merchant who worked at Whiterun from there he advanced to a single hunter who gave half of his hunted creatures to merchants to sell for profit from there is the year of 4E 201 was the death of high king Torygg Sava only heard rumours of it at the time until it was announced that Ulfric killed Torygg it did not bother Sava though he went on with his day to day activities from there that has been done since
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    Name: Kohl Dale.

    Race: Breton

    Class: Nightblade.

    Gender: Male

    Looks: Kohl has numerous scars on his face, although he rarely shares how he got them, and some he doesn't even remember. He calls them his 'battle scars', as is for an obvious reason. He has light skin and cropped black hair. His eyes are light grey. Unlike most bretons, his face is more angular and elegant - not so rounded and clumped like his brethren. He has light, built muscles and a generally good shape, with long legs and a tendency to run on the tops of his feet more than on his heels - both to attract unwanted attention with the noise if he ran flatfooted, and as a way to run faster and with more agility. However, this also rends him more prone to 'flatfoots' to being knocked over while running.

    History: Kohn was locked away by his parents in High Rock because they were afraid that if he went out into the 'real world', his mind would be corrupted by the lethal politics there. When, at 19, he disguises himself as one of the servants of the House of Ramon and escapes from the place(which, by the way, he had been tutored by a tutor his parents had hired instead of learning directly from teachers), he discovers that there is a plot against his family and their House. He immediately goes to this would-be-assailants House of Staurborne and speaks to the Lord there, he is attacked and is forced to flee to Cyrodiil in fear of his life. He later learns that they have contacted the Dark Brotherhood and put out a bounty on his head for 'crime of attempted murder of Lord Staurborne'. He changes his name from the original Orthington Ramon to Kohn Dale, and makes a living freeing Tamriel lightly of dark-striders such as vampires, werewolves, Daedra-worshippers ... you get the idea. He was forced to move to Skyrim in the midst of nightfall when an assassin found him. He trespassed with succession. He has never seen the assassin - a Dunmer woman with common dark red eyes - ever since. He's been wary ever since, but the land of Whiterun has soothed him into a more relaxed state. What Kohl does not know is, the Brotherhood is still behind him, setting their limits and tracking him in silence across Skyrim... Kohl likes Skyrim, despite it's harsh Nords, harsher weather, and the war going on ... but how long will be he able to find him before travel is forced once more to the dank land of Black Marsh ... or before death does?

    Personality: He believes that there are 'grey areas' - everything isn't just black and white in his eyes. He's one of those that has a sweet voice and quick fingers. He only kills if he believes that there is a real reason to, and only steals from those who have too much. For the rest of his personality, it'll just have to wait until RP.

    Misc: He's not part of the Thieves Guild, but he is a thief. He's obviously anti-DB, and is looking forward to joining the Companions one day, for his work mostly consists of what they do for a living. As far as he knows, he has no siblings. However, any bretons or imperials who are familiar with his story - canon-told by bounty letters or those who know better OR those who have seen him in Cyrodiil or High Rock - may known/recognize him.

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