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Arrow glitch

Discussion in 'Skyrim Help' started by Anastasios, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. Anastasios

    Anastasios New Member

    Apr 13, 2021
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    Hi guys and gals. I'm new here and after i have had an annoying issue with my arrows I thought i'd ask about your input on the issue. I hope I am writing at the right thread, my apologies if I don't.
    So I am an archer in the game ( not very surprising i suppose ) and I have been using this playstyle for many years. I started playing Skyrim since it came out 10 years ago, had a break some years and now recently I started playing again the SSE with different mods on my Xbox one. I have been using different mods and started many new games changing mods but I always have had the same issue.
    Many times when I shoot an NPC or a creature with arrows the "target" dies obviously and the arrows either are bouncing away or they are suspending close to the NPC/creature but they are not attached to the body. The arrows are literally on the air. Sometimes even if my aim is not exactly on the target the arrow hit the target anyway. I am using Wildcat and Archery tweaks mods that are supposed to remove auto aim if i am correct?
    I'm using different mods that change the appearance of the NPC'S but I don't think that those cause the issue because the same happens also to animals or creatures.
    I tried to start several playthrough removing specific mods but the issue is there. I don't remember in the vanilla skyrim that I had this problem.
    Is anybody familiar with that? Anything I can do It's? It's not that it breaks my game but it definitely breaks the immersion I can say.

    My load order is:

    1. USSEP 2. Ars Metallica 3. Dragon claws auto unlock 4. Bandolier 5. Bowgasm SE 6. Real Bows 7. Violens 8. Wear multiple rings 9. Rich merchants of skyrim 10. High level enemies redux 11. Reverb and ambiance overhaul 12. Quieter dungeons and caves 13. A bow's whisper - bow sound overhaul 14. Mythical ages - weather overhaul 15. True storms 16. Mythical ages - true storms patch 17. SMIM 18. Noble Skyrim main cities 19. Noble Skyrim Whiterun Wall fixes 20. Noble Skyrim small towns and villages 21. Noble Skyrim dungeons 22. Noble Skyrim DLC Dawnguard 23. Noble Skyrim DLC Dragonborn 24. Noble Skyrim college of Winterhold 25. Noble Skyrim high Hrothgar 26. Noble Skyrim ships and boats 27. Noble Skyrim landscapes 28. Noble Skyrim clutter 29. Nordic snow 30. Enhanced blood textures 31. RLO interiors 32. Inferno fire effect redux + smoke 33. Divine forests 34. Wildcat 35. Archery tweaks 36. Immersive citizens 37. Relationship dialogue overhaul 38. Realistic conversations 39. Calientes beautiful body enhancer 40. The beauty of Skyrim 41. Definitive beauty pack: male add on 42. Beauties of Skyrim 43. Fair skin complexion 4k 44. Brows 45. Beards 46. XP32 maximum skeleton + realistic ragdolls and force definer 47. Realistic water two 48. Color patches remover 49. Alternate start
    Thanks in advance
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