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Ûññàtùrãł (a role playing story!)

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Pyro Psycho, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. Pyro Psycho

    Pyro Psycho New Member

    Mar 23, 2014
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    This is going to be a short little role-play story about people who have some kind of weird ability like telekinesis or Airbending.
    If you want to be a part of it just leave some short information about your character, like their gender personality haircolor what's special about the people and things like that.

    They live in a small urban community. They have to meet each other and go through special scenarios to find out what's special about each other and How they came to the town.

    My character:

    Name: Sai
    Appearance: Usually found in black or red clothes, most of his closet being video game gear and sweaters. (He is very cold most of the time.)
    Personality: he has multiple personality disorder, with 3 main ones mostly showing. 1:A destructive and sadistic person with little to talk about. 2: A bright and cheery social butterfly. 3: A depressing, sad, and overall suicidal person.
    Bio: (This is probably pretty cheesy) When he was "Born", he was found, living amongst rubble. He was the only one who survived the lab explosion at the science center. his "Parents" were killed in the explosion. When the cloning machine had exploded, a small electric jolt shot through the machine, it caught fire, and they tried to throw water on it. and in him he had found the ability to manipulate electricity, water, or fire with the sole thought of it. what he'll use this for, even he may not know... After the explosion, he was left with multiple personality disorder.
    House: A rundown apartment room.
    Street: The one with a motel.
    Supernatural Being: Element Manipulator (depending on his state of mind)
    Supernaturality: The ability to manipulate and create elements with the sole thought of it. If he has an angry mental state, he can effect fire. If he is sad, he can effect water & ice, if he is happy, he can effect electricity. However, considering his personalities are uncontrollable, this proves unhelpful at times. With enough force, he can shut down an entire power plant. however, he tends to get sick if he does anything to crazy. he can conjure multiple things, as long as they're made out of electricity fire, or wAter, like an electric sword and the such. however, these conjurations only last for a short time.
    Weaknesses: Electric insulators, water, Fire.
    Fears: Spiders, Birds, PDA

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