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Zoa Two Tails
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Sep 27, 2014 at 6:06 PM
Feb 29, 2012
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Zoa Two Tails

Cloak and Dagger Artist, Male

I like turtles Apr 23, 2012

Zoa Two Tails was last seen:
Sep 27, 2014
    1. Zoa Two Tails
      Zoa Two Tails
      I like turtles
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    2. Zoa Two Tails
      Zoa Two Tails
      I used to be a forum poster like you but then I took a paperclip in the knee...
    3. Zoa Two Tails
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  • About

    Name: Zoa Two Tails
    Race: Khajiit
    Gender: Male
    Class: Thief/Assassin
    Looks: Zoa has black hair mostly and is basically a panther on two legs with a will to kill. He has demonic red eyes from all of the assassinations he has made on the storm cloaks behalf. He has a white mouth, cheeks, neck trim, and eyebrows. There is a scar on his face that is from his comrade as a young khajiit that has left his with claw marks across his right eye.
    Personality: If you have the money and the need for an assassination Zoa will hear your pleas of help from the listener of the dark brotherhood. He favors the storm cloaks and will do his assassinations for them for a reduced cost. If an imperial wants an assassination then they need to have an endless supply of coin. From his assassinations that have been performed his eyes have begun turning a demonic red because of his allegiance to Mehrune Dagon and the blessing of Mehrune's Razor. With every kill his eyes get redder and allow his the pristine eyesight of the best of the khajiit hunters. He will perform anything to fulfill a contract and will even pickpocket people to start a fight between two others by placing something stolen in the victims pocket. This way he can cover up his actions of the brotherhood. If you cross him he won’t think twice about slitting your throat of sending an arrow through your head.
    Background: As a young kitten Zoa was always bullied by his older brothers for being born with a second tail. This lead him to becoming quick tempered and ruthless. One day when the brothers were fighting at about the age of 6 they angered Zoa to the point that he stole his father’s iron dagger and killed them in their sleep. He had to run from Elseweyr to Skyrim were he would join a traveling caravan until he met a child needing an assassination performed on his nanny. The Dark Brotherhood heard of this and was angered but yet intrigued by this so they kidnapped Zoa and brought him to a cave where he was forced to kill or be killed. This was only a test however that led him to the recruiting cave used by the brotherhood. One of his assassinations landed him in Dawnstar where he began to worship Mehrune Dagon and was eventually blessed by him to go find the Razor that he carries to this day only to use it in accompaniment of his father’s old iron dagger that the brotherhood blessed with a soul trap enchantment and the chance to return to his hand when thrown from the shadows. He is well known for what he does but the guards don't have enough evidence to pin the crimes on him. As a master sneak he is hard to be detected in broad daylight let alone in the shadows because of his quick ability to scale almost anything in a moment’s notice. One day he performed an assassination and he was lead to a cave that ended up being a burial site for one of the best assassins of the brotherhood and from there he took the ancient armor from the assassin and wears it to this day.
    Gear: Ancient Shrouded Armor (increased poison resistance), Ancient Shrouded Gloves (Stronger Grip for holding his bow and daggers), Ancient Shrouded Boots (Moves silently), Ancient Shrouded Cowl (Increased eyesight for sharpshooting), Shadow Necklace (Grants invisibility once a day), Ring of Mehrunes Dagon (Extra damage with Mehrunes Razor)

    Weapons: Mehrunes Razor (Blessed for a small chance of instant kills), Father's Iron dagger (Soul Trap and Return to the shadows), 50 Steel Arrows, Mehrunes Bow (Increased drawback power and steadiness for more accurate shots)


    Whenever you think those two marks in the dirt are snakes, think again...
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