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Transforming Skyrims Oceans & Underwaters

Transforming Skyrims Oceans & Underwaters
May 19, 2020 at 11:42 AM
Posted By Heavy Burns

Welcome back to another episode of game change! In todays episode we delve deep into all of Skyrim's ocean secrets to deliver you the best skyrim sea / ocean mods for special edition.

If you're looking for some of the best skyrim sea creatures , monsters, ambience, plants and locations mods then all the mods listed below are perfect in overhauling skyrims oceans!

Dynamic Swimming ~

Dynamic swimming is a skyrim swimming animation mod for special edition which focuses on dynamically changing the swimming animation under certain conditions. This skyrim swimming mod is one of the best to date and fits perfectly with any playthrough.

Character Behaviour Enhanced ~

Character Behaviour Enhanced is a mod which makes a whole bunch of changes to combat but for this video im seeing it more as as a skyrim water combat mod allowing you to attack while submerged.

Depths of Skyrim – An Underwater Overhaul SSE

The depths of skyrim mod is one of the most important mod for this list and stands alone as a skyrim water overhaul. It focuses on creating a beautiful Skyrim ocean ambience by overhauling all its flora and plants along with adding a numerous amount of new locations to explore across the sea of ghosts.

Sea of Spirits

The skyrim sea of spirits mod is a fantastic mod which adds a whole bunch of new sea creatures to skyrim along with a few sea monsters if you're unlucky enough to stumble across them. This stands alone as the single best skyrim sea creatures / monsters mod for both SE and LE. Sea of spirits for skyrim is also one of the most important mods for this list.

Underwater Treasure SSE

This mod creates some great skyrim water ambience by placing a bunch of new locations and treasures across the sea floor.

Wet and Cold

For water drip effects on the player

Realistic Water two

For an improvement to both skyrim water color and textures, Using the eisvogel enb with this for best results

Mermaid All Bodyslide

Demonic Mermaid and Medusa Armors

Both the mods above are armour mods if thats something that you would like to add to this list.

Maelstrom – fully voiced follower and quest mod sse

Mealstrom is single handily the most underrated mod i have ever played and goes hand in hand with the skyrim water mods for this video! Its a quest and potential follower mod that delves you deep into an ancient norse tomb submerged thousands of feet under the water.

All these mods are designed to create a new experience in skyrims sea of ghosts. With the new water creatures, enemies , monsters and locations you are sure to give a fresh feel to all of skyrims oceans.

If you enjoyed this video then leave a like and subscribe for more! And thanks for watching :)

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