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Transforming Skyrim into Dark Souls

Transforming Skyrim into Dark Souls
Mar 26, 2020 at 1:34 PM
Posted By Heavy Burns

In this episode of game change we tackle turning The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim into a dark souls inspired souls like experience. I included a plethora of skyrim dark souls combat, hud, weapons and animations mods to create the final product.
Some of these skyrim dark souls mods are available on xbox one however for the purpose of making this the most accurate souls like Skyrim game i have used many mods that are soley availbe on the PC version of the game as they require SKSE and FNIS to work correctly.

For the visuals i have included the ominous enb which is in my opinion the most tonally correct skyrim dark souls enb mod. Here are a list of the other visual mods used to create this look:

-Ominous ENB
-Noble skyrim (oldrim),
- Skyrim 2019,
-Enhanced blood textures
-Dust effects,
-improved sparks
-3D landscapes,
-3d Trees and Plants,
-3D rocks,
-trees add on,
-Skyrim flora overhaul (ssfo) Trees only (only overwrite treepineforest03),
-HQ Tree Bark,
-Tree Bark HD (only optional aspen texture-mossy),
-Realistic HD Tree LOD-Dark Version,
-HD LODs Textures,
- Fluffy snow,
-Majestic mountains- darkside,
-Realistic Water two,
-blended roads,
-HD Photorealistic Ivy,
- Deathbell (oldrim),
-HD Road Signs,
-Ember HD (not optional more orange but, using optional flame),
-Inferno – Fire Redux - AIO
-Rudy's HQ light mods (all of them),
-enb Light,
-Veydosebrom grasses,
-enhanced lights & fx (with enhancer),
-Etheral cosmos,
-obsidian mountain fog,
-volumetric mists
-blowing in the wind,
-skyrim is windy

Other mods in this video are as follows:

-Tk dodge,
-lock on,
-wild cat,
-Ultimate Combat,
-Critical hit backstab and parry
-Dark Souls movement and stamina Regen
-Stagger on hit
-Normal Attack stamana consumption
-Two handed weapons speed customisation
-Dodge able arrows spells and shouts
-NPC Magic and constant spell rebalance
-Dark Souls - death,
-Dark souls - experience,
-Custom Gamepad Control Map,
-KS Dragon Overhaul 2,

-ComfyKnight for SE,
-EliteKnight for SE,
-Lorkan Moonlight Greatsword,

-Dark Souls blood impact sounds ,
-Personalised Music (can use this to add dark souls music to the game if you own the soundtrack) ,
-parry sounds for ultimate combat

-Skyrim Souls (Unpaused game menu's)
-Sky HUD (dark souls preset)
-Dark Souls Main menu and font replacer,
-Souls Quick Menu
-Floating Damage
-Floating Health Bars

-YY Animation Replacer- Mystic Knight
-360 Walk and Run and YY Animations,
-YY Anim Replacer- Zweihander,
-3rd person camera overhaul

All of the above are Skyrim Special Edition dark souls mods and combat mods, although most are available on Oldrim also.
I have also used (although not shown in this video) a skyrim dark souls bonfire mod which is intended for use in the base game and not while using darkend.
If you enjoyed this video, be sure to leave a like, and comment below any ideas you have for future game change episodes, if i choose one of your ideas , I’ll be sure to credit you at the start of the episode. Also tell me what you like and dislike about these style videos, im trying to improve the structure as i go along so feel free to hit me with your comments.

#skyrimdarksoulsmod #skyrimdarksoulscombatmod #skyrimdarksoulsboss

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