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TheMineWorldServer: BuilderCraft: Ep1 - TreeHouse (Pt1)

TheMineWorldServer: BuilderCraft: Ep1 - TreeHouse (Pt1)
Jan 20, 2012 at 12:25 PM
Posted By Joey2707

BuilderCraft: Ep1 - TreeHouse (Pt1)
Welcome to our new series where we will show you our server expanding with cool buildings! This episode we start building a tree house!

Come take a look at our server on this IP:
mc.themineworld.com or

Help me out to get better recording software/hardware: http://adf.ly/4gYDd
twitter: http://adf.ly/4LRsK
G2PO: http://adf.ly/4LRqx
facebook: http://adf.ly/4LRqN
check out the person that made the intro!

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