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Skyros - A First Exclusive Look at the Game of Thrones Modding Project you NEED to Know Exists

Skyros - A First Exclusive Look at the Game of Thrones Modding Project you NEED to Know Exists
Dec 19, 2020 at 5:24 AM
Posted By Heavy Burns

Welcome to the first look at a modding project for Skyrim Special Edition that aims to bring the vast land of Westeros to life within the creation engine.

This large scale Game of Thrones mod will bring to life many of your favourite characters, stories and locations straight from the series and in true to game of thrones style, with many dangers you may encounter along the way.

If you're interested with keeping up to date with the Skyros Project OR think you may be able to help with development, please join their community discord server below and fill out the application form in the pinned comment of the volunteering channel:
Other socials and Lead character artist Khisartin's links are below:

Massive thankyou to the Skyros team, and breakerofchains in particular, for working with me, providing an early build to film with, project assets, scripting etc to bring you this first look into a modding project that i cant wait to see develop.

Many of the locations you see in this video are of course in very early stages and will be subject to change as the project progresses. However, saying that, what they've managed to achieve so far is extremely impressive and i look forward to keeping a close eye on its progression over the years!

#Skyros #GameOfTronesModSkyrim

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