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Skyrim Mod - Combat #3 (Attack skill & magic spell)

Skyrim Mod - Combat #3 (Attack skill & magic spell)
Sep 14, 2012 at 10:04 PM
Posted By lulu doll

Demonstration of Maximum Drive & Master the space time continuum spell for Skyrim.
Maximum Drive Mod Author: elysees2 (youtube)
Master the space time Mod Author: WarriorKeKe
Mod Links:
Maximum Drive: MaximumDrive - Animation Fix.7z
Master the space time: Spell Master The Time And Space at Skyrim Nexus - Skyrim mods and community

Music score: Mezame
From: My HiME
By: Yuki Kajiura

Hello just wanted to share this awesome mod I found when I was googling for mods! The two mod's showcased work really well together & its even more fun with the dragon shout whirlwind sprint.

I personally hate weapon switching in between battle, so Maximum drive adds a ranged attack in your arsenal! Though the mod has its share of problems. One there's a delay from when you hit the key to trigger the skill, the second is a bug that teleports you. Maximum drive acts like a shout so enable & use the "z" key

I can live the bug, since its rare that it happens, as for the delay, this is master the space time continuum picks up. Its a x6 slow time which gives you more than enough time to cast multiple "drives" at the enemy. Which is a pretty awesome light show O_O. Add whirlwind sprint to it for an omni directional attack!

Please support the mod author & music composer! This video is simply for demonstration purposes. Thanks for watching!

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