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Skyrim - Combat Mod 5 (2 new transformations)

Skyrim - Combat Mod 5 (2 new transformations)
Sep 9, 2012 at 6:55 PM
Posted By lulu doll

Demonstration of the Dark Knight & Dark Paladin (vindictus) transformation mod for Skyrim.
Mod Author: Syndrome (loverslab)
Mod Link: [WIP] Dark Knight & Paladin Workshop

Music score: Bloody Rabbit
From: Pandora Hearts
By: Yuki Kajiura

Hello just wanted to share this awesome mod I came across on loverslab. This mod is a WIP so there may be bugs. This is a transformation lifesaver mod for me, my version of skyrim is really hard 1-2hits dead against the toughest monsters xD So I use this against them.

Please support the mod author & music composer! This video is simply for demonstration purposes. Thanks for watching!

Some stills:

General Skyrim Gameplay
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