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New Ivy Hall Oblivion Pocket Dimension Mod for Skyrim

New Ivy Hall Oblivion Pocket Dimension Mod for Skyrim
May 29, 2020 at 4:03 PM
Posted By Heavy Burns

This episode is the 7th in a miniseries focused around some of the newer (sometimes less known) skyrim special edition mods floating around the nexus. This episode features the Ivy Hall Oblivion Pocket Player Home Mod for Skyrim Special Edition by Anixa.


This mod is a oblivion pocket dimension playerhome / house mod for skyrim se pc. It is a beautiful skyrim house mod in 2020 which comes with displays, unique crafting stations and various aesthetics included.

Mod Description reads:
"A medium-sized player home will appear in a small pocket of oblivion, the home has all of the amenities seasoned or aspiring adventures might require as well as room enough for a few friends."

Lore of the Ivy Hall:
"Following a peculiar incident in which a fool having a quiet nap in cave on the outskirts of Helgen almost achieved Chim whilst dreaming, a small domain was created in the fragments of a second this poor soul was ascending. Balance, however, was preserved and no new deity was born that day as a bear only a few steps further within the cave took issue with the noise "

Music in this video:
Exploring - Emily RollforFantasy

Into the Depths - Vindsvept & Merrigan

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