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A Skyrim Story - Chapter One

A Skyrim Story - Chapter One
Mar 18, 2019 at 1:49 AM
Posted By Sah

Irileth: What's the meaning of this interruption? Jarl Balgruuf is not receiving any visitors.

Jarl Balgruuf: It's all right, Irileth. I want to hear what he has to say.

Jarl Balgruuf: So, you were at Helgen? You saw this dragon with your own eyes?

Sah: The dragon destroyed Helgen. And last I saw it was heading this way.

Jarl Balgruuf: What do you say now Proventus Shall we continue to trust in the strength of our walls Against a dragon

Irileth: My lord, we should send troops to Riverwood at once. It's in the most immediate danger. If that dragon is lurking in the mountains...

Jarl Balgruuf: Well done Sah. You sought me out, on your own initiative. You've done Whiterun a service, and I won't forget it.There is another thing you could do for me. Suitable for someone of your particular talents, perhaps. Come, let's go find Farengar, my court wizard. He's been looking into a matter related to these dragons and...rumors of dragons.

Farengar Secret-Fire will start to explain how he is looking for a map of Dragon Burial sites so he could find out where the next Dragon might rise. He will then instruct Sah to look for this Dragonstone map in Bleak Falls Barrow

Starring Sah

Music by Two Steps from Hell



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