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5 Small Mods Bethesda should consider for The Elder Scrolls 6

5 Small Mods Bethesda should consider for The Elder Scrolls 6
Jul 28, 2020 at 4:40 PM
Posted By Heavy Burns


Todays video is a little different, here are 5 small mods that i feel should be considered in the elder scrolls 6. The theme of this video is variance and i think many of these mods add a little more of that into skyrim. In episode 1 of this elder scrolls 6 series we take a look at 5 mods which help to add a little variance to skyrim in animation, meshes and vampire races. If you guys like this type of video then ill be sure to keep this as a series so let me know what you think in the comments. Here are all the mods included in the video:

Follower Death and Injury Chance:

Conditional Idles:

Animated Wedding Scene:

Believable Weapons:

Vampire Clans and Bloodlines:

Be sure to endorse the mods if you enjoy them and thanks to all the amazing work the authors have done so that this video is possible!

#skyrimmods #elderscrolls6 #tes6

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