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New Profile Posts

  1. Jokke995
    I got stuck by some weird autosave moment
  2. FelidaePrime
    I like cats.
  3. Arkadias
    Can lydia be turned into a vampire either by the gift quest or just feeding on her in her sleep?
  4. ShippleDipp
    Weird new bug on Boethiah's calling. I sacrifice my companion on the pillar and nothing happens.
  5. Lightkeeper
    Hi out there! I’m from Massachusetts on the coast. Very new to Skyrim, completed the Dragonstone quest.
  6. Frying_Pan47
    i joined the Skyrim forums because i like Skyrim. I started playing Skyrim on 20/11-2021.
  7. Goldengirl52
    New to these types of games, want to learn because of Gaming Grandma, Thank you Shirley!!
  8. Sussy One
  9. Amity astray
    Amity astray
    Titanfall was life until titanfall got stabbed by a knife
  10. Specter of Death
  11. Specter of Death
    Specter of Death
    Still Lurking...Any other lurkers around?
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  12. Crackedflag-Gacons
    Talos guide you.
  13. Zelda
    It's been a millennia since I've last been on this site... I may indulge myself and return!
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    2. Specter of Death
      Specter of Death
      Send me a PM if you do--I've been really contemplating the same. :D
      Oct 15, 2021
  14. Simus
    Anyone still around here? I miss the community here.
    1. JoeReese
      Once in a great blue moon.
      Dec 16, 2021
  15. ColMicT
    Hi all, ,Im Colin from Edenvale JHB South Africa I have started 2 years ago playing Skyrim again after playing it for years before.
  16. yandere
    hellooo my name's kira and i've been playing tes series since 2015 but have loved skyrim since my dad got it in 2011 :) i'm 14 lol
  17. 2hotscot
  18. Morgan
    Pope is angry!!
  19. Lyndis
    Open and Available for Commissions!
  20. Britster