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New Profile Posts

  1. RaTkiNg
    On the homework grind
  2. Ava B-N
    Ava B-N
    I am angry with myself for deleting my favorite character. I am mad and sad at the same time.
  3. Ava B-N
    Ava B-N
    I play on an Xbox 360. I have been having a few issues though.
  4. Ava B-N
    Ava B-N
    Can someone explain how to restore deleted skyrim saves. I accidentally deleted my favorite character.
  5. Apollo Lyrik
    Apollo Lyrik
    have you seen my twin sister, Luna?
    1. Apollo Lyrik
      Apollo Lyrik
      it's me, Apollo. Sometimes I go by the name Tristan Blackwood.
      Nov 16, 2020
  6. DrengrHundr
    Just an old dude, gaming my life away! How sweet is that?
  7. Tyler Diablo
    Tyler Diablo
    demon stuck in a human body
  8. Specter of Death
    Specter of Death
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  9. TheDarkKnightGamer
  10. Dr.redguard
    I am the one they fear
  11. HollowDovahkiin
    Need help in Tel Mithryn. Neloth is in a room that has no entry?
  12. Morbidbread
    Morbidbread Malanima'ar the Stygian
    Welcome....back? I guess?
    1. Malanima'ar the Stygian
      Aug 2, 2020
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  13. Zakj12321
    Can anyone help me with potion recipe's?
  14. Hale Loneshadow
    Hale Loneshadow Simus
    [Psst] Join my RP :D
    1. Simus likes this.
  15. Thesius
    Thesius Simus
    Simus? Damn, I had no idea you were still around. Don't know if you remember me, I think the only time we wrote together was in Aethalia's What Lurks in the Dark.
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    2. Simus
      Hey man. I do remember you from the What Lurks in the Dark reboot. How’ve you been? It’s been a long time.
      May 25, 2020
    3. Thesius
      I've been good. Working and all that fun stuff.
      Jun 3, 2020
  16. DYost
    Help, I’m trying to complete bolstering the ranks and Florentius keeps acting like he’s taking damage and falling to his knee?
  17. Madrar
    Madrar Simus
    Feeling nostalgic? Couldn't help but notice you were viewing Dusk.
    1. Simus
      I was. Wishing I could RP again.
      May 2, 2020
    2. Madrar
      Well, I know the ooc says closed, but an Era of Dusk could use a writer of your caliber. If you were interested, that is.
      May 2, 2020
    3. Simus
      I’ll see.
      May 6, 2020
  18. ivanalxndr
    ivanalxndr Rayven
    Hey there can you please delete my account?
    Either ban or anything you can do to delete my account.

  19. Benthos
    Almost 6 years later and I return!
  20. Hadeslicious
    I'm quite new to this forum and may not be around very much. Don't be afraid to say hello.
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