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  • Xorguk Dec 29, 2013

    Xorguk The Beastmaster
    I have wondered alone for many years, yet sometimes even I grow weary of this endless solitude.
    Basic Information
    Name: Xorguk
    Alias: The Beastmaster, X, The Pagan
    Age: 87 (looks way younger due to elven aging)
    Birth Place: Orsinium
    Birth Sign: Steed
    Birth Date: 13th of Rain's Hand
    Origin/Race: Orismer
    Class: Beserker | Beastmaster | Wanderer
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Ambidextrous
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Properties: None, his home is wherever he lays camp
    Affiliations: The Orcish Strongholds, The Companions, Multiple Hunting Guilds
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Afflictions: None, besides his old age. Was formerly a werebear.
    Religion: Agnostic, with Malacath influence
    Patron Deity: Malacath
    Habits: Sharpening his axes, talking and interacting with animals
    Hobbies: Traveling, Exploring, Reading, Writing (in his journal)
    Family: None that he cares to remember
    Xorguk is not very social, due to the fact that he spends little to no time near the other races of Tamriel. Although he is quite a man to talk with if you want to hear a good story.
    Positive Traits: Friendly, Tolerant, Easily Satisfied, Generous
    Negative Traits: Ill-Mannered, Competitive, Dangerously curious
    Likes: Animal company, the wilderness
    Dislikes: People that disagree with his lifestyle (especially orcs that do so), Wars
    Fears: Malacath, to an extent
    Aspirations: None
    Quirks: Scratches any surface he gets his hand on when he has nothing better to do
    Philosophy: Xorguk dosen't follow the Code of Malacath. If he did, he would have died when he was way younger, as old orcs are generally considered useless. He tries to remain a calm and tolerant person, he won't pick a fight with anyone unless directly provoked.
    One Handed: Xorguk trained his entire life with his two waraxes. Not many can say they fought him and survived, and there's about no one that can say they bested him.
    Archery: Xorguk's skills with a bow were always required for when he was hunting. He has equal training in Archery to an Elven master marksman.
    Light Armor/Heavy Armor: Xorguk uses a mixture of light and heavy armor, and he is most eficient doing so.
    Enchanting: Xorguk has picked up a lot of soul gems in his travels, and he finds enchanting fascinating. Although he will always feel like he's a poor enchanter, his enchanters are better then decent.
    Alchemy: Xorguk always picks flowers and ingredients that he finds. Thus he gained quite some skill as an alchemist.
    Smithing: He smiths his own armors from what he can get his hands on in the wilderness.
    Unarmed: Xorguk had his fair share of brawls, not only with humans but also with the animals. He is quite good at unarmed combat.
    Two Handed/Block: He has little training in two handed weapons, or blocking, however Xorguk knows a fair share.
    Free Running/Climbing: When he has to get to things quicker, running is his ally. He is decent at climbing and free runing, having quite good health and stamina.
    Health: Extraordinary
    Stamina: Above Average
    Magicka: Low
    Xorguk is very large, even for an orc. He looks quite intimidating, few people would want to anger him.
    Height: 6.8
    Weight: 117 kg
    Build: Muscular
    Hair Length: Long
    Hair Color: Black
    Facial hair:Clean Shaved
    Eye Color: Blue
    Scars: Multiple small scars all over his face and body.
    Warpaint: Scar Tatto on his left arm
    Armor: Just like in the pic, however his chest is protected by a hard leather vest. He has an orcish shield tied to his back, which can't usually be seen because of the fur cloak.
    Weapons: His main weapons are his two axes - The Tamer and The Punisher(the punisher is the one he holds in his left hand in the pic). The tamer has a steal health enchantment, and the punisher a steal stanima. He also has two bows - an orcish longbow and a hunting shortbow. He only uses the longbown to hunt, and the shortbow is used in any other scenario.
    Misc: Xorguk's pet companion, Cripple, is a young bear that journeys along Xorguk and helps him in combat. Looks just like in the pic, except he has leather armor on his back and head.
    Childhood: Xorguk was born and raised in Orsinium, the largest orcish stronghold out there. His father was the chief, and his mother was the first wife his father had. He learned the art of hunting, smithing, and fighting there. He lived by the code of Malacath, which he always questioned. He hated believing in something just because he was told to do so. That angered his father and the other orcs in the hold.
    Teenage: But Xorguk held strong to his lack of belief, even when he was a teenager. Most orcs disagreed with him, and treated him like an outcast. He didn't need the love of the orcs, for he had a special talent of talking to the wild animals, and taming them. He first started with the small birds, but larger beasts followed. When he was 17 one of his elders picked a fight on him, for not worshiping Malacath. The words they spitted upon eachother turned to fists, and the fists turned to axe. Out of anger, Xorguk killed his elder, and was cast out of Orsinium. But things were looking even more bad for him. He gained the title of "The Pagan", and he was banned from all orcish strongholds.
    Adult: So he took on a life of adventure, he became a lone wonderer, circling Tamriel and watching how the other races fared, while gazing his eyes upon the beutiful landscapes of the world. In his travels, he happened to meet a female elven hunter that shared his philosophy. They fell in love and traveled the world togather. That all ended on a sad day, where their hunting took to Elseweyr. There they confused one of the larger khajiit breeds with a wild animal, and while hunting it down, the khajiit rained upon the two with blades and arrows ready. Xorguk's love died, and his life was filled with sorrow. At the moment he thought that it was Malacath that punnished him for not respecting the code. So he tried to worship Malacath once more. The first and last thing he had to do was ending his life in combat, for at his age he was already considered old, and outlived his usefulness. He went around Tamriel and challenged strong individuals to fight and end his life. He fought many, from breton battle mages, to argonian assassins, to master redguard swordsmen. But no one was able to kill him. The closer he was to dying was when fighting an Altmer wizzard, that rained frost and fire on him. Still, Xorguk won. He then realised that Malacath isn't worth worshiping, when he was on the brink of losing his life against the altmer. So he took to hunting and traveling again, this time with his animal companions. He had seen all corners of Tamriel, and he wishes to go even further. With his old age, and with the time he spent hunting, rather than fighting, his skills diminished, he is but a shadow of his former self. But make no mistake, Xorguk is strong enough to defeat 3 giants with their own clubs.
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