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  • Xavriel Darksbane Dec 2, 2013


    Xavriel Darksbane - RPs: Fatality
    Basic Information
    Name: Xavriel (No last name)
    Alias: Xav
    Age: 93
    Apparent Age: 25
    Birth Place: Alinor, Summerset Isles
    Birth Sign: Lord
    Race: Dark Elf/High Elf Halfbreed
    Class: Shadow (agile battlemage)
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Right Handed, however he knows to write/eat/etc with both hands
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Marital Status: Single
    Properties: A manor ,a bakery and a stable in Summerset Isles
    Affiliations: The Shadow Order- Leadership
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Afflictions: Full Blindness
    Religion: Atheist
    Patron Deity: None
    Habits: When he is bored, Xavril holds his hands togather and meditates.
    Hobbies: Drawing, Philosophy, Writing
    Family: None
    Positive Traits: Friendly, Smart, Generous
    Negative Traits: Easily Angered, Not Tolerant, Not very chatty
    Likes: Skooma, Women, Luxury
    Dislikes: Racists, Alchemists, Thieves, Assassins
    Fears: Loosing a battle, Dragons
    Aspirations: To remain undefeated until death.
    Quirks: When he dosen't like somone, his expression changes to a rather agressive one, however with the binding on his face, its really hard to see this expression.
    Philosophy: Xavril beliaves that anything is achieveable, and altough he agrees on the daedra and aedra existing, he refuses to worship any of them, as well as he refuses to listen to someone's commands, since he finds himself his own master.
    One Handed, Light armor
    Restoration, Enchanting.
    Sneak, Lockpicking, Speech.

    Height: 1.93 Meeters
    Weight: 80 Kilograms
    Build: Athletic, Muscular, Tall
    Hair Length: Long
    Hair Color: Black
    Facial Hair: Stubble(rarely) or None
    Skin Color: Yellow-Ash Brown, simmilar to the first pic.
    Scars: None
    Face: Slim
    Tattoos: Tribal Band on both forearms and chest

    Armor: He usually uses glass armor, no helmet, and empty between shoulders and forearms. When he's not armored for battle, his top is completely naked, while he has expensive fine pants. His armor is enchanted in such way that it provides reduction to destruction, bonus to one handed damage and bonus stamina.
    Weapons: Two glass twinblades, one enchanted with absorb magicka and the other with damage magicka.
    Misc: Xavril is able to use a total of 4 thunderbotls (expet spell) before he completely runs out of magicka, due to his somewhat low magicka rating. However he can absorb the magicka back by simply attacking. Being raised in the shadow order, he has inhuman agility, able to reach 35 kilmeters/ hour while running, he's also really hard to hit due to his evasive skills. His senses are also sharp, he's able to hear and smell danger coming from close or from range, which makes him hard to backstab. However never forget that he is blind, it takes him a large ammount of time to spot the exact location of an enemy if he's too far away.
    Childhood/Teenage: Xavril was an orphan for as long as he knew himself. His parrents, which he never met in person, threw him away on the streets for being blind. After all it would hurt the image of a noble if he has a child with such disfunction. As an infant in the streets of Alinor, he was taken by a man named Taurnil Darksbane, the leader of a group of elven battlemages that fight for the Thalmor and that represent the Summerset Isles and the Dominion- The Shadow Order. Xavril considered Taurnil as a father, and he trained to become a good "Shadow" for as long as he can remember.
    Adult: When he was 20 years old he had finally became a shadow, he had taken to duels, fighting the fabled warriors of other races, members of the shadow order as well as fantastic creatures. When he reached 50 years old fought and accidently killed the leader of the Shadow Order, thus becoming the new leader. At that point he was in a moral crysis, not understanding what he truly wanted. However he soon continued his life the way he lived it before, taking the name of his fallen master as his surename.
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