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  • Understanding Oct 5, 2016

    Subjective ages have passed, though Jordis tells me it's been a shade under two years. She's been handling my affairs out there, in the world, whilst I've lived in utter seclusion at Heljarchen and the surrounding tundra. Had not my ineptitude in destruction magic repeatedly caused the ignition of my supplies of parchment, I may've found time to scribe my thoughts during this interregnum.

    Former ineptitude, that is. Mastery of the Arcane changed me. My once golden hair is now white like the tundra and my eyes... my eyes appear shrouded by an ethereal white mist yet I see more clearly than ever. The changes happened gradually after my exposure to the Eye of Magnus, and upon averting the cataclysm at the hands of that meddling Thalmor sload-fart, Ancano, the mages of The College anointed me as their new Archmage. I'd have none of it though, not with my then paltry knowledge of the Arcane. But that time is past. Now, I speak with the Gods daily.

    With divine inspiration from Shor himself, I've fashioned my greatest armor yet. The Armor of Shor is fashioned from leathers and ebony, affording me all the protection of my old piece with half the weight. I've conversed with Talos about the thu'um and shouted curses at him to his delight. Tiber Septim, as he was once widely known, to me he is simply Hjalti. And Akatosh? Akatosh provides me with visions. Visions of Alduin.

    With the help of the Blades agents Delphine of Riverwood and Esbern the Hidden I was able to learn of the existence of a shout that had felled Alduin in the past, but I would once again need to seek the Greybeards for it's understanding. Arngier pointed my way to the very Throat of the World where I would find Parthurnaax, the Greybeards' long-time master. I had suspected that he was a Dov for some time now, and greeting each other as Dov do, eventually learned that I'd need an Elder Scroll to unlock the secret of the Dragonrend shout. I'll not bother with the tedious details of it's acquisition, suffice it to say that I obtained the Scroll and used it to see through the wound in time created by three Tongues of old- the very conceivers of Dragonrend. Hearing their voices echo through time, I understood.

    As for Delphine and Esbern? Sadly, these are not the Blades of old whom would guard the Emperor and serve him with honor. They serve their own interest, which is using me as their weapon. Once she learned the true nature of Parthurnaax, I was ordered by Delphine to kill the old Dov or, I would not have the Blade's as an ally. "You want him dead," I said. "Scale the throat and kill him yourself." And I walked away.
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