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  • Tristan the Pious Sep 27, 2013

    Tristan the Pious
    » NAME Tristan (He abandoned his family name when he took up his priesthood.)
    » ALIAS Brother Tristan, Tristan the Pious
    » AGE 45
    » BIRTH DATE 2nd of Sun’s Dawn
    » BIRTH PLACE Jehanna, High Rock
    » BIRTH SIGN The Lover
    » ORIGIN Breton
    » CLASS Priest / Assassin
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 5’8”
    » WEIGHT 142 lbs
    » BMI 21.6
    » LATERALITY Right handed
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » AFFILIATION the Company, the Priesthood of Sheor
    » RELIGION Devoted to Sheor, the Breton god of strife
    » HABITS Stroking his goatee while thinking, accidentally cutting himself on sharp blades
    » HOBBIES Praying, praying, praying, confessing, more praying, preaching

    » HAIR LENGTH Short, starting to fall out
    » HAIR COLOR Grey
    » FACIAL HAIR Bushy, grey goatee
    » EYE COLOR Deep forest green
    » SKIN COLOR Pale
    » BUILD Lacking in strength, very thin, you could even regard him as frail
    » SCARS None
    » ATTIRE [CASUAL] — Tristan’s only attire is his set of grey and dark brown priest robes. These robes are fairly worn from the years, but he tries to keep them in relatively decent condition. Aside from these religious robes, the only other attire Tristan wears is an amulet of Sheor, an amulet worn by every priest of the Priesthood of Sheor.


    » POSITIVE TRAITS Kind, loving, graceful, generous, loyal, pious, devout, strong-willed, compassionate, humble
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Too loyal, doubts himself, does not question others, does what is asked of him without hesitation
    » LIKES Praying, Sheor, praying, worshipping Sheor, assassinating people in Sheor's name, praying
    » DISLIKES Murder, pride, arrogance, undead beings, necromancy, fanatics, combat
    » FEARS Falling away from his god, succumbing to temptation, the sea, fanatics
    » ASPIRATIONS To live a simple life, devoted to Sheor, and to do his god’s bidding no matter what.

    » FIGHTING STYLE – Tristan does not necessarily enjoy killing others. The only reason he is recognized as an assassin is because he believes he is carrying out his god Sheor’s will by assassinating others. To carry out Sheor’s bidding, Tristan uses a simple steel dagger. Occasionally, he may poison the blade of his dagger for kills, as he is very knowledgeable in the field of alchemy. However, Tristan tries to avoid combat whenever possible, only killing in Sheor’s name, and when he has instructed Tristan to do so.

    » SKILLS


    » Praying – Tristan spends a lot of time praying, to say the least. When he is not sleeping, eating, preaching, or murdering people in Sheor’s name, Tristan is praying.


    » Alchemy – Tristan has an understanding of alchemy like none other. Most of the time, he uses this knowledge to concoct healing potions and other brews with positive effect, however, he is capable of putting together malicious poisons, which he uses occasionally in assassinations.

    » Speech – Tristan is very well-versed. From his years of traveling High Rock, preaching Sheor’s message to various towns and settlements, he is able to convey his thoughts very well.


    » One-Handed – Tristan has become moderately skilled in the use of daggers over the years due to his use of them when assassinating people in Sheor’s name. Other than that, he tries to stay away from weapons, as he dislikes combat, and has a tendency to cut himself on blades.


    » BEFORE BIRTH – Tristan’s parents, Jorien and Sabine Beauchampalredanius, were simple Breton farmers. Living in a humble ranch outside the city of Jehanna, they were content with their nondescript lives. They were average members of Breton society, with no special quirks—just a normal couple.

    Though farming was a difficult task in the cold climate of High Rock, Jorien and Sabine persisted through the weather and eventually had children, as is the norm for an average married couple.

    Of course, they didn’t stop after one. Or two, for that matter. Or three, or four. After a few years of constant pregnancies and births, Tristan was born, the youngest of the seven kids that periodically popped out of Sabine over the course of the years.

    » CHILDHOOD [13 years] – Tristan’s childhood was as simple as the lives his parents lived. Once he was able to walk, he was expected to assist in caring for the fields and helping around the house. And as such, much of Tristan’s younger years were spent wandering amongst wheat fields and chasing down those pesky chickens with his six older siblings, whose names I will spare you for your own sake.

    When Tristan was 13, a tragic event befell the Beauchampalredanius family. One seemingly perfectly average and normal afternoon, a group of rather tough-looking armed men approached the farm. Scared out of their wits, Jorien and Sabine hid their children inside and confronted these unknown men, hoping to dissuade them from pillaging their farm, as one would assume they would do.

    As it turns out, the men happened to be soldiers from the neighboring kingdom of High Rock. This, unfortunately, is not good news for the Beauchampalredanius family and their humble farm. The men attack the defenseless Jorien and Sabine, murdering them in cold blood. They then proceed to pillage the farm’s stores before setting the fields ablaze and leaving.

    The seven children of Jorien and Sabine did not act in the most rational way following the tragic event—as they emerged to the ruins of their home and the corpses of their mother and father, they scattered, scared and lost. Each taking their own path and journey to find a new home, the siblings would never come into contact with each other again, separated forever.

    » TEENAGE YEARS [7 years] – Tristan’s journey was particularly rough, as he lost himself in the foothills and waning mountains of eastern High Rock. About to give up hope, the now 14 year old Breton teen stumbled upon a settlement. However, it was no ordinary settlement. It was a community of priests and devout worshippers of a Breton god Tristan had never even heard of—Sheor (then again, Tristan was not very exposed to the religions of his homeland, as his parents were not very pious in the slightest).

    The priests of Sheor graciously took the lost and weary boy in, nursing him back to health and introducing him to Sheor, who Tristan took a strange interest in from the start. Eventually, once Tristan was in good enough shape to set out again, at around age 15, the priests gave him an option—to stay and study with them, training to become a priest of Sheor, or continue on, hoping to find a home, searching for a calling. Tristan chose the former, and from then on out, the monastery would become Tristan’s new home.

    The remainder of Tristan’s teen years would be filled with dedicated religious studies and worship and prayer as the Elder Brothers of the Priesthood groomed the teen boy to become a fine priest.

    Finally, when Tristan turned 20, the Priesthood of Sheor proclaimed him a sworn priest of their brotherhood, and welcomed him to the ranks of Sheor’s faithful.

    » FROM THEN ON OUT [25 years] – Tristan would go on to become one of the most devout priests of the Priesthood. He would dedicate his life to the worship of Sheor, and began traveling High Rock with a few other Brothers to spread the horrifying, yet glorious word of Sheor across the province.

    Eventually, like many of the other priests of the Priesthood, Tristan became a religious assassin. Inspired by Sheor himself, Tristan would take up assassin contracts in his name and carry them out, all for Sheor, the god of strife.

    Tristan would continue the life of a follower of Sheor, traveling and preaching to communities across High Rock, praying, and assassinating others in Sheor’s name, for many years.

    Tristan was soon recognized for his abilities as an assassin. Even though he does not necessarily like killing people, Tristan used this title to his advantage, and started to become involved in separate guilds of thieves and assassins, hoping to find more contracts and continue to carry out Sheor’s bidding.

    One of those guilds happened to be the Company.
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