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  • Seals-Your-Fate, the "Vestige" Aug 6, 2015

    Name: Seals-Your-Fate
    Race: Argonian
    Vampire/Werewolf: Vampire
    Class: Nightblade
    Age: 34 (Immortal)
    Alliance: Ebonheart Pact
    Short Biography: Seals-Your-Fate was hatched under the unfortunate sign of the Serpent on the 7th of Frostfall, 2E 548, in Shadowfen, Black Marsh. His mother was Jorava and his father was a Shadowscale named Yerum-Va. Yerum-Va taught his son the ways of stealth and assassination from a young age and gave him the name, "Seals-Your-Fate" because of his impressive combat skills while being trained. The training consisted of teaching Seals-Your-Fate how to stealthily hunt the wildlife, mainly Alits, in Shadowfen and bring their meat back to the family hut to eat. As well as being taught the skills of an Assassin, Seals was also taught to praise the Hist trees of Black Marsh. He would journey on foot with his mother and father, when he wasn't busy, to the nearest Hist tree and would lick the leaking sap off of its bark. Doing this gave Seals spiritual meditation and balance while other races would hallucinate and go insane after ingesting the Hist sap. The sap also made Seals-Your-Fate experience visions of the future, although he couldn't tell if those visions were his or another Argonian's who he was in a past life, he didn't want to know either, since Those visions scared him.

    Soon enough, though, when Seals-Your-Fate was 12 years old, Yerum-Va was forced to leave the family because he had duties for the Dark a Brotherhood as a Shadowscale and didn't have time for his family. Yerum-Va kissed Jorava goodbye and gave Seals-Your-Fate a gift, a dagger enchanted with shock magic before he disappeared and also told him to "Make him proud". Jorava was extremely saddened by her husband's abandonment of the family, but she knew the Shadowscale tradition is very sacred to Argonians and just accepted it. Seals-Your-Fate was saddened as well but he did as his father told him and still practiced what he was taught on the wildlife. For 3 years he would continue what he was taught and later on, at the age of 15, trained to become a mercenary.

    After months of training, he finally was ready to be a mercenary. His first job as a mercenary, and first in-person encounter with another race, was to escort a wealthy but rude Dark Elf Merchant back to his home in the region of Deshaan in Morrowind after a business venture in Black Marsh. Seals was wary about taking this offer, considering the negative stories about the Dark Elves enslaving his people told by his mother, and he knew this was a Dark Elf too, because this man looked exactly how Jorava described them. As reluctant as he was to take the offer, Seals took it because the man offered a lot of money, 1,500 gold to be exact. The mission was to escort the man to his home and kill any bandits that attempted to rob him of his goods along the way. Which, in fact, Seals did encounter along the way. A group of three Nord bandits, two male one female, Seals 2nd in-person encounter with another race, attempted to rob the man when he got to the border of Shadowfen and Deshaan, as if they were waiting for him to get there. Seals-Your-Fate was told stories about the other races in Tamriel as a child but couldn't grasp there appearance very well in person. He had only been around other Argonians his whole life so any person who wasn't reptilian looked very strange to him.

    But, in order to do his job he had to swallow his fear and confusion of the appearance of the bandits and tried to intimidate them by saying angrily, "Back off! Or I'll have to hurt you!" The bandits laughed and one said, "What's a little lizard boy going to do, huh?" So Seals became infuriated and tackled the one who said that and plunged his dagger in his left hand, the one his father gave him, into the bandit's forehead, right between his eyes and the bridge of his nose. The female bandit quickly took action and swung her axe at Seals' head while he was still on the ground. The Argonian mercenary quickly utilized his tail and tripped her with it before the axe could land. The axe fell out of her hand as she fell face first onto the muddy ground. Seals then used the sword he was given during mercenary training and decapitated her. The blood glushing from the neck of her severed head spewed out and a drop flew at the last bandit, staining his armor, so then he squealed like a coward and ran away. The Dunmer merchant was impressed and changed his attitude toward Seals immediately. When they arrived at his large house outside of Mournhold in Deshaan, which was a very strange place to Seals. The man paid him the 1,500 gold as promised and went inside. Seals went back to Shadowfen the way he came, proud of the way he handled himself.

    Eventually, word got around of the mercenary Seals-Your-Fate from his incident with the bandits and was soon introduced to all tamrielic races during his life career. Helping those who needed it for whatever price they offered, even for free sometimes, Seals-Your-Fate wasn't a greedy one. He became very wealthy and successful as a mercenary, at the age of 25, during the events of the Emperor, Varen Aquilarios' rebellion, Seals-Your-Fate bought his first mount from a stablemaster in Stormhold, a Guar which he cleverly named, "Guarantee". He developed a close bond with this animal and loved it like a family member. When he didn't need to ride Guarantee, he would leave him inside a wooden fence built around his hut in Shadowfen that he also bought with his hard-earned money with plenty of food in the Guar's bowl. He was content with his life at the time, he had a good job, he had a pet/mount he loved, and he was well respected, giving a better reputation to Argonians throughout Tamriel with the stories of his success.

    Eventually, however, things took a turn for the worse when Varen's Rebellion sparked the fall of the Empire to Daedra worship and the races split into a war of three alliances, the Aldmeri Dominion, the Daggerfall Covenant, and the alliance most of his people were apart of, the Ebonheart Pact. He supported the Pact but didn't partake in it at the time because of his mercenary work, he was willing to help those who needed it, regardless of politics. But his career got him into a huge tribulation when he was fooled by a Worm Cult agent who was posing as a victim of robbery. The impostor heard of Seals giving services for free to those who need it and assumed he could trick Seals-Your-Fate with a sob-story. The Worm Cult agent traveled to Shadowfen and convinced Seals that he was a Nord, when he was really an Imperial, husband and father whose house was ransacked robbed by Covenant Soldiers in Stonefalls, and that they slaughtered his family. He claimed that he didn't have any money left after the attack but he knew where they still were and told Seals that he would take him on a long journey to Stonefalls so Seals could kill them. Seals-Your-Fate was skeptical, he knew something could be up, but he felt sorry for the man and followed him all the way to Stonefalls. Eventually the man and Seals arrived at the "location of the Covenant soldiers" and Seals saw a horizontal line of men in black robes behind an altar. This is when Seals figured out it was a trick, and yelled angrily, "What in Oblivion?! You lied to me, what is this?!" The Worm Cult agent replied, "You've been tricked, lizard. We are members of the Worm Cult, and you've been selected as a perfect candidate to be sacrificed to our lord, the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. Seals-Your-Fate heard about the Lord of Domination and the other Daedric Princes during his mercenary work, and naturally, he refused to be sacrificed. He tried to run away but one of the Worm Cultists used magic to paralyze him. Then, they proceeded to drag his immobile body to the altar, place him on it, and cut his body and chest open, chanting sacrificial hymns as they did so...

    More coming soon...

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