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  • Ripley... Just Ripley [Mercenary Mage] (under construction) Jul 21, 2019

    Retrospective Renegade

    "I uh... honestly don't know. Yeah... I don't remember anything from my past; At all. ... Hey! Don't give me that look! I'm being honest over here! I'm just glad I know my name!" - Ripley


    Ripley; she doesn't remember her last name. Or her middle. Or anything else.

    None that she can recall.

    Human, at least.


    ??? She hopes she's young, as she looks it.

    5'3 ft.

    100 lbs



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    but is rather closely affiliated with his or her appearance.)


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    Only if she could contain her energy, maybe she could bring all the Dwemer machinations to life in one go.
    In seriousness, she is a lively and energetic woman who loves to explore and let her curiosities run rampant. She's fun-loving and cannot contain herself when it comes to excitement. As an outgoing woman she has no problems socializing and talking to anyone; along with joking around here and there.

    As bright and happy as she is, Ripley's downfall is her depression of not being able to recall her past, and as to what caused her to forget it all. It keeps her up at night. Her stubbornness comes into play time and time again, as she constantly will put herself in harms way for others... despite accidentally putting others in danger due to her antics at times.

    While Ripley has the innate ability to get herself into trouble, she is very intelligent, and knows how to get out of it. With sly words and tricks up her sleeve, the kind girl is also sneaky. It comes along with that brain of hers. Deep down, she lives her life to the fullest every day, hoping to make new memories until she can recollect the old.

    Fighting Style:


    Nina - Fire Emblem: Fates











    Unfortunately, Ripley lost her memories of her past.

    The poor woman woke up with a Solitude guard standing above her, the two near the docks. Asking about who she was, she went into a panic when all she could was remember her name. Calming her, the guard took her to the barracks for a place to stay.

    Due to her odd attire and the civil war in Skyrim rather tense, rumors of her past stirred among the barracks and people before reaching the captain. He questioned her in front of the court, in which Ripley proclaimed her innocence. Doubting her, she was placed in the city jail until further notice. She was angered by her wrongful accusation, and, with the knight who found her arguing for her release, she was then brought back for interrogations.

    Questioning her loyalties to the empire - which she then exclaimed she had no idea there was a civil war raging in Skyrim prior to her arrival - they told her to obtain special information from an Imperial Camp and return to the captain. If she was successful and the information is neither stolen nor tampered with, she would be freed.

    Long story short, she completed the task, and gained a small portion of land for compensation of her wrongful accusations. She had a small home built in which she would travel to and from town to sell various things, mostly ingredients she grew in her garden, along with the strange talent of making jewelry and accessories. She hopes to gain enough money to travel throughout Skyrim and attempt to learn about her forgotten past.

    She has small bouts of reoccurring nightmares in which she is stuck at sea in a storm, before an evil entity places a curse on her, and she awakes in a panic.


    Forgotten Memories:
    Status - Not Started

    Ripley is suffering from amnesia and has asked for my aid in helping her regain her memories. To do so, I must travel with her to find clues of her past.
    ( ) Speak with Ripley about her past
    ( ) Travel to Solitude's docks in search of clues
    ( ) ??? {Unavailable description due to spoilers}
    ( ) ???
    ( ) ???
    ( ) ???
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