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  • Riften. Jan 15, 2013

    Killing. Looting. Selling.

    Ajira had made little progress towards her goal of revenge since she killed Sinding. She continued to accept jobs from the arrogant Jarl of Falkreath, and the commoners in town. In what seemed like no time at all, Ajira was awarded the title of Thane. She was pleased that she acquired such a title, but nonetheless miffed at the low reward such a title yielded.

    Killing. Looting. Selling.

    Ajira continued this pattern for what felt like weeks. Her most recent conquest was to kill the bandits at Knifepoint Ridge. She did so gladly, always willing to be a sell-sword against the annoying buggers that plagued her through her childhood. Upon returning to the Jarl's Longhouse to get her reward, she was instantly upset. "A measly 100 gold in return for several day's work?" she thought to herself. In her anger, she returned to old habits.

    Drinking. Skooma. Bad decisions.

    In the haze that often accompanied her when she indulged in her vices, she found her desire growing larger than her coin purse could handle. She purchased a special helmet from the same Caravan that provided her with her much-needed release. When she awoke in the morning, she found she only had several hundred gold left.

    "Time to go back to business. This One needs to recover her losses."

    Killing. Looting. Selling.

    Ajira recalled hearing stories during her time in Falkreath about a far-away city, called Riften. None of the stories were held in high regard by normal citizens, "But This One is not normal. She is not average.", Ajira murmured. For weeks, she battled her way across Skyrim. Meeting adversaries diverse in race, and value. Ajira took refuge in newly-cleared bandit camps on her journey. Eating Bread, drinking Mead, and eating her forever-favored Green Apples.

    Exhausted from her journey, Ajira finally arrived at Riften's stables, looking worse-for-wear. The local stable owner apparently took notice of her condition. Confusing her worn aesthetic for weakness. "Oy. All the Septims in my purse says I've got the strongest arms in all of Skyrim", he said to her. Ajira replied "This One does not believe it is about strength- it is about how She uses her tools to best her adversaries." The man scoffed, dubious of her statement. Her subtle challenge.

    A brawl ensued immediately.

    After only a few short moments, Ajira won, gladly taking the coins from the man. As Ajira walked away, she heard him say "You're a true friend. That means something." She cared not for his friendship, but for what he could offer her. She hoped that should she ever need a horse, she could rely on this silly, overly-confident Nord.

    At long last, Ajira arrived at the gates of Riften. She was confident of only one thing: "As surely as the sun beats down upon the vast sands of Elsweyr, Ajira will have Her revenge..." She stepped through the gates, wondering what glory she could amount to within its walls.
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