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  • Nero Feb 22, 2014

    The Nemesis
    Basic Information
    Name: Nero Atestus (will rarely mention his last name)
    Alias: The Nemesis
    Age: 60
    Apparent Age: 25, due to his past vampirism
    Birth Place: Cyrodiil
    Birth Sign: Steed
    Origin/Race: Imperial/Nord
    Class: Spearman/Conjurer
    Gender: Male
    Laterality: Right Handed
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Properties: Whatever inn he finds, or wherever he sets camp
    Affiliations: Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, Volhikar, The Imperial Legion
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic Good
    Afflictions: None
    Religion: Agnostic
    Patron Deity: None, admiration towards Tiber Septim
    Habits: Throws septims in the air for him to catch
    Hobbies: Reading, Writing, a good wine
    Family: None
    Positive Traits: Generous, Loyal, Thrusworthy, Reliable, Patient
    Negative Traits: Unforgiving, Revengeful, Cold, Competitive
    Likes: Women, Wine, Books, Hunting
    Dislikes: Vampires, Stormcloaks, Thalmor, Nobles
    Fears: Becoming a vampire, fire magic(irrational fear since he's been a vampire for so long)
    Aspirations: To cure the world of vampires
    Quirks: Scratches any flat surface when bored or annoyed
    Two Handed(Spearmastery)
    Conjuration, Block
    One Handed(Swordsmastery), Smithing, Light Armour
    Restoration, Enchanting, Alteration, Sneak
    Everything Else
    Like in the Picture
    Height: 1.85 meeters
    Weight: 80 kilograms
    Build: Athletic, Fit
    Hair Length: Long
    Hair Color: Black
    Facial Hair: Beard
    Eye Color: Dark Grey
    Skin Color: White
    Scars: Scar on his forehead, multiple scars on his chest and back
    Unique Features: Sharp teeth, but not as sharp as when he was a vampire
    Tattoos: His scar on his forehead is painted to make it look less like a scar
    Again, Refer to the picture
    Armor: A light imperial armor with markings from many vampiric clans. Very sturdy and strong. A large round steel shield won't budge when a giant smacks it. He usually wears his shield on his back, under his cape, to protect his flanks and to move faster.
    Weapons: His spear, Heartseeker is an unique steel spear that magically becomes stronger with the more blood it has on it. The fresher the blood is the sharper the spear becomes. He always wears his spear, and uses it as a walking stick in snowy areas.
    Fighting Style: Nero is quite the fighter. Unless the situation calls for it he won't get out his shield and fight with his spear only. He moves very fast around the battlefield and tries to stab critical and vital points of the enemy with his spear. The longer the fight goes the better for after Heartseeker is fed up with the blood of the enemy, it's strikes will pierce through solid metal. When he wields his shield alongside his spear, he assumes a more defensive stance, forcing the enemy to charge into his pike. Nero knows a lot of conjuration skills, but he rarely uses any, as he tries to make people think he knows no magic. When he's in trouble he can summon bound swords to help him fight close enemies or summon javelins that he can throw at far away targets in order to hunt them down. He can't revive corpses, since his necromancy is weak, but he can summon an antronach of his choice to defend him, however, his magicka is low, thus he rarely uses spells.
    Nero was born in the Imperial City, from a noble and wealthy merchant family. Alongside his merchant parents, he had an uncle who was a solder in the imperial army a and a younger sister named Julia. When he was a kid, he loved his uncle a lot, for he thought Nero how to handle imperial weaponry from a young age. In his early teens, his family started losing wealth, so they had to move in a manor in the countryside. He became depressed as he was forced to leave all his friends from the city, and even more depressed when his uncle died in battle. When he was approaching adulthood, the manor got raided by bandits, and both his parents died. In exchange for his sister's life and safety, Nero joined the bandit group and started raiding trade caravans and small settlements, sacking old caves and hideouts. He always hated the bandits for what they did to his family, yet they were his only hope of keeping his sister safe and well. Julia was all he had left, and he loved her more then everything in Tamriel. At the age of 23, he and and a small group of the bandits raided a cave of vampires, but the vampires outsmarted by using conjuration and ilusion magic, raising the dead and turning the living against each other. Nero was the only survivor, and the vampires offered him a seat in their clan. He started enjoying his position as a vampire, praying on the weak and making a name for himself amongst not only his clan, but other vampire clans as well. He did all this, but he remained close with the bandits, making sure his sister was alive and well. During his time as a vampire, he fell in love with a dark elf from the clan, and he loved her almost as much as his sister. He served the vampires for 20 long years, and during his adventures he earned his weapon, Heartseeker, as well various conjuration spells. He also enrolled in the Imperial Army, trying to chase the dream he had as a kid, but only for a couple of months before he decided army wasn't for him. His sister was doing well on her own, as she became the leader of the bandits that once killed her parents. On a fateful day, Julia was captured by Nero's clan, and she was to be made a cattle for the vampires to feed on. That night Nero tried to save her, and he would have been successful, but the dark elf that he loved turned him to the head of the clan, who killed Julia and sentenced Nero to be executed. As heroic and strong as he was, in the day of his execution, Nero sat fire to the entire cave, letting the entire vampire clan burn. He barely made it out alive, along with his dark elven lover, whom he killed shortly after. He became a mercenary, and a vampire hunter, known as The Nemesis, along the vampires of Cyrodill. Soon, however, he made enough money to cure his vampirism, and although he looked young, he was 58 years old. Two years passed since he cured his vampirism, and he is still youthful, despite his age. He looks for adventure, knowledge and coin, in equal measure, and he is sure to find it in the world of Tamriel.​
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