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  • My first day Nov 12, 2011

    Today was my first day of experiencing Skyrim first-hand. At times I found it frustrating, and at times I found it amazing.
    It's made me really put positive energy in saving up for a better computer, as a great computer is really what you need to experience it in full colour like it's meant to be.

    I haven't really chased up any storyline yet, I just explored slowly and adventured a little.
    I am level 2 with around 500 gold. I have 2 hours and a bit playtime and have become more accustomed to the basic features/UI of the game.

    Riverwood was where I spent the major of my time just working for shop owners and passing time in the local Inn. Might I add the musician was great, the dim lighting added that nice rustic feel to it.

    It was a great time, I loved it.
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