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  • Meet Dar'Ajira Jan 10, 2013

    Dar'Ajira grew up with her mother and father in the wilderness near Falkreath, avoiding the darkened eyes that fell upon her family whenever they came near the gated cities. Her father, S’Zahr, was a hunter. Her mother, S’Tsani, a proficient alchemist. When Dar’Ajira was about 10 years old, her father embarked on a hunting trip, in the direction of Markarth. Days and days passed, each more tense than the last. Finally after nearly two weeks of awaiting his return, S’Tsani decided to go out and search for him, telling Ajira to stay put. Ajira knew she had no choice but to follow; her mother was a kind soul, and would surely hide the truth of whatever she found.

    Ajira followed her mother in the shadows (her parents never could find her during childhood games of hide and seek), and picked up fruit, berries, and killed small animals along the way for sustenance. After two days and one night of walking, Ajira watched her mother fall to the ground in grief; she had been following a faint trail of blood, which led to a discovery she never would have dreamed of. Ajira’s father was found dead, with only the torn remains of Imperial armor surrounding him, and his own dagger in his chest. To S’Tsani, this only cemented her belief that the wretched Imperials hated their Kind. Before Ajira could stop her, her mother entered Markarth, ignoring the guard’s cries of “Oy! Milk Drinker! You are not welcome here!”. Armed with nothing but a well-worn dagger and a few potions, she continued on in order to enact vengeance for Zhar’s death. Ajira crept behind her, tense, avoiding the guards as best she could.

    Tsani finally slowed; unsure of what was to come, Ajira watched on fearfully. Tsani approached a group of Imperial Soldiers, who were sharing a drink and a laugh. Tsani asked one question as she approached: “Why?”; one soldier, who seemed to know what Tsani was speaking of, replied: “He was a Thalmor informant, no?” as he reached for his battle-dulled sword… Ajira watched in horror, as she realized their journey was all for naught. Her mother fought valiantly, but was overcome by the weapons of the soldier. The soldiers left the area, laughing. Did they not realize that they now had the blood of two innocent people on their hands, or did they just not care? Ajira approached her mother’s body, and was filled with grief, but also a sense of purpose. She would enact vengeance upon the Imperial scum who orphaned her, over false claims. She would train hard in the years to come, acquire companions who could aide her in building her strength, and she would embark upon her journey to join the Stormcloaks filled with self-serving purpose and little regard for those who could not help her along the way.
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