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  • Mason Torsten Aug 12, 2013

    Mason Torsten

    » NAME Mason Torsten
    » ALIAS Psycho
    » AGE 39
    » RACE Imperial
    » BIRTH DATE 13th of Hearthfire
    » BIRTH PLACE Blacklight, Morrowind
    » BIRTH SIGN The Serpent
    » CLASS Engineer/Technician
    » GENDER Male
    » HEIGHT 5'9"
    » WEIGHT 124 pounds
    » BMI 18.3
    » LATERALITY Ambidextrous
    » SEXUALITY Heterosexual
    » PROPERTIES Rented garage/storage space in Blacklight
    » AFFILIATIONS Street mobs of Blacklight
    » AFFLICTIONS Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, Delusional Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    » RELIGION Unaffiliated
    » HABITS Scratching the back of his neck
    » HOBBIES Tinkering with mechanical devices, explosives, etc.

    » HAIR Messy, dark brown, falls below his ears
    » FACIAL HAIR Occasional face stubble when he forgets to shave
    » EYE COLOR Hazel
    » SKIN COLOR Light chestnut, but always covered in grime/grease
    » BUILD Scrawny, lacking muscles of any kind
    » SCARS None
    » ATTIRE [CASUAL] - Everyday, causal apparel, shirts and trousers, though most of his clothing is stained with oil and grease from his work. Mason also wears eyeglasses.


    » POSITIVE TRAITS Diligent, laborious, persistent, hard-working, logical
    » NEGATIVE TRAITS Quiet, reserved, scheming, insane, indecisive, panicked, obsessive, anxious
    » LIKES Explosives, explosions, fire, machinery, working with his hands, scotch, cheese
    » DISLIKES People, cold, physical interaction, disorganization, snakes, rats
    » FEARS Outdoors, crowds, chaos, disorganization, hallucinations, the voices

    » EARLY LIFE - Mason grew up in a violent household in the inner city of Blacklight. His parents, Walter and Iva Tolsten, were an abusive relationship, and Walter was a rampant alcoholic. Mason lived most of his early years in fear of another fight between his parents; because of this, he remains scarred, even as an adult. An only child, Mason shunned other kids and preferred to keep to himself.

    At the age of 14, Mason ran away from home, his fear of his household reaching an unbearable point. He lived on the streets of Blacklight, eating out of dumpsters and sleeping in rat-infested alleyways. Mason spent two years of his life living off garbage, rainwater, and whatever handouts he could muster up from the local passerby. One day, an old inventor noticed the young boy and took him in, seeing potential in the homeless Imperial teen.

    » CAREER BUILDING - Mason began apprenticing for the old inventor, Petur Webbs, who insisted that the teenage Imperial continue his craft. Mason learned quickly, having always been good with his hands; became very deft with handling machinery and mechanical inventions that Petur had created. Eventually, once Mason's knowledge of mechanical parts nearly surpassed that of his master's, he began experimenting with explosives and homemade pyrotechnics, which his master disapproved of. Petur soon kicked the Imperial out, back onto the streets, now 19.

    However, this time Mason was not so helpless. He scrapped up some meager funds and rented out a small, dank storage garage in the more run-down part of Blacklight. Here he began doing his own independent experimentation and study of explosives and pyrotechnics, learning the tools of the trade rather quickly. The local gangs and mafias that patrolled the streets of downtown Blacklight took notice of the young engineer's talent, and soon they began paying Mason for their own explosive weaponry.

    He continued, and still continues, working out of that small garage, fiddling with explosives and pyrotechnics, and making a profit off them by selling the completed weapons to whatever mafia or gang approached him at the time, his fame growing throughout all of Blacklight's street criminals - all the while being plagued by delusions and hallucinations of his father and other sinister beings.
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